The 1.1.3 iPhone soft-upgrade jailbreak FAQ

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My inbox has been overflowing with various questions about the 1.1.3 jailbreak, including numerous failures (I said there was risk, didn't I?). So I put this FAQ together to try and answer the most common ones.

If your phone is broken please scroll down to the PANIC section below.

Read on for the FAQ.

Questions before you upgrade

I've heard that your update will break when the SDK comes out.
That's all speculation for now - when the SDK comes out I will be testing for it, and I will release a fix if something is amiss.

I am have an iPhone. Is it safe to upgrade?
First off, I can't guarantee that an upgrade will go as planned. However, the upgrade does not make irreversible changes - you will be able to restore your iPhone from any state the upgrader leaves it in (unless your iPhone is already broken). To see what you can do with your phone, consult this list:

The iPhone can-I-upgrade list
  • 1.0.0 to 1.0.2 phone: You must upgrade to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 before continuing. If your phone has been unlocked (modified to work with a non-AT&T carrier) with anything other than iPhone SIM Free, you will not be able to proceed without re-locking your phone by upgrading to 1.1.3. Otherwise you're clear.

  • 1.1.1 phone, unmodified: You need to head to "" to install on your phone. After that you can perform the 1.1.3 soft upgrade.

  • 1.1.1 phone, with You're clear to do the upgrade.

  • 1.1.2 phone, unmodified: You need to do a downgrade to 1.1.1. Then go to 1.1.1 unmodified instructions.

  • 1.1.2 phone, modified through Oktoprep and jailbreak.jar: You're clear to upgrade.

  • 1.1.3 phone, unmodified: You need to downgrade to 1.1.1 first. Then go to 1.1.1 unmodified instructions.

  • An iPod Touch, any version: My upgrade is not for you. However, the official jailbreak from the Dev Team will work for you - so do that instead!

  • Questions / problems while running the image builder

    iBrickr says my phone is not jailbroken.
    Re-download iBrickr - I re-published it to not require a jailbreak.

    iBrickr uploads the image to my phone very quickly. You said it would take 10 minutes!
    That generally means that the creation of the image failed. iBrickr needs 300 megabytes of free RAM on your computer (this is a requirement of sdelta3 which does the patching). Try quitting unnecessary applications or using a more powerful computer. Also try re-downloading the application (I made some minor changes recently).

    I'm using the Mac version and Run_This says there's no default application. What should I do?
    Open (Command-Space, type Terminal, press Enter) and drag Run_This onto the black window that comes up. Then follow the instructions.

    I have a PowerPC Mac. Can I run the Mac image builder?
    No. I have no idea how to compile PowerPC binaries. If someone wants to compile them and send them to me I will post them.

    I run Linux. Can I run the image builder?
    Yes! Download the Mac version and re-compile vfdecrypt, dmg2img, and sdelta3 using the sources included ("make" in each folder should suffice). Then the script will run for you except for the final iPhone upload - upload 113_upgrade_image.bin to your phone using SFTP or something, to the /var/root/Media/softupgrade folder (which you will have to create).

    Questions / problems while running the 1.1.3 soft upgrade from Installer

    I don't see the "1.1.3 soft upgrade" package in my Installer.
    Make sure you have the "Community Sources" package installed, and hit "Refresh" in the Sources tab. It should show up under "All packages".

    When I install the package, it says "Main script execution error". When I hit OK it looks like it crashed.
    This happens to some people, but it doesn't appear to affect operation. Your phone should update in about 10 minutes and reboot by itself. If that doesn't happen, you'll need to restore and try again.

    When I install the package, it completely crashes my phone with the progress bar at halfway.
    This is normal. It's updating your phone - don't touch it! Just leave it plugged in and let it do its thing. It's okay if your screen turns off too.

    Questions / problems after the last reboot

    Help! My phone is stuck at the Apple logo!
    First, give it some time. Sometimes it just takes a while (up to 4 minutes) to boot. If that didn't work, your upgrade has failed. You need to follow the restore instructions further down.

    Help! My phone has the "Connect to iTunes" graphic!
    Your upgrade has failed. You need to follow the restore instructions further down

    Why does the Google Maps My Location feature suck?
    The 1.1.3 soft-upgrade does not upgrade the iPhone's cell phone radio. The new radio has features that aid Google Maps when there is no Wi-fi signal available. So the Maps app only has your Wi-fi positioning information to go on. Users have reported success installing Navizon or LocateMe, and using it once; then Google Maps starts working.

    Why don't iTunes Store previews work?
    This one I'm not sure about. They work for me. *shrug*

    Why is there 300 megabytes of 'Other' eating up my phone after I upgrade?
    That's the firmware image. Install and uninstall "1.1.3 Soft Upg. Cleaner" from Installer to delete the image.

    Does iBrickr work for ringtones any more?
    Not right now. But iPhone Ringtone Maker works great with 1.1.3. It's put out by a friend of mine, and it works great. Totally worth the money.


    If you're having a mental breakdown over having broken your phone (or me having broken your phone depending on how you look at it), this section is for you.

    Yes, this solves the scrolling-looping issue too.

    The one size fits all make-everything-better instructions
  • Download the iPhone 1.1.1 firmware directly from Apple. Save it somewhere memorable.

  • Plug in your iPhone to your computer.

  • Press and hold Power and Home buttons on your phone until it asks you to connect to iTunes.

  • In iTunes it will say you have to restore your phone. You do! But not to 1.1.3. Press and hold the Shift key (if on Windows) or the Option key (if on Mac) while pushing the Restore button in iTunes.

  • If you did it right, you should be able to select the iPhone 1.1.1 firmware from where you saved it.

  • Let iTunes do its thing.

  • If the update fails very quickly, then you need to make the phone more receptive - check out further instructions below.

  • If the update goes through all its steps but fails at the end with an error (1015 generally), you may just need to run iBrickr (the normal version) to tell it to boot.

  • Now that you have a working 1.1.1 phone, you can proceed to upgrade using the list at the top of this page.

  • Failed restore instructions (Windows only for now)
    If your restore fails quickly, you have to make the iPhone a little more receptive. Grab the classic iBrickr, and open it up while your phone is in the "Connect to iTunes" mode. There will be an option
    to "Begin the downgrade to firmware 1.0.2". Click that one. Your iPhone screen will turn white and iTunes will again complain about restoring. Do the Shift-Restore trick again, and this time it will work, minus the 1015 error, which iBrickr can get around (restart iBrickr when it happens).

    Circumstantial questions

    Aren't you the guy who did The Time Fountain, Tap Tap Revolution for iPhone, Jacket Cuff Lights, the Lucid Dreaming Mask, Turning your pee blue, and other fantastic things I've heard about?
    Why yes. Yes I am.

    What's this I hear about you getting kicked from the Dev Team?
    It's true.

    I want to send you money. What's the easiest / quickest way to give you money? TELL ME HOW TO GIVE YOU MONEY RIGHT NOW.
    Enthusiastic aren't we? If you want to give me money you can do so via Paypal:

    I hope that has been helpful!

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    Posted by storky 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:17:50 )

    Super, thanks a lot for the tips.

    I had 1.1.1, with so I should be clear to upgrade. Still, it failed and i got the case with being stuck with the "plug to itunes" logo.

    Now I downgraded back to 1.1.1. From your experience, should I try again ? Is there any chance it would work the second time or should we wait for an upgrade ?

    Thanks a lot !

    Posted by nyjumpman 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:27:53 )

    Once you do this hack,
    are you able to use a T-Mobile Sim card?

    Posted by izzard 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:28:17 )

    I'm sure you had your reasons for 'jumping the gun' as you put it. Hope you won't miss the team too much. Good on you for having the balls to do it. Thanks for your contributions to the community. (Although, with this 'drama' I can't work out if you're an evil genius or not.)

    Posted by garzona 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:29:07 )

    First I would like to thank you. Everything works fine the only thing I have an issue with is my EDGE connection. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the EDGE proxy hack. I have also tried ereasing all content from my phone and reinstalling the the hack, but it doesn't work. Do you have suggestion on what I should do?

    Thanks again it works great.

    Posted by lazereth 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:33:22 )


    Congrats and good luck with the stand. Personally love the work and dedication you put into the whole thing.
    On another note, came across an interesting passcode issue - seems that with the 1.1.3 soft update, the passcode is overwritten - can you check on this pls?
    I think its been set to your passcode - anyways. Cheers and looking forward to hearing more from you.


    Posted by storky 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:34:29 )

    @cor, @garzona - you both said it worked for you, were you upgrading from 1.1.1 or from 1.1.2 ?

    Thank you !

    Posted by garzona 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:37:39 )

    I upgraded from 1.1.2 unlock w/turbosim iphone. I think what you have to do is downgrade to 1.1.1, jailbreak, install oktoprep, upgrade to 1.1.2 then run iBrkr and follow the instructions.

    Posted by storky 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:44:49 )

    yes, I had the same impression. Somehow it does not work from 1.1.1, but it works from 1.1.2 I guess....

    Still, I think I will wait some time until everything becomes more stable and upgrade afterwards.

    Thanks again

    Posted by garzona 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:50:19 )

    It definately works from 1.1.2. I have a few friends that all had 1.1.2 it has worked for them.

    Posted by storky 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 12:59:25 )

    yes, you can, i was using the guide from to go back to 1.1.1. It works just fine, then you probably need to upgrade to 1.1.2 and from there to 1.1.3

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 13:15:19 )

    Hey guys, I REALLY need help
    I have updated to 1.1.3 like 4 days ago, then when jailbreak came out i downgraded to 1.1.1, installed the and later ran the "1.1.3 soft upgrade" The upgrade went smoothly and now i have a 1.1.3 iphone with,
    but here is the problem, i CANNOT activate it. When i plug it into itunes,it just does the sync and thats all, no activation,
    PLEASE help.

    Posted by bchernicoff 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 13:29:15 )

    On Vista dmg2img was creating a stack trace file. I used the compatibility mode tab to set it to WinXP SP2 and that seemed to fix it. Also, I had previously downgraded from 1.1.3 which left me with the invalid SIM error. I used your softupgrade and don't get that error, but don't have the network symbol and can't make calls. I'm assuming this is because your softupgrade doesn't upgrade the radio. Do you have any plans to do so in the future?

    Posted by dsciarappo 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:05:06 )

    My question is I have an unlocked 112 phone and I upgraded to software 113 thru the installer, it seemed to go just fine however I am still on 112? I checked my version several times in the general and then about and still at 112? Do I need to sync on itunes to the 113 firmware went finished with the software upgrade? I am a bit confused any help would be appreciated.

    Posted by sparky 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:09:14 )

    Did the upgrade and all went well but there is are no ringtone sounds, the files are listed but no sound out of the speaker on either the stock ones or ones that I uploaded. However, when a SMS message arrives, that works. I relaunched ibrickr.exe and I do not see the ringtone / application buttons.

