Greetings from Berlin

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This travel is taking its toll, but I'm still alive and kicking. After a great Bible study Friday night and a short Sabbath rest, Sparky picked me up and we headed over to the airport for 16 hours of travel.

The flight to Amsterdam lasted about 10 hours, most of which I spent watching movies in the in-flight video screen thingy. On a related note, the movie Solaris is very confusing.

We got into our hotel and went on a quick photowalk, the results of which shall follow presently:

Everything's in German! Isn't that crazy?
We stumbled upon this very old cathedral amidst all the fairly new construction.
The bricks looked really old and made for good texture photos.
Oh, 3-D pictures? Don't mind if I do!
These statues don't really need the extra depth but it's cool to have it.
This one is my favorite of the series; check out the way the clouds look in the reflections of the windows.
Here is a red cow.
Some of the buildings are really modern and pointy, like this one. I love buildings that reflect the sky like that.
Then we had lunch at a generic German caf.

That's all for now. Tomorrow we do an actual Berlin touristy tour and do a little coverage of the HP event set-up. Stay tuned for more!

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Posted by vikasmehta 7 years ago ( 02-Jul-2008 07:28:10 )

hieee..dude..nice to see u
actually i m in india and m very desperate to purchase my new iphone 2.0 which apple going to be launch on 11th July ..dude as i seen earlier that u unlock the iphone initial version..
m i hoping nw that u also unlock the iphone 2.0 that i will easily use my phone here in india..
tke care man..enjy ur life

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