Tether your iPhone: EDGE internet on your laptop

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Instructions for tethering your iPhone 3G or iPhone with 2.0 firmware are here

Recent developments have allowed iPhone hackers to compile background applications for the iPhone - among the most interesting so far is srelay, a SOCKS proxy server.

srelay running on your iPhone opens up a very exciting possibility - you can use your iPhone's EDGE connection with a laptop or other Wifi-enabled device.

A note of caution: Accessing your EDGE data plan through a laptop may be against your AT&T terms of service. Even modifying your iPhone to enable this service may be a violation. Please check before attempting this procedure.

Currently these instructions only work for Windows - as I don't have a Mac I can't really test anything on that side. I was hoping a blindly created script would work but it does not appear to.

For Mac users, epogue posts:
I created a package that, hopefully, should get everybody working properly on OS X. You might still need to set chmod +x on tetherify-osx-intel.sh because of the unarchiver. I haven't tested that yet.


Also, if you're getting the AFC error, try using the jailbreak bundled with the tetherkit. That's how I got mine to work.

Mad props to:
- ziel (for writing Jailbreak)
- NerveGas (for compiling these programs for iPhone)
- Nightwatch (for making a working iPhone compiler)
And the rest of the #iphone dev team. Also thanks to the writers of srelay!

I've done my best to make the procedure as simple as possible. You must first have run jailbreak on your phone - you need to go through the custom ringtone tutorial minus the part where you add ringtones (though you still can add ringtones if you want).

Now that your iPhone is freed from its jailed shackles, download the iPhone Tethering Kit and extract its contents to a folder on your hard drive.

Now double-click "tetherify-windows.bat" if you're on Windows, or if you're on Mac OSX (Intel procs only), open a Terminal and run "tetherify-osx-intel.sh".

Follow the instructions that appear - here's what you will see:

Hello, this batch file will install and enable a SOCKS server on your iPhone.

--------PHASE 1: Getting files off your iPhone---------

1 file(s) copied.
iPhoneInterface v0.3.1 built on Jul 14 2007

Waiting for phone... established.
iPhone state: Activated
type "help" for help
iPhone:/# iPhone:/usr/sbin# fileref: 1
iPhone:/usr/sbin# iPhone:/System/Library/LaunchDaemons# fileref: 1
iPhone:/System/Library/LaunchDaemons# 1 file(s) copied.
1 file(s) copied.

--------PHASE 2: Uploading files and reconfiguring your iPhone---------

iPhoneInterface v0.3.1 built on Jul 14 2007

Waiting for phone... established.
iPhone state: Activated
type "help" for help
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
--------PHASE 3: Restarting your iPhone, twice---------

Press and hold the Power button on your iPhone until it shows the "slide to turn off" red slider.
Slide it, wait for the phone to turn off, and press the power button to turn it on again.
Then do it again. When your iPhone has started up the second time, press a key to continue.
Press any key to continue . . .

--------PHASE 4: Restoring original update configuration---------

1 file(s) copied.
1 file(s) copied.
iPhoneInterface v0.3.1 built on Jul 14 2007

Waiting for phone... established.
iPhone state: Activated
type "help" for help
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# ---------DONE!--------

It's kind of a mess of things. There is no error-checking, so if you see "fileref: 0" in any of the output, that's how you know something went wrong. Otherwise it all should have gone just fine.

Congratulations! You now have an open SOCKS server on your iPhone.

To utilize it, you need to create an ad-hoc Wifi network without a router. This way the iPhone will remain connected to both EDGE and your laptop.

Wireless clients between Mac OSX, Windows XP, and Windows Vista vary, but the concept is the same. Create an ad-hoc network with your laptop, preferably using encryption.

Then set your IP address to a static address, without a default gateway. In Windows XP and Vista you can run this command:

netsh interface ip set address "Wireless Network Conenction" static

You would substitute "Wireless Network Connection" with the name of your wifi adapter if it's named something different.

Then use your iPhone's Settings panel to join to the ad-hoc network you created:
Hit the right-chevron button to go into the IP settings.
Hit the "Static" button on the top and fill in the settings.

Make sure to set the IP address to one on the same subnet as your laptop, here I use and the subnet mask should be the same as well. Leave all other spaces blank.