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 14:42:06

    Posted by fabzz 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:09:33 )

    my question is when a release of the thing that cleans up that 300mb file from the iphone is going to come out xD

    Posted by dsciarappo 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:12:11 )

    Where would you see the 113 update in the installer, in the SYSTEMS? If so I don't see it there even though I downloaded it twice and in the process after a minute maybe the silver IPhone logo came up and then it rebooted to home screen? Perhaps I am missing something, I read in a post here that it took one guy 10 minutes? Any input here? My phone is 1.12 firmware & unlocked and I love it but adding those few features Apple installed in the new 1.13 firmware would be a nice add-on. Thanks in advance.

    Posted by amandej 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:15:18 )

    Hey Nate I did the soft upgrade 1.1.3 ringtones out of wack any ringtone makers work on this thing;)
    Attached image:

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 14:17:33

    Posted by daaron 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:18:51 )

    My ringtones are broken, too. I think it was caused by the second version of Nate's 1.1.3 jailbreak. I tried it yesterday, and ringtones were working. Of course, a bunch of other stuff was broken, so I went back to 1.1.1 (a painful & slow process) and then used the revised 1.1.3 jailbreak. This time, everything works *except* ringtones. Kindof a deal-breaker on a telephone. :(

    Posted by krsstyles 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:21:34 )

    Hey it worked for me on my u.k iphone downgraded to 1.1.1/oktoprep/1.1.2/turbosim

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:26:30 )

    anyone can help me?
    BTW, i use AT&T sim

    Posted by ilovesmyiphone 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:32:22 )

    Ok so the upgrade worked to 1.1.3 but all my thrid party apps are gone from the home screen. Yet when I go to installer they are all still there when I go to uninstall. Does anybody have any idea what happened?

    Posted by daaron 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:35:57 )

    ilovesmyiphone - you need to reinstall each one. Springboard is not patched to recognize previously installed apps.

    Posted by daaron 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:49:24 )

    Anyone know the installer source that's supposed to have a few 1.1.3 fixes? I just saw it, but I can't seem to find it now.

    Posted by ilovesmyiphone 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:50:15 )

    yeah I thought that would be the case I just didnt want to believe it o well at least the upgrade worked. Thank you daaron and thanks Nate.

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 14:57:30 )

    Can anyone please hep me?

    "I have updated to 1.1.3 like 4 days ago, then when jailbreak came out i downgraded to 1.1.1, installed the and later ran the "1.1.3 soft upgrade" The upgrade went smoothly and now i have a 1.1.3 iphone with,
    but here is the problem, i CANNOT activate it. When i plug it into itunes,it just does the sync and thats all, no activation,
    PLEASE help."

    Posted by braydenstyles 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 15:12:17 )

    Looking for some input? i have a iphone that was previously activated on AT&T that had old firmware, 1.0.1 which i updated and jail broke perfectly to 1.1.2, then by mistake i updated it to 1.1.3 and i was like *@$%# cause i din't mean to do it and i was just clicking too fast in itunes ahhh...!! anyways i downgraded it to 1.1.1 but now my sim card is not reconized and i can't unlock it using the suggest *#307# method. what can i do to get my phone unlocked so i can at least get it up and running again to try the 1.1.3 jailbreak. i'm on a PC and i somewhat get this baseband stuff but not sure how that effects me, i hope i do not have brick now

    Posted by daaron 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 15:18:24 ), comment hidden (show)

    Ringtone update: if you upgraded to 1.1.3 using Nate's patch and your ringtones no longer work, I got a custom ringtone to work, according to this hack:

    IMPORTANT: Don't install the MeCCA file, just the .m4r files as instructed.

    (Details: 1.1.1 OTB -> 1.1.3 baseband -> downgraded to 1.1.1 -> Nate's 1.1.3 jailbreak)

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 15:22:16

    Posted by branvan 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 15:26:36 )

    hi, using 1.1.1 on mac. i dragged the file jb113 run_this into terminal. it then told me that wasn't installed on my iphone, it is though! if it is the logo which says installer on my iphone and lets me install games then i have def have it.

    can you offer any help?



    Posted by christo 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 15:44:58 )


    You need to downgrade your baseband first. This method below only works if you had upgraded from 1.1.1 or earlier. (It will not work with 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 OTB. If you have one of those, I think a hardware downgrade is all that's available right now)

    1) Downgrade to 1.1.1 and jailbreak.
    2) Add as a source in
    3) Install "BSD Subsystem"
    4) Install "Baseband downgrade"
    5) Restore 1.1.1 (Yes, again)

    You will now have an "OTB 1.1.1" with the correct baseband. You can now upgrade as appropriate.

    Posted by oneduality 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 15:58:59 )

    Ok issue.. I've done everything up to the point of installing the soft-update .. it does not show in the installer app .. and I do in fact have the community sources in there, and I have refreshed about a dozen times so far.. I am kind of in a sticky situation until I can get that.. help heh

    Posted by gwerhart 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:10:09 )

    Thanks Nate ... after one false start, it worked for me. I started with a jailbroken 1.1.2 phone the first time, but it failed. I backed off to 1.1.1 and started over and it worked fine the second time. I am wondering if having apps like summerboard installed @ 1.1.2 can cause issues with the upgrade. My donation should reach you shortly. I did get the "Main Script Execution" error, but left the phone alone for 10 additional minutes and all was well.

    Thanks! G

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:12:17 )

    Ty for the answer. i have 1.1.2 OTB with 4.6 bootloader.
    When i did the Downgrade hack i did this:
    Installed 1.1.1, jailbroke it, ran The terminal on my phone and then after doing "ienew" i put in" sleep 20;iunew" and connected the test points
    But after the script ran, it asked me "Did you erase the flash" or something like that.
    How can i Downgrade the baseband, Please help,

    Posted by oneduality 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:14:00 )

    alex .. I installed as a source and that adds an unlock folder to the installer.. there is a baseband downgrader in there and that did exactly what I needed

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:15:49 )

    yep, i know about the Baseband downgrader, but that works on Older iphones with Bootloader that is not 4.6

    Posted by oneduality 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:18:21 )

    I don't remember exactly what I had prior to downgrading unfortunately, just know that it magically fixed all my issues.. except that I can't install this soft update because it's not there! .. doh ..

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:21:46 )

    ok, when you bought your iphone, was it 1.1.2 or lower/

    Posted by oneduality 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:27:18 )

    wow interestingly .. it didn't show up on my wifi connection but the moment I refreshed over edge.. it showed up.. running it now

    Posted by amandej 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:27:23 )

    my phone is having a heartattack all of a sudden i noticed all my old stuff came back customize and SMBPrefs and stuff but nothing is working nothing help.

    Posted by pancho 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:28:38 )

    I don't see the "1.1.3 soft upgrade" package in my Installer. i have installed the community sources and have followed all instructions. where is the soft upgrade? (i have reinstalled the installer and refreshed too!!)

    Posted by melwin 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:34:48 )

    same, no ringtones, no ipod sound .... nothing

    what can i do?

    Posted by amandej 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:47:03 )

    my sms wont open up help, i install the bosstool and moved memory that messed everything up so i deleted it on ifuntatic 4.0.0 stuff opening now

    Posted by missingman 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:48:54 )

    So Nate, my most sincere gratitude for all of your hard work. Really, you are the leader of our iphone revolution. Thank you and the rest of the iphone dev team for that.

    I downloaded and ran iBrickr 1.1.3 and it appeared to get through all of the steps smoothly, but after downloading the soft upgrade from installer I get the message

    "Error Your iPhone is not ready to upgrade. See 'More Info.'"

    I'm upgrading from a jail broken 1.1.1, has anyone gotten this message or have any suggestions. I've tried re-downloading and re-running iBrickr, but with the same outcome.

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:51:22 )

    Anyone knows how to Downgrade a Bootloader on iphone 1.1.1 that has been Downgraded from 1.1.3 with baseband 04.03.13 and Bootloader 4.6?

    Posted by ccyclone 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:54:37 )

    I'm having the no third party apps problem. Installer won't uninstall to let me reinstall. Is there a way to trick Installer to let me install apps that it thinks are installed? There should be a step to "uninstall all your apps" or the script should move them for you. I assume this problem is because Apple changed the third party app directory. Also a possible contributor is that I had used bosstool to move may app folder and put in a symbolic link. Anyone know of an alternate source that has the bsd package and openssh so then I could maybe move the apps myself? Thanks.

    Posted by cdaiger 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 16:56:03 )

    My issue is ringtones. They are all listed but will not play. Any fixes for this?

    Posted by oneduality 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:10:23 )

    Got it working ! .. the one issue I seem to have (so far) is that EDGE settings can't be saved.. it crashes out when I set the edge info

    Posted by cdaiger 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:11:11 )

    Update: Custom Ringtones play... thank goodness!

    Posted by oneduality 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:14:21 )

    Nevermind there either.. after I restored from last backup .. my edge settings were restored as well .. I officially say .. WOOHOO! .. it works :)

    Posted by iloveschnops 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:24:55 )

    I have a Mac with 1.1.1 and installer and every time i run this i get this message:
    Checking iPhone version...
    You have iPhone version .
    Sorry! You must have an iPhone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with installed. Press Enter to exit.

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:26:27 )

    Anyone?? how do you downgrade BL 4.6 to 3.9 in Iphone that has been Upgraded from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 and then downgraded to 1.1.1??

    Posted by drummond 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:31:50 )

    Worked for me, but only one second go. running on a mac, with an iphone bought in july 2007 running 1.0.2 that had been hacked on 1.0.2, then upgraded to 1.1.1 using independence/anysim.

    i downloaded the software and ran "run_this" it got all the way through, and when i went to run the soft update for 1.1.3 from apptap, i got the connect to itunes screen.

    i ran the restore through itunes on the mac, going back to 1.1.1 - of course, unjailbroken and locked once that was done

    i then jailbroke it using the *#307 stuff where you create contacts and point to the jailbreakme page. that let me have access the phone and put the installer app on.

    i then re-ran run_this, it went right through, i used the 1.1.3 softupdate and had a 1.1.3 live and working. restored the data from my phone, including contacts and so on. everything working fine. no problems with missing passwords for email, wifi or edge so far.

    nice job guys, impressed you got this working so fast.

    Posted by sadpanda 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:35:16 )

    hey nate, first i want to say thanks so much for all the hard work!, i was encountiering a problem when i first did the jailbreak to 1.1.3. so i had to do a clean restore to 1.1.3 in itunes. I was at 1.1.3 with 1.1.3 baseband from itunes, and then i tried to downgrade to 1.1.1. i was successful in doing this, but the baseband was incompatible obviously, so i attempted your jailbreak back up to 1.1.3, and everything worked except my baseband is still not recognized.. any ideas? i really want to get back up to 1.1.3.. i don't know how to check my bootloader version, please help me as of now my phone has no functionality as a phone unless i go back to itunes 1.1.3... thanks

    Posted by guen 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:37:54 )

    Hi Nate,
    Like some other people who commented here I could not find the "1.1.3 soft upgrade" link in But I might have found the solution: the iBrickr application put the 113_upgrade_image.bin file here: /var/root/Media/var/root/Media/softupgrade/113_upgrade_image.bin. After moving .bin file to /var/root/Media/softupgrade the upgrade showed up in Not sure if this was the real cause of the upgrade not showing up (could've been a coincidence that it suddenly did, since I can't imagine you can put a dependence of the iphone contents in but it might be useful.

