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Paypal fraudsters, please stop sending me money

Posted by natetrue 7 years ago

Recently a number of very suspicious donations have shown up in the iBrickr donation account - large $80 donations coming in on the same day from several different people, or chains of $1 donations coming from different people all with Hispanic names, all on the same day.

I don't appreciate fraudulent donations and I'm sure the victims of these scams don't either. The suspicious donations have been reported to Paypal, and I hope you get caught, jerks!

Thanks to those of you who have sent in genuine donations. Your money is keeping my stomach filled with delicious potatoes. Also, if you haven't donated, that's okay, too! I still love you, just not as much.

As for the status of iBrickr, it has not been terribly useful to me lately (and likely not too much so to you all either), and I have not been developing it actively lately. My attention has shifted to other things (like native iPhone apps) for now.

Look for a full source release of iBrickr soon, so that anyone who wishes to mess with it still can.

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iBrickr v0.9 released

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago

Just a small update - if you want to downgrade your iPhone from 1.1.1 back to 1.0.2, iBrickr will guide you through it. No button holding either, it's easy!

Check it out!

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iBrickr v0.2 released - iPhone modding for Windows made easy

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago

Hey everyone - I just released the first version of iBrickr, a Windows app that makes iPhone modding easy. Just download it, run it, and plug in your iPhone and it will guide you through the steps, doing most of the work for you.

iPhones modified this way do not need to be "unjailbroken" to work with iTunes - your iPhone will always appear the same to iTunes as it ever did.

Right now ringtone management is the star feature, with application management via PXL being less useful because PXL packages are at the moment hard to come by.

It has an in-built error reporting architecture (you get to review everything that gets sent my way though), so if something goes wrong I can help you out with it and get back to you via e-mail.

So check it out, and let me know what you think.

Tags: ibrickr, iphone, modding, release, ringtones, software

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