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Me in front of a huge TTR banner at Apple HQ

Posted by natetrue 6 years ago

I took a trip down to the Apple HQ last week (I was down there for a Tapulous developer summit), and heard rumors of a three-story tall banner bearing my game, Tap Tap Revenge, in one of the buildings.

And of course, I had to get a picture with me in front of it.

Yes, the photo is photoshopped - I had to brighten my face due to bad lighting and covert photography practices :D

Tags: apple, banner, game, iphone, tap tap revenge, tapulous

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Tap Tap Revolution coming to the iPhone App Store as "Tap Tap Revenge"

Posted by natetrue 7 years ago

I know I've been silent for a while on the Tap Tap front, but now I can break the news! Tap Tap Revolution has been bought by a new company called Tapulous, and they've hired me on as a developer to maintain TTR.

Suffice it to say, their push for more features definitely works out better for you guys. Here's a low-quality leaked video demonstrating the sweet new features and look:

Check out the rest of this post for some exclusive screenshots.

Tags: fun, game, iphone, tap tap revenge, tap tap revolution

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Tap Tap Revolution v1.3 released

Posted by natetrue 7 years ago

I finally took a day to update Tap Tap Revolution and get a few more features in.

Among the millions of new features are:
- MUCH better tap response
- Multitouch taps have been eliminated
- Pause and Exit buttons in game mode
- Clearer tap graphic
- High Scores table for each song (that's why you're prompted for a user name)
- The iTunes Library remembers who made beats for each song

Watch for a couple new tracks coming soon, too.

It's already in iBrickr and will be in Installer very soon, thanks to Shaun who does half the packaging for Give him your money! He spends a lot of time packaging these apps for mass consumption and deserves a lot of the credit for how easy it is to get applications on your iPhone.

Tags: boston terrier, games, iphone, tap tap revolution, update

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