    Posted by akanoe 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 17:58:45 )

    Hey Nate!
    Thanx for your effort and everything....
    but i need some help, so, i'm running in a mac, followed your instructions, and everything works great, BUT, whe it reboots, ( by the way, i'm doing this routine on my IPOD TOUCH , not iphone!), then i'm at 1.1.3, the itunes recognizes it on 1.1.3 but, the funcionalities of 1.1.3 doesn't exists, i cant add bookmars to springboard, or even rearrange my icons.... do you know why?

    Posted by caitiff 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 18:08:24 )

    Hi Nate!

    My ipod touch now already stucks about 20min in the installer, yet.
    Can this be normal or is it very sure that the ipod is broken?


    Posted by tengauge 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 18:20:35 )

    While running the 1.1.3 soft upgrade from Installer I get a "Main script execution error!" Anyone have any ideas?

    Posted by acktion 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 18:58:19 )

    Hello Nate, congratulations!
    I've installed the soft upgrade successful but the ringtones are not working anymore. Anyone did it work? When I try to uninstall some softwares I got the error "Main script execution error!".
    I didn't logged into my iPhone through ssh before, this time I did it. What I can tell is the softwares that I'm trying to uninstall are not under Application directory. The softwares I couldn't uninstall were HP-12C, SummerBoard and Categories. The others I could uninstall and reinstall and they are working fine.

    I didn't have problems with EDGE either. It wasn't working first but I reset make it work.

    Posted by tmjacobs 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:06:24 )

    I installed the 1.1.3 soft update and it did not work...broke the phone. So, i restored to firmware 1.1.1 and ran the independence program. the phone was jailbroken but not activated. i then used the 1.1.3 jailbreak for mac. it seems to have worked. i did get the crash notice during the install; however, it finished after about 15 minutes. Now, I am on 1.1.3 firmware BUT, I have NO SOUND from any ringtone. All other sounds are working fine except this one. I would like to fix this or DOWNGRADE back to 1.1.2 with jailbreak. How do I do this? Also, a note...I have an OTB 1.1.2 iPhone purchased within the last 2 weeks. I use MAC OS X. THANKS NATE!

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 19:23:39

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:09:23 )

    CAn someone PLEASE help ME!!!

    Posted by skiabolo 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:13:05 )

    Hey Nate, its really incredible. 1.1.3 works on my iphone. fantastic. there is only one problem which I have as well: ringtones are not working - neither custom ringtones nor standard ringtones.
    From my point of view it is a critical thing for a mobile :-)
    Could you help me or better US, because many guys have exact the same problem.
    Thanks in advance
    Greets from Berlin

    Posted by caitiff 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:23:29 )

    oh, is see.
    It´s really not working on touch.
    I just turned it off when in hung about half an hour in the installer. It started and the touch itself told 1.1.3, but wasn´t. After some apps from installer it turned into an loop of refreshing springboard...
    So I downgraded to 1.1.1, worked.


    Posted by mikem 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:34:06 )

    Any one else having issues with iTunes wi-fi music store previews not working?? everything seems to be fine on my end after 3 instals except for the previews.

    Posted by drifterbxl 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:38:05 )

    Hey guys, I've been trying to unlock an 1.1.2 BL 4.6 opened it up and all that mumbo jumbo turns out the vt100 did not react as plan or shown on guides I got an error (bus error...or smthg) so now I have the Ipod :) upgraded to 1.1.3, downgraded to 1.1.1 MF 04.03.13_g and of course the BL is still @#$%^ 4.6
    Please let me know what to do now ??? I'm thinking of trying to downgrading the BL to 3.9 again

    I'll give it anther day ....afterworlds it's gonna rain APPLES
    Have a fluffy day !


    Posted by drifterbxl 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:41:46 )

    If you need quality pics of the inside of the Iphone I'll put'em up in a couple of minutes!

    Posted by rickjw 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:44:58 )

    works almost - no edge and wont save my gmail password..
    not that happy as I used gmail mobile a lot. Any fix anyone?

    Posted by jeffreyindc 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 19:58:53 )

    Thanks for the work. When I press check my phone it just it goes to the qualifing page and stops. Any Idea? I am on 1.1.2 and it is jailbreaked.

    Posted by drifterbxl 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 20:13:18 )

    Here it is guys you can even see the little scratch i did for the test points!
    Hope somebody has an advice for me

    Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 20:15:02 )

    "The 1.1.3 soft-upgrade does not upgrade the iPhone's cell phone radio. The new radio has features that aid Google Maps when there is no Wi-fi signal available."

    So does that mean we're just sh*t out of luck in regard to this feature? This is definitely one of the main features which led to my decision to upgrade my 1.1.2 jailbroken phone. Also, is there any progress regarding the bug which doesn't allow you to save email account passwords?


    Posted by zan 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 20:51:46 )

    Here is my detailed account of my update to 1.1.3, with my complete phone details and the stumbling blocks all addressed. Hopefully this will help some users.

    (Reposted from my original comments at <a href="">Lifehacker</a>.)

    I've seen a lot of trouble reports about this update method, but since it seemed like an investment of time to roll it back and not a permanent disaster, I dove in today.
    But my SIM card seems to be recognized OK (which dealt with my main worry), and the phone boots without a problem. iTunes recognizes it as a 1.1.3 phone and doesn't tell me I need to update.

    However, trying to access EDGE gave me an error, so I went to the Settings to add my APN. As some others have reported, it doesn't accept an APN without crashing the Settings app.


    Here's all the specifics of my steup, in case any of it is helpful in pointing to a problem with anyone else's update.

    MacBook Pro Core Duo, running 10.5.1.

    My phone was an original 1.0.
    Updated to 1.0.2, jailbroken and unlocked with anySIM.
    Virginized and updated to 1.1.1 and jailbroken and unlocked with anySIM.
    Virginized and updated to 1.1.2 and jailbroken and unlocked with anySIM.
    My phone does not have a SIM password set.
    It uses a T-Mobile SIM card.

    I copied the "Run_This" and "Data" folders to the root of my hard drive and ran from there.
    I followed the instructions (rather straightforward).
    I allowed the script to download the firmware for me. Took a while.
    The script downloaded the patch and did its decrypting and patching thing.
    Then it told me to go to my phone and install the "1.1.3 soft update" from the Installer.
    I did not reboot the phone first. I launched Installer, went to Sources and Refreshed.

    Went back to the Install option, chose Recent, and found the "1.1.3 Soft Update" installer and installed it.
    While that was installing, I got a bit nervous since I got the spinny wheel going in the middle of the screen before the progress bar filled up.
    I didn't intervene, and let the process complete.
    The apple logo eventually appeared, and then the phone booted properly, giving me a little dialog box about how to move icons around on the Home screen.

    Success! Mostly.

    [after a break]

    YouTube is working fine.

    Mail worked fine. Was able to check mail and send a test message.

    EDGE APN is still not able to be set. The "1.1.3 Prefs Fix" doesn't seem to work; fails with "Main Script Execution failed!"

    Was able to use the "1.1.3 Soft Upg. Cleaner" app to remove the patch disk image and was also able to install a T-Mobile carrier icon. So some installs still work.

    OpenSSH seems to still be installed, but I haven't tested it yet.

    Tested out moving the icons around on the Home screen. Finally I can get Stocks and Calculator out of the way. Finally.

    Added a website to the Home screen. Works fine.

    [after another break]


    Went to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings...
    after it restarted, my EDGE APN was "settable".

    Haven't been able to get the Maps "locate me" thing to work yet, but other than that, it's smooth sailing at this point.

    [after yet another break]

    Fixed the maps thing as well; I had "Navizon" installed previously (a 3rd party app that essentially does the same thing as the new built-in maps feature), so I reinstalled it to see if it would work.

    It didn't work at first, telling me there were no cell towers in range, but then I noticed am "Invisible" toggle that was set to "On". I turned it to "Off" and it went right to the map and showed me my location.

    On a whim, I tried the built-in method, and now it, too, is working.

    Posted by brett 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 20:56:18 )

    It didn't work for me, but I was able to restore..back to 1.1.1

    Edge messed up. Can connect to AT&T, but no E symbol and some app complaining need a Edge network.
    Keyboard clicks disappeared after a while. Rebooting returned them.. but would disappear again
    and the biggest.. the phone would not ring at all with a incoming call.. just vibrate.
    Any installer.apps disappeared after the upgrade. No way to access them. System crashed when I tried to uninstall them from installer. (had to restore back to 1.1.1)
    I tried again going back to 113 using your proggy and after a few times.. it worked. but the problems above still persists.
    I've downgraded back to 1.1.1.

    Thanks for your work on this anyway...

    Posted by jeewizz 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 21:25:40 )

    Nate, Great job with the jailbrake.
    However I am having an issue. The process failed for me. I could not get my phone past the loading apple even after 15 or 20 minutes. I worked my way back to 1.1.1 firmware. Now I'm getting the Incorrect Sim Error. I tried the process for accessing safari using #307# CALL, 0 CALL, but the phone jumps right to DONE instead of going to ANSWER. That means I am unable to access my contacts. Any thoughts on how I can jail break 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with the SIM problem. I am on ATT so I'm assuming the error is due the the baseband upgrade witt the wrong firmware.


    Posted by juantxu 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 21:52:08 )

    thanks nate true

    great work, oh yeah!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by teskat 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 22:12:50 )

    Dear Nate,
    Thank you for all your effort to share your knowledge and experiences.
    Also thanks to other developers and users who contibute to.
    My questions come from few steps earlier! I want to buy a new iPhone (I'm UK resident).
    Can anyone tell me please that:
    1- Jailbreaking (as it was intoduced here) makes it possible to customize the screen and add new application?
    3- What is the best and cheapest solution for activating iPhone without contract with locked providers to use with other providers or international GSM carriers?
    3- Any suggestion regarding buying a new iPhone?


    This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 23:01:53

    Posted by drifterbxl 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 22:20:59 )

    Can somebody upload a /bin/login file for a 1.1.1
    I can't connect to my iphone through putty ...pls pls

    Posted by jeremymobile 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 22:31:23 )

    I need help my phone just keeps running lines of code and ibrickr and itunes do not see the phone. oops I broke it........

    Help please

    Posted by drifterbxl 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 22:38:00 )

    keep trying to put it in restore mode
    power and home button will come around ....I had the same problem

    Posted by nobody 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 23:33:03 )

    To fix broken ring tones:

    Download a 1.0.2 restore file and vfdecrypt the filesystem out of it.
    Copy the ringtone files (/Library/Ringtones/*.m4a) to your phone as /Library/Ringtones/*.m4r

    Maybe someone with more free time than I can write this up in more detail.

    Kudos to Nate for having the balls to release this while others on the "dev" "team" were being a bunch of whiney little bitches.

