iBrickr v0.9 released

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Just a small update - if you want to downgrade your iPhone from 1.1.1 back to 1.0.2, iBrickr will guide you through it. No button holding either, it's easy!

Check it out!

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Posted by phoneman 8 years ago ( 09-Oct-2007 20:23:18 )

everytime I try to put a app in my iphone it keeps saying iphoneinterface failed. this started happening atfer i down ibrickr 0.9. Plz help wat should i Do?

Posted by najah 8 years ago ( 09-Oct-2007 22:14:04 )

i faced the same problem as "phoneman" in Ibrickr v0.8 last night. how could it be corrected?

Posted by iphonemex 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 00:09:40 )

Same here, i tried it 1 hour ago and i get the message: Iphoneinterface encountered a problem and needs to close. Can you help us Nate? Thanks!

Posted by mittens 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 01:03:56 )

I got the same error as stated above. I used 0.9 to downgrade my phone and jailbreak it. When I started to install apps, I got the interface error.

So I just booted up 0.8 and it works fine in downloading/installing apps.

So, until 0.9 is fixed, 0.8 can be used to download/install apps as long as the 1.0.2 downgrade was completed.

Posted by iphonemex 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 07:43:59 )

I used v0.9 to jailbreak and then 0.8 to install apps. However i still get this screen on my iphone: Activate Iphone, Connect to iTunes. Is this normal? Do i have to do something else?
I followed all the steps from iBrickr and apparently it wa successful because i was able to add apps and rigtones but i still don't see the Home screen on my iPhone. Can anyone help? Thanks

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Posted by lekabel 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 07:52:09 )

Man,I tried to downgrade with 0.9 but it stuck my Iphone on a Boot loop and all i can get is that silver apple logo turning on and off,please,help me

Posted by ita 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 09:13:12 )

I am glad to tell you that last night I was able to unlock the iphone that i bought in NY (I am and live in Guatemala, Central America) using 0.9 version to download the firmware, but when I went to browse applications I got the same error as above so I used the 0.8 version to do this and it worked, but now when I try to connect to wireless networks it says "unable to connect to network", so I can see the available networks but not connect to any of them, any ideas ??? pls help

Posted by ccie 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 10:16:03 )

I need to download the 1.1.1 update to restore my phone, I tried using the 0.9 iBrick and something went wrong now it just stays onplease connect to itunesand ibrick will not communicate with my phone, I can't find the 1.1.1 on my system to restore and itunes won't let me choose to download the update,I am stuckPLEASE help...

Posted by iphonemex 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 10:39:46 ), comment hidden (show)

Ita, hi! I'm from Honduras, we're neighbors. Me puedes explicar como hacer para activar. Yo ya corri el iBrickr v 0.9 pero me aparece la pantalla: Activate Iphone, connect to iTunes. Ya intente hacerlo con PACAY pero no me funciono. Me puedes ayudar? Gracias

Posted by cubelize 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 13:11:21 )

Thanks Nate...It looks like central american countries are having a hard time getting their phones unlocked...there are so many blogs on the topic of unlocking iphones but not one specifically designed for people who purchase new phones...
I just have some questions...i currently have an iphone out of the box that came preinstalled with the 1.1.1 software..now if i downgrade to 1.0.2 using ur methods...do you think in your oppinion is it wise to downgrade...until someone (meaning you the genius) figures out a way to downgrade the baseband so I can use the calling features ?...in lay man terms do I damage my phone by downgrading?
Thanks Nate to you and your team for all you have contributed...
you have freind in belize..anytime you want to visit tropical paradise...

Posted by dmbirish 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 14:24:10 )

Nate, great program. However, just like everyone else, iphoneinterface.exe encounters a problem while installing programs. I'm running 0.9 on XP. Is there a timetable on a fix? or a link to 0.8

Posted by rikicorn 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 15:27:48 )

Everything works perfect in 0.9 but i had trouble with iphoneinterface.exe
Works installing ringtones but i get the error message trying to install "applications".
Just tried with XP SP2 and Vista

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Posted by bazooka 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 22:17:22 )

Me too just like everyone else, iphoneinterface.exe encounters a problem while installing programs. Sounds and ringtunes work well. I'm running 0.9 on XP.
I bought an unlocked Iphone, it seems like it was already ran by ibrickr. My youtubes is not working though, how can I activate it? Is there a program that can make EDGE work in Montreal? Can I remove apps from my main screen? Thanks!