Now set whatever application you want to use to use the SOCKS proxy at port 1080. In Firefox this is under Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings. You'll also have to head into about:config (type that in your URL bar), type in socks_remote to the search bar, and double-click that setting to change it to true.

In Mac OSX, NerveGas reports that you can set a system-wide proxy:

1. Go into your laptop's network preferences
2. Double-click the AirPort connection to bring up the proeprties
3. Click the TCP/IP Tab
4. Select "Manually" from "Configure IPv4"
Enter the IP address:, subnet mask
5. Click the 'Proxies' tab.
Scroll down the list of proxy servers until you come to "SOCKS Proxy"
Check the checkbox, and in the "SOCKS Proxy Server" box to the right,
enter the IP address of the iPhone:, and a port number
of 1080.
6. Click 'Apply Now' for the changes to take effect

Your iPhone should be giving you Internet access now! Browse happy.

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Posted by eas 8 years ago ( 25-Jul-2007 01:00:48 )

Cool! Now we just need support for proxy autodiscovery :)

Posted by joe 8 years ago ( 25-Jul-2007 10:17:54 )

The shell script isn't running for me. Any ideas why?

joe:~/Desktop/tetherkit-1 jhair$ bash tetherify-osx-intel.sh
Hello, this script will install and enable a SOCKS server on your iPhone.
tetherify-osx-intel.sh: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `('
tetherify-osx-intel.sh: line 3: `echo Script authored by Nate True ( http://cre.ati'ns.net/blog )

Posted by softeky 8 years ago ( 25-Jul-2007 10:57:56 )

There a re a few problems with the MacOS X installation. First, the shell files are automatically expanded (at least using Safari as the browser) with no execute permissions and with DOS line termination. The permissions problem affects the "tetherify-osx-intel.sh" file (a manual "chmod +x ./tetherify-osx-intel.sh" should fix the permissions problem).

The line termination problem is a little more serious as this affects "tetherify-osx-intel.sh" (causing it to not find the application to run the shell script against) and possibly also the "phase?.script" files which are used as driver input to the "iphoneinterface" application. I used BBEdit to quickly switch line termination on these files.

Another problem with the "tetherify-osx-intel.sh" is that there are special characters imbedded in the "echo" statements. I fixed this by surrounding the echo payload with single quotes wherever "echo" is used.

Next the supplied "iphoneinterface" Mac application gives the error: Problem starting AFC: -402653150
I substituted the "iphoneinterface" program from the ringtone installation but this causes other problems. and that's as far as I got.

I'll probably try again after a strong drink and a few coffees.

Posted by softeky 8 years ago ( 25-Jul-2007 13:01:31 )

Success - I think...

After setting up execute permissions on "tetherify-osx-intel.sh", changing line termination to Unix (LF) on the following files: "tetherify-osx-intel.sh", "phase1.script", "phase2.script", "phase4.script", then editing "tetherify-osx-intel.sh" to add a single set of single quotes around each of the "echo" lines causing each "echo" to have a single argument, protected from shell interpretation, then running jailbreak again from the "phonedmg" directory set up using the "custom ringtone tutorial" (link above) - following the link to its "If you have a Mac" instructions" and performing the instructions up to and including the running of "jailbreak" and rebooting the phone - the "tetherkit" instructions then completed under MACOS X and SOCKS started running.

Then performed the "system-wide" proxy instructions (above) and now my laptop Safari is using my iPhone EDGE to post this.

Couple of points. I cannot get Mail.app on my laptop to go through the proxy (perhaps a new definition of "system wide" we've not yet come across ( :-) ). and my iPhone seems to sometimes slip out of its EDJE connection and revert to a WiFi icon in its status bar. When the iPhone does this, my laptop loses internet connectivity. The iPhone magically reverts back to EDGE though and connectivity is restored.

Probably *most* importantly - I cannot get World of Warcraft to use the "system wide" proxy connection under MacOS X. I'm not sure why this is so important but, well, it just is!!

I can tell the SOCKS connection is responding on my iPhone by doing a "telnet 1080" from my laptop. Getting a "Connected" message indicates something is responding on iPhone port 1080 at least.

Can't wait for full DUN (Dial Up Network) facility to be established. Good Job all.

