iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak released

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Well, the iPhone Dev Team has done it again. A working jailbreak for 1.1.3 is finally here.


As all upgrades are risky, this one is doubly so. You may have to restore your phone using iTunes and start again if it fails. Make sure to back up first!

Let's continue

This jailbreak, like the 1.1.2 jailbreak, comes as an upgrade. This means you need to have a 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 jailbroken phone already, before you can begin.


Official Jailbreak release works for iPod Touch, and is easier to do. Go here for that.

Update - unlocked phones appear to remain unlocked and work properly after the update, according to scattered reports.

MAC VERSION - Download the 1.1.3 package maker and open it, then run Run_This. Read carefully, press Enter when necessary, and the image will be uploaded to your phone. Then skip to the Installer part below.

Here's how you do it:
- Start with a 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 jailbroken phone with Installer.app installed AND AT LEAST 300mb OF FREE SPACE.
- Plug in your phone via USB to your computer.
- Download, extract, and run iBrickr Special 1.1.3 jailbreak edition (ibrickr.exe in the archive).
- iBrickr will determine what firmware you are running on your phone and make sure you can run the update.
- iBrickr will then guide you through the process of obtaining and modifying the 1.1.3 firmware (make sure to read everything thoroughly).
- iBrickr will upload the new firmware image to your phone. Note that this only puts the file on your phone and does not modify it at all, yet.
- When iBrickr finishes (should take about 10 minutes), it will tell you to go to Installer and install the "1.1.3 soft upgrade" package. Do that.
- The upgrade will stall at about halfway. THIS IS NORMAL. DO NOT INTERACT WITH YOUR PHONE WHILE THIS IS HAPPENING. Just leave it plugged in and leave it alone.
- When the installer finishes (this should take another 10-15 minutes), your phone should reboot with a fresh activated 1.1.3 firmware.

I'll be posting a video tutorial on Gear Live's Bleeding Edge real soon, so watch for that!

If you feel like giving, please donate to a worthy charity. Donations directly to the Dev Team are not possible. If you wish to donate to me directly, you can do that via Paypal.

Props to everyone on the Dev Team, including (in no particular order): netkas, NerveGas, asap18, bgm, Bugout, bushing, chris_, dinopio, drudge, Fred_, gray, MuscleNerd, natetrue, pr3d4t0r, roxfan, Turbo, Zf[strike], np101137, pumpkin, and kroo, along with many contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

And props to Fred_ and planetbeing, who were among the first with a 1.1.3 jailbroken iphone, and Zibri, by whom this method was largely developed. Additionally to Shaun Erickson, who packaged the Installer half of the upgrade, and runs most of the application packaging for the iPhone. He's looking for a job too - hire him!

Additionally, members of the iPhone Elite team also played a part.
Now you may be wondering how this jailbreak works. Here's a breakdown:

- iBrickr grabs the 1.1.3 iPhone firmware image and extracts, decrypts, and decompresses the disk image.
- Then it applies a patch, jailbreaking the disk image and activating it, and also installing Installer.app.
- It uploads this new modified image to the phone, as 113_upgrade_image.bin.
- The "1.1.3 soft upgrade" app flashes the phone with the image and reboots.
- You have a perfect, jailbroken, upgraded 1.1.3 phone, with all your settings and music intact!

If you want to put ringtones on your new 1.1.3 phone (and don't have Garage Band), you might want to try out iPhone Ringtone Maker. It's put out by a friend of mine, and it works great. Totally worth the money.

Regarding the drama about this release - there is identifying information in the patches, that contains pieces of the firmware as markers for what changes should be made to it. None of it is in any sort of useful form until it is merged again with a real 1.1.3 firmware image, which is downloaded directly from Apple.

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Posted by arix 7 years ago ( 24-Jan-2008 17:01:09 )

Can you give us details on how this works, some source code to create the upgrade image or something? I'm working on a version for iPod Touch...

Posted by happynerd 7 years ago ( 24-Jan-2008 17:03:40 )

Does it upgrade the baseband as well??

Posted by asouza 7 years ago ( 24-Jan-2008 17:13:29 )

I have a 1.1.3 upgraded nonjailbroke phone. How can I downgrade to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 jailbroken phone to jailbreak?

Posted by datalife 7 years ago ( 24-Jan-2008 17:17:03 )

strings ibrickr.exe | grep vfdecrypt

Thanks for the work!!

Posted by waynem 7 years ago ( 24-Jan-2008 17:27:00 )

I have a 1.1.1 jailbroken phone. It was jail broken using the jailbreakme.com method, after upgrading to 1.1.1 with iTunes. The jailbreak included installing intaller.app.

iBrickr claims my iPhone is not jailbroken.

Posted by benjiwears 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:04:00 )


OpenSSH and summerboard wont be able to unistall i tried to erase both with mobiletext and finder but still cannot install them....

PLZ answer

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:07:35 )

THANKS NATE for all that you do! I wanted to let everyone know I tried this ... I am always up to guinea pig the new stuff. So far I would not suggest it for everyone. First the edge settings do not keep for my T-mobile. SO I am stuck until someone writes a fix similar to the 1.1.1 Edge setting fix. Also it is weird ... all my 3rd party apps installed from the installer are gone but if I go into uninstall in the installer they show up as still on the phone. Any suggestions on this? Thanks for reading my rant! Jody

Posted by gregmote 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:11:28 )

Everything worked great with the Mac package maker on my 1.1.1 jailbroken iPhone, except the copying to the iPhone which took 0 minutes instead of 2 minutes. If I knew where the upgrade should be placed then I can place it there myself via the power of AFPd.

Posted by neologic 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:11:51 )

The baseband is NOT rewrited after these operations... So, my 1.1.3 iPhone is not operable as a phone..;(
Is anybody knows when we will able to rewrite 1.1.3 baseband??
Thank you anyway!.

Posted by hooligan 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:12:03 )

hi, i just need some guidance here, i have an unlocked 1.0.2 iphone which works great. I just read that the new ibricker 1.1.3 is available. My question is, how do I go from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 to be able to run the new update. I unlocked my iphone in september, and i didnt do it nothing to it since cos i was scared to block it or something, any help please!!

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:15:25 )

Mine works fine as a phone. I used a 1.1.2 unlocked with anysim was upgraded from 1.1.1 with ok to prep and then ran 1.1.2U. I used Windows PC to do this 1.1.3 upgrade. Like I said above the only problem I am having is EDGE settings and the installer apps are not showing up. I am sure I could uninstall and reinstall them to get the icons.

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:16:48 )

Hooligan .... go to hackthatphone.com and follow the flow chart it will walk you through upgrade the 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 Good luck.

Posted by neologic 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:21:31 )

to jody
Before jailbreak my baseband version was 04.03.13_G (OC 1.1.3(4A93)), so this jailbreak is vain efforts for me cause this version of baseband is encode and cannot be rewrited...
Sorry for my bad English..;)

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Posted by benjiwears 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:22:47 )

is summerboard not working on 1.1.3???

Posted by hooligan 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:24:59 )

thanks, really, im a bit nervous coz i dont want to mess something that is now working with no problem at all, but i want to update the damn thing lol. Did you follow those steps??

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:27:50 )

If you were on 4.03.13G you already had a 1.1.3 phone. This is NOT for a new out of the box 1.1.3 phone! It is for an unlocked 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 phone. NOTE the 1.1.2 would be a 1.1.1 that is upgraded as there is no 1.1.2 software unlock with the new bootloader.

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:31:08 )

Yes Hooligan all my knowledge has come from that site. I started out back in the day using Ibrickr on 1.0.2 phones. Ibrickr was useless on 1.1.1 phones and it now making a come back. Thanks again Nate! But ya Mark it the man behind hackthatphone.com he gives step by step instructions that are very very easy to follow. I would suggest if you have not done so donate here to Nate and if you are successful donate to Mark ... even if it is a few bucks. Good luck!

Posted by justin 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:37:00 )

I have followed all the instructions listed on this page to upgrade my jailbroken 1.1.1 iPhone. Everything works according to this tutorial until the iPhone reboots. Then it freezes on the apple logo. iTunes restore would not work because the phone does not get recognised by the computer. Help is much apprecaited. Thank you

Posted by neologic 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:38:43 )

I downgraded my 1.1.3 with 4.03.13G to 1.1.1 and jailbreak this version. Now I have 1.1.1 unlocked iPhone, BUT 4.03.13G is NOT rewrited and now I have 1.1.1 iPhone with 4.03.13G baseband..
I'm using it as iPod..;)

This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 02:46:38

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:46:52 )

Yeah there is a new bootloader on the 1.1.2 and up phones. The 4th digit of the serial number with #'s 45-46 and up have this new bootloader. They can not be downgraded and unlocked! You said "now I have 1.1.1 unlocked iphone" that is not true. It might have said it was unlocked but I know the phone didn't work. Anysim gave you a false unlock as the new bootloader phones can not be unlocked with anysim. You can use the chips on a 1.1.2

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:51:00 )

Justin what version did you try to restore to? 1.1.1? If so use ibrickr .91 to boot the phone. Check out hackthatphone.com for specifics. Well my laptop is dying so I will check in tomorrow. Good luck everyone. Good night! Jody

Posted by vert 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 02:51:05 )

Hey Jody. You said your phone was unlocked with Anysim, does this mean I can upgrade and my vodafone sim will keep working? Im in Australia with a 1.1.1 unlocked with anysim

Posted by carlos 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:04:46 )

Hey all - I'm in Australia with a US bought iPhone firmware 04.02.13_G running 1.1.2 jailbroken using TurboSIM and Telstra SIM card.

Will this 1.1.3 package maker break my phone?

This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 03:05:52

Posted by neologic 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:06:21 )

to jody
my serial is 827519NZWH8
Please tell me can I dowgrade my 04.03.13G baseband and how?
Thank you.

Posted by justin 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:06:52 )

Jody, iBrickr would not recognise my iPhone either and tells me to "Connect my iPhone" when it is already plugged in. My iPhone is still frozen at the apple logo.

