Testers for a new top-secret iPhone Twitter app needed

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Yo, I need 100 people who are both jailbroken iPhone users and active Twitter users to test out a new top-secret Twitter client app for the iPhone. I can't say much here but if you're interested, send your Twitter username to ultratopsecret@natetrue.com - only the first 100 responders will get in.

Yes this is serious.

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Posted by nyknicks 7 years ago ( 30-Mar-2008 12:21:52 )

i haven't install any new applications on my iphone in quite a while, now when I try to install applications, I get an error. I can install ringtones, but not applications. The screen freezes on downloading, please wait. In the error report, it shows an error of 12007. Any suggestions?

Posted by bgarber 7 years ago ( 31-Mar-2008 15:04:16 )

hey can i be part of it

Posted by truckerbear 7 years ago ( 07-Apr-2008 22:36:03 )

If you still need people... I would like to give it a go. Just email me.

Posted by fekaylius 7 years ago ( 10-Apr-2008 12:11:41 )

how late am i? would like to be your beta baby too, jailbroken 113 and twittering fool

Posted by bradn 7 years ago ( 20-Apr-2008 20:59:09 )

Nate was this for Twinkle? using the heck out of it!! I have a 114 phone running Cydia and everything else. Any time you need a guinea pig just let me know

Posted by pokesomi 7 years ago ( 02-Jul-2008 23:25:34 )

while i don't have an iphone i do have ipod touch. I love new apps, and if you need help, i can do that. Especially if its a better twitter app than mobile twitter

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