    Posted by achan 7 years ago ( 25-Jan-2008 23:40:29 )

    For the ringtone, or email issue. Add to your installer source, and install the Tweaks(1.1.3) > 1.1.3 Ringtone Fix. That work for me. Once again thank you Nate.

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-25 23:41:20

    Posted by doodlydood 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 00:14:00 )

    Well everyone, here's my experience (freezes, and mail problem, but ultimate success after four attempts)

    1) From 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 on windows - froze
    2) on iMac after revirginizing - installed but would not recognize mail account passwords
    3) okay... so reviriginize, attempt to set mail passwords on 1.1.1 and then upgrade on imac - fails, bootloop with white flash on apple logo.
    4) success! modified ibrickr install on windows (running in vmware fusion, actually) with mail config'd in 1.1.1 yeah!

    Making a donation in thanks of $25.00 to charity. You guys rock.

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 00:16:09

    Posted by halpplez 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 01:36:28 )

    I am having the same problem as missingman above me. [running the soft upgrader from installer, version 2, and getting the error "Error Your iPhone is not ready to upgrade. See 'More Info.'" ] Is this because we are running it on Ipod touches, rather than iphones? I am also using the 16GB model, if that makes any difference. plez let me know if you find a solution. Thanks so much for your effort!

    Posted by christo 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 01:37:21 )


    Calm down :-)

    AFAIK, the only way to downgrade the baseband on your phone is by downgrading the bootloader (through hardware). There is a guide at

    Feel free to send me an email if you have more questions. I don't have all the answers, but I've got lots of experience looking for them, and sometimes even some luck! Christo (at) i Christo (dot) com

    Posted by xorrde 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 02:17:46 )


    If I understand what you're saying right, you don't need to mess with your baseband at all. If:

    - You have a valid AT&T account and you need iTunes to activate it.
    - You upgraded to the 1.1.3 baseband.
    - You did the soft-upgrade to 1.1.3 and now iTunes won't activate.
    - You just want your phone to work and don't care about unlocking.

    Then you need to upload the original lockdownd to your phone. After doing the soft-upgrade and where iTunes just syncs and doesn't activate, get:

    Put it in /usr/libexec, use term-vt100 or ssh to do "chmod 0555 /usr/libexec/lockdownd" then reboot your phone. Connect it to iTunes and it will activate it for you.

    I had the same problem. Email me [(my username) at (gmail) dot (com)] if you've got questions.

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 02:33:38 )

    WOW, nice guide.... TY, i hope it works
    I just have 1 question, how do i upload this file to my iPhone

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 02:41:27 )

    THANKS SO MUCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT WORKED, IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HAVE SPENT ALL DAY from (9am till 11:30pm) trying to make my iphone work, and NOW because of XORRDE IT WORKED, IT WORKED!!!!11

    Sorry, i am TOO HAPPPY, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 02:45:45 )

    OMG someone help me PLEASE!!! For like the past frickin week I have been trying to install AppTapp but it just wont do it. I'm on windows Vista. To make it even better now my phone is on 1.1.3. In case anyone was wondering, my phone was activated thru AT&T. So I havent done anything to it.

    Posted by sadpanda 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 02:53:23 )

    hey so i got everything working right on the jailbreak except one thing... it keeps asking for my voicemail password even after i put it in.. not constantly but like once every half hour, or when i restart my phone, is there any way to fix this, i'd rather not do the whole process again. do you know if this is at a SIM card level or the phone firmware? thanks in advance..

    Posted by alexchernal 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 02:57:42 )

    here is what you can do:
    First, download this "" and enter this commands into iPhuc while your iphone is connected: 1) enterrecovery
    then when your iphone goes into recovery mode, enter this "filecopytophone WTF.s5l8900xall.RELEASE.dfu"
    Then use Left shift + left Click method to downgrade to 1.1.1
    After that is done, your iphonw will be in recovery mode, so enter this 3 commands into iPhuc 1)"cmd setenv auto-boot true" 2)"cmd saveenv" 3) "cmd fsboot"
    Now your iphone will boot into 1.1.1 and you will be able to go to
    BTW, after you are on and after you click on Install AppSnapp, your iphonw will go to the first screen with "Slide for emergency", so slide it again to get to the keybad and then do nothing, just wait for the phone to restart

    You dont need to update to 1.1.2, just update to 1.1.3 through the Jailbreak and ibrickr.
    When you are done, do this (XORRDE's info)

    ". After doing the soft-upgrade and where iTunes just syncs and doesn't activate, get:

    Put it in /usr/libexec, use term-vt100 or ssh to do "chmod 0555 /usr/libexec/lockdownd" then reboot your phone. Connect it to iTunes and it will activate it for you. "

    Good luck, hope this helps you a bit

    Posted by bleecher 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:02:45 )

    Hey guys, I have this situation: bought a UK Iphone (02) with native 1.1.2 and BL 4.6, accidentally ugrated a week ago, complete restore downgraded to 1.0.2 then to 1.1.1, jailbroken and activated etc.
    Yesterday I did a softupdate to 1.1.3.
    At the end I have a Iphone activated/jailbroken on 1.1.3, BL 4.6 AND thus with baseband 4.03.13_G and a working sim (in UK), but I live in Belgium????
    When I put my sim, it just says 'sim locked'.
    How to unlock this thing. Do I just have to order a TurboSim?

    Ah, and everything else seems to work on this update, except iTunes previews and ringtunes and location on Google Maps.

    Posted by lolacena 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:14:12 )

    can someone please help me! My iphone and ipod wont work! i get a message that reads "The ipod cant be synced. The required file is locked." now iv restored my ipod and i tunes many times and in properties the read-only box isn't checked! i havened upgraded my iphone from v1.1.1 cause im scared to! cant someone please help me! my phone and ipod are my life and i cant update any of them and its killing me!

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:16:29 )

    @alexchernal ...

    was that for me? my phone isn't jailbroken or anything so would be starting from scratch.

    Posted by jeewizz 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:39:33 )

    thanks xorrde that was exactly what I needed as well. 100% up and running


    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:45:18 )

    Lucky You Jee now maybe someone can help me?

    Posted by xorrde 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:49:12 )

    Glad to help; I'm just passing on what I learn from people far smarter than me.

    To clarify: you use SCP to upload files to your iPhone. Use CyberDuck on Mac (it defaults to using FTP so you have to change that in its Preferences) or WinSCP on Windows, and make sure you have BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH installed on your phone. Use "root" for the username and "alpine" for the password.

    Posted by bleecher 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:52:16 )


    You are becoming an expert! Maybe my problem is just that easy to solve:
    I have this situation: bought a UK Iphone (02) with native 1.1.2 and BL 4.6, accidentally ugrated a week ago, complete restore downgraded to 1.0.2 then to 1.1.1, jailbroken and activated etc.
    Yesterday I did a softupdate to 1.1.3.
    At the end I have a Iphone activated/jailbroken on 1.1.3, BL 4.6 AND thus with baseband 4.03.13_G and a working sim (in UK), but I live in Belgium????
    When I put my sim, it just says 'sim locked'.
    How to unlock this thing. Do I just have to order a TurboSim?

    Ah, and everything else seems to work on this update, except iTunes previews and ringtunes and location on Google Maps.

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:54:47 )

    XORRDE u think u can help me before i tear the rest of my hair out? I feel like a nagging old chic...

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 03:59:29 )

    Posted by xorrde 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 04:04:09 )


    I've never unlocked an iPhone, so I can't say I'm too knowledgeable on the subject. Right now, the only way to do a software unlock is on baseband 04.02.13_G (1.1.2) or less. You'll need to downgrade your baseband somehow. Unfortunately for you, I don't know how to do that. Try the IRC channel ( #iphone) -- people in that are geniuses.


    Follow alexchernal's walkthrough above. That's exactly the stuff you need to do. Email me again if you have problems with it.

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 04:07:24 )

    @ XORRDE

    so i dont have to open my fone or anything rite? i didnt understand his instructions too well.

    Posted by ktula 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 04:40:02 )


    To get rid of uninstallable apps like Summerboard after you have upgraded your iPhone to 1.1.3, check this out:

    Posted by silverhack 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 04:40:26 )

    I ran across a problem when trying to use the script. I did some debugging and this is what I've found:
    - it looks like the 1.1.3 firmware and patch were downloaded successfully
    - when patching the firmware there is an error.
    - In the /tmp/data/ script for the line:
    "./sdelta3 dec-1.1.3.img patch.sd3 > 113_upgrade_image.bin 2>/dev/null" when I run it manually by using:
    "./sdelta3 dec-1.1.3.img patch.sd3 > 113_upgrade_image.bin" I get an error from sdelta3:
    "-bash: ./sdelta3: Bad CPU type in executable"
    so the 113_upgrade_image.bin is a 0 byte file.

    was sdelta3 compiled as a Universal Binary, or will this only work on Intel Macs? I have a Powerbook G4 that I am using.

    Posted by bleecher 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 05:35:40 )


    thx anyway ... somebody else ?

    Posted by viskas 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 06:30:31 )


    don't go nuts, as far as I know, sim locked only means that you have pin control on your sim!
    unlock it with another phone, or go to phone settings and unlock it!

    maybe I am wrong, but I remember something like this with my old iPhone.
    did you ever unlock the phone after buying it? because the O2 phone are operator lock, of course...

    Posted by branvan 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 06:42:50 )

    can't pick which version to downgrade to in itunes, just goes straight into restoring to 1.1.3. any advice?

    Posted by canadiandude 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 07:31:53 )

    Did the upgrade a couple days ago and it worked like a charm. had to re-install my apps but they all seem to be working fine with the obvious exceptions SSH, BSD Subsystem etc.. which I have since found the fixes for. Have a problem with entering an APN setting where the iPhone would freeze after entering the setting and I tried going back to the springboard. I'll try to reset the Network Settings then retry entering the VPN. Funny thing is that my Edge works fine even without a VPN. Everything else works as well, i.e. You Tube, iTunes with previews...). Most notably, my ringtones still work! despite others saying that they would not. iPhysics works as well but occasionally I will get a window flashing in to background telling me that the phone could not connect to Edge. Strange.

    Posted by jagwar 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 07:48:30 ), comment hidden (show)

    Well, in first let me to say you that I'm french and that my english is not perfect (sorry, I hope that you will understand me).
    I have a french iPhone (1.1.2 OOB).
    I updated my iPhone in 1.1.3 few days ago.
    I've seen that someone had succed to jailbroken an iPhone full 1.1.3.
    So I would know if it's possible for me to jailbreak my phone although my baseband is in 1.1.3 and I can't downgrade it ?
    I've already tried to do it. I had an iPhone jailbroken in 1.1.3 but I can't phone.
    Thank you for your answers.

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 09:14:08

    Posted by applejunkie 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 08:20:22 )

    have you got failed restore instructions for mac yet
    please man

    Posted by gamba 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 08:35:04 )

    Update works pefectly on a clean iPhone! So I adivse to restore 1.1.1 (ev update to 1.1.2) and then follow NT instructions.
    EDGE can be fixed manually editing /System/Library/Carrier\ Bundles/Unknown.bundle/carrier.plist
    If 1.1.3 soft update script doesn't work (execution failed) just modofy your /etc/fstab taking out the noexec option on the second partition, and reboot (or remount).