Posted by micha 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:07:37 )

Hi there, all went fine, however now I've got this strange issue, the passcode setting doesn't work! I set a new passcode, type it twice, go back to the Prefs, passcode says it's Off...

Another thing, I set the Passcode, type it twice and click straight on turn off Passcode, I type in the Passcode I've just entered and it says it's wrong...

Tried resetting the phone and nada...

Any idea

Posted by vectorburn 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:08:31 )

jb'd1.1.2 installer.app:

i go to install _1.1.3 soft upgrade 1.0_ after the mac run_this tells me to, and i get

main script execution failed!"

ideas? help?

Posted by lemonhead 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:28:40 )

I have my iPhone 1.1.3 jailbroken but I can't get my phone to dial out. Also Map can't same to locate me. I'm a AT&T suscriber... HELP!!!

Posted by micha 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:30:16 )

Ok, now my mail passwords don't stick either... Help!

Posted by lemonhead 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:30:57 )

I have OpenSSH, BSD Subsystem, and 1.1.3 soft upgrade... No bars. AT&T suscriber... HELP!!!

Posted by ajaikarran 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:32:05 )

Just did it but no phone service, kinda expected this. However, any new thoughts would help.
I have a 1.1.2 week 50 new bl and all that. Activated with att an upgraded to 1.1.3. I just downgraded to 1.1.1 and did the jailbreak with the new ibrickr. Worked great, thanks! I don't have phone service though. Like I said I expected this. Anyone with the same issue?

Hey, nate wanna lend your advice? Doesn't matter, I was gonna go back to tmobile and wait for 1.1.4 so 1.1.3 can be unlocked.

Posted by lemonhead 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:34:37 )

Yep, having the same problem... There's a link that tells you How To Fix Google Map to help get the phone part working, but don't know the link.

Posted by tarun 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:34:37 )

Hi, I am getting a iPhone from US to India, and its probably gonna be a ver.1.1.3 :-(

Will this jailbreak work for that as well and will I be able to run it as an iPhone and not iPod and use my Vodafone GSM connection in it? If not then should we expect some development in near future, isnt it? Is hardware unlocking to be considered as an option to downgrade the baseband?

And I can't thank you guys enough coz someone ordered this for me on 16th jan and I was unaware honestly that this version would be so 'lethal'! I was getting nightmares! Anyways, Hope you guys will come up with something!! :-)

Posted by micha 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:40:16 )

Actually none of my passwords are saved, wifi included, anyone knows which file saves all the passwords?

Posted by herodrink 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:44:53 )

I attempted this this evening and restarted during the install. Now my iPhone is stuck at the Mac loading screen and isnt loading at all. It wont connect to my PC to roll back. Can anyone please help?

Edit: it turns out i am having the same issue as Justin. Here's hoping for a fix.

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Posted by mellojosh 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:49:48 )

Is there anyone out there who has successfully broken 1.1.3 with a more recent OTB 1.1.2 iPhone and is able to retain phone features? I am not really concerned with unlocking at all. I have an ATT contract that was setup through iTunes and using the original sim in the phone. If anyone has any hints, post!

Posted by zapata 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:52:03 )

Same issues here - had BSD subsys installed (among other things) - after the softupgrade completed also got a "error main script execution failed!" - despite this message the system came up as 1.1.3 after the reboot, but none of the personal settings saved, (gmail / imap mail / Edge / etc) - and none of my pre-installed software showed up on the springboard (apart from Installer.app). My hunch is that this has something to do with the new permissions structure and that the program is trying to write to somewhere were it can't or it's writing to a different place from where it's reading. Hope this helps to find the misbehaving code - otherwise fantastic work - can't wait for the "next release"

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 03:59:27 )

Someone HELP!!! I tried to do the 1.1.3 upgrade and in the middle of things ibrikr or my phone wasnt working so i tried to reboot my phone and now its stuck in a reboot/code scroling cycle... what is happening and how can it be fixed?

Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:00:04 )

PLEASE HELP: I am able to successfully get through the entire iBrickr 1.1.3 jailbreak process up until the point that the "113_upgrade_image.bin" file is created. For some reason a 0 KB file is created. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks!

Posted by polarbowler 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:01:55 )

does this work on ipod touch?

Posted by aculas 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:09:38 )

I tried the mac version, and all went smooth until the phone rebooted and now I'm stuck at the apple logo! What can I do to repair my phone?

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:12:28 )

aculas, did/is your phone showing a series of codes and then showing the apple logo and going back to the codes?

Posted by tarun 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:14:05 )

One more thing, Will something like Turbo Sim for OTB iPhone 1.1.2 work as well to downgrade??

Posted by aculas 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:15:25 )

No, it shows only the apple logo! I couldn't enter dfu mode by holding the home and power button, either.

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:18:02 )

its sucks beacuse these codes just keep showing up over and over... i can't do anything. i can't even restore it because of the stupid codes

Posted by aculas 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:19:22 )

It sucks pretty bad, if there is only a way to enter DFU mode.

Posted by aculas 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:24:21 )

I was able to enter DFU mode by pressing and holding the Home button and the Power/Sleep button. iTunes recognized that the phone is in dfu mode, and now I'm trying to restore to 1.1.1.

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:30:55 )

i can't even get to the DFU mode...

Posted by isdlair 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:45:53 )

Same issue than vectorburn: on both 1.0.2 (upgraded to 1.1.2) and 1.1.2 OTB phones

When installing 1.1.3 soft upgrade, it ends up with: Error: Main script execution failed.

Is there any log to track that ?

This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 04:46:21

Posted by aculas 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:55:37 )

I propose that we should have to wait until a reliable update is out. So far too many fails have been noted.

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:57:15 )

yea i hear you... i wonder if i should just go to apple tomorrow and see if they can fix my phone...

Posted by marvelousmo 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:57:34 )

started the terminal in mac OS 10.4 but getting the following message:

Checking iPhone version...
You have iPhone version .
Sorry! You must have an iPhone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with Installer.app installed. Press Enter to exit.

My iphone Version is 1.1.1 (3A109a) jailbroken, Modem Firmware 04.01.13_G with Installer.app installed.

anybody has an idea whats wrong?

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 04:57:54 )

you atleast got your phone to restore right?

Posted by aculas 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:00:07 )

Dcpinoydc, what will you say? Hi, I was trying to upload a jailbroken firmware to my iPhone, but it crashed. Can you fix it?
Yea my phone is running 1.1.1 right now, I'm restoring my music videos and contacts, after that I'll be upgrading to 1.1.2.

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Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:01:06 )

yea i know... sucks right

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:03:44 )

hopefully nate or someone has a solution to this. i'm sure my phone isn't the first to do this...

Posted by aculas 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:09:21 )

I'm sure too. This updater isn't perfect, it's still a bit rough and right now we're the first testers, so hopefully Nate will see what's going on and try to fix these issues.

Posted by uturker 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:09:22 )

I have uploaded all the patches using your user friendly mac / unix terminal application. For more than last 1.5 hours somehow I can not get 1.1.3 soft upgrade application using installer. I get the error saying "Package download failed:timed out!". Is there something wrong with thee server? or is there a way that i can download the file and upload to my phone using SSH?

Posted by governorkrell 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:18:58 )

I had the freeze on restart too and I've got the solution. Hold both the top and home buttons until your phone forces itself to shut down. I was able to get iTunes to restore it by connecting with itunes open, pressing the top button and immediately pressing and holding the home button simultaneously. After about 8 seconds, releasing the top button (while still holding the home button) puts you in "recovery mode" and the phone is recognized by iTunes. No need to bring the phone to Apple.

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:21:34 )

im going to bed... good luck with your phone aculas

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:23:50 )

thanx governorkrell.. ill give it a shot

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:25:40 )

so far so good! your a life saver!!! did 1.1.3 work for you?

Posted by phipper 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:26:46 )

This is brill, well done all!

I had ro reinstall installer to get the 1.1.3 upgrade package to show - but apart from that it seems to have worked a treat!

Errr... edit that!

Phone now locked as others have reported. Itunes detects a phone in recovery mode, will only let you "update and restore" then eventually fails with error 1604. Then Itunes, detext phone and tries to recover, looping through the above.

Ah well, being on the cutting edge has its price I suppose! please be quick with the fix though, let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 05:48:23

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:27:25 )

ok now i never upgraded to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 so should i upgrade to those or should i stay with 1.0.2???

Posted by aculas 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:40:07 )

If you know how to upgrade and still be jailbroken I suggest you to go with 1.1.2.

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:42:17 )

how can i get that firmware tho?

Posted by aculas 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:54:04 )

You'll have to virginize your 1.0.2 baseband, than upgrade to 1.1.1, unlock 1.1.1 using AnySIM 1.1 install oktoprep on it, upgrade to 1.1.2 jailbreak it using the 1.1.2 java jailbreak, then install AnySIM 1.2.1u unlock once again... and you're ready to go. This is a very brief how to. Google for a complete guides!

Posted by iphoneinterest 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:54:12 )


1.1.2 OTB iPhones that have been jailbroken and unloacked using the HARDWARE method from http://iphone.unlock.no (inspired by George Holtz).... I have completed this and now have a fully unlocked 1.1.2 OTB iPhone...

Is it safe for me to use this 1.1.3 jailbreak to upgrade... will i still be able to use any sim etc... and if i try it can i change my mind and downgrade to 1.1.2 again without having permanently changing the baseband to the 1.1.3 version etc....

Posted by secretmrx 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:55:44 )

In iTunes in the memory bar at the bottom it says that "other" is around 300mb. I presume this is because of the update files being dumped on my iPhone. Where are they stored on the phone, and is it safe to delete them?

Thanks in advance

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 05:59:49 )

aculas, that just went over my head man... haha

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:13:49 )

1.1.3 is already on my phone i don't think i can downgrade

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:26:23 )

is there a way to get back to 1.0.2 from 1.1.3??