Posted by triforceshadows 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 22:45:44 )

plz make a fix soon... (I'm dying on the inside...)

Posted by triforceshadows 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 23:29:35 )

never mind, I finally fixed it.

Posted by bazooka 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 23:46:37 )


Posted by triforceshadows 8 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 23:51:27 )

I went here... DLed the file here: http://rapidshare.com/files/58454044/iTunesMobileDevice.zip.html

DLed version 8 of iBrickr, pasted the above file into the ibrickr 8 folder, and it worked...

(btw, I'm on Vista Ultimate...)

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Posted by bona 8 years ago ( 11-Oct-2007 02:20:22 )

I managed to jail braek from reinstalling version 1.1.2 as i was silly enough to upgrade to 1.1.1
After freeing my phone its all working except i cant make calls. which i know it would not work anyway!! Everything is fine except I cant get any sounds when I use the ipod not through the iphone or through a headset. Can anyone help me in getting the sound back. To unlock the phone i used a combination of ibricker v8 and ibricker v9 as v9 seemed to crash in certain areas.

Posted by aroosh 8 years ago ( 11-Oct-2007 08:02:11 )

So essentialy at this point it seem ibrickr 0.9 has a brpoblem with the erririphoneinterface.exe while installing apps etc, and this has not beed addressed yet. Guess its back to 0.8 till then, if anyone can find it online.

Posted by gdcr 8 years ago ( 11-Oct-2007 20:27:22 )

HELP!! i downgrade an iPhone from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2.. i run iUnlocker but when i insert the new simcard.. the phone saids "Incorrect SIM, This iPhone must be used with an approved SIM." ...and with AnySim: when it's dumping the NOR, at the end, it said: Unlock Failure, couldn't load the secpack data... what do i have 2 do..

Posted by trgrape 8 years ago ( 12-Oct-2007 02:06:50 )

I just got the new ibrikr to work on my sons phone..He did not do the 1.02 update...I had to because my phone crashed before trying to do anything to it! ..anyways I have saved in a folder the 1.1.1 and the new version of ibrikr will not recognize my phone! Anyone have any ideas on that? I have atnt service so i don't have to unlock the phone that way!
thanks for help.........tgrape

Posted by trgrape 8 years ago ( 12-Oct-2007 02:24:29 )

oops ps i am on windows xp pro

Posted by zack 7 years ago ( 12-Oct-2007 05:02:43 )

Hey, I unlocked my iPhone with 0.9 worked like charm except issue with app install... used 0.8 for that everything worked including You Tube but i noticed that firmware was 1.0 from some reason... so my iPhone after 2 days of constant use crashed and i had to restore now 1.0.2 all worked well except You Tube from some reason doesn't work now!! Tried to upload You Tube files 2-ice no success then i tried to erase pair-records BUT i can't erase 2 of them because they have a very long name and when i click on it it moves ''delete'' button out of frame and i cant chose it :-)

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Posted by rohitsachdeva 7 years ago ( 12-Oct-2007 08:34:42 )

Any body plz want some urgent help plz plz....

i am using apple iphone 1.02 version.unlocked.i am using phoneinterfance.exe ,ibrick to upload ringtone..but it ruins my memory...
..any body plz help me...

god bless u..

in itune it show 7gb other...plz plz......wat can i do...plz

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Posted by mittens 7 years ago ( 12-Oct-2007 23:40:54 )

rohit - if all else fails, do a 1.0.2 restore by holding shift, clicking restore in the iTunes iPhone summary screen, and choosing iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw if you have it available. Since you are already running 1.0.2, you can restore to 1.0.2. I've done it many times.

