Tap Tap Revolution v1.3 released

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I finally took a day to update Tap Tap Revolution and get a few more features in.

Among the millions of new features are:
- MUCH better tap response
- Multitouch taps have been eliminated
- Pause and Exit buttons in game mode
- Clearer tap graphic
- High Scores table for each song (that's why you're prompted for a user name)
- The iTunes Library remembers who made beats for each song

Watch for a couple new tracks coming soon, too.

It's already in iBrickr and will be in Installer very soon, thanks to Shaun who does half the packaging for Installer.app. Give him your money! He spends a lot of time packaging these apps for mass consumption and deserves a lot of the credit for how easy it is to get applications on your iPhone.

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Posted by francish 7 years ago ( 12-Nov-2007 12:41:36 )

Woo, been waiting for an update and I just signed up to comment :P

It looks a lot nicer with the graphical update, and the pause button is good too. May I just ask how create your own beat works though?
I tried to email you but it wouldn't send. If you can get my email from my account please email me.

Thanks and great App.
My favorite on my iPhone!


Edit: Create new beats just says "Back" when I go on it, and iTunes library just says nothing found... :l

This comment was edited at 2007-11-12 12:43:18

Posted by natetrue 7 years ago ( 12-Nov-2007 13:01:59 )

Create New Beats uses music from your iTunes library to let you tap out beats for songs that you have. You need music on your iPhone for it to work!

Posted by francish 7 years ago ( 12-Nov-2007 13:07:53 )

Thats the thing, I have 5 Gigs of the stuff on it already :(

Edit: Ill try a re-sync and maybe a reinstall :D
Edit2: Found out what was wrong, the Database was corrupted making it look like there was 5GB of 'other' instead of music :)

This comment was edited at 2007-11-12 13:36:29

Posted by lockecole 7 years ago ( 14-Nov-2007 13:11:34 )

Hey man, gotta say this program is tre brilliant. Keep up the good work.

Just got some ideas for future updates and a question.

Idea 1: The ability to download beats for all your music library so that you can play the game when you don't have a net connection.

Idea 2: You might want to say "Uploading your beats" when you finish creating a beat track because currently it looks like you just played along with the song but didn't really achieve anything.

Idea 3: Also with the creating beats, you might want to eventually allow the ability to go over the beats to see if it came out well before uploading to the web and possibly even edit them.

Those are just suggestions, not demands or anything, to my question, how long between uploading and the songs showing up on TTR? I've seen some songs that are on your 'itunes weblist that aren't yet available in the TTR game. Just curious.

Brilliant work, truly.
Congrats on a fine game.

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