Posted by phipper 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:33:09 )

OK, so my phone is bricked - going through the looped "recovery mode restore bit"

Could I use the patched 1..3.ipsw that iBrickr made to restore? Where would I put it?

OK - tried that - it doesnt work, still get error 1611

This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 07:07:06

Posted by chronicupdater 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:34:59 )

Mac version - been on "installing package" for 20-25 mins now (bar is half way and has not moved in a while) how long do you think before I give it up?

Posted by chronicupdater 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:36:00 )

as I hit "enter" it booted!


Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:36:53 )

im about to call it quits soon

Posted by narfmaster 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:40:04 )

I'm just getting a "Main Script Execution failed!" once running the Mac install. :(

Posted by dcpinoydc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:40:51 )

im done for today thanks everyone!!!

Posted by loop 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:43:19 )

Nate, if you're in the mood and have a little time, pls read
short version: like I wrote it before, i had an iphone with 1.1.1, jailbreaked. I tried to downgrade it , but it didn't go very well. i couldn't fix it, i tried what you suggest. the only method was to install 1.1.3. now it has the itunes logo and only emergency call is available.
I assume that this jailbreak won't work since it's not 1.1.2 or 1.1.1. What am i looking for now? a sim break for 1.1.3 or i have to wait until 1.1.4 is released and hacked? my first wish is to unlock somehow the sim so i can return the phone to it's owner so he can use it.

Thanks for your time

Posted by uturker 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:48:09 )

I have uploaded all the patches using your user friendly mac / unix terminal application. For more than last 3 hours somehow I can not get 1.1.3 soft upgrade application using installer. I get the error saying "Package download failed:timed out!". Is there something wrong with thee server? or is there a way that i can download the file and upload to my phone using SSH?

Posted by jules 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:49:39 )

Upgradede two v1.1.2 phones to v1.1.3 more or less OK.

HOWEVER when I try to enter an EDGE APN the phone 'crashes' back to the main menu so I can't add an APN!

Anyone else too? Is there a file on the iphone I can manually put the APN in?

Posted by evolutionxbox 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 06:51:43 )

I can't find the 1.1.3 soft update in the Installer.app!

What is wrong... iBrickr said everything was ok.

Posted by phipper 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 07:08:10 )

evolution - dont go any further! If you reinstall installer on your phone the patch will be there but if you run it your phone will be bust!

Posted by hebs 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 07:09:33 )

Im on the ipod touch, everything went OK until I did the 1.1.3 soft upgrade. It states "This package requires firmware 1.1.(12)".
Can anyone help ????

Posted by hernanr 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 07:16:53 )

Heres the procedure to go back from the boot-scrolling text-boot loop:

1. Put your iphone in the dock, with the USB cable disconnected from your computer.

2. Make sure the phone is off (The only way I got the phone to turn off is to hold the power button + the home button for like 15 seconds)

3. Once you know the phone is off, press and hold the HOME button then plug in the USB cable to your computer, keep holding the HOME button the whole time.

4. Next it should put It should now show the sync logo on your iphone and it should say "connect to itunes".

5. Now restore your phone to 1.1.1, and you should be GOOD TO GO!

Good luck!!!

Posted by evolutionxbox 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 07:21:32 )

"evolution - dont go any further! If you reinstall installer on your phone the patch will be there but if you run it your phone will be bust!"


? What should I do... and how can I get it to work?

This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 07:34:41

Posted by vert 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 07:33:08 )

Hey Guys, I just spent the last 4 hrs doing this, its seems so simple now

OK Here is what I did

1. Restored 1.1.1
2. Activated,Jailbreak using jailbreakme.com via *#307# trick
3. Installed Anysim and unlocked (may not be needed)
4. Use iBrickr, follow instructions, very simple
5. When I ran 1.1.3 soft update I got a error "Main Script Execution failed!", i tried to install again and the phone crashed, I restarted and BOOM 1.1.3

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 07:36:06 )

Jules I noted that last night at the top of the discussion ... Where I suggested this was not for everyone.. I can not get it to save the edge settings. I think we will have to wait a little while for a tweak of this like the one under 1.1.1 on installer ( edge setting fix ).

Posted by jody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 07:41:48 )

evolution ... When he said reinstall installer what he meant was refresh it ... If you have the newest installer app it will check for new programs every 24 hours unlike the old one that checked every hour ... Go to sources and hit refresh ... Go back to all packages and it should be the very top choice ( had the same issue last night )

Posted by miketv 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 07:43:30 )

For some reason, iTunes allowed me to upgrade from jailbroken 1.1.2 (non-working youtube/itunes) to 1.1.3 without any fuss whatsoever. It was even unlocked still, despite the fact that my sim card reveals I am no longer a paying AT&T (or any network provider's) customer.

But then, being a windows user without a working copy of Installer.app on my now 1.1.3 iPhone, I was pretty much $#!7 outta luck as far as doing anything 3rd-party related. But somehow, both Youtube.app & iTunes.app automagically worked on my phone. But man cannot live on Youtube alone, sooo...

1.) I downloaded the windows version of iPHUC from:
and installed it on my XP machine.

2.) Held the SLEEP + HOME buttons for approximately 10 seconds, until the screen went black. Then, released SLEEP (but held HOME) for another 10 seconds until my computer found a new hardware device labelled something to the effect of: "DFU Device (Recovery Mode)"

3.) Followed this guide by Erica Sadun (to downgrade from 1.1.3):
and then moved straight along into:

4.) In step 1.4 from the jailbreakme.com guide, i used iPHUC to issue the commands listed in order to reboot my iPhone out of DFU mode. This one was tricky. I found out that you need to wait about 10-15 seconds after issuing the "fsboot" command before you close iPHUC in order for it to work.

5.) STOPPED following the steps from jailbreakme.com once I had completed step 3, and then came here for the upgrade to 1.1.3

... And *POOF*
Jailbroken, Fully activated 1.1.3 iPhone with a working copy of Installer.app.

Keep up the good work, Nate + crew!

Posted by miketv 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 08:04:39 )

You seem to be having the same issues that I had when trying to get from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 when it was first released. Just remember to stay calm and patient, and have an old firmware handy if all else goes wrong (such as the apple logo/log loop you were facing). iTunes WILL restore your iPhone back to normal if you (precisely) follow the instructions given, such as entering DFU recovery mode (read my last post) vs entering standard recovery mode.

BTW, Apple iPhone Firmware can be found all over the internet.
For a list of firmware, check: http://phobos.apple.com/version
or better yet, just grab one from:

Posted by vert 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 08:26:31 )

Some issues I have found

No ringtones (Major)
Email password doesnt save

Posted by smoghat 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 08:45:51 )

I found that i needed to go to sources and hit refresh before it appeared.
On my iPhone it took about five minutes to install.

Posted by stranger 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 09:25:44 )

That's not correct anymore.
I did recive week 43 iPhones lately with the new firmware and new bootloader.
It seems, that Apple Stores had to send their old iPhones < week 44 back to Apple.
(for upgrading)

Posted by zerosix 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 09:51:04 )

fyi, i tried to install this, and got stuck at the Apple logo only. It would hang there for about 10 minutes, then reboot endlessly every 10 minutes. It never worked.

Putting the phone in DFU mode, I was able to restore and virginize.

I got it to 1.1.1, used jailbreakme.com - was good to go -

Installed again with only BSD installed - and same thing.

it just didn't work.

With the "main script execution failed" error, i found that it was because of the noexec flag in the fstab, which was easily resolved, but it made no difference.

The phone was unlocked using IPSF

Posted by videogeekuks 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 09:56:46 )

ok ive done the ibrick stuff it on the phone I just go to installer now and it should work I had a 1.1.2 phone and a mate downgraded it to 1.1.1 and back to 1.1.2 with jailbreak and now I have my O2 sim in there. Looking at these posts im pretty scared to try it as the was £256 and it alot of money to brick my phone. Why are people not posting thanks on here and mostly problems has no one got this working 100%

Posted by evolutionxbox 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 10:04:37 )

"evolution - don't go any further! If you reinstall installer on your phone the patch will be there but if you run it your phone will be bust!"


"evolution ... When he said reinstall installer what he meant was refresh it ... If you have the newest installer app it will check for new programs every 24 hours unlike the old one that checked every hour ... Go to sources and hit refresh ... Go back to all packages and it should be the very top choice ( had the same issue last night)"

I have refreshed the installer app but its not there.

This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 10:37:35

Posted by addymania 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 10:08:33 )

Question: Why can´t i use this for the ipod touch?

Posted by brad 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 10:13:13 )


I am having the same problem, it is almost as if it is validating the APN settings against a list and kicks out if yours is not in that list. It will let you enter the username and password but as soon as you put in the APN it crashes back to the main screen. For reference my phone is a 1.1.2 OTB, JB and using turbosim on rogers in canada. I was able to install the 1.1.3 with the MAC install. When installing the soft upgrade I got an error stating main script execution failed. But I left the phone alone after hitting ok and it booted up to 1.1.3 with no edge settings. Any ideas?

Posted by zizzi 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 10:33:12 )

After upgrade on my ipod touch (using iBrickr on xp) I have to reinstall the app but I can't reinstall the Apple's five apps, the 1.1.2 version of the install doesn't work for now, so don't upgrade yr ipod if you want to use them.

Also, I can't move the icons in springboard (like 1.1.3 can do), in fact I have a 1.1.3 ipod patched but it doesn't work well :-D (Am I a kamikaze with my ipod?)

For the SSH I've installed the OpenSSH and the inetservice (to be sure) and I can access my ipod via ftp changing the username from root to mobile (password is ever alpine for me).

Hope in a fix for the 5 apps!

Nate if you want a feedback from an ipod user and want to guide me for some experiments... my ipod is your ipod, you now have my email and I'm happy to help you trying everything you need on my device.

Congrats for this hard, hard work!

Posted by cheinelt 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 10:33:37 )

This does not work on iPod Touch as it seems since the patch fails on the iPod Touch firmware, i.e. on iPod1,1_1.1.3_4A93_Restore.ipsw. As a result the iBrickr.exe creates a 0 Byte long file 113_upgrade_image.bin which is then copied to the iPod Touch. Of course it will not have any effect there. Any comments how this can be made working on the iTouch as well?