Posted by asci 7 years ago ( 13-Oct-2007 08:18:37 )

I have IP Unlocked 1.02 running on WINVista. I Tried to use iBrickr v0.9. It works as browser but I can't use Application section. When I launch it it asks me to install the PXL daemon on my phone. I follow the step, it asks me to restart my phone by pressing and holding the Power button, then sliding the red slider to the left (shouldn't it be on the right???)...but after this, pressing on continue it keeps on asking to restart my phone again...like it shouldn't have installed PXL daemon. Why this? Please help!

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Posted by mittens 7 years ago ( 13-Oct-2007 22:54:50 )

asci - you end up restarting twice. After the second restart it checks to make sure the pxl daemon was installed correctly. It's perfectly normal. :) Just follow your screens. ;) The nice thing about iBrickr is that it helps you along. If it says to restart, go ahead and do it. But if it is seems to be stuck in a loop, you can try to close iBrickr and reload it.

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Posted by najah 7 years ago ( 14-Oct-2007 09:12:36 )

hey buddies,,check this link for their claim "http://www.iphonealley.com/news/iphone-v1-1-1-jailbreak-apptapp-installation-guide". nate pls make these things simple so that we can enjoy the way we did in V1.0.2. hope to get an update soon.

Posted by sergei 7 years ago ( 15-Oct-2007 00:32:55 )

Please help
I got the loop as rogerpeerbooms
I read the instructions but i didnt understand wher shoul i type these things
Coul somebody helpme??? please

Posted by sergei 7 years ago ( 15-Oct-2007 05:17:42 )

Please help
I got the loop as rogerpeerbooms
I read the instructions but i didnt understand wher shoul i type these things
Coul somebody helpme??? please

Posted by gmh 7 years ago ( 15-Oct-2007 06:54:45 )

everything worked great after a couple tries using a combination both ibrickr 0.8 and 0.9...thanks nate ...only thing wrong that i noticed so far is that my youtube isnt working..if anyone knows how to fix it let me know

Posted by rafaelaraujo 7 years ago ( 15-Oct-2007 10:18:03 )

i need help.. i just got 2 phones from apple store and they all 1.1.1 to use with tmobile..so what should i do? downgrade? please any easy step by step instruction to unlock it?

Posted by zcott 7 years ago ( 15-Oct-2007 18:26:28 )

Hello Nate,

What do you have planned for future releases of iBrickr? As it's sort of like iNdependance for the Mac, we're all hoping it can almost perform a 1.1.1 jailbreak automatically. What do you have up your sleeve? :-)

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 16-Oct-2007 21:16:46 )

I want to tell everyone that I successfully unlocked a 1.1.1 today. I want to thank Nate for all his time and effort for the greater good! iBrickr is so freakin awesome! I have done probaly 30 unlocks on 1.0.2 phones and have been holding off to try a 1.1.1 I was a little hesitate to try it on a phone I paid for. I get a call from a guy who says he tried to unlock his phone himself but was unsuccessful. I was thinking by what he was telling me it might be bricked. It was looping code on the phone. I thought ok this guy isn't very computer savy (which I am not very prolific myself but I get by). So this was a perfect chance to work on a 1.1.1 without doing anymore damage. I meet with him and he was actually quite strong with the computer skills. He installed 1.0.2 with itunes and then was using app installer. The weird thing was after the install the phone still showed to have 1.1.1 Where he messed up (besides not using iBrickr) was after the 1.0.2 install restore he was using PACAY right away instead of my prefered uploading lockdownd. I use PACAY at the end to activate YouTube. We restored the phone again through itunes and I followed iBrickr and was successful! We were jumping up and down and high fiving each other.