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 08:36:47

    Posted by thabigboss 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 09:16:21 )

    hey i cant find gpsphone, some one nose how to get it back(and yes im runimg 1.1.3) yeahhh.... baby...

    Posted by bleecher 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 10:06:49 )


    "don't go nuts, as far as I know, sim locked only means that you have pin control on your sim!
    unlock it with another phone, or go to phone settings and unlock it!

    maybe I am wrong, but I remember something like this with my old iPhone. "

    No, I never unlocked it, it just doesn't accept my simcard: just need to know what to use: turbosim etc (will it still work on a 1.1.3 /BL 4.6, BB 4.03.1_G) or
    use this 'ipod touch' until a softwarebased unlock has been released...

    Posted by reachg 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 10:32:11 )

    I was able to fix the ringtones. Did anybody figure out how to fix itunes previews not playing and also how to fix ipod sound on iphone. Any input is appreciated.


    Posted by brett 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 10:49:26 )

    This is a very stupid noob question...

    "Put it in /usr/libexec, use term-vt100 or ssh to do "chmod 0555 /usr/libexec/lockdownd" then reboot your phone. Connect it to iTunes and it will activate it for you. "

    I there actual instruction somewhere that can help someone learn how to use these proggies..

    Posted by numberzz 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 12:01:31 )

    Just one more for the record. I did this while it was not connected to a wireless network, I received no calls and no texts. I installed the 1.1.3 Soft upgrade and let it sit. Soon 10 minutes went by, then 20 minutes, then 30 minutes. I let it sit for over 1 hour and 10 minutes and nothing happened. When I turned it off using the "hold the sleep and wake buttons" it was on 1.1.3 and I got the message about customizing the home screen. My ringtones work, hybrid maps works, and even locate me works. It is a fully working installation. :)

    Posted by rexxiboy 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 12:17:30 )

    I upgraded from a jailbreak 1.1.1 and the ibrikr finish its job.
    The following is not working:

    1. Could not play preview of Itunes (wifi is working)
    2. No sounds for incoming call.
    3. No sounds in Ipod for music (Podcast works and Youtube)
    4. No EDGE!
    5. Text, Havw not tried if this feature works. Will post soon

    I just want to know if I can restore back to 1.1.1 again if it is still possible. I would try this again after those fixes are settled. Caveat is all I can say.
    Update: Edge works but the icon is missing!

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 15:37:50

    Posted by xpired 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 12:49:08 )

    Is it possible to SSH into an iPhone with the 1.1.3 soft upgrade installed? I had OpenSSH installed prior, but the user name and password no longer seems to work.

    Posted by ipodtouchhacker 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 13:36:33 )

    hey i ran ibricker, and when i tryed to download ipod soft upgrade through installer it got 3/4 the way installing and then went black when i turned it on it froze (and the replay sign with the blue arrows came up really big on my screen for like 10 min)then it finally rebooted and i had installer and it said i was running 1.1.3 (note it didnt say that before it froze and went crazy) it has the silver dock at the bottem but my problem is i cant drag and drop icons, i know how to, and i cant add the webpage things on your home screen. in installer it still says i havnt yet downloaded ipod soft upgrade and when i try to it says error you must have 1.1.(1,2) to use this please help me i tried rebricking it but it says im on 1.1.3 and technically i am i guess email me at for any suggestions

    Posted by xorrde 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 14:23:43 )

    @branvan - Hold down Shift (Windows) or Option (Mac) while you click Restore in iTunes.

    @reachg - How'd you fix ringtones?

    @brett - I said above: "To clarify: you use SCP to upload files to your iPhone...." Go read it.

    @xpired - You will need to reinstall OpenSSH (along with the BSD Subsystem 2.0). If Installer says it's already installed, install term-vt100 and do the following commands: "cd /var/root/Library/Installer" and then "rm *" then refresh Installer. You should then be able to reinstall OpenSSH.

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 14:35:25 )

    can someone post me a link to download firmware 1.1.1 ... Also above from alexchernal there are instructions for the 1.1.3 jailbreak ... he goes on to tell me to enter the commands in iphuc. can someone explain that to me?

    Posted by pakakz 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 14:42:35 )

    Help! My iphone too is also in an endless loop running code. I tried to restore back to 1.0.2 using ibrickr. I tried the home/power to no avail! help!

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 15:39:46 )

    can anyone help me?

    Posted by jeewizz 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 15:53:37 )

    Hey guys there has been some fantastic information posted here, but for those of you who are visual, here is an excellent walkthrough on how to downgrade from your 1.1.3 firmware.

    My process went like this. I wanted to use the 1.1.3 softmod so I went right to the 1.1.1 firmware and skipped the baseband downgrade. I then accessed Safari and installed the jailbreak from for 1.1.1. After I completed the 1.1.3 softmod update I installed BSD and OpenSSH using InstallerApp. Then connected to the iphone using WinSCP(windows) and placed the file from xorrde's post above time stamped(26-Jan-2008 02:17:46) to the proper folder, connected the phone to iTunes and it went through the activation process. So I am running SoftMod 1.1.3 firmware with 4.03.13_G Baseband. I have AT&T so there was no need to worry about unlocking. Hope this helps someone.

    PS. In those times when things didn't go so right, and there were many of then, I simply went back into recovery mode and tried again.

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 16:14:58

    Posted by ruchita 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 15:59:42 )

    Guys please help me....I had an unlocked Iphone Firmware 1.1.1 I tried to do the soft upgrade and now the phone is stuck on apple logo...can u please telll me how to recover it back ?

    Posted by razvandan 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 16:35:10 )

    Thanks for your great work Nate!

    Just like rexxiboy, I upgraded from a jailbreak 1.1.1 (on an original 1.0.0 "early adopter" iphone properly anysim'd to work on Orange Romania). I used a Mac for the upgrade.

    The following is not currently working for me:

    1. iPod kinda works. UPDATE: When listening to music bought from iTunes both on computer and directly on iphone, the music won't play (the play button does not turn into pause). This seems to trigger problems for MP3 music as well (after I try to listen to itunes tracks MP3s are no longer audible until I insert the headphones, and some MP3s are silent and jump to the next after 4 seconds). The music problems occur all the time after trying to hear any bought music and are very frustrating.

    2. I get the error "Could not play preview" in iTunes (wifi is working and I can buy songs but not preview them)

    3. Edge works fine but the icon is missing.

    If you know of a fix for any of these please let us know. Thanks!

    P.S. Are any of these problems avoided if we do the upgrade from 1.1.2 instead of 1.1.1? I could try that path if you say so Nate.

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 16:53:27

    Posted by samsoffes 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 16:56:41 )

    @sadpanda my voicemail is screwed up too. Every time I restart the Spring Board, it asks for my voicemail password. No big deal, just annoying. Any fixes?

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 17:09:53 )

    I followed the instructions above from alex chernal and my iphone refuses to downgrade so i followed nates instructions and did the ibrickr thing. ibrickr said that was it my phone was fine but now im unsure what to do. i have a yellow triangle do i go on with the rest of the steps alexchernal gave me? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    Posted by eawnexo 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 17:51:28 )

    I have an iPhone with 1.1.2 OTB which i downgraded to 1.1.1, did jailbreak, oktoprep and then upgraded back to 1.1.2 and used with Nextsim and it is unlocked. Now i did the jailbreak with ibrickr and it was finished. But when i went into installer to look for 1.1.3 soft upgrade, i can't find it. I have reinstalled Community SOurces and still not there. What did i do wrong or what should i did? I tried to jailbreak again and still can't see the 1.1.3 soft upgrade. In iTunes, it does indicate that the phone has 317 mb taken up already. Please help me anyone. Thanks.

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-26 17:53:16

    Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 18:08:01 )

    Is there anyway to upgrade to the 4.03.13_G Baseband w/o first updating to 1.1.3 through iTunes before doing the 1.1.3 iBrickr soft upgrade jailbreak? In other words, I have already run the 1.1.3 soft upgrade jailbreak and never updated to 1.1.3 through iTunes, is there anyway for me to upgrade to 4.03.13_G Baseband w/o starting over.

    Also, I'm still using AT&T but I might have unlocked my phone when I first jailbreaked to 1.1.2 many recover/jailbreaks ago; is there anyway to tell if my phone is still unlocked or do I have to on a different network for it to make a difference?

    Sorry for the all the verbiage. Thanks for any help w/ this!

    Posted by mellojosh 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 18:40:19 )


    This is a post I made in the other forum. Think it answers your question.

    "Hey everyone, I have been working on getting my 2 week old iPhone to run this 1.1.3 Jailbreak and have finally gotten the steps down to do it. I had to borrow a PC to do it, but it works great. Didn't have phone features or ringtones at first, but there is a file you can replace on the iPhone to make calls, text, etc. and a post on here on how to get ringtones back using the installer application. I upgraded to 1.1.3 through itunes the day it came out, then I saw this and had to try it. So again, if you have an iPhone that is OTB (out of the box) with !.!.2, and you have upgraded through itunes 7.6 to 1.1.3, and you are an AT&T customer, with a stock SIM, you CAN use this jailbreak, and still have a working phone. Even with the new Modem firmware, which in my case, gave me the same results with the Find Me Locater in Maps. I do have a problem with the iTunes preview function, however. I wrote down all the exact steps I took to do this and can post them, or email them, if anyone out there needs that. Thanks Nate."

    Posted by jgh 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 19:12:00 )


    Thanks for the post. I appreciate it. Do you have access to the "exact steps"? If so, that would be great if you could post them. BTW, when you say OTB 1.1.2, do you just mean an iPhone w/ 3.9 Bootloader?

    Thanks, again!

    Posted by barkerjames 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 19:12:42 )

    Upgraded mu 1.1.2 phone to 1.1.3 this morning. Took 20 minutes and WORKED! No problems at all, ringtones work, can have custom ringtones and sms tones, all functions work, edge settings work, phone works and all contacts and music was intact. AMAZING!!! i just followed the instrictions. had to uninstall community sources and reinstall it to see the soft upgrade in installer. took less than 10 minutes to install once on the phone. couldnt be easier!!!!!!!

    Posted by sadpanda 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 19:24:21 )


    it will fix all of your password saving errors like mail and voicemail, also it fixes stock ringtones and something about edge. im sure this has already been posted but it will help a lot of people.

    Posted by baseballfu 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 19:56:40 )

    hecking iPhone version...
    You have iPhone version .
    Sorry! You must have an iPhone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with installed. Press Enter to exit.
    can someone please help
    i have a jailbroken v 1.1.2 and im using a MacBookPro

    Posted by onlyghosts 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 20:09:31 )

    I for some reason installed 1.1.3 from originally being at 1.0.2 and having installer with some great apps like nintendo, locate me, guitar tuner, etc. I tried following the instructions for downgrading to 1.1.1 but I had no such luck. I miss my old iphone friend and this new version is such an a**hole with no perks. Please guide back to my old friend. Thank you.

