New iPhone 1.1.1 firmware out, we're trying to get into it

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Yo guys, the latest iPhone firmware just came out. I can confirm that it is encrypted like the iPod Touch firmware, and so far no one has cracked it open to view the files. We're working our hardest on this.

My recommendation is not to upgrade, if you have a modded phone (ringtones, fake activation, ANYTHING third-party), until we have more information. If you want to upgrade, restore your phone first with the old firmware by holding Shift while clicking Restore in iTunes (Command key if you're on Mac) and choosing the 1.0.2 firmware first, then upgrading once the restore has completed.


Let me say this too: The iPhone firmware version 1.1.1 invalidates ALL iPhone software hacks.

We will bring you more news as it develops.

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Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 27-Sep-2007 11:33:33 )

I'm trying to upgrade my unlocked, modded iPhone with the new firmware. iTunes is taking its sweet time. First it said Updating iPhone software... and that had a progress bar. Then it said Verifying updated iPhone software... without an informative progress bar. Then Updating iPhone firmware...

Now the phone is WORKING but it has been re-locked and needs activation.

Posted by homersimpson 8 years ago ( 27-Sep-2007 12:30:20 )

Can anyone confirm a safe upgrade once the phone has been reset to 1.0.2 firmware?

Posted by gwerhart 8 years ago ( 27-Sep-2007 15:30:31 )

Has anyone tried to downgrade from 1.1.1 back to 1.0.2 after upgrading?

Posted by jordan 8 years ago ( 27-Sep-2007 18:32:56 )

========== PLEASE HELP NATE ============

Thousands of us have now updated to the new Apple firmware for our precious iPhones.
Yes, some of us ran 3rd party apps, and some unlocked it. As for me, Im one of the unlucky suckers who managed to semi brick my phone to the "Insert valid SIM" screen awaiting activation that might never come.

Please, .. not whining, not beggin, just respect you, your work, and great site.
I am stuck here without a phone now, and really need to figgure out a (PC) way to get this phone back to factory settings. It would seem that Apple has decided to treat me like garbage, and not help a bit, and this is highly disturbing. I was treated like a ciminal, told I did something wrong, and that they couldnt help me even if they could. I am stuck like a pig in tar.

I have faith in ya Nate. If you know any way, or are working on a way, or have any hope for me ..

I called the Apple techs, and they told me, .. "You now have an expensive brick".
I refuse to believe that.

Might be in the flash memory, got anew sim card, .. nothing .. dunno .. help ...

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Posted by spacewrangler 8 years ago ( 27-Sep-2007 18:38:56 )

I've tried reverting back to the 1.0.2 firmware (Option-Restore on a mac) without luck. It gives me an error (1) after it unpacks the previous firmware. Tried it on two different computers. Seems like its an intended error but I'd love to hear otherwise

Posted by gwerhart 8 years ago ( 27-Sep-2007 19:54:33 )

Thanks spacewrangler .. that answers my question. I will stick with 1.0.2 until someone breaks 1.1.1 because I need to be able to load native apps.

Posted by jordan 8 years ago ( 28-Sep-2007 02:07:21 )

My quick observations:

1. Jobs is a tool.
2. It would seem that both iTunes, & the new firmware 1.1.1 go hand in hand in anticipating the intentional semi brick of peoples phones.
3. I notice that the Apple stores are well aware of the IMEI # 00 499901 064000 0 and have been instructed to turn any and all people away ASAP asking for help.
4. Any attempt to downgrade the software from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 or less will fail (each with its own error #). Mostly error (1).
5. I have two SIM cards. A new one, and old one. Neither work, however I noticed that after taking out the SIM, then restoring, then putting the SIM in, the phone sees the true IMEI# that is the same as printed on the back of your phone. Odd.. because it will quickly go away again upon restart.

Wow. I am so bummed. There has to be a way to FORCE a firmware into the phone rather than go through iTunes, OR completely wipe the phone out leaving no trace of 3rd party apps or unlocking, OR, and Nate should like this, how about putting a tutorial up about how to microwave, magnetize, anything so that when you bring your phone in to the apple store, you wont get blacklisted, treated like a criminal, or turned away. =)

I'm screwed as of now.