Posted by joewmpls 8 years ago ( 25-Jul-2007 17:58:18 )

Do you have the corrected OS X files available to share? I can't get the files posted to work with OS X. I did the chmod +x ./tetherify-osx-intel.sh , but now get
joe-*****-computer:~/phonedmg joe$ ./tetherify-osx-intel.sh
: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
on the terminal. I am totally a terminal and programming nube so your comments about what else you did to get the files adjusted correctly won't help me (unless it is spelled out step by step)
No Mail on OS X though, huh?

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Posted by deleonju 8 years ago ( 25-Jul-2007 22:04:18 )

I second that request

Posted by tweeknockr 8 years ago ( 25-Jul-2007 23:06:44 )

Yes... it appears as though there is a problem with the tetherify-osx-intel.sh script... same error as joewmpls

Posted by epogue 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 08:04:56 )

I created a package that, hopefully, should get everybody working properly on OS X. You might still need to set chmod +x on tetherify-osx-intel.sh because of the unarchiver. I haven't tested that yet.


Also, if you're getting the AFC error, try using the jailbreak bundled with the tetherkit. That's how I got mine to work.

Posted by softeky 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 08:52:53 )

The "bad interpreter" error is caused by DOS line termination in the "tetherify-osx-intel.sh" file. Easiest way to fix that is to run (in a terminal - in the tetherkit directory):

tr -d "\r" < tetherify-osx-intel.sh > tmp
mv tmp tetherify-osx-intel.sh
chmod +x tetherify-osx-intel.sh

also you'll need to run (in a terminal - same directory):

for i in phase*; do tr -d "\r" < $i > tmp; mv tmp $i; done

(just copy paste the above *single* line to your terminal window and hit "return") which will Carriage-Return strip the "Phase" script files too.

I found I had to run the jailbreak program from the "phonedmg" directory that was set up with the original "Ringtone" install instructions. That got me past the AFC errors and allowed the SOCKS installation to complete without error.

Posted by tweeknockr 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 09:41:11 )

Hm... getting the AFC error... then tried using included jailbreak, but it gets stuck at "booting iPhone"... jailbreak as outlined here


works fine... but after running this, still get the AFC error. Don't you need all of the .dmg files etc to run jailbreak?

Posted by deleonju 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 10:39:58 )

I keep getting this error
iPhone:/# iPhone:/# iphoneinterface(733,0xa000d000) malloc: *** Deallocation of a pointer not malloced: 0x90b2f38c; This could be a double free(), or free() called with the middle of an allocated block; Try setting environment variable MallocHelp to see tools to help debug

any ideas?

This comment was edited at 2007-07-26 10:40:46

Posted by tweeknockr 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 13:08:46 )

got mine working... i think you have to make sure to use the latest version of jailbreak (v1.1). I had to reformat my phone, but after that, jailbreak and SOCKS went on perfectly.

Haven't gotten the system-wide proxy to work yet... anyone with any success with that mac os x?

Posted by deleonju 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 14:19:48 )

I've downloaded 1.1 version of jailbreak, but it still says version 1.0 when you run it..

Posted by tweeknockr 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 14:24:38 )

yes... that was the case for me too...

The main way (I) could tell it was the newest one, was that the newest one doesn't require you to replace Services.plist with the original one after you finish in order to sync with iTunes. Right afer you run jailbreak you should still be able to sync with iTunes.

Posted by deleonju 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 16:18:10 )

okay got it installed.. I had to use the jailbreak from my phonedmg and the iphoneinterface from the kit.
Now to see if it actually works... ;-)

This comment was edited at 2007-07-26 21:00:34

Posted by qryptiq 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 18:27:58 )

thanks for the write up. I have windows xp and it seems i did everything as instructed. My iphone sees the ad-hoc and my laptop is connected. in IE i added the proxy with port 1080.

However, no internet.....

Posted by variable 8 years ago ( 26-Jul-2007 21:32:20 )

ok... so after much banging my head I think I got everything working. It only seems to work when A. The phone is on (i.e. the screen is on) and B. when you're looking at wireless networks in the settings tab... is there a way to deal with this?

Posted by dahkni 8 years ago ( 27-Jul-2007 14:13:23 )

when i ran tetherify-windows.bat, and followed the instructions up until the 4th step, the window closes automatically. is this normal?