Posted by bodu 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 10:42:32 )

For those who have problems with EDGE settings just go to Settings-General-Reset-Reset network settings and it will work.
If u mess ur phone by mistake restore with 1.1.1 (error 1015-restart phone with ibricker) then:
1. Make sure you have a SIM-card with PIN turned off, and power on your phone (the supplied AT&T card works fine).
2. On the activation screen, slide for emergency and dial: *#301# to make the phone call itself. (If the incoming call dialog quickly disappears but it keeps ringing, just dial 0 (remove *#301# first), and it will call itself)
3. Answer the call, and tap on Hold
4. Phone will call it self again, tap Decline. You will now be returned to the normal dialer.
5. Tap on contacts, and tap the + icon to add a new. The only info you are going to add to this contact are two URL's. To add a URL, tap Add new URL. The first URL is prefs followed by a colon: prefs: and the second is jailbreakme.com. Tap Save.
6. Your contact now has two "web pages" - tap on the first one (prefs:). This will take you to the settings dialog. The reason you want this, is because you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network, so tap on Wi-Fi, and get connected to a network, and make sure the icon on top of the screen is indicating that you are connected. While you are in the settings dialog, you should also set: General → Auto-Lock → Never.
7. Now, press the home button, and again, slide for emergency dial 0, Answer the call, Hold and Decline the new call so that you get to the contacts. Tap on your contact (No Name), and this time tap on the other home page, jailbreakme.com
8. Safari will launch and show you a webpage. Read through the text, before you Install AppSnapp
9. Phone will return to activation screen, but don't panic, just wait.
10. Phone should automaticly restart after almost a minute. . If it does not restart withing 2 minutes, click here.
11. When the phone starts again, it should no longer say slide for emergency, but rather Slide to unlock It means it was successfull! Activation is now bypassed, and phone prepared for software installation! (If you are going to use an AT&T SIM, you won't need to do the next step.)

Downgrade the baseband firmware:

1. Set Settings → General → Auto Lock → Never
2. Start Installer and install BSD SubSystem found in System Category.
3. Go to Sources and tap edit and add http://i.unlock.no/
4. Now install "Baseband Downgrader" found in Unlocking Tools category. This will take around 5 minutes.
5. When done, restore your phone to get 1.1.1 firmware reinstalled.
6. When phone have been restored, you can Activate and unlock as normal.


Posted by zizzi 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 10:56:01 )

I think we have to try with the iphone firmware, not downloading automatically on apple server with iBrickr but having the iphone firmware just saved on the pc, now I have to try downgrading to 1.1.1 then doing the upgrade to 1.1.3.

Let's go! :-D

Posted by buktotruth 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 13:51:25 )

Can't seem to download the soft upgrade via installer.app. I keep getting "Error: Package download failed: timed out". Any help would be appreciated.


Posted by videogeekuks 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 13:57:09 )

I have just done this from 1.1.2 and works 100% can say through I had problems when I was on 1.1.2 when going on to YouTube is sais "Cannot Connect to YouTube" can get to it through Safari on Edge and Wifi but when I go to view a video is sais "Hello you eather have Java Script Switched Off or an old version of flash" I have Java switched on is there a forum for me to go to were all you guys hang out im really new to this. And Again thanks for 1.1.3 im chuffed

Posted by buktotruth 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:12:15 )

Well, refreshing the sources let me download the soft-update but now when I run it i get this error:

"Your iPhone is not ready to upgrade. See "More Info"."

I went through the ibricker procedure and can see that there is ~300mb less free space on my iphone. Any thoughts?


Posted by marcoiac 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:26:01 )

Nate, it seems that after soft upgrade there is two of everything. /var/root and /var/mobile seem identical. is it true? why? it seems a waste of space

Posted by brad 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 15:02:13 )

Thank you BODU works like a charm

Posted by jhondoe 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 15:30:04 )

1. I upgraded from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2,
2. applied anysim 1.2u,
3. downgraded to 1.1.1,
4. applied ibrkr 1.1.3 patched update
5. fixed the edge settings problem by the network reset button

Phone works perfect, but can´t save passcode and ringtones does not work. unless of that good job!

Posted by jhondoe 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 15:37:23 )

I forgot to say gmail account can not save password settings, so it asks me all time to add a password to the gmail account on settings.
I hope this is going to get fixes soon. THANKS DEV TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 15:52:44 )

I am now able to get through the entire iBrickr portion of the 1.1.3 jailbreak process, including uploading a proper 113_upgrade_image.bin file to my iphone. However, when I run the soft upgrade in the Installer, I get about halfway through when message comes up saying something like main script execution failure. The upgrade stops for a moment and then the iphone wait counter comes up for about 5 minutes. The phone then reboots and 1.1.3 is installed. However, when I try to use the "GPS" functionality in Google maps, nothing happens. And every time I add my Gmail account, it doesn't save my password, so I get an error message when trying to download my email.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for any help you can offer.


Posted by matg 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:09:05 )

On my G5 the 113_upgrade_image.bin file that is created by the script from the 1.1.3.ipsw and the patch has a size on 0k so when the installer says "Uploading image. This will take about 2 minutes..." its done instantly as there is nothing to upload - does this require an Intel Mac? Damn should of read the FAQ! Intel mac users only then :(

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Posted by bodu 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:09:12 )

For those who cannot find the upgrade under Installer Do this:
1) Installer
2) Install
3) SOurces
4) Install Community Sources
5) Reboot
6) Click Installer Again
7) Install
8) System
and finally....
the 1.1.3 Soft Upgrade will show up.

Posted by preciousiphone 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:20:17 )

i am very nervous about things like this and have a mac computer running leopard and itunes v7.6

my iphone is unlocked v1.1.1 using anysim

could anybody tell me the step by step guide for mac and any problems i may occur

this would be much appreciated

Posted by macscorpio 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:31:36 )

Okay, So I run a 1.1.1 jailbroken iPhone happily in Canada. I tried to run your latest firmware jailbreak and I hit a snag.

I get to the point where it says:

"Alright, everything's ready to upload to your phone. For this, you need:
To make sure your iPhone is still connected, preferably via a USB 2.0 port
At least 300 megabytes free on your iPhone
A "Can-do" attitude
Got all that?"

Then I get an error iphoneinterface.exe

I can see the "1.1.3 soft upgrade in Installer, yet I am doubtful that the firmware was successfully put on the phone as iBrickr did not finish properly.....

Help !

Posted by bodu 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:33:18 )

Are u sure u have enough space on ur phone? Did u change ur applications folder?

Posted by melwin 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:36:31 )

same problem...., no ringtones and no ipod sound.

what can i do?

Posted by preciousiphone 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:47:38 )

i am very nervous about things like this and have a mac computer running leopard and itunes v7.6

my iphone is unlocked v1.1.1 using anysim

could anybody tell me the step by step guide for mac and any problems i may occur

this would be much appreciated

Posted by macscorpio 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:50:48 )

More than enough space on the phone, and computer...!

I just dont think the Soft upgrade image was put on my phone as iBrickr came up with that error after downloading the update, then attempting to install onto the phone

Posted by vert 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:43:08 )

I have the same issue. No ringtone and to ipod sound.....WTF!!

SMS tones work and Youtube sound...... come-on man, release a fix please!

Posted by emeny 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:52:52 )

Hey guys can someone help me out, if I go buy an iphone right now can I unlock it ??

Posted by alixerror 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 18:42:22 )

TanQ Very Much :*

I Have New 1.1.3 Verison :X But Please Unlock 1.1.2(Company) :(

Posted by fearlessleader 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:03:39 )

Great work guys and that goes to all responsible. So it needs some tweaks, thats understandable. Oh, if your new to the iphones, this jailbreak isn't for you. If you have trouble during the jailbreak the first thing i would do is look at Nate's faqs and the comments below it before posting for help. I'm new to Nate's blog and all SO.. tell me if I'm wrong, but trial and error is still the best way to learn and if you still need some help, then post. I'm sure most here want to help you out but please help yourself first.

Posted by hardreset 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:30:31 )

Hello guys, my 1st post about some results over here in Holland.
Just updated 2 iPhones; one is 1.1.1 OOB and 1 is 1.1.2 OOB
The 1.1.1 updated with Windows gave at the end the Error: Main script execution failed.
However after leaving it alone for another 10 minutes, I got it working (1.1.3) after a reset.
The 1.1.2 phone I updated using the Macintosh procedure. This one also needed to be left alone for 15 miutes extra before it came to live a life of 113.
Both iPhones work fine; the 1.1.1 OOB is on T-Mobile and the AnySim unlock still works ok. The 1.1.2 OOB is working with a X-Sim on a Vodafone Network and working fine.
The EDGE network app crashed every time I tried to enter data in the fields. But that has been fixed with a reset (Reset Network Settings)
Wifi works also, but seems sometimes to lost signal (both phones). And finally BlueTooth isn't working. Cannot pair it! This also is on both iPhones.
So, in the end I'm very impressed and keep posted to any comments on the BlueTooth problem.

Posted by secretmrx 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:49:05 )

in the memory bar in itunes it says my phone has "other" at around 300mb. Where are the update files dumped, and can I delete them?

Posted by rickjw 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:54:39 )

No edge, tried the reset and still no good. Also wont save password for gmail.
any ideas ?

Posted by slarph 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 20:21:09 )

I agree, this is great. BUT... no ringtones. Phone vibrates when call comes in, but ringtones make no sound. I can see them in settings, but clicking one does nothing (no preview sound). All other sounds (clicks, dings, etc.) DO work.

