1.1.4 analyzed - the news? No significant changes!

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Okay, so I've finished my preliminary examination of the iPhone 1.1.4 firmware. And what's new?

Bug fixes. Like three of them. No new features, no new apps, nothing.

Not even any significant changes that would render the current jailbreak methods unusable.

So it looks like the official iPhone SDK and the hacked SDK will live in harmony, at least to begin with. That seems like a mixed blessing - on the one hand we will have developers and iPhone users remaining free to do with their phones as they wish - something I am very passionate about.

However, it will likely also mark the rise of the market for pirated iPhone applications - bought through iTunes, then copied off using one of the many ways to get files off the phone. Then shared through various channels, as usual.

I for one am hoping that the developers of paid applications will get their dues - for people like myself who make a living off of their creations it's important to get money for things we put up for sale.

What I do hope is that the iPhone SDK will allow publishers to develop and publish applications for free, like the hack SDK does now.

But for now all we can do is wait and see.

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Posted by iphonehackr 7 years ago ( 26-Feb-2008 15:35:17 )

Lots of ways to lock your apps Nate without worrying about Apple or certs. Using the phone# would be an obvious one. One method - encrypt the sha1 of the app & phone# with a private cert, embed it at the at the end of the app, periodically in the code decrypt the SHA-1 & phone# from the end of the binary and compare it to the running app & phone. If they match everything is cool, if not delete the app.

Posted by leadpipe 7 years ago ( 06-Mar-2008 11:59:02 )

hi Nate,
i have a problem with my iphone, i was using ibrickr on my unlocked phone and it asked me to "free my iphone". So i went along with the process and during the part where i had to restore my phone turned off and codes started showing up on my screen which would be normal if it would complete and then your phone would soft start, but it didn't. Now my phone is stuck in that mode, the black screen with codes showing up. It continuously restarts and shows codes then shuts off, turns back on, more codes etc. How can i restart it or at least get it out of that mode?

Sincerely leadpipe a.k.a Daniel Sforzin
Attached image:

Posted by dimitri 7 years ago ( 15-Mar-2008 18:05:06 )

Hi there nate...it can never read my iphone in ibrickr....and also i'd like to fix my iphone because sometimes it cannot find my service provider and its constantly a struggle just to find my network...i rarely find...how do i fix it so it goes back to normal and connects to my service provider by itself.
-thanks i'd appreciate a reply so much please reply i dont know what else to do.

Posted by eliasfatima 7 years ago ( 17-Mar-2008 17:02:09 )

hi nate, i was unlocking my iphone... i had to boot it... some letter begun to come up, en they never stop... i "restart" my iphone, but when i turn it on again, the letters start again... everytime i start my iphone they come up... what can i do?
itunes doesn't recognize my iphone... it's like no iphone is connected to my PC... when i run ibrickr again, it doesn't recognize it... it's like if my iphone was no more an iphone...
what can i dooo.?

Posted by diablospollo 7 years ago ( 21-Mar-2008 18:34:59 )

I'm having the same problem as all posters (phone keeps rebooting with code) above... any ideas?

Posted by alo 7 years ago ( 23-Mar-2008 16:15:04 )

i have a problem with ibrickr. it connects but venever i want to download the app, windows message pops up that ''iphoneinterface has stopped working''...plz advise nate or anyone.thx

This comment was edited at 2008-03-23 16:22:31

Posted by mynameisdion 7 years ago ( 23-Mar-2008 19:18:45 )

Same as the others the iPhone just pops up with ever ending white letters and restarts and starts agian. Please I would like to get it fixed its for my dad and he's really really sick I wanted to cheer him up.

Posted by mynameisdion 7 years ago ( 23-Mar-2008 19:27:11 ), comment hidden (show)

Same as the others the iPhone just pops up with ever ending white letters and restarts and starts agian. Please I would like to get it fixed its for my dad and he's really really sick I wanted to cheer him up.

Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 24-Mar-2008 00:53:00 )

hi guys ... can someone help?!? my fone just auto updated to 1.1.4 and now its got that connect to itunes thing goin on ... wut do i do? HELP!!!

Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 24-Mar-2008 01:02:02 )

is anyone there please!!!!????!!!! i dont want to lose all my stuff

Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 24-Mar-2008 01:09:41 )

does anyone even look at these blogs anymore seriously ... where do we get help?

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 14-Apr-2008 22:58:12 )

anyone know how to downgrade from 1.1.4 to 1.1.3?

Posted by madkrumper 7 years ago ( 30-Apr-2008 16:42:23 )

im so sorry but i have to tell you that when i was using my iphown and i was ibricking it it froze and started listing doen some coeds it was ok then it kept going for 20 min and then ibricker crashed and my iphone cant turn back on!!!! when it turns on it just listedown codes and rebooting it self over and over agian and it doesnt even connect to teh coomputer no more so please tell what i should do i cant lose my iphone like this please thank you

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