Looks like the iPhone 1.1.1 update is reversible after all (kinda)

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Alright! Congrats to Kmac1985 from the Hackint0sh forums who discovered this little doozy of a method. Make sure to read the issues below (it's not COMPLETELY reversible). On a phone that has 1.1.1 installed:

- Start by downloading the 1.0.2 firmware here. Get it while it's still hot. That's an Apple download link so it's subject to change.

- Try to sit under a good light source. You need to see the screen clearly when it's not backlit.

- Make sure the phone is on and running normally (if activated, at the Home screen, if not, just at the "Activate iphone" screen). The phone must also be docked or plugged in to your USB cable.

- Press and hold the Power and Home buttons on the phone until the screen shuts off.

- Release the Power button immediately. Keep pressing the Home button.

- You should see a number of horizontal lines invade the now-off screen, and it will be slightly disturbing. If you just see just flat blackness turn your phone back on and try again.

- Your computer will recognize an "Apple Restore (DFU) Device". Open iTunes and it will complain about needing to restore.

- Hold Shift if on Windows, or Option/Alt if on Mac, and click Restore in iTunes. Select the 1.0.2 firmware file you downloaded.

- Let it restore. It will error out but the phone will have been upgraded.

- Restart your phone with the power + home buttons and you have a 1.0.2 phone again! Activate and use according to your preference.

Issues with this method

On my phone the phone won't boot unless I directly issue an "fsboot" command to the bootloader. I don't think this happens to everyone, and it's fixable with a few tweaks to NVRAM (details to come).

Also my phone was unlocked (needle method) and so the radio is corrupt, giving me the "Mismatched IMEI" state that I don't understand very well. Apparently non-unlocked phones suffer this issue after downgrading as well.

If your iPhone just boots to "Please connect to iTunes" all the time

This is an issue that I had. What you need to do depends on your operating system.

- Download iBrickr and extract it somewhere.
- Open a command line and cd to the folder you extracted iBrickr to.
- Run iphoneinterface from the command line.
- You should see an r_recovery prompt.
- Type "setenv auto-boot true" and hit enter.
- Type "saveenv" and hit enter.
- Type "fsboot" and hit enter.
- Your phone will boot properly.

- Download iPHUC and run it.
- You should get a recovery mode prompt.
- Type "cmd setenv auto-boot true" and hit enter.
- Type "cmd saveenv" and hit enter.
- Type "cmd fsboot" and hit enter.
- Your phone will boot properly.

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Posted by billy 8 years ago ( 29-Sep-2007 19:42:20 )

w0ot, kudos to Kmac1985!

Posted by freetheiphonenow 8 years ago ( 29-Sep-2007 23:07:14 )

Tried this. All happened as stated, but still the incorrect sim error message! Thank you to all for your hard work!

Posted by tuco 8 years ago ( 29-Sep-2007 23:52:07 )

Re: the "mismatched IMEI"...

I read in some comments on Macworld that the IMEI gets changed internally on your phone to 00499901064000 if it's been unlocked during the 1.1.1 firmware update. Compare the IMEI engraved on the back of your phone to what is displayed in the settings. If they're different, it may be possible with a jailbreak to modify the IMEI back to the original one...

FYI - I never unlocked my phone. I did install the app.Installer before the latest upgrade, but removed it (some app froze my phone so I did a restore and left it in "factory" state) before I upgraded.

Hope this helps!

Posted by david 8 years ago ( 30-Sep-2007 02:51:49 )

GOOD JOB! It really works! But are we really gonna have to type in the things into iphoneinterface all the time? Or is it suppose to be a one time thing? because EVERYTIME i plug in my phone, it keeps doing the Connect to iphone thing and i type the stuff in and it works again, but do we have to do this all the time? or is there just something wrong with my iphone? And also are you going to find a better way to downgrade?

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Posted by stoop 8 years ago ( 30-Sep-2007 06:08:06 )

I had the "Please connect to iTunes" yellow triangle after downgrading to 1.0.2 from 1.1.1, and using the iphoneinterface instructions above helped me get past that. I still have the "Incorrect SIM" error so still cannot use my iPhone for anything though.

Posted by najah 8 years ago ( 30-Sep-2007 08:33:58 )

can some body tell me how to restore the factory settings in an i phone. there is an icon of a lock, and i was told by the shop it has been already unlocked..but it never works...i tried the ibrickr and nothing happens. so thought of restoring it to 1.0.2(factory settings) following the above instructions, using itunes. but :-( i could not load the older version....waiting to see a kind of magic..