Posted by xxmartyxx 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 21:54:19 )

i just successfully updated. half way through it said main script execution failed i hit ok then held both buttons to reset now on 1.1.3 every things works no problems with edge sound or anything music contacts all still on phone works with itunes just fine i don't know what i did but very happy with results hope this helps

This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 21:57:19

Posted by xxmartyxx 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 21:56:02 ), comment hidden (show)

i should have said i have an unlocked phone was unlocked with anysim and i was running 1.1.2 when upgraded

This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 22:07:44

Posted by espamemail 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 22:38:14 )

No ring tones
Email password doesn't save

Posted by jcmorenogt 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 22:47:42 )

no ringtones for me too.....

Posted by mikecorban 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 01:14:23 )

I am complete noob at this just got my iphone 2 weeks ago so afraid to break it as, i'm sure many of you were. I am a regular at&t customer any easy to follow instructions to jail break from a never before jail broken phone running 1.1.3 anyone plz.... I would greatly appericate it.
Thanks in Advance, Mike
P.S. running windows xp

This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 01:27:45

Posted by computerkevin 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 02:50:42 )

Great job it worked perfectly the 7th time once I ran iBricker.exe in XP service pack2 mode as I am running Vista.
Edge settings, Sounds its all perfect....My Location I am sure will be along so, I am here so thats were I must be.
Follow this link for how to do that. Much love to the hard work from the team, keeping it real!

Posted by chianti 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:38:34 )

calls do not ring. I repeat, RINGTONES DO NOT WORK. This forced me to downgrade back to 1.1.2. Nate, you did an absolutely AMAZING job releasing this, but we cant exactly have a phone that doesn't ring now can we? :) When can we expect a fix for this?

This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 03:39:03

Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:42:38 )

Yes, that's for you. just try to follow those steps and you will be able to downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 and then soft upgrade bck to 1.1.3 and have fully working phone and installer.app
Good luck

Posted by jules 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 10:50:47 )

Has anyone figured out how to enable SSH after this upgrade?

You can try to install SSH via installer but an icon never appears afterwards (normally there is an icon to enable/disable the ssh service).

Posted by executive 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 10:54:02 )

Hey, as the current Mac solution only runs on Intel Macs, is there already a solution for PowerPC users? Thanks for help!

Posted by jitter 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 11:01:47 )

no more sound for calls (but with SMS works!)
e-mail password won't save

Please, help us finishing your great job guys!

This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 11:28:11

Posted by bshrode 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 12:27:55 ), comment hidden (show)

Just to clarify what executive said, I just noticed this as well. The sdelta3 part of the operation returns the error "Bad CPU type in executable". So, it only works up until this point, leaving you with a 0kb image file and an instantaneous update step when running the script. Any ideas on if "sdelta3" exists in a PowerPC compiled format?

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 13:30:14 )

here are sum piks of how far i got doin this
Attached image:

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Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 13:31:29 )

Attached image:

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 13:32:03 )

Attached image:

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 13:32:27 )

Attached image:

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 13:32:54 )

Attached image:

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 13:33:56 )

there u go and nate true u rok so much u always make me happy wen it comes to hacks ur da best
Attached image:

Posted by jimmybino 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 15:03:02 )

yo STLER how did u get the SMB PREFS AND CUSTOMIZE to come up on the iphone....i just updated (JailBroke) to 1.1.3 from a jailbroken 1.1.1 and everything worked great but i cant get them 2 programs to come up and thats what i'm dieing for......i using a leopard mac if it make any diffrence....oh and i can't use fugu to ssh in...any thoughts on that (ANYONE)......

Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 17:57:29 )


What theme are you using in those pics?

Posted by mellojosh 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 18:12:00 )

Hey everyone, I have been working on getting my 2 week old iPhone to run this 1.1.3 Jailbreak and have finally gotten the steps down to do it. I had to borrow a PC to do it, but it works great. Didn't have phone features or ringtones at first, but there is a file you can replace on the iPhone to make calls, text, etc. and a post on here on how to get ringtones back using the installer application. I upgraded to 1.1.3 through itunes the day it came out, then I saw this and had to try it. So again, if you have an iPhone that is OTB (out of the box) with !.!.2, and you have upgraded through itunes 7.6 to 1.1.3, and you are an AT&T customer, with a stock SIM, you CAN use this jailbreak, and still have a working phone. Even with the new Modem firmware, which in my case, gave me the same results with the Find Me Locater in Maps. I do have a problem with the iTunes preview function, however. I wrote down all the exact steps I took to do this and can post them, or email them, if anyone out there needs that. Thanks Nate.

Posted by phillyphill 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 20:24:29 )

can you email them to me or post them up

Posted by bshrode 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 21:21:31 )

I've recompiled the binaries in the jailbreak for those of us with PPC Macs. Here is a link: http://rapidshare.com/files/86917490/Archive.zip.html

Posted by mellojosh 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 22:38:58 )

Hey guys, I made a blog with my 1.1.3 journey and detailed instructions on what I did.


Posted by iscangel 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 23:08:20 )

yeah!!! the source of sleepers.net/iphonerepo really repair the ringtones problem, but it's safe?

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 23:33:46 )

if u wanna no how ti get smb prefs n customize on 1.1.3 ull hav to go ssh into ipod/iphone system/library/coreservices/systemversion(sumthinlike tht) open wit an editor and at the end simewere rmthere will be ritten 1.1.3 change to 1.1.1 then go to ipod n clik indtaller and go install them

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 23:36:51 )

tht theme is my own custom one go to modmyifone.com look for 1.1.3 jailbreak goes public on home screen then clik read more and on the 63 or 64th page i posted it

Posted by vert 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 00:23:11 )

Thanks for nothing Nate!

You stab your entire team in the back and release his half-ass jailbreak method

"If you feel like giving, please donate to a worthy charity. Donations directly to the Dev Team are not possible. If you wish to donate to me directly, you can do that via Paypal.".....funny that!!

Im glad you have been booted form the dev team.

1. No ringtone - ur answer, go buy ur mates ringtone maker.....convenient!
2. No Ipod sound...i think it a pretty big issue!
3. No preview in Wifi iTunes, ur answer...SHRUG!! WTF!
4. Locate me doesnt work on maps
5. You break Nikita (Install offical 3rd party apps)

After messing around with all this bullshit I have reverted back to 1.1.1 and will wait for the REAL jailbreak that doesnt rape my system!. I suggest everyone else do that same

To revert simply restore 1.1.1 then run jailbreakme.com via *#307# trick.

This prob wont be around long so if you manage to see it count urself lucky!

This comment was edited at 2008-01-27 00:27:04

Posted by blackest 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 01:23:35 )

i just iupgraded my jailbroken otb iphone 1.1.2 4.6 bootloader to frimware 1.1.3 and its working great!!! i still get sounds when someone is calling me and my e-mail password saves....and yes emulators still works on my iphone with no prob at all...but there's one problem as said by vert the message above me "locate me doest work on maps" is there a fix for this? and how to get rid of the 300mb soft update? any answers? coz its a waste of space...

thanx in advance!!!

Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 03:58:21 )


Thanks for the info, but for some reason the page is not allowing me to download the file. I just registered and am signed in. Is there anywhere else you could perhaps post it? I really like this theme.

Thanks, again.

Posted by ravne 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 04:46:51 )

My iPhone crashed when I tried to update it from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 using this page. I then moved on to http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=18353 and restored to 1.1.1 and tried again. It works! Thanks Nate for making this possible.

Posted by sdgnome 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 07:23:18 )

I have completed the 1.1.3 jailbreak which worked amazingly well. I used my MacBookPro and the only problem I had was iNdependence, but it eventually worked. I found some things that don't work and was wondering if you guys had some suggestions or a fix. My Edge works but the icon from the upper left is missing. On google maps it will not locate me anymore the pinwheel just keeps spinning. The most important problem is I have no ringtones and ipod, no sound that is from either. I do know that the sound works becuase I can watch and listen to youTube just fine. Wierd I think to be missing such and important fuction of the phone ie the ipod. Thanx for making this possible and hopefully customize and summerboard will be there for 1.1.3 soon. If anyone figures out the ringtone/ipod issue please post.....

Posted by bodu 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 07:40:00 )

For those with sound problems add http://sleepers.net/iphonerepo.xml at sources and there is a fix there
For those with problems with nr display http://mytrini-iphone.blogspot.com/2008/01/caller-id-working-on-113-hooray.html

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 08:24:13 )

did u go were i told u modmyifinw.com and if u did im not sure if i can put it on this one its a zip wait ill try and see wat i can do

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 08:32:50 )

Posted by coreanomac 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 08:33:06 )

I update to 1.1.3 yesterday. I lost my (MAIL, MAPS, WEATHER) all my apps. But I still have the installer. BUT! when I go to the installer to: "IPHONE 1.1.3 APPS FOR ITOUCH"... I try to installed MAIL, MAPS, etc... the look like is downloading something, then when i "Slide to unlock" nothing happens, Nothing download.


Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 08:34:30 )

i cnt put it on this site i dnt no wat to do im sorry but try again on modmyifone.com imm sure itll wrk good luck srry if i cnt help

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 08:36:01 )

coreanomac do u have an ipod touch?

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 08:41:57 )

if u do follow this link and theres a tutorial on how to do it hope u have the exprience with ssh good luck

Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 08:42:57 )


Posted by stler 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 09:04:35 )

does anyone no how to put 5 icons on the dock i cnt do it

Posted by paulk 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 09:57:40 )

when i install the 1.1.3 soft upgrade package from installer.app i get (after about 5 seconds) a 'Main script execution failed' Error message. your chmod suggestion did not work (and neiter did resetting the phone and resintalling installer.app and the bsd subsytem) any suggestions what i am doing wrong?

Posted by dseda 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 11:26:27 )

alexchernal or xordde if one of you could please email me at davidaseda@gmail.com i seem to be having the same problem as alex was having. thanks in advance. i just want my phone to work lol

Posted by uanderson 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 11:47:16 )

I accidentally upgraded to factory 1.1.3 and tried this downgrade method to reverse. I did get a 'script execution failed', but after a reboot it did come up 1.1.3 jailbroken. Everything worked excellent, except I have NO BARS after the 1.1.3 jailbreak. Phone feature does not work now. Any ideas on how to get this fixed? It is, after all, supposed to be an iPHONE...