Anyone else do an uninformed update on an unlocked phone?


Posted by obeejuan 8 years ago ( 28-Sep-2007 05:55:28 )

Jordan, I hate to be rude, but seriously, WHY did you update your unlocked phone so quickly? Apple has been all in the news recently warning that their future updates might brick such phones. Warnings have abounded before iPhone hacks and unlocks were even introduced, and the hackers themselves have issued such warnings. Honestly... bitch all you like at Apple, but you only have yerself to blame.

Posted by dereed 8 years ago ( 28-Sep-2007 06:23:40 )

Anyone post a direct download link for 1.1.1 firmware yet? I wanted to take a look at it, but really don't trust myself to not click the wrong button if I download it through iTunes!

Posted by jordan 8 years ago ( 28-Sep-2007 07:26:43 )

I put the iphone in the microwave on High for about .. oh .. 2 secs. till I heard a zzzzZZZTTt.
That should do it. Phone looks flawless, I live in FL so there is always lighting.. going to the apple store to get a new phone. Lol. Fluck this.

Posted by junbalog 8 years ago ( 28-Sep-2007 10:12:55 )

I'm just wondering, whats so great about the upgrade?the features on the upgrade is not worthy to ditch such superb ibricker! why upgrade if it would not work with ibricker?you do the math,iphone with 1.1.1 firmware but iphone looks empty, or iphone with 1.0.2 firmware but with all the 3rd party softwate + unluck + a wonderful ibricker software? No contest! ibricker is such an excellent softwate,compare to the makers of the upgrade. they(apple) come out with trash upgrade!who they fooling? a button to go to home screen?hahaha!button to get dot more hahaha!

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Posted by jordan 8 years ago ( 28-Sep-2007 10:31:31 )

Ok, so .. I have a funny story about the iphone.
It would appear that it has ... supernatural powers.

REady for this?

So, I got so frustrated with all the boards saying I'm screwed for at least
2 weeks to a month until the hackers fix it, that I decided, you know what..
I'm going to fix it. So I put the iPhone in the microwave on high .. lol,
for about 3 seconds. Ok.. instant death to a cell phone, and especially the
delicate iPhone. I heard a ... ccrrrKK! .. so I figured, yep, I think the
internals are fried.

Took it out. Everything looked perfect. I knew only the inside heat had
gotten to it. The outside was immaculate.
I placed the phone by the AC for a bit to dampen the smell from the tiny
speaker holes because electronic components like that have what are called
resistors. They can only take so much heat, and then they pop/fry. Then,
they smell.

So the phone by this time was now ice cold, and the smell of cooked pig hair
was dying down.
I put on the protective case, tried to turn the phone on, saw a slight black
smudge come on, then nothing. Dead.

Ok. Fine,

Make it all the way to the Apple store. Got lost, but found it. Took it to the guy
like "I dunno what happened?" and he was like, "ok" .. took the phone,
plugged it in. Here comes the good part.

I watched in amazement as the iPhone lit up and the apple logo came on. He
said, its saying I need to restore it.
iTunes popped up, it saw the phone, and began to download the update for
it!... I was like ... WTF!!.. GaHHH!!...

but the download was going slow, so I stopped him, and said you know what,
Let me just come back in a bit.
He said, yea the iPhone for some reason is in disk mode now. It shouldn't go
there unless there is .. oh .. I dunno humidity, or sometimes weird things
that happen.. come back.

Uhh.. so taking the phone in hand I left. I immediately checked to see if it
would turn on ...

nope. Dead.

Now, I'm back at home, answering emails, and am ready to restore the phone
to see what happens. Possibly let the
i-cooked phone go in the box for one more round. Lol.

A loaner phone is like $28 while they ship the other to apple.


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Posted by gwerhart 8 years ago ( 28-Sep-2007 15:40:15 )

Jordan ... you amaze me with your creativity. I have owned a bunch of PDA/smartphones in the last decade, but the iPhone has both the greatest potential and the most serious limitations. I would really love it if someone would "leak" the AT&T/Apple agreement so we can see if the restrictions are something AT&T mandated or if Jobs has gone seriously wacko.