Posted by satan 8 years ago ( 30-Sep-2007 12:07:03 )

After I downgraded from 1.1.1 (i was an idiot and thought I was safe) I had the "Incorrect SIM" message. I unlocked it, using third party aps, but I cant get the phone feature to work.

I tried anySIM but it said my phone was already patched. Anyway I can't get it to work as a phone, but everything else is working.

thanks for all the hard work nate

** To help those who are getting the please connect to iTunes message you have to read all the instructions.

This comment was edited at 2007-09-30 12:09:09

Posted by soopa 8 years ago ( 30-Sep-2007 13:21:21 )

Hey, quick question, I have two iphones and theyre both locked in the sense that im using AT&T but I did indeed jailbreak both phones and have some third party apps installed and a couple of ringtones. Now I guess im not safe to upgrade to 1.1.1 but I was wondering if deleted all the apps and sent my phone back to jail if i was safe to upgrade to the new firmware? Also how exactly would a windows user send his iphone back to jail? Ive only been able to find methods for mac users. Thanks for the help

Posted by mer 8 years ago ( 30-Sep-2007 15:16:54 )

I'm having the same issue as David every time i power the phone off I'm back in yellow triangle loop.

Posted by drgurupc 8 years ago ( 30-Sep-2007 16:21:45 )

Questions: 1.1.1 downgraded to 1.0.2 with 00499xxxx IMEI

A.) IMEI 00499901064000 - Without SIM I seem to retain my correct IMEI... but install my old SIM it reverts back to the 00499xxxxxxxxx.
Does this mean I can install a new AT&T SIM and have my original IMEI or am I still in the dog house! (I just want my AT&T service to work... I am missing calls!)

B.) Running Virgin restore - the command "launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist" results in process not found! Does this mean that I have hidden issues to be concerned about? (bbupdate hanges on *.eep since my modem is now 4 instead of 3)

C.) If I ran the Virgin State with the above errors in "B" and then restored the 1.1.1 firmware with the new SIM... Would this put me back to square one or will it be as though I just bought a brand new phone... keeping in mind that I just want to get may phone service back !

D.) Goal here is to restore phone to factory status or either 1.1.1 or 1.0.2 which ever is easiest. Concerns are not the APPS or hacks at this time... but restoring to factory defaults so that I can use the service to the fullest - my service is AT&T!


Posted by craig 8 years ago ( 30-Sep-2007 20:51:01 )

Hey Nate,

Great work on the iPhone you've been doing.

I'm a total noob at this. I'm in Canada but heading to Boston tomorrow for a conference and plan on purchasing an iPhone. Hopefully i'll get one with the 1.02 firmware, but at least now I can downgrade to that from 1.1.1.

I'm not planning to unlock and use it as a phone right away; rather i'll use it for the wi-fi and 3rd party apps.

I'm confused about what I do with the phone to get it up and running once I take it out of the box.

1. Do I need to insert/use the SIM that comes with the phone in order to activate it and/or update/downgrade the firmware?

2. Obviously I don't want to activate it via AT&T. First, do I need to activate the phone before I update/downgrade the firmware to v.1.02 ? If not, does installing and running iBricker "spoof" the activation process? If not iBricker, what software would I use (I have an XP laptop at work and a Mac Mini G4 at home)?

Many thanks!


Posted by rafamau 8 years ago ( 01-Oct-2007 08:51:42 )

I NEED SOME HELP Ok, i have 1.0.2 and I have it unlocked but anySim and iphonesimfree both don't work ANYSIM SHOW ME A MESSAGE "COLDN'T LOCATE BYTES TO PACH"

Posted by irreverent 8 years ago ( 01-Oct-2007 10:26:03 )

This "Apple has the right to insist that its phone be used in strict accordance with its terms or it can legally damage the phone" mindset is really perverse and, in my opinion, out-and-out illegal: it is like BMW saying that "if you dare put non-BMW tires or windshield wipers of batteries in you new BMW car, we will disable it permanently and you will have no recourse".


Steve Jobs' hypocrisy is bothersome: he ranted and raved against locked audio downloads, but thinks it is ok to screw customers who challenged his contract with AT&T.
I find his conduct (actively ruining people's phones) revolting. It is not that the damage to the phone was done by the hacks but it was done by his company's knowingly malicious "update". Seems to me like a class action suit would be appropriate and would set a good precedent.

The obvious fix, of course, is "don't connect the iphone to itunes" and all will be fine. Which is what I did with mine.

