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    Created by allogarage 4 years ago

    "Mobigarages is a free iPhone app that can be used to find a motor mechanics near you, sorted by popularity and note. It's a french app for now, but may be released for other countries soon. It is based on Allogarage ( ) database, the first website that allows visitors to..."

    iPhone tethering easy and safe

    Created by marcoxyz 7 years ago

    " provides the easiest and safest way to use your iPhone as a modem to connect you to the internet. Despite the the unsafe connection bewteen your Mac and your iPhone your data are safe because all communication between both devices are encrypted by SSH. Everybody who does not want..."

    Dock 3.0: Quick app switching for jailbroken iPhone 2.0 phones

    Created by natetrue 7 years ago

    "Back in the old iPhone 1.x firmwares, I made an app called Dock that would allow you to switch between apps quickly, without needing to go back to the home screen. Then iPhone firmware 2.0 came out and turned everything on its head! I had to completely..."

    iPhoneShop - .artwork utility for Windows

    Created by xtremecc 7 years ago

    "I have been working on a Windows wrapper for the iPhoneShop java program used to modify .artwork files found on the iPhone. I feel that it's ready for a public release. Essentially, it provides a GUI for the .jar file. Those of you that already use the .jar file will find this as a great shortcut..."

    PClapper! Clap Run Clap Surf!

    Created by pcaponerit 7 years ago

    "A free program to add clap control to your PC! Download is at You can set it up to do anything; clap once for slashdot, clap twice to open a command prompt, three times to shut down your computer from bed if you are lazy. I made this cause I thought the clapper was..."

    Tap Tap Revolution: the fast-tapping iPhone music game

    Created by natetrue 8 years ago

    "Two days' work and my game is finally releasable. Download songs from my online collection (contact me to get your own music on there) and tap to the beat when the lights hit the bottom line. TTR has an online update feature (under "New Tracks") where new tracks will be added (by indie..."

    iBrickr: Easy iPhone ringtone / app management for Windows

    Created by natetrue 8 years ago

    "Classically it has been hard for Windows users to modify their iPhones. Mac users get all the cool applications like iFuntastic and such. No more of that! iBrickr is the Windows application that makes it dead simple to modify your iPhone, add and manage custom ringtones, and install..."

    WebVNC - Remote Desktop / VNC on your iPhone

    Created by natetrue 8 years ago

    "The idea seems simple enough. I want to be able to use my PC from the comfort and safety of my iPhone. I got to thinking about it, and it seemed that modifying VNC was the best option. It already has the remote framebuffer thing down pat and I just had to write a web interface for it so the..."

    The Linkback System - get a Free Linkback Display

    Created by natetrue 8 years ago

    "After developing the "Who Links Here?" feature on, I kept hearing from friends and webmasters what a cool feature it was, and whether they could have it on their site. I figure, why not? Here I've created a simple API that lets any website use what I dub the Linkback..."

    Created by natetrue 9 years ago

    "Ever since I met my friend jesse, I've known the value of creativity as a benefit to individuals as well as to humanity as a whole. Jesse has been creating things for as long as I've known him, and I began to create things too, and publish them on the Internet at my website,..."

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