iPhone 1.1.3 home screen rearrangement video

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So now that the iPhone 1.1.3 new features are widely known, check out this video of the home-screen rearrangement. The wiggly icons are super cool:

Download source video
Check out the other 1.1.3 photos over at Gear Live.

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Posted by macelf 7 years ago ( 30-Dec-2007 17:23:23 )

This update looks good so far! Thanks for posting the vid Nate. Is there any chance of you posting another video of the new features with Google Maps?

Posted by natesaripoff 7 years ago ( 12-Jan-2008 00:42:32 )


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Posted by scoobysnacks 7 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 12:20:08 )

Hi, I think i've really screwed up can you help. I have a US 1.1.2 , 04.02.13G O.O.B phone that i jailbreaked and unlocked using a turbosim. Everything was great until Unfortunatley, I upgraded the phone to 1.1.3 via itunes 7.6 which caused the jailbreak not to work and the phone to revert to emergency calls only. I restored back to 1.1.2 then down to 1.1.1, jailbreaked the phone again. I have then recovered my data from the itunes back up ........... plugged my sim assembly back in and the phone just shows ' incorrect sim' .....

Can you help please??



Posted by edhardyxy 4 years ago ( 21-Jun-2011 00:35:15 )


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