Posted by freetheiphonenow 8 years ago ( 01-Oct-2007 11:58:55 )

Please help. I tried the above instructions many times and I keep getting the yellow triangle after downgrading. I use the iBrick phoneinterface to boot it up with fsboot. It does boot, but comes back to the same error message: "Incorrect SIM, insert an unlocked and valid SIM to activate iPhone". I can't use the phone for anything at all. Am I missing something? I am about to throw this thing away! Thank you...

Apple is now writing viruses for their own product! They should at the most reset your phone to initial factory settings, not destroy it!

Posted by freetheiphonenow 8 years ago ( 01-Oct-2007 12:43:10 )

** I forgot to mention that I after dowgrade and get the yellow triangle the following errors happen:
1 "e_failed, Pairing Issue" when using iBrickr iphoneinterface (aftre the fsboot command)
2 "Sending to iPhone Failed" when using appinstaller.
**Any help is very much appreciated**

Posted by seanrobb 8 years ago ( 01-Oct-2007 14:57:22 )

Anyone have any input on how to restore a native 1.1.1 firmware update?

Posted by mannyfresh 8 years ago ( 02-Oct-2007 18:03:30 )

somebody help me please i made a mistake i deleted sometin in the iphone and now it doesnt have enytin in dock,springboar and extended springboar the whole scrin is plain i did this with ibrakr

Posted by iphonelover 8 years ago ( 03-Oct-2007 09:28:44 )

mannyfresh :- turn your phone off and turn it back on. You should be able to see the screen

Posted by walshlam 8 years ago ( 03-Oct-2007 09:43:49 )

help, downgraded to 1.02, did anysim, but comment back "unlock failure, Couldn't load the secpack data" internet works, but not phone. anyone know what to do?

Posted by saratdantuluri 8 years ago ( 03-Oct-2007 10:46:26 )

hi nate.......i would like to know about the following.I bought the iphone recently.So i hav to jailbreak it using ibrickr?Thats it?will all the features work?Or do i have to install anySim app through it so that i could make calls/sms/surfing/youtube/all other features....?Really.....Sumone pls help!I am LOST!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mannyfresh 8 years ago ( 03-Oct-2007 14:02:23 )

ok iphonelover i did that somany times before but it didnt work luckely i intaled the dock app the little light in the corner with this i was able to acces to all the aplicatios in my phone however i instal one aplication with the instaler app and got everytin bach to my screen.now the screen is not my problem enymore i have another problem now for some reson ibrakr cant instal new programs in my phone it looks like it does but my phone dont restart like before. before i deleted that tin in my phone.ok ican use instaler app but you know i want to upgrade some of the apps that i have and those not apear in instaler app so if you or someone can helpme please i be thanksful.thankyou verymuch everyone

Posted by mannyfresh 8 years ago ( 03-Oct-2007 14:02:24 )

ok iphonelover i did that somany times before but it didnt work luckely i intaled the dock app the little light in the corner with this i was able to acces to all the aplicatios in my phone however i instal one aplication with the instaler app and got everytin bach to my screen.now the screen is not my problem enymore i have another problem now for some reson ibrakr cant instal new programs in my phone it looks like it does but my phone dont restart like before. before i deleted that tin in my phone.ok ican use instaler app but you know i want to upgrade some of the apps that i have and those not apear in instaler app so if you or someone can helpme please i be thanksful.thankyou verymuch everyone

Posted by mannyfresh 8 years ago ( 03-Oct-2007 14:09:06 )

hi saratdantuluri you just haveto do the jailbreaking ting and everytin should work fine but before you doit makesure u have 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 firmware in your iphone ok ifnot if you have 1.1.1 you canot use ibrakr to jailbraking ok goodluck

Posted by evster 8 years ago ( 04-Oct-2007 09:10:35 )

i am having some difficulty installing the ibrickr after i have supposedly successfully restored my iphone from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 but now everytime i try to install the ibrickr and i get to the stage where you have to wait for 3-4 mins.... well it starts doing something because itunes starts throwing windows open saying new version is available and it looks like the phone restarts its self into normal mode and then thats it. i left it on for 20 mins and then when i restart the phone and try again it still says that the phone is not freed yet! please help!

Posted by markusklassen 8 years ago ( 06-Oct-2007 16:42:50 )

This is really making me mad. I followed all the steps and made it to the iPHUC part but them i get an error in terminal. This is what it looks like:

blah-blah-computer:~ markus$ /Users/blah/Desktop/iPHUC; exit
dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _getopt$UNIX2003
Referenced from: /Users/blah/Desktop/iPHUC
Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

dyld: Symbol not found: _getopt$UNIX2003
Referenced from: /Users/blah/Desktop/iPHUC
Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

Trace/BPT trap
[Process completed]

Can anyone help me out. I'm dying to get this thing working!