Anybody have the same experience? Is there a fix?!? I need my phone back...

iPhone serial xxx45, 1.1.2 OTB, jailbroken, then upgraded (accidentally) to factory 1.1.3

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Posted by dseda 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 11:52:34 )

That's the same problem I'm having. I successfully can get to the 1.1.3 jailbreak, only problem is, i have absolutely NO cell signal. I'm not using a foreign SIM card, just the ATT card that came with the phone and I'm an ATT customer. Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.

Posted by itouch 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 12:09:01 )

I've posted a guide on this at:

You can also add the $20 Apps and the wiggly effect by using the tutorial below:

Posted by dseda 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 12:33:30 )

That guide that's basically posted on this page hundreds of times still doesn't help people that do NOT have service on their iPhones. My current status is a 1.1.3 iPHONE with the installer app on it, so far the only thing i cannot do is make or recieve calls/text messages. there is just no signal. Any thoughts?

Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 12:40:51 )


I decided to try the method where you first upgrade to 1.1.3 purposely, then downgraded to 1.1.1 and then went through this whole 1.1.3 jailbreak. I did this in order to have a 1.1.3 jailbroken phone, but with the new baseband so I could use the find me feature in Google maps which only works with the new baseband. Unfortunately, I got the same problem you're having--everything worked great, but the phone didn't work. I am an AT&T customer too w/an AT&T SIM card. I finally decided after dedicating practically a whole weekend trying to tweak this 1.1.3 jailbreak--I couldn't resist playing with my phone again w/ a new jailbreak available. The searched all the forums for a solution. I ended up just reverting back to 1.1.1 and then upgraded to a jailbroken 1.1.2 phone again. After all of this hassle and reading all these posts of people having problems, I finally decided to just stay w/ 1.1.2. It really has all the features you get w/ 1.1.3 if you hav the following apps installed: Summerboard, Customize, iSMS, and Navizon(whose find me feature is not even available w/ this "jailbreak" and actually works better than the 1.1.3 version in my opinion). Plus you get the compatibility w/ all the other available apps which 1.1.3 lacks.

So, I hope this isn't discouraging. It's just the advice I have to offer after devoting 3 days to this jailbreak.

Posted by dseda 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 12:44:04 )

So you can get into 1.1.2 jailbreak with cell service? That's all I want!!! LOL how do I do that? do I have to revert to 1.1.1 again and jailbreak it? Where can i get the 1.1.2 firmware and jailbreak it. If you could help me too i think my gf's ready to leave me hah. I've been working on this all weekend myself!

Posted by dseda 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 12:50:29 )

jgh...if you could possibly email me the instructions i would so much greatly appreciate it. i do not mind reverting to 1.1.2 as long as its jail"broken" and has cell service. My email address is davidaseda@gmail.com ... thanks in advance for taking the time.

Posted by uanderson 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 13:43:48 )


Yes, that has been pretty much my experience. I like the re-arranging of the icons, but in the end it's no big deal. I reverted back to 1.1.1 jailbroken, but I still get no bars (hence, no phone service). Did you get bars? And how did you do it to end up in 1.1.2? That is, having the 1.1.2 firmware file, how do you upgrade it to 1.1.2 without wiping everything out? Thanks.

Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 13:48:52 )


Follow the instructions from these sites. It's an arduous process, but it worked like a charm. Go to the first site listed first, then once you're done, go to the second:

1)Downgrade baseband:

2) 1.1.2 jailbreak:

Good luck!

Posted by fearlessleader 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 14:08:14 )

You shouldn't even have to downgrade the baseband as the 1.1.2 jailbreak.zip as mentioned above by jgh because jailbreak.jar(or windows batch file)will flash the baseband for you upto 1.1.2

Posted by fearlessleader 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 14:13:15 )

Which is why if you take a 1.1.2(otb) Iphone downgrade to 1.1.1 you get no service. But after you use oktoprep from installer.app(first install bsd subsytem) and then UPGRADE BY SHIFT-CLICK update via itunes up to 1.1.2(not restore). Should show itunes logo, double-click the windows batch file it flashes the baseband and rewrites it so it should write over the 1.1.3 baseband affectively giving you cell service.

Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 14:18:49 )

I wasn't sure whether the 1.1.2 update flashed the baseband. I overkilled in order not to have to waste any more time repeating any steps if that wasn't the case. Thanks for the info.

Posted by mellojosh 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 14:20:37 )

The baseband downgrade is only for older iPhones too. If you went to 1.1.3 officially, it upgrades your baseband, leaving you stuck with 1.1.3 or Jailbreak 1.1.3. People with bootloader 4.6 who downgrade the firmware will not have phone features, as the baseband stays intact.

I posted a thread earlier that gives detailed instructions how to get the phone features back....hint...its a link in a post.

Posted by fearlessleader 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 14:31:23 )


You can downgrade with 4.6 bootloader from 1.2 to 1.1 and jailbreak and then goto 1.1.2 via this method. You can't unlock it though. Thats the difference.

Posted by michaelma 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 15:19:25 )

What does it mean when Installer says
BSD Subsystem's passwd command is currently broken

TO fix replace /etc/passwd and /etc/master.passwd with the default files from 1.1.3 firmware disk image

how do i do that

Posted by executive 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 15:54:56 )

Hey, is there a "phone number to name fix" for 1.1.3 availabe through Installer? I've only found the fix for firmware 1.1.1 which doesn't work on 1.1.3

Posted by dseda 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 17:21:07 )

Okay, it's hard to see so many different firmwares thrown around so I'll break down IMO what I've seen some people go through.

First I'll start off by saying i bought the phone as an existing ATT customer using an ATT sim card. My intentions are not to unlock it for use with any other company but ATT. So in my project only the ATT sim was used.

OTB my phone came 1.1.2. Like most clicking to fast around in iTunes got me to hit on update just because that word makes me happy, which brought me up to the 1.1.3 firmware from Apple.

All I want is some third party apps. How can I achieve this?

I downgraded using "restore" to 1.1.1. When I do that I get a sim card error or "improper sim". I proceed to go and jailbreak the phone with the *#307# trick. I install BSD subsystem and OKtoPrep on 1.1.1 jailbreak.

What do i do from here? Whenever I attempt to flash to a different version I can do everything but make a phone call. The sim card isn't recognized as being proper. When I flash the phone back over to 1.1.3 from apple so I can make phone calls my sim card works perfectly. This is where I am...Is there a way out? Am I going to be able to use third party apps? Or should I just give up...

any help would be great, like I said, I'm not looking to unlock the phone. I'm just simply looking to have cellular service with third party apps. Thanks in advance for any responses.

Feel free to send emails as well to


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Posted by dseda 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 18:18:02 )

I managed to get my phone to a 1.1.3 jailbreak. I no longer get the sim card error but still have no cell service, is there something i'm forgetting to do. No more sim error on 1.1.3 jailbreak but still no service. Is there a patcH?

Posted by bodu 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 20:18:32 )

U guys should read all the posts, i posted solutions for all ur problems up there

Posted by evolutionxbox 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 20:44:12 )

1. Installed the 'BSD Subsystem 2.0'
2. Updated 'Installer Version 3.0b10'
3. Installed '1.1.3 Jailbreak DevTeam 1.0'

Everything looks ok but I can't add icons to the home screen, I can't move icons around.

I don't understand it, in the 'About' section it clearly states:

"Version: 1.1.3 (4A93)"

Why is this?

Posted by uanderson 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 21:19:01 )

Followed your instructions (thanks), but after the lockdownd replace reboot I am stuck at the apple logo on boot. Can't get past it. Maybe the wrong file - can you send the one you used - u1anderson@yahoo.com. Looking forward to phone functionality.

Posted by taupeng 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 00:51:55 ), comment hidden (show)

Can't see me? Now you can! =)

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Posted by evolutionxbox 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 06:41:46 )

1. Installed the 'BSD Subsystem 2.0'
2. Updated 'Installer Version 3.0b10'
3. Installed '1.1.3 Jailbreak DevTeam 1.0'

Everything looks ok but I can't add icons to the home screen, I can't move icons around. I can't see lyrics or anything!

I don't understand it, in the 'About' section it clearly states:

"Version: 1.1.3 (4A93)"

Why is this?


Posted by peterj 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 10:31:43 )

Any suggestions??

1.1.1 jailbroken iphone (not unlocked)

Everything works fine up to the point when I go to installer to run the soft update. The soft update tells me that I need to have 1.1.2 to update. I'd really like to not have to go to 1.1.2 first to go to 1.1.3 and Nate's instructions say that 1.1.1 or 1.1.2.

Any help is appreciated!

Posted by tonyt 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 12:30:35 )

I also did the upgrade and it went well - iPhone is running 1.1.3. Edge icon disappeared but everything works fine. The ringtones, as others have mentioned, also vanished. I installed the sleepers.net/iphonerepo ringtone fix, and only some ringtones now work - not all. For example, Marimba does not work yet Alarm and Digital, etc do. It's very odd. Has anyone else had this issue?

Thank you


Posted by hammer 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 13:30:54 )


i have sam problem, but look down the list U will find new marimba...

2 fix problem with edge try to reset network settings

Posted by easycomapny 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 22:30:43 )

uhmm.. guys, i live in canada and use fido. I'm currently on 1.1.1 unlocked. Does this method mean i can use a carrier other than at&t? And should i do it, or wait a bit longer? I don't want any *fix* I don't want a over 50% risk on my precious iphone =p

Posted by jonolau 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 03:29:45 )

i feel really stupid. I'm from Singapore and bought an unlocked iPhone 3 days back from Hong Kong. During the purchase, I did not understand what the guy was telling me in Cantonese, but he was basically saying never upgrade to firmware 1.1.3. I went back and the phone was working fine until i synchronized it with iTunes to upload music, and stupidly clicked on UPGRADE TO FIRMWARE 1.1.3!!! Now my phone is just an overpriced and thick iTouch. The shop refused to change it and said that I had to wait for the new Turbo SIM for 1.1.3 to be released. Is there any other option for me now? is there a solution to enable me to use this phone? He has managed to reload firmware 1.1.1 but the phone is 1.1.3

Posted by coolgujju 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 05:35:22 )

i have jailbreak my iphone it shows "version : 1.1.1(3A109a)" and firware virsion is 04.03.13_G it shows "incorrect SIM" and i cant call
anySIM 1.1 dosen't work
please help

thank you!

