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Big Dripper

Created by gileshall 4 years ago

"The Big Dripper is a concept based on Harold Edgerton's Piddler. Edgerton's Piddler, also known as a "Time Fountain", uses a stroboscopic light source to highlight individual drops of water in a constant stream of liquid. With the strobe off, the stream looks like a solid cylinder of falling water...."

Yellow LEGO Multitractor

Created by frohickey 5 years ago

"This was designed after I had received another pack of track plates and sprocker wheels. This way I could make vehicles with more and larger caterpillar units. When I add more basic bricks I'll be able to make even larger..."

Yellow LEGO Tank

Created by frohickey 5 years ago

"I've been collecting yellow Lego bricks for the last 2 years so I can make anything I want a not have to worry about running out of specific pieces. I chose yellow because I like it and it can be used for emergency vehicles, combat vehicles and rescue vehicles (tanks, trucks, spacecraft, submarines..."

PVC xylophone

Created by moby 5 years ago

"videos on YouTube: I have always wanted to make one of these, and in 2005, I finally built one. It is 2 full octaves - F to F. Obviously I got the idea after seeing Blue Man Group. This is not quite the same as the ones that they use, but it sounds very..."

Rainbowl is a paper mache and paper pulp bowl I cast from a glass bowl.

Created by humdinger 6 years ago

"I created Rainbowl as a piece to be entered in an art show which occurs annually where I work. This is the first piece I completed and the first piece I entered in an art show. I loved working on this project. I was thinking "rainbows" from the start with this project because my son and I both..."

Shower Hair Scorpions

Created by humdinger 6 years ago

"I have a lot of hair and when I grow it out, I tend to catch a few strands of it between my fingers when I wash it. When I shampooed my hair the other day, I pulled caught strands from my fingers and flung them on the wall. The group stuck to the wall in the formation in these images and I..."

Again, a few more things from school

Created by pointlesspark 6 years ago

"Well, I finally got some more pictures together from school. While last semester I focused mainly on metal I thought this semester I'd broaden my horizons. I decided to dip into stone, glass, wood, wool, and pre-fab materials (am I using pre-fab right?) and just get a taste of a few different..."

Visual Cacophony: A collaborative watercolor painting

Created by natetrue 6 years ago

"Emma held an art night at her place with Jesse, Brenda, Nate, Ben Blood, Patrick Toney, and Melissa. We decided we wanted to do a large..."

psychedelic wallpapr inspired by sacred geometry, hindu & buddhist philosophy, kabalah spirituality & shamanic experiene

Created by symbolika 6 years ago

"digital psychedelics for your computer. hope u enjoy. symbolika is the psychedelic expression of the designer fabian. visionary psychedelic symbols inspired by sacred geometry, hindu & buddhist philosophy, kabalah spirituality & shamanic..."

A few more pieces of "art"

Created by pointlesspark 6 years ago

"Although a couple are shown finished yet all too unfinished, I don't think I'll be getting my camera out for anything for a while except for the slightly heightened steel tree (currently shown a measly 15' tall) which I'm entering into a small local competition. The first picture shown is of a 6'..."

Animal photos and video from the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida

Created by natetrue 6 years ago

"While visiting Florida, I had the opportunity to visit the Lowry Park Zoo. They've got a bunch of interesting animals there. I took some high-speed video too with my excellent Casio EX-F1..."

Some HDR Photos

Created by xerxes 6 years ago

"Here are some photographs I've taken over the last couple of weeks. They're actually a combination of three pictures that are then brought together to produce an HDR or High Dynamic Range picture. They can wind up looking surreal or cartoony, and they're a lot of fun to do. I use a program called..."

Eskimo Pie Rap Picture

Created by julian 6 years ago

"Two weeks ago I had my first Eskimo Pie. It was fantastic! Like a wonderland in every bite! I decided "I will write a wrap about this." Then, thruftly, I decided "I will make a song-image or even album cover for this rap." Admittedly it's pretty..."

Long Range All Terrain Exploration Vehicle

Created by frohickey 6 years ago

"Some pix of a model I designed and built. Mostly sheet styrene plastic and cast resin parts. The track plates and wheels were cast resin and lots of old model parts. It's approximately 1/35 scale. It's based on a vehicle described in a book by Basil Copper called "The Great White Space," sort of an..."

Slides of some student works

Created by pointlesspark 7 years ago

"These are just a few (seriously only a few) pics of some work I did in my second semester at art school. Obviously it's not everything, that would just be ridiculous, but it ranges from painting to india ink to charcoal to ceramics. The images above from top to bottom and left to right are:..."

Tile Pictures!

Created by julian 7 years ago

"Sometimes I don't like showering right after I wake up. It's a lot of work for my sleepy body to do. Drying off is particularly strenuous. Today I decided to just sit until I was dry. As I was, I noticed that in the shower tile, was me! How extraordinary! I look pretty sad in most of these. I was..."

4th of July Fireworks

Created by versii 7 years ago

"I took these on the Fourth of July. I slightly edited them with Google's Picasa2, because I really only cropped them. These make great backgrounds and screensavers. Click 'full' to see them fullsize, and full glory! Nate, I wish you had some kind of image gallery option, that would be so much..."

Nice plants and Animals

Created by peanut 7 years ago

"My husband and I spent this Saturday morning at the Florida Botanical Gardens (which we like to call Flogar or Flobot Gar) It was overcast, and ridiculously hot, humid and sweat-inducing, but we had fun and were able to snap some good macro photos of the flowers, plants and mini-animals. If..."

Tiny Lizard Photographs Plus

Created by peanut 7 years ago

"I got up to let my dog out this morning and to my delight, there was a tiny baby lizard on my screened in patio. It was lucky that I spotted him, because he was soooo little. I guess a lady lizard crawled in and laid some tiny lizard eggs in our potted plant soil. A few days later, VOILA! Tiny baby..."

Xerox-Style Watercoloring

Created by peanut 7 years ago

"I have some buddies in my home town who just opened up a recording studio. On my visit home this May, I got to hang out at the studio a bit and the walls are lacking a certain... quantity of wall-art. My homeboy said they had been looking for someone with my painting "skills" (If you can really..."

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