Posted by blackstar 8 years ago ( 28-Sep-2007 16:03:02 )

I knew not to update my iPhone right away (i was about to) knowing I had all this shizz in it (jailbreaked, ssh server, ringtones, ibrickr, summerboard, winscp access bla bla bla...) so i still have the (iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw) and Ill check out the new (iPhone1,1_1.1.1_3A109a_Restore.ipsw) by restoring from ,1_1.0.2, from what ive heard here you can restore back to ,1_1.0.2 from 1_1.1.1, you guys shouldnt have updated from a modified iphone; too excited about the itunes mobile update, as its more money for Apple anyway, purchasing songs on the go. Heres a list of some new shizz apple came out with (excluding mashing up all the hacker stuff)...

-re-order stocks and weather lists
-see battery level of your battery level of bluetooth headset
-double-click home button updates
-double click-spacebar update (wow)
-landscape email attachments
-connect iphone to tv
-receiver/speakerphone louder (thank god)
-alert volkumes match ringer volumes
-turn off edge date

Glad I didnt. Ill just wait for Nate and Co. to release jailbreaking technology for the new 1_1.1.1. Thanks guys aweomse stuff and we'll wait for the updates...

If you havent updated your iphone to the new 1_1.1.1 with a modified iphone then **DONT!!** I personally dont wana resort to the microwave plan b. You can either wait for a hack from Nate with your modified iphone or do what i did:

1) To be on the safe side (if you have this) restore your summerboard theme to the default stocky iphone one.
2) Use Ulctl to stop the com.openssh.sshd service (if your using SCP) (I heard some people didnt do this and restored their phone even while having version iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw and jacked up their phone)
3) Choose a factory ringtone
4) Then restore and update to the new shizz to have itunes store update and all the other meh updates. They are ok.

anyway your still in dangerous waters (even if you havent updated to 1,1_1.1.1) if you have a modified phone and try to restore casue if you havent noticed i think there was also a itunes update along with the iphone update, so be cautious. hopefully people like us with a modified iphone havent blindly cornered ourselves into a trap.



Posted by jody 8 years ago ( 28-Sep-2007 21:46:27 )

Questions for the masses ... I very new to the hacking / unlocked scene. I have been unlocking a few phones here and there in the last week. Mostly for close friends who are even more clueless than I am. I just went to the AT&T store as I had hit my 5 limit at the Apple store (stupid policy). I just opened one up and it has the 1.0.1 firmware. I was so bummed because of the new 1.1.1 that is killing all the phones.

I went forward like I had the 1.0.2 just to see what happened. iBrickr actually freed the phone and it unlocked. I even made a call. So here is my 2 questions.

1. What if anything will happen to this phone. Do you think it will continue to work? I haven't tried you tube, web, etc. yet.
2. I am sure there is a way but could someone walk me through like I was a little kid on how I can still bring 1.0.1 up to 1.0.2 while avoiding 1.1.1.

I want to thank everyone in advance for any help. I hope I can grow to the point where I can answer questions and help out. Jody

PS Nate U R DA MAN thanks for all you do and such a great site!

Posted by seanrobb 8 years ago ( 29-Sep-2007 04:08:08 )

The microwaved IPhone is AWESOME!

Ok, so the iphone stores on memory, correct? So, wouldn't it be fabulous if there was a way to store all the information on your computer then flash your memory on the IPhone and reinstall the data downloaded to the computer? I think that would be a nice little fix while the coders take down 1.1.1 (they might have well just called it Version 6.6.6) I also believe when the coders get past this stage it will be an even bigger stepping stone from the orig. unlock. From this update forward, the update complexity will not be as dense. There is only so much complexity before one cannot become more..... Well, complex. LOL

Conspiracy theory: I believe Apple is very much open to allowing the phone to be used with other providers. ATT, Verizon, and others, at one time had a major helping hand at making the web a for-profit/highest bidder industry. I am not sure of the specifics but they wanted to regulate the internet by charging companies to have associations with key words on search engines. That could be a little off, C-Net has a article about it. look up Net neutrality and AT&T

Posted by drgurupc 8 years ago ( 29-Sep-2007 04:55:40 )


You are correc on "I notice that the Apple stores are well aware of the IMEI # 00 499901 064000 0 and have been instructed to turn any and all people away ASAP asking for help."