Update: i setup the ad hoc network and everything, my phone detects the network but does not connect to it. its giving me a "unable to join the network" error. did anybody run into this problem or know a fix?

This comment was edited at 2007-07-27 15:31:11

Posted by qryptiq 8 years ago ( 28-Jul-2007 14:51:52 )

i'm so close but no cigar,

i can ping the iphone at it's given address but no internet. my proxy settings on IE are set to and port 1080 but nothing.

help please

Posted by heyigotaniphone 8 years ago ( 29-Jul-2007 09:56:31 )

For ad-hoc network, make sure the password on your iphone for the network uses ASCII. Click the ">" arrow next to the password field on the network/join screen. Also, make sure the TCPIP address is set to static, following the instructions above. Looks like the screen needs to be on (set to never shutoff) (set your brightness to very low), if this isn't true, please let me know. You definitely don't have to be on the wireless tab for it to work. System-wide proxy works, however, with FF, you have to set the socks proxy to true (about:config) in the address bar and filter for socks.

Posted by heyigotaniphone 8 years ago ( 29-Jul-2007 09:58:01 )

Mail.app doesn't work right off. Since mail doesn't use port 80, the socks proxy may need some tuning. If anyone figures it out, please post here and let us know.

Posted by qryptiq 8 years ago ( 29-Jul-2007 13:30:15 )


i get as far as pinging the iphone ( but nothing more. I am using internet explorer. Now out of curiousity and to follow the instructions to a T, i installed firefox which is a tad-bit diferent than what the instructions says in here - for one, there is no socks proxy under about:config - well, at least not the pc version i download (latest version). There is a network.proxy.socks_remote_dns which i put as true.

Also, i tried telnetting into the iphone by doing the following:

- open telnet
- type open 1080
- it hangs in "connecting to" nothing happens from here.

Again, i'm on WinXP using IE 7 (and now FF ver.2)

Posted by mishley 8 years ago ( 31-Jul-2007 11:29:10 )


It seems based on what you're saying that connections to 1080 are working, because if you tried to connect to a port that was closed you'd get "connection refused" or something like that and telnet would close.

Posted by qryptiq 8 years ago ( 31-Jul-2007 13:23:15 )


you may be right - i was just going by the readings of another user who mentioned he got a message "connected" when he telnet'd into his iphone.

so if all is well, why am i not getting internet?

Posted by strongesthylian 8 years ago ( 01-Aug-2007 12:04:41 )

This method doesn't work for the poor saps (such as myself) who decided to update their iPhone to 1.0.1. Mainly because this method uses iPhoneInterface v0.3.1. Is there an update for this method to use iPhoneInterface v0.3.3?

Posted by tristan 8 years ago ( 01-Aug-2007 23:02:11 )

i'm finding it impossible to hookup my network, i simply can't connect to the internet on my laptop, i set everything up correctly, and the install went perfectly on the iphone..... if someone could detail a little better how to set things up on a MAC then that would be great


Posted by dahkni 8 years ago ( 03-Aug-2007 19:32:58 )

i had to restore my iphone and it updated to 1.0.1, will i be able to tether the iphone still with the new update?

Posted by qryptiq 8 years ago ( 04-Aug-2007 17:22:37 )

i updated my iphone also....still no luck... any progress, feedback, pointers would be appreciated. My excitement of being able to use my iphone as (DUN) modem would be awesome and i feel so defeated at this point :(

Posted by qryptiq 8 years ago ( 04-Aug-2007 17:24:31 )

Is nate using dropbear and if so what socks proxy will IE7 allow to open. According to further reading, IE7 locks the socks proxy which is key to allowing website calls to be forwarded thru....

i'm confused.....

Posted by dahkni 8 years ago ( 04-Aug-2007 18:22:07 )

i tried to rollback my update from 1.0.1 to 1.0... and it crashed trying to go down in firmware. I then restored to 1.0.1 and the phone came on with no service, now apple replaced my phone! back to 1.0 and staying with it...

Posted by ccrews 8 years ago ( 04-Aug-2007 20:23:47 )

1.0.1 insatlled got it working on my iphone to my macbook pro

Posted by strongesthylian 8 years ago ( 04-Aug-2007 22:41:19 )

I was able to get srelay installed using iPHUC. Works wonderfully. In fact, I'm using it right now!