Posted by najah 7 years ago ( 16-Oct-2007 23:56:22 )

hey jody..congratulations for your breakthrouhg. can you share a step by step guide so that we can follow your ways. infact i have tried to do it by self and did not succeed yet,,your experience will be a great help...my email adress is : najah@itmaldives.com

Posted by bazooka 7 years ago ( 18-Oct-2007 08:41:46 )

Posted by racerveza 7 years ago ( 18-Oct-2007 09:58:16 )

I've got an iPhone currently running on 1.0.2, which I unlocked with iBrickr (not sure which version). If I do a 1.0.2 restore per mittens' instructions, will it revert completely to its pre-unlocked state? If so, would I then be able to upgrade to 1.1.1 without risk?

Posted by trixsigg 7 years ago ( 19-Oct-2007 13:10:07 )

Hi Nate, first congratulations!
I'm interesting to know what is the file or the configuration in the iphone file system that is responsible to make the connection between iphone and computer?


Posted by najah 7 years ago ( 23-Oct-2007 02:49:24 )

finally came back to v1.0.2 from 1.1.1, for me the ibrickr v0.91 doesnot fix the boot problem. so i restored it manually by bringing down the DFU and mode and restored 1.0.2. then i started the ibrickr,,thats it just boot the iphone form ibrickr. thats it.
can use WIFI, Safari, Ipod, youtube, all third party applications.

but the modem firmware remains as 4.1..something; giving me a default IMEI 004999.....etc..

does anbody know how to fix this.

Posted by jeffdak 7 years ago ( 24-Oct-2007 12:39:44 )


Can you check my post..


I realize a procedure to upload rigntones in 1.1.1 Iphones, could you check this and try to include in an update of ibrikr ..
so if this work for you could you include me in the credits too... ;)

Posted by roc 7 years ago ( 28-Oct-2007 00:49:36 )

I used Ibrkr for my phone to jailbreak and use 3rd party apps on my iphone BEFORE the 1.1.1 update and itunes update. Everything worked well until I realised that the main complaint I originally had with the iphone was adressed with the update (speaker and ringer volume). I never updated my phone or I Tunes and want to know if anyone can tell me how to reverse and update to 1.1.1. It seems that all the apps were cool especially NES but my internet crashes on the phone with Edge or WIFI. I dont want to update Itunes or my phone if its gonna make it a paperweight. Help?

Posted by loujob 7 years ago ( 29-Oct-2007 17:42:39 )

I'm sorry this has to do with the PDFviewer. I have no other way to contact you guys. I just wanted to suggest that it would be cool if you guys made a plugin that opened pdf's from safari into PDFviewer. That would be a cool feature.

Posted by race 7 years ago ( 31-Oct-2007 16:07:58 )

GREAT PRODUCT! I was wondering though if there is anyway to return th iPhone back to it's original(factory) settings. I have read about the iphone revirginizer, but I am not sure if it does what I am looking for. Could you help me out?


Posted by gmh 7 years ago ( 31-Oct-2007 19:57:00 )

downgrade worked good...installin apps worked great...installed app called gregs installer pack and the all hell broke loose...phone runs extremely slow and freezes alot...can plug it into itunes to try and restore it because the computer doesnt recognize it...i also cant get it into recovery mode to try and recover it that way...so i have no use of my phone right now...any one know how i couold fix this?

Posted by xtuguess 7 years ago ( 31-Oct-2007 22:12:45 )

Hello. Im from Venezuela...

I was configuring the installer.app in my iphone and next erase applications by mistake. Now I don't have in my menu screen the camera icon and the Photo Gallery icon. How can I resolve this? help me please...


Posted by jonnyraincloud 7 years ago ( 01-Nov-2007 02:25:35 )

Hello nate,
ive got ibrickr working with 1.1.1
it simply involves editing some files in the LOCKDOWN folder on the iphone.
VERY easy.

hit me up if you dont already know how to do this.

i love your software,
so i spent quite some time on it.
im buying a new iphone soon,
so if you still need one. ill trade it to you hahah

- jonnyraincloud

Posted by gillybean 7 years ago ( 05-Nov-2007 13:49:01 )

My Iphone is currently up and running. Recently a friend installed the Installer package and I started adding applications. The problem is, I started adding applications and didn't install the LAUNCH application first, so now I can't stroll down the main menu and I can't access the Installer. HELP! What can I do? Would I need to erase everything by reseting the iPhone???
Any help will be well appreciated. THANKS!!!!!!

