Me in front of a huge TTR banner at Apple HQ

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I took a trip down to the Apple HQ last week (I was down there for a Tapulous developer summit), and heard rumors of a three-story tall banner bearing my game, Tap Tap Revenge, in one of the buildings.

And of course, I had to get a picture with me in front of it.

Yes, the photo is photoshopped - I had to brighten my face due to bad lighting and covert photography practices :D

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Posted by matthewgamble 6 years ago ( 26-Oct-2008 16:07:47 )

Bro... that has got to be the craziest feeling! The game you created is up on the huge banner... you should wallpaper your room with it when they are done.

I am here in Budapest and one of the guys I was talking to has the game on his iPhone... small world!


Posted by somelucky 6 years ago ( 27-Dec-2008 01:37:24 )

When the first iPhone was announced and Apple only seemed to support web applications for 3rd party development, I felt it would not succede. Now when I see Apple commericals that feature native applications, like tap tap revenge and labyrinth, I laugh. It proves that the iPhone would not be where it is without the jailbrake community. What's even more impressive, is that both of these applications are just as good, if not missing a few features that their former pre-app store versions offered.

Posted by habdulbasit 6 years ago ( 31-Dec-2008 12:56:15 )

Dear Nate,

I am using an iphone 3g 16gb for the first time and i cannot import/view the contacts from my sim card. Can you please help me? Also my installer is not working, when i open it the screen goes white and it closes automatically without showing anything after a few seconds. Kindly help me.


Posted by applessaysmeow 6 years ago ( 10-Jun-2009 07:44:03 )

OMG Tap Tap Revolution Was SOOOOO MUCH BETTER D; -crries- port it to 2.x pleaseeee or if u can send me the .deb files ill love you for making the best game for the itouch -___-

Posted by oakley 4 years ago ( 09-Aug-2011 22:34:10 )

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