Posted by strongesthylian 8 years ago ( 05-Aug-2007 08:24:46 )

I modified epogue's package to work with iPHUC.
Download it here.

The readme should make everything clear.
I've also made a text file with what the output should look like.

The package I modified only works with iPHUC and the Jailbreak method described in the iPhone Dev Wiki.

This comment was edited at 2007-08-29 00:13:54

Posted by jtdstud 8 years ago ( 05-Aug-2007 12:05:15 )

I am still getting the malloc error. I can copy the files from the phone in step 1. but when it tries to upload files, I get the malloc demalloc error. does anybody know what is wrong here. I have the update (v1.0.1) so maybe that is what it is. I have tried everybody else's methods and none of them work. Could someone help me out please!

Posted by heyigotaniphone 8 years ago ( 05-Aug-2007 17:03:03 )


IPHUC is installed and working I can connec to the iPhone, used iActivator to run jailbreak seemed to work. Then used iPHUC tether

Got this error.

shell: Entering loop.
(iPHUC) /: setafc com.apple.afc2
AMDeviceStartService AFC: -402653150
AFCConnectionOpen: 0
(iPHUC) /: lcd /iPHUCtetherkit-osx

This comment was edited at 2007-08-05 17:05:27

Posted by strongesthylian 8 years ago ( 05-Aug-2007 23:59:55 )

The package I modified only works with iPHUC and the Jailbreak method described in the Wiki.

Along with iPHUC, there's a way to jailbreak so that once it's all done, all you have to do is run iPHUC, then type "setafc com.apple.afc2" and you're automatically in. No fuss with putting the iPhone in recovery mode.
There's a tutorial on how to do this method of jailbreak in the iPhone Dev Wiki.

Posted by robmciver 8 years ago ( 06-Aug-2007 18:13:32 )

For those still having problems on Mac OS X. I ran Nates original package for windows in VMware Fusion and It worked like a charm! Hope that this was a helpful suggestion.

Posted by yoboy 8 years ago ( 07-Aug-2007 16:32:00 )

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO WHOEVER MADE THIS KICK ASSS PROGRAM!!!!!!!!! I GOT THE INTERNET TO WORK ON MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HAVE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i got 1 large problem. i don't have any of my favorite programs to connect to the internet. such as limewire, ares, Norton, windows live update, or any of them to work. i think i know the problem. it is all because of internet explorer 7 which doesn't support the remote socks proxy DNS resolution feature i guess. i tried like 28 different programs like proxify, puTTy, sockscap, etc...... please help

Posted by ignusgraius 8 years ago ( 17-Aug-2007 04:11:23 )

Does anyone know why someone might be able to access certain pages via this method (digg.com, imdb.com, this page) but not others (google.com, hotmail.com)?

I suspect it's a DNS issue, because typing in brings google up, but actually typing in google.com didn't.

Posted by liquidice 8 years ago ( 18-Aug-2007 08:08:19 )

First thanks Nate for this post, it has been extremely useful for me this week. I was able to get my laptop online at the beach. It took a while to get working reliably so I thought i'd share some tips with everyone else tethering with XP.

First off download a program called freecap (google it). It is a proxy app that hooks your programs so they will work through the socks proxy. This way you will not need to set any special settings in firefox, and you will be able to use other apps through the proxy such as VNC or remote desktop.

The other tricks I've used is to open a command prompt window and type this:
ping -t
replace that ip with the ip of your iphone. This constantly pings your iphone from your laptop keeping the connection alive.

The last tip is sometimes everything was connected and appeared to be working but I could still not access any webpages. This was because EDGE was not connected. To solve this when you first start the adhoc connection open safari on your iphone and go to any webpage, this will kick the edge into connecting and now you should be on both edge and wifi. I also disabled the auto lock features on the iphone so the screen would stay on. This kills the battery fast and may not be necessary for everyone but I found it stays connected longer by doing this.

Hope this helps others who are trying this method. Thanks again natetrue!


Posted by seteciphone 8 years ago ( 19-Aug-2007 14:13:57 )

strongesthylian: I am using your iPHUC method. I had previously gotten SSH, Terminal and Lights Off installed on the phone. Firmware: 1.0.1

Anyway, when running your script, it gets mid way through PHASE 2 and when it goes to start messsing with the files, it just spits out errors: (i.e.