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Posted by vaibz 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 07:06:37 )

same problem as coolgujju above!!! = ( plzzz help!!!

Posted by iknownothing 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 07:49:22 )

Hi coolgujju and vaibz,..
first thing you should do is check which bootloader version your iphone is using. if it is 3.9, then your problem can be fixed, hopefully. If your bootloader is 4.6 then you might be facing a bigger problem.
Anyway, to check your bootloader version you can install Baseband info through installer,...
If your bootloader is 3.9 you can use Baseband Downgrader to downgrade from 04.03.13 to 03.14.08. anySIM 1.1 should then work. Good luck.

Posted by blackest 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 08:41:59 )

hello guys i upgraded my otb 1.1.2 4.6 bootloader to a jailbroken 1.1.3? i didnt like it some functions dont work and it has no service... :( how can i downgrade it to 1.1.2 again? pls email me the instructions thanks a lot... nocturnal_brylle@yahoo.com

Posted by blackest 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 08:51:48 )

i mean a jailbroken 1.1.2.....

Posted by bananaoriley 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 11:36:39 )

Why did the EDGE icon disappear after finally reconnecting back on the internet in 1.1.3? And why does the locate feature in google maps not work? Any fixes for either? Also any fix for ringtone and ipod sounds? Thank you.

Posted by mirv 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 13:33:10 )

Success! I have a day-1 iPhone that was upgraded to 1.1.3. I have successfully jailbroken it by 1) downgrading to 1.1.1 and jailbreaking using http://www.hackthatphone.com/113/iphone_downgrade_113.html including the iNdependence app for the Mac, then 2) the jb113/Run_This listed on this page to bring it back to 1.1.3. I ran into the "Main Script Execution failed!" problem but rebooting the phone worked to get it to 1.1.3. I am sticking with AT&T so didn't try to unlock.

Thanks to all for the help.

Posted by snazzyblowfish 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 13:35:23 )

rrryt, i hacked my phone and its on 1.1.1 i jailbroke it btw and it muffed up my simcard if i do wat is posted above will it ruin my phone further please reply i really suck at this

Posted by blackest 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 20:52:56 )

hi guys,

i upgraded my iphone from otb iphone 1.1.2 to firmware 1.1.3 my...i cant get a signal on my iphone, im using a stealth sim and running a foreign sim im from the philippines....does anyone have a fix for this? if there is none...how can i downgrade my iphone otb 1.1.2 upgraded to nate true's jailbroken frimware 1.1.3? is it the same on downgrading 1.1.2 to 1.1.1? pls e-mail me "nocturnal_brylle@yahoo.com" thanks in advance.....im in distress..

Posted by easycomapny 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 21:37:53 )

Success! I am using fido in canada and i'm runnung 1.1.3 firmware using the soft upgrade from a jailbroken 1.1.1. THANK YOU NATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! your work is very much appreiciated. Now to wait for the apps to become compatible =p

Posted by owie 7 years ago ( 30-Jan-2008 22:27:59 )

got 1 iphone with version 1.1.2 (unlocked) and accidentally updated to 1.1.3 using iTunes, and my iphone is now useless coz everything's blocked. I had read a lot of blogs - that 1.1.3 can't be downgraded to 1.1.2? (as of now, 'til 1.1.4 is release)... i'm now confused and don't know what to do.... need a big help. thanks in advance!

Posted by iknownothing 7 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 00:18:11 )

Owie,...what bootloader version is on your iPhone? 4.6?

Posted by iknownothing 7 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 00:20:02 ), comment hidden (show)

Posted by bink 7 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 00:57:22 )

I am on firmware 1.1.3 unmodified. i want to downgrade to 1.1.1 so i can add 3rd party app and do the 1.1.3 update they have in installer. I have already downloaded the 1.1.1 restore but have NO clue on how i am suppose to do this... Can somebody help me on this ASAP! ive been going on youtube but those people are dumbasses and are not explaining this correctly...no offense if it was one of you guys here.

Posted by iknownothing 7 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 01:31:40 )

By unmodified you mean locked and not jailbroken, right? If your phone uses bootloader version 4.6,....don't try anything as you'll possibly turn your iPhone into a glorified iPod.

Posted by yusukek 7 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 03:39:42 )

There has been a SIM UNlock for 1.1.3 updates only...try this out
Might work: www.easyunlockiphone.info

Posted by nikeboy 7 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 20:07:44 )

Hey guys id appreciate any help !! so im doing everything right until i reach the part where i have to soft upgrade 1.1.3 - however, i forget to switch auto lock off, now my iphone is stuck to it auto locking every 3 seconds and i cant get it detected by any pc or mac for over that 3 second gap.

Please help me - i have 1.1.3 just cant access it now :( ive been having some difficulty now i finally got the dammed thing to boot into DFU recovery, and started a restore, some error soemwhere there and now my iphone just wont detect with any pc (before i could charge it throughout!!)

Posted by jackolandia 7 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 21:41:09 )

Hi, i would like to know, what i have to do to unlock my brand new iphone version 1.1.3 i´ve bought yesterday 1/30/2008, i´ve seen a lot information out there but nobody say step by step how to do it, an if its possible .

Posted by iangrimmy 7 years ago ( 01-Feb-2008 10:09:59 )

will this work if my installer app isnt working?

Posted by clay 7 years ago ( 02-Feb-2008 03:25:41 )

If you get the "Your iPhone is not ready to upgrade. See "More Info"." Message, just run through the iBrickr routine and upload the software to your iPhone again. It solved the problem for me.

Posted by guerke 7 years ago ( 03-Feb-2008 18:33:23 )

I have a great guide to downloading almost free music movies and games to your iPhone, i have found it one of the best sites availabe.
Instuctions on how to find this site is in my blog.


Posted by foosda 7 years ago ( 04-Feb-2008 00:30:41 )

Well I tried using Intstaller.app on my iPhone (jailbroken 1.1.2) to upgrade to 1.1.3 and it seemed to work fine, but after it finished, my iPhone got stuck in "connect to iTunes" mode. But now iTunes is saying something about "there is a problem with your iPhone. We're sorry but the iPhone you connected may be damaged and cannot be activated for service. We recommend you visit the nearest Apple store for more information." And when I use iBrikr it says that it already is in 1.1.3 version, but i cant do anything to it. Help me restore it please?

Posted by pablopimentelo 7 years ago ( 04-Feb-2008 00:32:09 )

Folks, listen up cuz this may save you some time if you're looking to do this jailbreak update to 1.1.3. The softupdate 1.1.3 has been removed from the "ste" community resource, this means that you can't go ahead with the upgrade using Nate's method until an alternate source for the soft update is setup.(installer on iphone doesn't list softupdate 1.1.3 anymore.)

The ste repository site(Community Resource) which used to house the softupdate explains why they removed it, scroll down a little bit. http://blog.psmxy.org/

-How I upgraded to a jailbroken+unlocked 1.1.3 iphone -
After getting my 1.1.2 iphone jailbroken and unlocked I just used the official 1.1.3 upgrade listed in the installer, not the softupdate and managed to upgrade/jailbreak my iphone to 1.1.3 and it kept the unlock I placed while on 1.1.2 using anysim. Hope this information helps, the ste blog explains why the dev team method is preferrable, something to do with how the jailbroken image handles application permissions.

Posted by maxtor 7 years ago ( 04-Feb-2008 09:07:05 )

A member said :

Posted by bodu 1 week ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:09:12 )

For those who cannot find the upgrade under Installer Do this:
1) Installer
2) Install
3) SOurces
4) Install Community Sources
5) Reboot
6) Click Installer Again
7) Install
8) System
and finally....
the 1.1.3 Soft Upgrade will show up.

This is not making possible to download 1.1.3 Soft Upgrade.

I have used JB tool of NATE and after I can not make my iphone functional since there is no 1.1.3 Soft upgrade on any installer source.

Please help.

Posted by funpak 7 years ago ( 04-Feb-2008 11:10:14 )

I do not have the 1.1.3 soft upgrade on my istaller what do I do now!!!!!!!!

Posted by meloyo 7 years ago ( 04-Feb-2008 17:36:10 )

when i click check my iphone or w.e it doesnt find it...i know its plugged in cause the charger symbol and itunes poped up....why wont it find it

Posted by lazarro 7 years ago ( 04-Feb-2008 18:38:01 ), comment hidden (show)

I also cannot see the 1.1.3 Soft Upgrade. I have installed community sources, tried reinstalling installer.app and refreshed 100s of times, rebooted but still no 1.1.3 Soft Upgrade.

Please help, or maybe advise what source this package should be downloaded from?

---- please ignore above comment ----

I just read the reason why the package is not available. ie: it has been removed from the community sources. hopefully nate will provide them with a newer version to rectify the issue with app permissions.

This comment was edited at 2008-02-04 18:50:04

Posted by maxtor 7 years ago ( 05-Feb-2008 03:48:13 )

Please post any solution for soft upgrade for JB of Nate. Is very good and easy solution. I already upgraded my iphone and I need to upgrade my brother's Iphone also.

Posted by jrhind 7 years ago ( 05-Feb-2008 12:29:43 )

I have carefully followed all of your directions for upgrading a 1.1.2 unlocked iPhone to 1.1.3 but the file 1.1.3 update just doesn't show up in Installer/All Files. I have Community Sources installed.

Posted by jmervis 7 years ago ( 06-Feb-2008 15:54:16 )

Just to be clear, with the jailbreak 1.1.3, there's no need to purchase any "unlock" code or software? All those sites selling unlock programs, are these all just a waste?

