QuickGold for iPhone - Jailbroken iPhone app recommendation

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This one's not one of mine, but an app made by Zachary "zataang" Taanges really hit the spot. Using the Dock 3.0 source code as a reference, Zach created a beautiful text-based app launcher called QuickGold that runs right on top of SpringBoard.

It's available now in Cydia (hosted by Shaun "Ste" Erickson).

This thing is great, just hit the Home button while already at the home screen and start typing what you want, then tap the result that matches. So fast (even faster than Dock)!
Download source video
Also here's a gratuitous snaky water balloon popping, because I am leaking high-speed footage out of my ears lately.

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Posted by katiew 7 years ago ( 09-Sep-2008 23:25:49 ), comment hidden (show)

i have been looking everywhere to find a link to reach you. please help! i tried to put ibroker onto my phone for ringtones and now its totally f'd up. when it turns on it goes form the apple screen to a black screem with white data racing across whether its plugged in or not. and when i try and run teh program it says it cant connnect to an iphone, even when its plugged in. PLEASE HELP, this i a work phone and i used it everyday constantly!! can you email me back asap katie_wilson63@hotmail.com. thank you!! :(

Posted by samolini 7 years ago ( 16-Sep-2008 19:11:25 ), comment hidden (show)

nate... I am helpless.. I tried to jailbreak my iphone but now it's got a sim lock..
I bought it on the internet... I guess they unlocked it and gave it to me.. but I had absolutely no apps,
and now the phone is locked the last thing I did was the update firmware 2.1 I think.

please I've been surfing on the internet reading forums trying everything I came across but I cant fix it...

If you have a solution for me unlocking the sim lock.. I would be grateful


Posted by riczp 7 years ago ( 20-Sep-2008 14:11:45 ), comment hidden (show)

Hey nate, I bought your time fountain months ago but haven't received an update and you're not replying to emails anymore. Would you please contact me?

Posted by dbx 5 years ago ( 23-Feb-2010 23:09:11 )

can anyone help me ??? having some problem with my iphone 3gs i try many ways still cannot...
that is all it show on the phone don't know what to do...
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