(iPHUC) /: lcd /iPHUCtetherkit-osx
(iPHUC) /: putfile update /usr/sbin/update
putfile: Opening local file '/iPHUCtetherkit-osx/update'
AFCFileRefOpen: opening remote file '/usr/sbin/update'
putfile: Failed to open remote file: 12
(iPHUC) /: putfile com.apple.update.plist /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.update.plist
putfile: Opening local file '/iPHUCtetherkit-osx/com.apple.update.plist'


etc ....

I do have your kit installed in the root folder of my intel MBP and iPHUC has previously worked for me. Any ideas? And thanks.

Posted by yoboy 8 years ago ( 20-Aug-2007 19:00:34 )

hey liquidice could you teach me how to make my programs work with freecap? i have no idea how to set it up with the iphone. i need limewire and norton to work. please

Posted by tinycorkscrew 8 years ago ( 21-Aug-2007 06:17:22 )


I'm having the same problems with DNS, too.

Some sites work just fine: Slashdot, ESPN, etc.
Others, such as google and yahoo, don't work unless I enter an IP address.

Posted by phxlibra 8 years ago ( 29-Aug-2007 10:41:15 )

Everything worked perfectly for me but I can't get surf using IE 6.0. I can ping my iphone but can't surf. I think it is something to do with IE settings. Can someone help me out.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by strongesthylian 8 years ago ( 29-Aug-2007 22:12:54 )


I don't think Internet Explorer has SOCKS support. Switch to Firefox.

Posted by phxlibra 8 years ago ( 02-Sep-2007 16:56:28 )

I got it working. I could not get it to work with IE but then installed firefox and followed directions and 'voila'. Posting this using my laptop tethered to iphone. This is so cool. Props to Nate and all the other guys who spent their time and made this happen.
Some problems:
Iphone loses connection to solve this I keep the iphone on all times and set the brightness to quite low.
Cannot open some sites like google.com, macrumours.com

Posted by strongesthylian 8 years ago ( 03-Sep-2007 12:17:57 )

You can't lock your iPhone when you're using the EDGE connection because it suspends EDGE when you lock it.

Posted by matador 8 years ago ( 06-Sep-2007 18:35:40 )

Hey guys... Kinda new at this posting thing, but have been truely appreciative of all the efforts made at improving the iphone; especially Nate's. Thank You...
Just an update: I spent several hours on the phone with att and apple and was eventually routed to the internet support division of the apple iphone helpline, aand they had just had a meeting tuesday morning about tethering the iphone to a laptop and cost to the consumer...
I was told, verbatum " ...there is no way for att to tell HOW one might be connected to te EDGE network, all they can tell is when and how many kbs are downloaded..." He went on to explain that since that was the case, there is no way for them to find out nor charge us for the use of a tether... I hope that helps with some concerns... Until then I cant get my IE7 to work... The phone connects with my laptop, but no pages seem to work on IE7. Any suggestions. Couldnt really find my answers in any other posts...

Posted by strongesthylian 8 years ago ( 09-Sep-2007 00:43:09 )

Anyone have an idea if IE7 has SOCKS support? I know IE6 doesn't.

Posted by joehensonn 8 years ago ( 11-Sep-2007 03:37:12 )

works brilliantly ... but i just got my phone bill and i don't have unlimited data........ YIKES

Posted by neener 8 years ago ( 16-Sep-2007 18:26:05 )

I have a few problems when trying to do this. I did the "tetherify-windows.bat" process correctly but when i try to do the "netsh" it give me an error "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect." I did jailbreak successfully on my iPhone and I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate.

Also how would I install the "srelay" on my iPhone? or what methods are used with srelay?

EDIT: Got it to work!
Even though I still get the error when doing the "netsh" step. I got the internet to work. Only thing is that I realized that my phone "HAS" to be physically connected with the laptop. Also the internet is super slow and sometimes the pages need to be refreshed 1-2 times to finish loading the content. Other than that no problem :P

This comment was edited at 2007-09-18 19:47:19

Posted by mparkes 7 years ago ( 10-Oct-2007 11:11:11 )

Nate, the link to download tetherkit-osx.zip doesn't work ???