Posted by gillybean 7 years ago ( 05-Nov-2007 16:50:04 )

My Iphone is currently up and running. Recently a friend installed the Installer package and I started adding applications. The problem is, I didn't install the LAUNCH application first, so now I can't stroll down the main menu and I can't access the Installer. HELP! What can I do? Would I need to erase everything by reseting the iPhone??? How can I erase an installed Application??? Also, how do I get my YouTube to work???

Any help will be well appreciated. I'm goin nuts here!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

Posted by iphoneuser 7 years ago ( 06-Nov-2007 02:47:04 )

My iphone seems to be stuck in the DFU mode (full white screen). When i run ibricker, i get the green screen telling me to restore in itunes. When restoring in itunes, the verifying software process fails resulting in an unknown error code (6) and sometimes code (2003). Ive tried both itunes ver 1.1.1 and 1.0.2, same results.

Any help just getting my iphone running would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Posted by djrogue 7 years ago ( 10-Nov-2007 03:00:59 )

I hope someone might be able to help me over here...

I connect my iPhone to my computer...fire up the 'ol iBrickr...and...nothing.

After clicking the 'lil error link in the bottom right hand corner, I see this...

s_iBrickr version: 0.91
e_Problem registering main callback: -402653180
USBMuxListenerCreate: No error

My phone's been unlocked since September or so, and i've actually used iBrickr once or twice (and on two different computers!), so i'm wondering what's different now? I haven't modified anything whatsoever (other than when I used iBrickr v.8, jailbreak and PACAY back in September).

Could someone help, please?

Posted by hssaggu 7 years ago ( 13-Nov-2007 19:19:23 )

how do i even install apps on my iphone, sry people but im really slow at this, i hook it up, and start up apptapinstaller and i follow the setup and then it says searching for iphone then it says no error, how do i install an app??? can anyone help me??

Posted by tdizzle 7 years ago ( 19-Nov-2007 06:27:50 )

I seem to be having a similar problem with djrogue's post. I am running iphone v. 1.0.2 and when i run ibrickr.eve it loads that box saying its trying to contact my phone but nothing happens. when i click on error it only says " ex_finder". I am running windows vista and ive tried going into services and restarting apple mobile but nothing happens. help me.


Posted by blacklux 7 years ago ( 13-Dec-2007 01:11:40 )

I need help i download the lastest iphone software from itunes and it locked out my sim from the phone. i have used ibrickr to try and restore it but it comes up with green screen on my phone and tells me to open itunes and do a restore i do that and comes up error (1) can any body help me also iam form australia so i had allsims

Posted by pipesibu 7 years ago ( 26-Dec-2007 20:57:12 )

Hey, I need HELP, please, I used the iBrickr, but I have the 1.1.2 firmware version, and now my iPhone doesn't work, when I turn it on, I can see the apple symbol, and then it turns all black and codes like matrix starts going down and I can't turn it of. Please help me

Posted by swarrior 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 15:13:15 )

Nate iBrickr wont connect to my 1.1.1 jailbroken iPhone. WinSCP works fine. Something must be missing, please help

Posted by sallybeats 7 years ago ( 12-Feb-2008 12:22:22 )

hello man!! i need help!!! my iphone didnt unlock after my mate locked it, then after 2 or 3 attempts it came up with all this white writing and my friends iphone comes up with the apple sign and stops after 5 mins of trying to load!! also my wee bros itouch does the same as my iphone!!! nate can u help me if u can!!! thnxs!!!!!!!!

Posted by wisconsinguy 7 years ago ( 15-Apr-2008 21:10:23 )

I have pxl now i cant connect to itunes what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by yazamalu 6 years ago ( 30-Aug-2009 06:19:31 )


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Thanks Nate to you and your team for all you have contributed...
you have freind in belize..anytime you want to visit tropical paradise...

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