SMSNotify for the iPhone 2.0 jailbreak: Make your phone buzz you more than once

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One thing about the iPhone that has annoyed me has been that once it notifies you of an SMS or Voicemail once, it just waits for you to pick it up and look at the home screen.

That's why I made the original SMSNotify, which scans your SMS database for unread messages, and vibrates your phone periodically when it finds any.

I'm pleased to announce SMSNotify for the iPhone 2.0 firmware, with the following features:

- Now supports voicemail. A voicemail will buzz you twice, an SMS buzzes you three times
- Only buzzes when the phone comes out of sleep, for example, when it checks your e-mail, or checks in with the cell network.
- Full GPL source included in the package install (look in /usr/local/smsnotify).

My good friend Shaun Erickson is doing the package handling, and it is now available for installation via Cydia.

I'm working on a Dock for firmware 2.0 but that's considerably more difficult. Stay tuned!

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Posted by zetacool 7 years ago ( 08-Aug-2008 03:02:30 )

Hey just installed it, does it also works for emails and missed calls? if not could you make it to?


Posted by natetrue 7 years ago ( 08-Aug-2008 11:35:53 )

If I added that I'd probably add a preferences app to manage it all. I personally don't like getting buzzed for emails.

Posted by andrewgoldy 7 years ago ( 10-Aug-2008 15:44:47 )

Hey there Nate True, I just installed your SMSNotify application on my J/U/A iPhone v2.0.1 firmware and after a quick reboot, the phone just vibrates "bzzz" every 15 seconds. It does not matter if there is an SMS/Missed call/email waiting for me... It just does it.

EVEN if I uninstalled it, it just carries on "bzzz"

For the moment, I have Restored my iPhone to get rid of it... but now I am waayyy to scared to try reinstall your wonderful application!

Any ideas????

This comment was edited at 2008-08-10 16:04:31

Posted by blaze 7 years ago ( 12-Aug-2008 05:30:34 )

Hi Nate,

I've also installed SMSNotify on my jail broken iPhone 3G, and similar to Andrew (above), am facing the same problem.

I originally installed the program thinking that it would be good to be notified whenever I get an e-mail or sms. A day after I installed the program, I'd left home with my iPhone 3G fully charged, and 2 hours later, I look at it to find that half the battery has been depleted because of the continuous vibrate and notifying!

I tried to unstall it but, the function still appears to have continued (i.e. it still vibrates and beeps every 15 seconds whenever I have an unread sms or e-mail.

Is there a way to remove these functions for good? I'd like to wait for a more configurable version (one where you can set the alert interval, and perhaps a disregard function)?

Any ideas on how to stop the vibrate and alert, even in the short term? The shortened battery life is killing me.



P.S. I rebooted, and I even re-flashed my iphone, but it seems that the script has made its way into my iTunes backup! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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