But however you noticed that after taking out the SIM, then restoring, then putting the SIM in, the phone sees the true IMEI# that is the same as printed on the back of your phone. Odd.. because it will quickly go away again upon restart... let me add that If you don't put a SIM in it stays with the correct IMEI#... so what does this mean?

Possibly a avenue of escape or relief!

Posted by jordan 8 years ago ( 30-Sep-2007 21:17:18 )

Hmm no. Seems it read from the SIM, but the hardware overwrote the data upon boot.

In any case. Yes. Here I am with my new iPhone handed over from the Apple "Genius" who said .. "Yes, your getting a new phone. At least you didn't try and hack it.".


See, he plugged it in after another round, and it booted only on plug in, but refused to accept any communications. Gave him all sorts of error codes. I'm telling you, ... the microwave for a few secs trick works wonders. Just be careful you don't melt the button. I did a little bit, but told him it was a scratch on the phone. You'll get a new phone. The stores are also authorized to provide you a phone on the spot.

In any case it was updates to the 1.1.1 firmware.
I quickly used the Dev teams method to downgrade, and poof. Back to normal again.
Needless to say, I wont be using an unlocker anytime soon, and Utube seems to be a bit screwy, but other than that. Perfect. The upgrades were nice in the new firmware, but honestly I think it was a rushed upgrade to add the money making iTunes store, and cripple hacked phones. Nothing more. A few extras like TV? Erm .. which is not even usable, and double clicks? .. meh. Ill stick with 1.0.2 for now. ;)

Posted by ayrtoniphone 8 years ago ( 01-Oct-2007 01:39:25 )

sorry,i logged in to natrue to try to find out the way to unlock my iphone..but seems that i re-lock mine when into itunes they ask to update for a newer version...i understood the way u guys unlock and use ibrick later,but i set one passcode on mine before i i need this to restore mine...can u guys gimme some directions what to do?when i try to restore appears exactly that simbol(iphone usb cable directing to itunes simbol)what can i do..please help me!!!mine is re-locked and i bought in hongkong.
Attached image:

Posted by dukedude 8 years ago ( 02-Oct-2007 04:46:06 )

Ok im confused, im not very smart computer wise but I followed this website and used ibrickr on my phone.. I use AT&T as a provider. If I plug my Iphone will it skrew my phone up? I would like to get the apple update, although im worried it will mess up my phone. Can you guys help me. Thanks a bunch.

Posted by seaboi 8 years ago ( 02-Oct-2007 20:32:33 )

Hello Nate,I have been so furios,cause i have just bought the an iphone and i have tried the methods,but after i have restore the iphone,it started to have problem.Whenever i plug in the iphone to Itune,it will said thatphone is in restoring mode,so i press restore,it start the start process of restoring but it will say failed in the end.
Attached image:

Posted by ftarip 8 years ago ( 05-Oct-2007 23:12:45 )

I just bough my iphone from an apple store today (10/05/07), and followed the unlocking instruction. I assume that the phone already comes with firmware version 1.1.1 because when I set the phone into the restore mode, I do not get the yellow triangle on the screen, however, I get a picture of the USB cable and a CD with the Itune logo. I keep proceeding with the downgrade process, however, when the 1.0.2 firmware is selected and extracted, it fails at the begining of the download step with the following pop-up message:
I retried this step with different itterations, however, I keep getting the same error. I am using iTune
THANKS for any info.

Posted by mori 7 years ago ( 25-Oct-2007 15:54:04 )

plz Helppp
hi is there any one have problem with sms box i Cannot open my sms box i got a blank page every time but i have 4 sms lool its crazy :((
you know what i have to do? how i can fix this problem? pllzzz answer me tanxx

Posted by moncefsurf 7 years ago ( 23-Dec-2007 20:04:28 )

Hi there, I have problem with my iphone i just activate it and tried to unlocked but it doesn’t work eitheir anysim or iunlocker . so i just put it in recovery mode to restore it the restoring process can't complete idon't know why i still have the itunes + USB cable on my screen i wonder if you can help to fix this plz thanks,

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