In which I recount the history of Tap Tap Revenge and make shout-outs to those responsible

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I posted a short essay on the history of Tap Tap Revenge on the Tapulous blog: Tap Tap Revenge 2: A History. Check it out!

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Posted by mrorangeiphone 6 years ago ( 24-Apr-2009 21:08:13 )

I was just looking through cydia, and I remembered dock. Man I loved it... Then dock 3.0 arrived.......... Honestly, I hated it. If you can bring back the original dock. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it like dock 4.0. If you can, make it the switching smoother. Thanks... I guess.


Posted by applessaysmeow 6 years ago ( 10-Jun-2009 07:43:13 )

OMG Tap Tap Revolution Was SOOOOO MUCH BETTER D; -crries- port it to 2.x pleaseeee or if u can send me the .deb files ill love you for making the best game for the itouch -___-

Posted by mrorangeiphone 6 years ago ( 12-Jul-2009 20:05:04 )

Hello. Are you the person who created dock 3.0??? I loved the one you did for 1.x, not 2.x... Are you planning on making another change for the 3.0??? Because if you are, can you make the dock switching like the palm pre os???

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Posted by jaykay 6 years ago ( 28-Sep-2009 17:54:49 )


Are you still around?

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