Posted by fragalles 7 years ago ( 13-Nov-2007 02:49:40 )

can someone please compile a new tutorial with all the hints mentioned in this thread, its really hard to understand and try out every step mentioned here.

using firmware 1.1.2 and connecting a macbook with macosx to use the iphones edge connection works fine (with jailbreak installed)
but what does not work is the windows ad-hoc network connection: when connecting to the network i get 3 pings and then the network connection stops working (iphone is set to be always on, brightness low)

do you have other hints to prevend windows (xp) from disconnecting?

Posted by ppayne 7 years ago ( 23-Dec-2007 02:12:41 )

Hello, all. I am trying to make this work but it's not cooperating. I've got a 1.1.1 iPhone already jailbroken, and an OS X 10.5.1 MacBook. I have downloaded the tetherkit, and in terminal I get into the folder and type tetherify-osx-intel.sh. But instead of it working, I get an error "-bash: tetherify-osx-intel.sh: command not found" even though I'm . Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm not a newbie per se but this is all very complex and ot's making me feel like one. Can anyone help me get past this part?

Posted by shashidharga 7 years ago ( 25-Dec-2007 08:25:20 )

Will this work for v 1.1.2 ?? if i open .bat file the script stops and "Waiting for iphone... " displays and not at all continue ... any suggestions..

This comment was edited at 2007-12-25 08:25:56

Posted by johnericm 7 years ago ( 16-Feb-2008 13:12:01 )

Got an error message about SSL failed
Didn't write down exactly what it said so I don't think It is going to work for me.
phone was jailbroken with ziphone.

Posted by joshm 7 years ago ( 04-Apr-2008 00:55:58 )

Turns out you don't need to run the batch file if you jailbroke via the ZiPhone 3.0.

I installed the squid app and verified that all the files in the "x.script" are already there, except for the net.sourceforge.socks-relay.srelay.plist. I install that file by creating a "app" which is a zip file w/ the .plst file in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ folder. (See ZiPhone documention on installing apps).

I don't think the .plist file is really needed. But I put it there just in case. the srelay file is the important one, and ZiPhone already put the files there.

iphoneinterface doesnt seem to recognize that my iphone (1.1.4) is jailbroken, so it cannot install the files needed. Installing ZiPhone is a great alternative.

Posted by henchan 7 years ago ( 03-May-2008 22:22:07 )

--------PHASE 4: Restoring original update configuration---------



Posted by rwbana 7 years ago ( 08-May-2008 02:33:49 )

I got lost right after the "tetherify-windows.bat" part of the instructions. I'm running XP on my laptop. How do I even know if that "tetherify...bat" file loaded onto my iphone properly.

Second, I'm having a rough time setting up an ad-hoc network on my laptop. The intructions seem to get very vague at that point...and you'll have to forgive me...this is the first time for me in this type of endevour.

To summarize, I think I have the socks proxy (have no idea what it means) on my phone, but not sure how to get my iphone and my laptop speaking to eachother so I can use internet on my laptop via the iphone.

please help...thanks.


Posted by bernard 7 years ago ( 17-May-2008 07:49:23 )

I think I am 99% there. I have an adhoc network and can ping my phone. I have the tetherify utility working as above but then I log in to ssh and try Safari on my macbook I get the following error...

Channel 2: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed.

I am running v1.1.4 and OpenSSH 4.6p1-2 which came with my jailbreak application from ziphone.

Can anyone please help?

Posted by bernard 7 years ago ( 17-May-2008 08:51:47 )


I now have it working. However, it works one only a few websites. E.G. http://www.bbc.co.uk does not work and safari returns not connected to the Internet whereas http://www.mac.com does work.

I checked out webmail at www.mac.com to see my e-mail as the MAIL application also cannot see the Internet, any ideas?

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Posted by wan 7 years ago ( 24-May-2008 05:07:50 )

Hi. As I understood this feature opened SOCKS server in my iPhone. Is this right? If yes, how to return my iPhone to it's previous mode without this feature? I just want to close this SOCKS to keep battery resource and to be more secured.
Thanks in advance.

Posted by borisyim 7 years ago ( 21-Sep-2008 12:47:48 )

Tethered iPhone to the web with $5.99 T-zones internet hack (for T-mobile users):

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