The last of Taipei photos

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I've been out of Taiwan for a day and a half now but only just now have had the time to post.

The night before our departure, Jake and I plus another Jake from AMD headed to a night market, which is apparently like a swap meet but it takes place at night and it has many more food vendors vending unsanitary and unidentifiable foods that smell bad.

Portions of it were more crowded than this:
The smells really stand out as they waft from the various stands. Live seafood is everywhere,
... though it's not nearly as ubiquitous as the dead seafood.
We traveled to two separate night markets, in addition to a random neighborhood that the taxi driver said had stinky tofu but it totally didn't.

One of the night markets had a "food court" of sorts composed of vendors and I got some noodles (which were good) and some stinky tofu (which was stinky and unpleasant).

The following day, Jake and I headed up to the top of the Taipei 101 and took some amazing pictures from up there (many of them in 3-d)!
This one's a memorial hall of some sort, with a huge yard in front of it and a cool-looking park to the side.
Here's the first 3D picture, it's a wall-eyed one so make sure to look deep.
Next one, pointing 90 degrees to the clockwise.
And again!
Last one. Heck yeah baby!

The 101 has a huge steel ball in the middle, to prevent the building from swaying due to wind. It's a boring purpose but it results in the necessity of a gigantic steel sphere right in the center of the 89th floor:
3-d picture of the same:
And of course, since a gigantic steel sphere weighing 700 tons isn't exciting enough, they make up four characters called "Damper Babies" ([a official site[]) with various personalities.
The characters are cheesy but the ball they represent is, for lack of a better word, ballsy, so the 101 comes out net positive for coolness.
Here's the "profile" of one.
This is a very large building that I passed in a taxi on the way to the airport. I have no idea what it is but it looks really cool.

That's all from Taiwan. I have a bunch of photos I took in Berlin already just itching to be posted, so watch for that.

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Posted by robertvaughndns 6 years ago ( 03-Dec-2008 23:27:11 )

can i use some of your photos??????????????
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