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 20:22:40 )

    i cant figure out how to install the themes ... anyone have any ideas

    Posted by guccipaul 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 20:27:51 )

    Hi Nate,

    Firstly let me say A BIG THANKS for all your hard work, I have upgraded to 1.1.3 and all is well apart from EDGE any idea!!!!

    Bellow is what im running for those that may be interested

    UK O2 IPhone
    Unlocked to take O2 or Tesco Mobile pay as you go sim
    Im using stealth sim so i can install any uk sim card and works great even after upgrading to 1.1.3
    The following apps also are working no problem NES, GPSphone, snes4iphone, psx4all, sketches, iblackjack, make it mine.

    All the normal features are working after upgrading to 1.1.3 using nates method ipod,voicemail,youtube

    The only problem im having is that you cant install the EDGE setting when you try it crashes to spring board does any one no a fix for this issue!!!!

    Once again Nate thanks so much for your work and sorry to here about you getting the boot from the dev team but trust they will come crawling

    Posted by anieto 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 20:30:34 )

    I upgraded my phone. I can't install the new BSD subsystem or even the new Installer. Or the mobile terminal to issue commands. I get the error " Main script execution failed". Please help.

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 20:35:55 )

    i just did the 1.1.3 jailbreak but i have no idea how to install the themes ... does anyone else have this issue

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 20:37:28 )

    it says firmware 1.0.x is required for the version of summerboard???

    Posted by teskat 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 21:10:34 )

    @ all !
    Hi guys,
    If I buy a new phone in UK from Apple, can I jailbreak and unlock it? ( I mean all new iPhone available in the market can b jailbroken and unlocked?)
    pls answer quickly, plz!


    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 22:27:56 )

    someone please help me with the summerboard issue for 1.1.3.

    Posted by mellojosh 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 22:41:10 )


    I have posted a blog with my "exact" steps. I have bootloader 4.6 with 1.1.2 out of the box.

    Posted by eawnexo 7 years ago ( 26-Jan-2008 22:58:36 )

    But when i went into installer to look for 1.1.3 soft upgrade, i can't find it. I have reinstalled Community SOurces and still not there. What did i do wrong or what should i did?

    Posted by teskat 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 00:43:43 )

    @ all !
    Hi guys,
    If I buy a new phone in UK from Apple, can I jailbreak and unlock it? ( I mean all new iPhone available in the market can b jailbroken and unlocked?)
    pls answer quickly, plz!


    Posted by kphlight 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 05:08:57 )

    For those getting the "Main Script Execution" error, I was able to correct it on my phone by doing:

    chmod +s /bin/zsh

    1.1.3 installed perfectly afterwards. Execute the command via ssh or Term-vt100

    Posted by muckymucky 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 05:36:41 )

    so how do you get pass the "Error Your iPhone is not ready to upgrade. See 'More Info." at the part where you have to get soft upgrade in installer?

    Posted by tom 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 06:29:02 )

    Hi guys,
    I have a problem with my foreign sim card and turbosim when i install to firmware 1.1.3. After update it always show "No SIM". If i downgrade to 1.1.1, then again of 1.1.2 its now always the same, "No Sim". What can i do, i need my phone. Please help me.

    Posted by anieto 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 09:21:00 )

    I can't install term-vt100. I can't install anything. It says I have ssh but when I try to login it says access denied. Have the Id and password changed? Please help.

    Posted by paulk 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 09:54:44 )

    when i install the 1.1.3 soft upgrade package from i get (after about 5 seconds) a 'Main script execution failed' Error message. your chmod suggestion did not work (and neiter did resetting the phone and resintalling and the bsd subsytem) any suggestions what i am doing wrong?

    Posted by brm 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 10:46:59 )

    I had a jailbroken 1.1.3 but wanted to "clean up" some old files so I did a full restore to 1.1.3 and then tried to downgrade to 1.1.1 so I could rejailbreak per NT's instructions. Keep getting error message (1) - phone cannot be restored. Tried alternate method ibrickr to 1.0.2 but that created endless loop problem. Broke out of that and did retore to 1.1.3.

    Anyone know how to force downgrade of a retored 1.1.3 previously jailbroken AT&T iphone? GO TEAM!!

    Posted by petero 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 16:23:53 )

    A number of us (Brett, rexxiboy, razvanbdan, etc.) are having the same suite of issues after upgrading from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3:
    -ringtones don't work (but I fixed mine by installing
    -Edge icon missing and not recognized by some applications like YouTube
    -can't preview iTunes songs
    -songs purchased on iTunes won't play, but podcasts and other songs play fine
    Any suggested solutions for these common issues would be greatly appreciated.
    Peter O.

    Posted by pbazar 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 18:20:06 )

    I am having the same problems

    Posted by marty 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 18:38:34 ), comment hidden (show)

    Nate, care to comment about the Dev's teams claim that their upgrade will work when the SDK is released and your won't? From what I hear, it can't be correct but I don't have have that much information to go on.

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 19:36:40 )

    I did the 1.1.3 jailbreak to my phone which had never been jailbroken ... my main interest was to be able to change the themes on my phone but summerboard doesnt seem to work. Can anyone help me out??? Also my email won't work, tells me no password entered.

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 19:41:14 )

    Also, i dont see that download @ petero ... i have that issue also.

    Posted by evolutionxbox 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 20:44:19 )

    1. Installed the 'BSD Subsystem 2.0'
    2. Updated 'Installer Version 3.0b10'
    3. Installed '1.1.3 Jailbreak DevTeam 1.0'

    Everything looks ok but I can't add icons to the home screen, I can't move icons around.

    I don't understand it, in the 'About' section it clearly states:

    "Version: 1.1.3 (4A93)"

    Why is this?

    Posted by evolutionxbox 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 20:51:42 ), comment hidden (show)

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 20:54:20 )

    still waiting on an answer...can someone anyone please help

    Posted by petero 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 21:16:27 )

    daflyiztchic, to fix ringtones, you need to run the Installer, edit Sources, and then add After you refresh, you'll then see an application called "1.1.3 Ringtone fix".
    If you're having the same issues I outlined above (ringtones don't work, can't play iTunes purchased songs, iTunes previews don't work, no Edge icon) I suggest you go back to virgin 1.1.1 state and reapply the upgrade following the instructions at It worked for me, I just had to reset network settings and everything seems to work flawlessly.
    Peter O.

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 21:49:19 )

    @ petero

    Do u know how to fix summerboard?

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 22:11:12 )

    also I added that to my sources but I don't see the fix

    Posted by petero 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 22:12:44 )

    daflyiztchic, I don't have first-hand experience with summerboard, but the "10 Problems" follow-up link to the one I gave above indicates:

    3. Customize and Summerboard will not work

    NO FIX FOR THIS YET. The customization tool, Customize and Summerboad will NOT work properly after upgraded to 1.1.3. No fix for this until they have new version. For those who planned to upgrade to iPhone 1.1.3, it is highly recommended for you to remove these 2 softwares first.

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 22:32:58 )

    I add the link to my sources but it doesn't show up in the list

    Posted by petero 7 years ago ( 27-Jan-2008 23:00:45 )

    daflyiztchic, this may be getting more complicated than you want, but if you look at the Intro page on the Installer (towards the end), it shows several commands that might need to be made (I used VT-100 Terminal to enter them), starting with "cd /Applications" and then chmod and chown commands. Run the 3 commands, and then when you add the source given above, it and refresh, it should add a "Tweaks (1.1.3) category in the Applications that allow you to install various fixes (one for Ringtones, another for mail passwords, etc.).
    Peter O.

    Posted by dtsblitz 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 00:28:49 ), comment hidden (show)

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    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 00:30:06 )

    awesome peter ty

    Posted by cubsfan 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 04:12:42 )

    After applying this update my iPhone no longer plays content puchased from iTunes. Any ideas?

    Posted by evolutionxbox 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 06:41:29 )

    1. Installed the 'BSD Subsystem 2.0'
    2. Updated 'Installer Version 3.0b10'
    3. Installed '1.1.3 Jailbreak DevTeam 1.0'

    Everything looks ok but I can't add icons to the home screen, I can't move icons around. I can't see lyrics or anything!

    I don't understand it, in the 'About' section it clearly states:

    "Version: 1.1.3 (4A93)"

    Why is this?


    Posted by onlyghosts 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 11:03:12 )

    Dear Nate True, I followed your instructionS for downgrading from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 using ibrickr and now my iphone will go to the yellow warning symbol then flash blue and load up lines of code as if ibrickr modifying it but it's been going on too long. PLEASE HELP.

    Posted by menacerx 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 12:21:53 )

    ok...i upgraded it perfectly and everything works...i lost all my programs but my main problem is that i have no installer any more...please tell me what to do.

    Posted by menacerx 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 13:52:58 )

    how do i install the installer on 1.1.3 ?

    Posted by isotrader 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 13:58:32 )

    Thank you Nate. I am happily using 1.1.3, to fix all the small glitches such as ringtone, email etc ... add to your installer source, and all the fixes will show up. Thank you achan for that. The only thing that don't work is the locate me on Google map. I have an unlocked 1.1.1 (OTB 1.0.2)

    Posted by miamisms 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 18:47:11 )


    I installed ibrickr, followed all the steps it didnt work. I tried it multiple times and it still didnt work. I tried to do the 1.1.1 restore but that didnt work either i got a 1604 error each time. and i tried the normal restore didnt work at all. There probably is a possiblitiy i did something wrong cause im a noob at this kinda stuff. but can you please help me???? im ripping out my hair over here

    Posted by neocarrillo 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 20:59:04 )

    I was wondering if this method really breaks Nikita and future sdk use like the iPhone dev team claims, considering both nates and dev teams software updates are pretty much the same?

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-28 20:59:28

    Posted by vaibz 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 00:44:10 )

    hey guys, i upgraded ma iphone using nate's amazin ibrickr.. everythin went well n ive now got 1.1.3 but i think my sim card is still invalid as I cant make any calls neither hav i got any signal bars! = ( also i cant move the application icons on the home page as ive seen others do wit their 1.1.3 upgrades...
    can anyone help me wit these issues plzzzz... i tried anysim 1.2 but it said it cant unlock my iphone = (((
    plz help... thanks

    Posted by yardeem 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 00:49:10 )

    HELP!!! S.O.S. LOST, Gilligan's Island ALL OF THE ABOVE. I have the iphone justed locked with the plug into itunes screen and I have tried everything to kick it out of that screen but nothing works, I keep on getting error 1603. My girl accidentally updgraded and now I tried to fix and now this is where I'm stuck. Can some BRIGHT individual HELP or Team help ME PLEASE!!!! I'm in distress!! Step by step hel pI'm a novice at teh iphone but not to the PC. I use WINDOWS. Thanks for whatever help you can offer.