Posted by clandrea 8 years ago ( 07-Oct-2007 09:27:33 )

Anyone has any comment on after running anySIM "Couldn't load the secpack data" message?
Somebody would know what this means, and if anything about it can be done?
At least I'm getting this different message now, before all I got was that the firmware was already patched.
I would appreciate any help!
Thanks for all the great work.

Posted by socom 8 years ago ( 07-Oct-2007 12:33:16 )

Does anyone have a fix to the "fsboot" command? I have to do this everytime I restart my iphone.

This comment was edited at 2007-10-07 12:35:23

Posted by dibbs 7 years ago ( 11-Oct-2007 13:02:57 )

Any help please. Got Iphone from usa (NEW) already with 1.1.1 (cable and I Tune logo) have downgraded to 1.0.2|(yellow triangle) no problem and can use everything on the phone. When download apps such as any sim and lockdwn then reboot SIM message still comes up telling me approved SIM card required??Any suggestions

Posted by paul 7 years ago ( 13-Oct-2007 23:52:48 )

Hello, I need help. I try to downgrade my Iphone to v1.0.2. I downloaded the firmware 1.0.2. But when I pushed the Option/Alt and Restore Button in iTunes I cant choose the downloaded firmware. There are a lot of folders and files in this directory but itunes doesnt accept anything. Is there anything I must do with the downloaded firmware?

Posted by mikeycanuck 7 years ago ( 19-Oct-2007 22:46:02 )

Hey markusklassen... my iphone is doing the same thing... same iPHUC error message... I cannot get iTunes or Independence on my mac to sense that the iphone is connected. Any luck getting yours to go?
Any suggestions anyone?

Posted by freddynu 7 years ago ( 25-Oct-2007 23:11:26 )

Gonemad or anyone please help

am I the only one that has anysim 1.02

my anysim 1.1 is not showing any more in Ibrickr. It keeps showing me the old version and saying released an hour ago. I am unable to unlock anymore. I am hoping their just updating. Please help

Posted by gregg 7 years ago ( 24-Nov-2007 22:43:26 )

Dear Nate and fellow iPhone addicts;
Ive got my unlocked 1.0.2 iphone that was working perfectly on 1.0.2 firmware but is suddenly having trouble with the anysim program and wont unlock. It stuck on the Activate Iphone/Connect to itunes page with my screen saver intact.iBricker sees all the applications and it manages them well, additionally all my photos are retievable.
But I am nearly illiterate and cannot seem to be able to :
Open a command line and cd to the folder you extracted iBrickr to.

How the hack is it done in i have spent hours in my command shell getting no where. Thanks a million. Gregg.

Posted by gregg 7 years ago ( 24-Nov-2007 22:56:39 )

continued: I was having this same trouble recently everytime the signal would get cut off and a soft reboot or two or three would get it straitened out, and returned on to my T Mobile service.
It now however refuses to find its way back and thus, here I am trying to fix it via Open a command line and cd to the folder you extracted iBrickr to and the iphone interface.exe.(which does work and connect to the phone on its own). gregg.

Posted by kandarp 7 years ago ( 06-Dec-2007 15:30:49 )

i had somewhat different trouble.when i was trying toupload a software from ibrickr for ringtones i hit boot your iphone by mistake.The booting is startedand it's still not stopping.whenever i turn on my phone,it shows booting only.gib me some solution,plz.

Posted by sear 7 years ago ( 07-Jan-2008 22:07:06 )

Hi guys i was trying to downgrad my iphone form 1.1.2 to 1.0.1 and i follwed everything but at the the it keep on asking me to plug into itune and when i did it asked me to restore it so i did so now my phone is locked what can i do to unlock it i tired to jailbrek it but it doesn't support it is there any other way or do i have to wait for a upgrad of a jailbrek plz eamil anyone and let me know my e-mail is ElhamOmid@hotmail.com.
Thank you

Posted by gog 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 16:01:07 )

Yo Nate !!

i did downgrade my iPhone from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 as u said, but (my bad) I accidentally typed incorrect commands from iphoneinterface, and now phone says : "Activate iPhone connect to iTunes."

my iTunes on my PC doesnt recognize my iphone saying : "There is no carrier that supports installed SIM Card in the iPhone. Please disconnect and insert a valid SIM Card in the iPhone."

Please HELP Me :$

Posted by bigmanscottie 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 19:14:56 )

hey there i have foolishly only decide to jailbrake my iphone now and i have already upgraaded to the 1.1.3 version and i really want the installer app on the iphone , please help :D how do i get it ?

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