And secondly, where is the best place for me to find a cheap iphone? If I buy one off ebay that is already unlocked in some other odd way, could that prevent me from running the newest jailbreak?

Thanks for your help.

Posted by bekool 7 years ago ( 06-Feb-2008 20:15:08 )

PLS Help - i can't see the 1.1.3 Soft upgrade package in my installer list !!!!!
I followed all the steps to the letter, i have the old 3.9 bootloader version phone i restored it 4 times now and virginized twice - everything goes very smooth (jailbreakme.com, install BSD subsys, Community sources, anysim) Now i'm @ 1.1.1 with F/W 04.01.13_G - but when i try upgrade to 1.1.3 and follow the instructions here, everything goes good with ibrickr till it tells me that its done transferring and go to installer and install the 1.1.3 soft package on iphone.... but i wont appear anywhere - and i can see in iTunes that the 300MB was transfered !!!!
I've seen in the FQA that this problem could happen if i don't have Community sources installed but i do !!! and seen many comments here about same issue but i don't know if anyone figure it out....
i tried redoing the whole thing 4 times now and no luck so Pls let me know if you did find why the upgrade package don't seem to appear in the installer.

Posted by vaibz 7 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 07:31:53 )

thanks for that iknownothing, i checked n ma bootloader says its 3.9 M3S2. but i dunno wher i can get that thing to downgrade baseband to lower than 4.03.13... can u plz tell me wher i can get it n how to do it plz.. thanks heaps for ur help thus far!

Posted by shk 7 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 07:34:39 )

one a 2nd iphone after all procedere 1.1.3 soft-upgrade is not present, i knew how to do ...
is there a app tapp installer http:// somewhere ?

thanx for help !

Posted by jrhind 7 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 11:55:32 )

I have tried the one-click application but it sticks on 26% then pops out to the springboard. I think I need to remove the 200Mb 1.1.3 download in order to force it to redownload but I cannnot find it on the phone. Can someone direct me to the correct directory on the iPhone to go and delete the file?

Posted by zzzeugen 7 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 14:39:34 )

hello. can someone tell me how to solve my problem? i have an iphone version 1.0.2 and i installed a little program that should have changed the vodafone logo but the phone stopped working. now only showes the apple logo. what can i do?

Posted by bekool 7 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 19:44:35 )

For some odd reason the 1.1.3 soft upgrade package don't show up in the installer and many ppl reported it - myself included - nobody was able to be of any help....
so after 2 days and very long hours of searching and testing, here is my 2cent....

Very easy and fast steps to do it - thats how i was able to upgrade to 1.1.3 jailbroken and unlocked: (it will work only on 3.9 b/l phones)
You'll have to be on 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 jailbroken and unlocked and the phone will carry over the unlocking (there is no unlocking method for 1.1.3 till now)
Go to installer > sources and add: Modmyifone.com and refresh.
make sure that you already installed BSD subsys and community sources
go to install and scroll down to ijailbreakmobile > and chose ijailbreakmobile 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 depending on your current f/w.
go back to main screen and hit it :) (but first make sure you have the autolock set to never)
its a one step over the the internet so you'll have to have wifi connection and it will take around 30 to 45mins.
if at the end the phone froze don't worry reboot it yourself and worse thing you'll find yourself back where you started but most likely it will work just like it did with me and i had to reboot it myself.

So all of you having trouble with above method - pls try this one and post your comments so everyone would benefit.
thanks and good luck

Posted by ilykgld 7 years ago ( 09-Feb-2008 12:47:54 )

i cant find the soft upgrade for the 1.1.3.. i installed all the sources and still nothing..
so where can i get it.. is there any other way.. plz help

Posted by blackest 7 years ago ( 10-Feb-2008 00:03:34 )

refresh sources and restart your iphone...soft uprgade will be theyre..it worked for me...

Posted by blackest 7 years ago ( 10-Feb-2008 00:19:24 )

if that doesn't work put add this to your sources http://installer.iClarified.com and 1.1.3 should appear.

Posted by blackest 7 years ago ( 10-Feb-2008 00:22:11 )

i mean 1.1.3 soft upgrade will appear.

Posted by bmasti 7 years ago ( 11-Feb-2008 09:08:52 )

its possible to downgrade 1.1.3 or 1.1.3 OTB online help avilable :D
msg me

Posted by dukebluedevil 7 years ago ( 11-Feb-2008 22:53:13 )

I have an iphone that came with 1.1.3 and im just wondering when there will be a way to jailbreak it because i cant downgrade the software. Please message at Dukebluedevil422@yahoo.com ... thanks

Posted by flayzeraynx 7 years ago ( 13-Feb-2008 07:28:14 )

hi people.. i can't find "1.1.3 soft update" in installer too.. copied 1.1.3 firmware to iphone over ibrickr but there is no button for "1.1.3 update"... what should i do now?

Posted by jailjump 7 years ago ( 13-Feb-2008 22:32:35 ), comment hidden (show)

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Posted by jailjump 7 years ago ( 13-Feb-2008 23:22:19 )

tried everything but could not get the 1.1.3 update, all i could get was a "Soft 1.1.3 Jailbreak" from iClarified. That is not it, is it?

Posted by hyperion 7 years ago ( 17-Feb-2008 13:12:48 )

I am having the same issue, can't find the 1.1.3 soft update. I think a lot of people are going to start running into this...I just updated my Installer and BSD Subsystem before the iBrickr install. Makes me think that the upgrade broke the install. I'm not comfortable downloading another image from a random source, so I'm hoping that a patch/solution can be found for iBrickr.

Posted by zepolkcire 7 years ago ( 17-Feb-2008 22:43:08 )

hi, i can't find "1.1.3 soft update" in installer too. i found "official 1.1.3 upgrader" is the same?? answer me please to erick.ilg@gmail.com thks

Posted by logik 7 years ago ( 18-Feb-2008 01:34:16 )

Guys, guys, guys...

THE MYSTIFYING MYSTERY OF THE MAINLY MISSING "1.1.3 SOFT UPDATE" was explained a week ago by pablopimentelo. The hosting repository (Ste's) removed it in an effort to move the splintered jailbreak methods (following drama between Dev and Nate) back to a common structure. As it is now, the developers don't know which jailbreak method a particular user will use and the users don't know which method a particular developer will write for. Check here for the story from the horse's mouth: http://blog.psmxy.org/2008/02/02/original-113-jailbreak-removed-from-ste-packaging/

Posted by hyperion 7 years ago ( 18-Feb-2008 13:02:51 )

Thanks for the link, logik. What always bugs me about internecine battles like this is that there isn't any information for the casual user--like me--to understand what to do next. I'm at this page because I have a jailbroken 1.1.1 phone and want to upgrade to 1.1.3. If Nate's way is bad/broken, what's the alternative? I clicked around STE's site but there wasn't any obvious 'CLICK HERE FOR 1.1.1 -> 1.1.3 UPGRADE'. I don't want to restore my phone, so what should I do? Very confusing.

Posted by ariela 7 years ago ( 20-Feb-2008 01:57:41 )

Hi,i have a phone that is jailbroken in Norway. Now im in Australia and my vodafone simcard does not work. Do i have to something to make it work here. There is a square in the upper left corner, that has not been there before. Hope someone knows what to do. Benedicte

Posted by tealsteam 7 years ago ( 27-Feb-2008 20:09:59 )

I am having problems with the install phase, its telling me "Error! Package Download Failed" do i need an edge connection or is my WLAN good enough?

Posted by bunky 7 years ago ( 03-Mar-2008 21:50:26 )

hi, i had a previously JB'ed 1.1.1. Tried to update to 1.1.3 but failed so i restored my phone back to 1.1.1, but now my wifi doesn't work anymore. It connects to a network but isn't able to go onto any websites. i've restore 3 or 4 times. A few times i tried using "set up as new phone" which i read in other forums, but the wireless still has not come back.

does anyone know how to fix this? i just want my old JB'ed 1.1.1 set up for now.

Posted by macnimation 7 years ago ( 04-Mar-2008 06:38:23 )

Just went through the upgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3. I get the same issue. I cannot find the 1.1.3 Soft Upgrade file. I have updated and Refreshed the Community resources several times, but I cannot find the app in the installer.

Posted by bunky 7 years ago ( 05-Mar-2008 10:29:16 )

just wanted to update for people who have run into the same problem that i had above.

not exactly sure what i did, but i now have a 1.1.3 restored, not JB'ed yet. I will probably use ZiPhone to JB it, but slightly gun shy at this point.

Initially had a 1.1.1 with no wifi.
1. Deleted all previous backups in itunes preferences
2. Force restored it to 1.1.3
4. reset all network settings
6. reset all phone settings
8. Waited about a day and all of a sudden it worked.

a pretty ambiguous method, but that is what i gathered from other sites. apparently it takes a day or 2 for the wifi to kick in again.

one other thing you can try is
1. turn airplane mode on
2. turn off phone then on
3. turn airplane mode off

apparently is should work after that.

hope this helps everyone.

Posted by soccernerd 7 years ago ( 06-Mar-2008 23:40:48 )

When i install the 1.1.3 package...i get the following error "Main script execution failed"...can anyone help?

Posted by pridetushar 7 years ago ( 21-Mar-2008 00:33:09 )

i have iphone and i using in india with airtel services,
the version of mu phone is 1.1.1 , i got it allready unloked from usa, can anyboady tell me how can i upgrade it to 1.1.4 ,

plz,, i am non technical guy and i totaly dont understand what written in above so plz help me out in a simple way by step wise instrucrion..
email me if possible,


Posted by hasmoosi 7 years ago ( 21-Mar-2008 10:33:05 )

im using an unlocked 1.1.1 with anySIM ...is it safe to use ibrickr?

Posted by bryonbrock 7 years ago ( 29-Jun-2008 19:39:29 )

http://www.iphone-hacks.com is my favourite source for everything iphone

Posted by ferre 4 years ago ( 07-Mar-2011 09:02:16 )

wanted to update for people who have run

Posted by liyanhongxyz 3 years ago ( 01-Dec-2011 23:53:38 )

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