    Posted by cefelo 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 08:32:49 )

    Fixed password not sticking problem. Add the bigboss source using installer.
    Then under catergories, tweak 1.1.3.

    source address:

    Posted by daflyiztchic 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 08:47:42 )

    Has there been anyword on if summerboard will be up soon? If anyone knows I'd appreciate the 411...

    Posted by teskat 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 13:19:14 )

    Could anyone tell me please:

    I gonna buy one from ebay, if anyone could make me sure that bith of these questions' answer is YES!

    looking forward to receiving your help as soon as possible.


    Posted by arekm 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 13:31:05 )

    hey i just did all the steps and now im stuck on the apple logo and i cant do anything can someone help me pls

    never mind lol after acouple of trys im no on the restore NICE

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    Posted by teskat 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 13:38:26 )

    URGENT- I have to decide now. Pleaseeee
    Could anyone tell me please:

    looking forward to receiving your help as soon as possible.


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    Posted by canixs 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 14:43:28 )

    Thanks Nate for make this jailbreak available for all of us iPhone Jailbreaker, I went through this upgrade several times and had learn something during the process. It's the best way to avoid the problems is upgrading from jailbreak 1.1.2, and install then uninstall the Preference & email fix from Bigboss, install the Navizon GPS and run once after each reboot to enable locate feature in google map. install t-zone hack if needed. Now everything works fine with one minor problem left that most people haven't noticed that the address in the contact list normally will be pinpointed to the location on google map when tap on it is not working.

    This comment was edited at 2008-01-29 14:45:45

    Posted by mickey 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 22:03:07 )

    Like I said earlier people who upgraded to 1.1.3 either by accident of thinking that they would be able to have full functionality after upgrading then downgrading then running the 1.1.3 jailbreak thus jailbroken with the mew baseband and replacing the lockdown file (me from 1.1.1 Jailbroken)are having an issue with windows (ME Vista Home Prem 32 bit) and I bricker being able to see our phone and kick it out of recovery mode on the downgrading step of this process Nate I know your really busy but there are more than one person with this issue your infinate wisdome and abilities would be greatly apreacated. Thanks W

    Here is what I did and where I got stuck. I'll mark it with seven ! points and then describe what happens next.
    This how-to is to end up with a perfectly working Jailbroken 1.1.3 phone for AT&T iTunes activated or other iTunes Activated (UK-O2, GM-T-Mobile) carrier-locked customers. The basic goal of this guide is to upgrade to stock 1.1.3 and then downgrade to 1.1.1 and keep the 1.1.3 baseband all the way through the 1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.3 jailbreak and update process, and then finally transfer over the 1.1.3 lockdownd file.

    This method works with either Natetrue's, or Devteams Jailbreak. It's wrriten for Natetrue's, but if you wish to use Devteams, follow the same steps except skip 11. Perform step 12 first, and then proceed with the Devteam jailbreak. After the Devteam jailbreak, proceed to step 13.

    With this quick how-to you will get:

    1.1.3 Jailbroken w/ all features
    Google "Locate Me" working natively(you don't need 3rd party apps to help)
    Default Ringtones working out of the gate.
    Processor and Memory clock increase of 1.1.2.
    Working phone w/ latest baseband
    Wiggily icons! (You know that's why you are upgrading!)

    so here goes:

    1. Prepping iTunes and back up files.
    Install latest version of iTunes, restart PC.
    Turn off automatic syncing and launching of iTunes when you connect your phone
    Backup your phone in iTunes.
    Manually backup your pictures via Windows explorer just in case.

    2. DFU Restore to 1.1.3 stock
    Connect your phone to your PC and open iTunes.
    Hold down the power and home buttons on your phone.
    When your phone goes black and you hear the disconnect beep, release the power button while still holding down the home button. After about 20 seconds or so you'll hear the connect and disconnect beep, and iTunes will show a message about your phone being in recovery mode.
    Shift-Click on RESTORE and select your 1.1.3 file.
    After that is complete you should have a relatively normal and boring 1.1.3 phone.

    3. DFU Restore to 1.1.1
    Connect your phone to your PC and open iTunes.
    Hold down the power and home buttons on your phone.
    When your phone goes black and you hear the disconnect beep, release the power button while still holding down the home button. After about 20 seconds or so you'll hear the connect and disconnect beep, and iTunes will show a message about your phone being in recovery mode.
    Shift click on RESTORE, and find your 1.1.1 file.
    After the restore is complete you'll get an error

    4. Normal Recover to 1.1.1
    After iTunes gives you an error about your first restore, shift-click and RESTORE again, and select the 1.1.1 file again. After the restore is complete you'll get another error.

    !!!!!!! Stuck here I Bricker won't recognise my phone Vista busy thing just spins and does nothing.!!!!!!! I get the screen that has the IPhone USB Cable and the CD with the ITunes logo on it

    5. iBrickr .91 to boot your phone.
    Your phone should now be stuck with a connect to itunes message or something.
    Extract iBrickr .91, and run the iBrickr.exe
    Click "boot my phone"
    Afterwards your phone screen should be red, and your phone will eventually boot up.

    Could someone please help Thanks!! Regards W

    Posted by phiber 7 years ago ( 30-Jan-2008 03:06:21 )

    Hi Guys,

    I have my iphone here which was originally 1.1.1. It has been updated/restored to 1.1.3 using itunes, and i now cannot activate the phone at all. I insert a sim and connect it to itunes to downgrade it but itunes needs a "carrier sim" to be inserted. Is there anyway past this, so i can downgrade my iphone and get it working again? I do realize updating was a big mistake, but itunes is tricky and i didnt realize what i was clicking yes to. Please can someone help me. If I go out and get hold of a Turbo Sim, would that be able to do this activation for me?


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    Posted by bobbydigital 7 years ago ( 30-Jan-2008 06:29:56 )


    i've got an problem and i need some help. When i run ibrickr 1.1.3. everything seems to wiork fine, but when I'm trying to install soft upgrade 1.1.3 in installer it says - error : your phone is not ready to upgrade.
    A few day's ago i updated my ipod touch to 1.1.3 (unbroken) and the used iphuc to go back to 1.1.1 and jailbroke it. Then I used ibrickr and it worked, but i had so many app. that did no´t work that i downgraded to 1.1.1 and since then the soft upgrade doesn't work! Is there any way to make it work again??

    Posted by bobbydigital 7 years ago ( 30-Jan-2008 08:28:05 )

    One more question? Please find out how the bootloader can be downgraded or how the upgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 works without having the problems i mentioned above.

    Posted by epsilonprime 7 years ago ( 30-Jan-2008 20:45:28 )

    In case anyone else sees something similar -- I had issues with my wireless connection keeping the password I provided it. Turns out the
    ~/Library/Keychains/keychain-2.db file being owned by root instead of securityd. I just deleted the keychain-2.db, restarted, and now my keychain works again (chown securityd and chmod 600 should work for everyone else).

    Of course this begs the question -- are the other files with improper permissions out there that I'm missing?

    Posted by jackolandia 6 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 21:33:56 )

    Hi, i would like to know, what i have to do to unlock my brand new iphone version 1.1.3 ive bought yesterday 1/30/2008, ive seen a lot information out there but nobody say step by step how to do it, an if its possible .

    Posted by daflyiztchic 6 years ago ( 01-Feb-2008 00:11:15 )

    after the installer update summerboard is now working ive installed it and its working beautifully. what I needed to know is if anyone knows how to download themes into the phone now. I don't mean the ones already in installer but some I have seen on websitesw. The instructions I have found are horrible. Someone please help.

    Posted by dtsblitz 6 years ago ( 01-Feb-2008 19:29:57 )

    I need help please. I have an unlocked iphone currently on 1.1.1 on TMobile network. I've tried a few times to get the 1.1.3 using instructions provided but my iphone always stuck at apple logo. I have installer 3.0; BSD subsystem 2.0 installed. However I'm not sure how it's got unlocked because I had somebody else do it for me. Thanks

    Posted by dhunter 6 years ago ( 01-Feb-2008 20:21:38 )

    Having a _real_ scrolling / looping issue, (not just the DFU/logo one - unix commands & responses flashing to logo and back) and really need a hand. Here's the story:

    Had a jailbroken 1.1.2, tried to upgrade via the AppTapp soft upgrade to jailbreak 1.1.3 - it failed. Tried restoring to 1.1.1, worked for a sec, but could not reactivate with AT&T. Put it back into DFU mode, and restored back down to 1.0.2, (iTunes 7.6) and tried running iBrickr on it to free 1.0.2. Clicked the "Free my iPhone" button, it said something about now copying some files to the iPhone, the screen turned blue, and sounded like the thing rebooted. When it did so, iTunes came back alive, (apparently when I upgraded from 7.4.2 to 7.6, 7.6 reset itself to open whenever it detected an iPhone connect) mid-process, the screen stopped, turned green, and froze.

    Tried putting the phone back into DFU mode, (power/home button thing) and now all I get is an infinite scrolling of unix commands / responses, (says something about the bootloader before the speed of line feeds blurs everything) for about 20-30 screen lengths, then flashes back to the logo, then back to the unix stream, then logo, again and again and again. How the heck do I get this thing back to any semblance of function?



    Posted by essoloyo 6 years ago ( 02-Feb-2008 04:52:19 )

    I spent more than 6 hour today trying to upgrade my iphone. It was a lesson. I bough my iphone jailbroken and with firmware 1.1.1 so i was ready to go from the begining. Was also using T-Mobile with my edge network set to Long story short
    Did all the spteps as it was instructed here and my instalation went through but the phone would not recognize my sim card so I had to downgrade my iphone back to 1.1.1. Advice: "Do not upgrade itunes at all, EVER". Ok now I have a phone at 1.1.1 but is not jailbroken so I have to use the method descrived in Make sure you have a wifi close and that will show as your firts choice and that you have fast fingers. After that go to safary and install AppSnapp. Once I did that my phone started working Ok again but everytime I tryed to set my edge network the phone will stop working.
    Now I had to go to settings/general/reset/reset network settings and reset them. Restar and go back to settings/ general/ network/ edge and set my APN to with username and password as guest and my iphone now work all good.
    I hope this help a few out there. I am not an expert I just followed steps and read blogs all over the internet for 6 hours. Hope this help some of you guys.

    Posted by dhunter 6 years ago ( 02-Feb-2008 11:44:34 )

    Many thanks to hernanr on one of the other Jailbreak 1.1.3 blog posts here - when Power+Home don't get you to DFU, apparently Home only while USB unplugged, and then plugging it in did the trick! :) Now to try to figure out how to get back from locked up 1.1.3 / 4.03 G to jailbroken 1.1.3, (and even if locked up until 1.1.4, still a _much_ better outcome than a scrolling paperweight! :) )

    Posted by mcg 6 years ago ( 02-Feb-2008 22:02:59 )

    Bad news, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, Ste Packaging's repo is intermittently down due to quota restrictions on their new server. It is not clear it will be back up. However, even when it DOES come back up, you will not find the 1.1.3 soft upgrade package in the repository, because Ste has opted to remove it, due to the incompatibilities it has with the Dev Team jailbreak.

    I just found this out the hard way after having downgraded to 1.1.1 in order to jailbreak and re-upgrade. Oh well. I've restored back to 1.1.3 jailed for now. I like my apps but I don't want to have to revirginize my baseband.

    Posted by subd 6 years ago ( 03-Feb-2008 13:02:13 )

    Can any answer me this:

    I have OTB 112, unlocked with stealthsim, and jailbreak'd with oktoprep, jailbreak.jar. I upgraded to 113 via Nate's method.

    How can I downgrade back to 112?

    Thanks in advance chicos

    Posted by daerich 6 years ago ( 03-Feb-2008 23:29:45 )

    iTunes connect icon on my iphone. iTunes automatically updated my phone to 1.1.3.
    I cannot downgrade using iNdependence. Message stating 1.1.3 is not supported.
    I have downloaded iTunes firmware 1.1.1 and have a series of image files & folders that iTunes does not recognize when trying to restore.
    Can someone please advise what I should do?
    Thank you

    Posted by foosda 6 years ago ( 04-Feb-2008 02:28:58 )

    Well I tried using on my iPhone (jailbroken 1.1.2) to upgrade to 1.1.3 and it seemed to work fine, but after it finished, my iPhone got stuck in "connect to iTunes" mode. But now iTunes is saying something about "there is a problem with your iPhone. We're sorry but the iPhone you connected may be damaged and cannot be activated for service. We recommend you visit the nearest Apple store for more information." And when I use iBrikr it says that it already is in 1.1.3 version, but i cant do anything to it. Help me restore it please?

    Posted by schumann 6 years ago ( 04-Feb-2008 15:44:06 )

    Well i have some problems.I m windows XP user.I have jailbreak iphone 1.1.1(3A109a) and its firmware 04.01.13_G.I tried to upgrade my iphone to jailbreak 1.1.3 and i did the ibrickr method.Evrything was fine.But i never seen any "1.1.3 soft upgrade" in my iphone.I refreshed many times but nothing happend man.And still i m stuck with 1.1.1.So what i suppose to do??

    Posted by schumann 6 years ago ( 05-Feb-2008 15:00:54 )

    I didnt get my answer yet?:(

    Posted by mciphone 6 years ago ( 05-Feb-2008 15:04:17 )

    All my ringtones have been erased!!! Does anyone now how to get them back?...any help would be very helpfull!


    Posted by wonderfulwaldo 6 years ago ( 05-Feb-2008 18:42:43 )

    i used i brikr 1.1.3 special edition walked through the steps... now i cant find "1.1.3 soft upgrade package" i updated my community sources and refreshed them but the only 1.1.3 i could find was the dev teams OFFICIAL 1.1.3 UPGRADER.... can anyone tell me how to get the "soft upgrade package" ????

    Posted by daflyiztchic 6 years ago ( 05-Feb-2008 23:13:58 )

    how can i get ringtones? every song i want on itunes says can no longer be converted to a ringtone... WTF?

    Posted by dipak 6 years ago ( 06-Feb-2008 02:36:21 )

    Hi, Thank you very much for providing these steps. I have iphone with OTB 1.1.2. I upgreaded it to 1.1.3 by .... biggest mistake. Now I am tring to jailbreak it with downgrading it to 1.1.1....I got error 1015 error after downgrading it to 1.1.1. Then I ran iBrick software and waited for almost 15 mins i didnt see any any change ..... I repeated the steps given by u about 5 times but no any result. I have a PC with 2GB Ram. Please let me know if I am doing any wrong thing.

    Posted by dipak 6 years ago ( 06-Feb-2008 02:56:20 )

    Hi Nake, When i run iBrick software it is stucking in Connecting Iphone .... Please help.

    Posted by tracerooter 6 years ago ( 06-Feb-2008 05:48:51 )




    Posted by surrahann 6 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 09:13:31 )

    Hi there!

    Ok, I am having the same problem as dipak.....When I get to downloading the 1.0.2 software, it just sits there in iTunes saying it is waiting for iPhone and my phone has a little circle at the bottom that shows that it is still trying, but it has been sitting like this for probably an hour....

    Please help!!!!

    Posted by dipak 6 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 16:17:54 )

    Hi Nate, Surrahann also facing same problem. I also tried this so many times...... Please Help.

    Posted by doughboy 6 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 20:08:29 )

    Hi I have a OTB 1.1.2 with a 4.6 bootloader and upgraded to 1.1.3 using the official 1.1.3 upgrader from everything seemed to be working fine, but recently Ive found out that I can no longer go online. on settings it says i am connected to my network, but when i click on safari, it says I need to connect with a network. and even on the main screen, it doesnt have the wifi symbol, so can anybody please help me with my problem thanks. - Doue Lee

    Posted by bazooka 6 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 20:34:53 )

    My restore is impossible, ibrik classic issue don't work. not even the 1.1.3 restore from itunes. Can anyone help me out! please, I have a crashed 1.1.2, 3.9 jalbroken unlocked with ipsf that I am trying to restore. I tried alot of thing already, I need tips. thanks

    Posted by zerocool 6 years ago ( 08-Feb-2008 10:41:36 )

    i need help to install the 1.1.3 softupdate

    i had a 1.1.2 iphone and downgraded it t 1.1.1 and installed the and i used the ibrikr to pepeare my iphone for 1.1.3 jailbrake but its not showing up in my installer how do i fix this ?

    Posted by nakamura 6 years ago ( 08-Feb-2008 20:49:57 )


    So I have a 1.1.1 JailBroken phone, unlocked via anySIM. This has worked great; for months! But, I want my wiggly icons. I have done everything above using iBrickr. The only issue is I cannot find the 1.1.3 Soft Upgrade. I believe I read earlier that the soft upgrade has been removed from the original website hosting this?

    Here are some of my phone stats:

    Version: 1.1.1 (3A109a)
    Model: MA712LL

    Any help or answers would be great appreciated!




    After a digging a little while longer, it seems the STE packaging site has moved with the firmware. I have located the site:

    Directly from the site:

    "I have emailed Nullriver and asked them to update the “Community Sources” package with the new URL for my repository, but they don’t seem to be around today.

    If you’d like to switch to the new repository now, you can do so by:

    1. Going to the “Sources” page in and deleting the current entry for “Ste Packaging”.
    2. Add the new repo URL of: (Make sure you include that final slash! Also make sure that your iPhone doesn’t capitalize the “p” in “iphone”.)
    3. You will know you have the new repo, as the tagline for it is “New, and Improved!”

    You may need to manually refresh it once, after adds the repo and does it’s own refresh. The site will show up as “Uncategorized” (at least, it does for me), but that’s ok.

    When Nullriver updates the “Community Sources” package, and you update to it, I don’t know if it will just move my repo to the “Community Sources” category, or if you will wind up with it listed twice. If it does get listed twice, and one is in the “Uncategorized” category, then just delete that one. If you wind up with two of them in the “Community Sources” category, then just pick one and delete it.

    If you decide not to do this, please know that the site you currently point to will be down for 3-5 hours (or more), tomorrow morning, while the electric company repairs several transformers in the building that server is in.


    I will update if I find it.

    This comment was edited at 2008-02-08 20:59:45

    Posted by uzernam 6 years ago ( 09-Feb-2008 21:06:23 )

    I DID EVERYTHING!!! NOW ALL I NEED SOFT UPGRADE 1.1.3!! BUT I CAN'T FIND IT!! PLS!!! SOMEONE PLS HELP!! there is a softupdate file in the ibrickr 1.1.3 jailbreak edition, can I do something with that?

    Posted by nnnite 6 years ago ( 11-Feb-2008 14:48:59 )

    I cant find the soft upgrade even after I added the neww source and refreshed,.......HELPPP

    Posted by slop 6 years ago ( 14-Feb-2008 19:59:47 )

    HELP!!!! MY PHONE IS COMPLETLY BROKEN. I tried doing this TWICE! The first time it didn't work, and i got the scrolling thing. Then i followed the "Panic: please help me" instructions. Then my phone worked. But did i stop there. NO! I still wanted to get games, so i proceded to try again. THIS TIME, not only did it not work, but whenever I try to restore it both ways. (You know the shift restore, and the ibrikr white thingy restore) AND IT STILL DOES NOT WORK. Everytime I try, it gives me this error message that has the number 1065. I TRIED EVERTHING PLEASE HELP!

    Posted by bonez 6 years ago ( 18-Feb-2008 21:16:17 )

    I think I need just a little guidance. I've had my iphone for quite some time now. When I bought it it had 1.0 firmware on it. A few weeks ago I upgraded to 1.1.3 thru itunes (something I am now regretting). So at this moment I have 1.1.3 firmware with 04.03.13_G baseband and 3.9 bootloader. (my 4th and 5th digits are "30" so that's 3.9, right?) Anyway, I tried using ibrickr to jailbreak my iphone but was having trouble doing the downgrade first to 1.1.1 so I could then re-upgrade to a jailbroken 1.1.3. While browsing Nate's blog for help I saw a link that Nate put up about using ziphone to jailbreak 1.1.3 w/o having to downgrade and stuff like that. I gave that a try and it worked great using ziphone 2.4. I have the installer now on my home screen and I'm able to add 3rd party apps and everything seems fine. Where I need help is with accessing iphone's file system to add files to get some of the 3rd party apps to work properly. (i.e. adding ROMs so the NES emulator will work). I can't find any help with this doing it the way I did with ziphone and I know ibrickr has iphoneinterface built right in but like i said before, the jailbrake with ibrickr keeps failing and when I try to use iphoneinterface in ibrickr (with the ziphone jailbrake), it says my phone is not jailbroken. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? How can I access iphone's file system without using ibrickr or if I can get help with jailbraking with ibrickr, than I know the iphoneinterface will work. I hope I made sense thru this rambling!!! Thanks alot.

    Posted by paulweck 6 years ago ( 02-Mar-2008 03:02:26 )

    yo guys i just got a new iphone after loosing my old 1.0.2 and now it is 1.1.2 is it safe to use the ibricker that i used with 1.0.2 this is reallt killing me i cant stand having this plain iphone im with at&t so i dont need to unlock for sim reasons just want summerboard and apptapp so i can costumize please help!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by pridetushar 6 years ago ( 21-Mar-2008 00:30:31 )

    i have iphone and i using in india with airtel services,
    the version of mu phone is 1.1.1 , i got it allready unloked from usa, can anyboady tell me how can i upgrade it to 1.1.4 ,

    plz,, i am non technical guy and i totaly dont understand what written in above so plz help me out i simple way by step wise intrucrion..
    email me if possible,


    Posted by iash 6 years ago ( 06-May-2008 17:17:20 )

    i had a massive scare earlier i got that weird scrolly thing ..... scared the s*** out of me but thanks to the panic section here my iphone is restoring to 1.1.1 ....wich seem to be taking a long time anybody know why?
    please help i am truly worries

    Posted by ferre 3 years ago ( 07-Mar-2011 09:02:24 )

    restore fails quickly

    This comment was edited at 2011-03-17 06:15:13

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