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Printable jacket cuff lights

Created by natetrue 5 years ago

"They're a new take on the Jacket Cuff Lights that I published back in 2007. These are less likely to break, easier to install, and the casing is printed on a Makerbot! Cuff light..."

Nanday Conure, Goffin Cockatoo, English Budgie! Some graphics I created

Created by peanut 7 years ago

" I opened a t-shirt/tote bag website with a pet bird theme. These are some images I designed to print on shirts and sell. I've always seen generic "I love my (Insert Favorite Bird Breed Here)" T-shirts, so I thought I would elaborate on bird personalities to..."

finley's birthday hoodie!

Created by esther 7 years ago

"so first and foremost, i think all credit for this pretty much goes to the always lovely jesse and brenda duo, but they insisted that i post it instead. the plan had originally been to get together to hang out and collaborate on a [long overdue] present for a friend of mine. what ended up..."

Leather gloves collection

Created by ines 7 years ago

"I love to design gloves. They have to be of perfect and refreshing design and made of first class leather. The webshop is very successful and offers the most extensive and exclusive collection in designs and colors now available, for the high end customer. Although it..."

Lace-up corset-style T-shirt reconstruction: Edward Gorey Bat Shirt

Created by sykora 7 years ago

"I created this by following the directions for the 4th or 5th shirt in Generation T by Megan Nicolay, it was fun. This shirt was XL previously, and I no longer wear clothes that baggy. I'll have fun wearing this out! I think I'll cut out a strip from the top of each shoulder side-wise, and include..."

Reconstructed T-shirts: Full length Skirt with angled rainbow panels and hearts

Created by sykora 7 years ago

". Edit 3/20/08: This creation is now for sale on my new Etsy shop: I created this from old t-shirts, Cut and sewed into panels that would make a skirt! I sewed them onto a white jersey skirt I already had, that had a stain on it, so sizing wasn't an issue,..."

Silver and Birthstone necklace

Created by reamsjp 7 years ago

"This is a double strand necklace I made for my mother. On the shorter strand are her and my stepfathers birthstone in Swarovski crystal. On the bottom, each have 3 kids from previous marriages, so on the side of my mother are me and my brothers, on my stepfathers are his kids. Once again all..."


Created by xerxes 7 years ago

" Here is a couple of T-Shirt designs I have made over the years. Sadly, at the time I made them I used a poor quality iron-on transfer, on a bad color for transferring.(Long story short, the T-Shirts no longer exist.) Feel free to use them if you like. The wolf shirt was done in photoshop, and..."

some shirts.

Created by esther 7 years ago

"some number of summers ago, i believe it was two, i woke up one morning and said to myself "i need a silkscreen right now to make mollee a birthday present." and then i got up and went out and got one. it was the most initiative i think i have ever shown. and, unlike, aikido, guitar, violin..."

Leslies Ladder

Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"This is My friend Leslie, when she needs to Rock Out Hard she calls me. I took this dress grabbed a steak knife and just started slashing away. I coined the style of these random slits on the Back sides and front the "Jocobs Ladder"..."

More bleached T-Shirts

Created by tsmaster 7 years ago

"Continuing to draw inspiration from jesse, brenda, sykora, and aliya, I did a second batch of shirts, burning through my pile of new shirts. This time, I used some fancier imagery, requiring the use of adhesive. I used 3M spray adhesive, and got good stickiness, but the nozzle velocity was way..."

Bleached Shirt - Black Die

Created by tsmaster 7 years ago

"Inspired by the other discussions around here about cool bleached shirts, I ran out to my nearby Ben Franklin's, which has t-shirts in a small selection of colors. Today, the options were orange, black, red, and blue - I suspect orange might get swapped out as it becomes less seasonal. I cut out..."

reaper 1.0

Created by wyzard 7 years ago

"This is my Halloween costume contest entry. I'm the tall one. The Edward Scissorhands in front of me is the winner of the contest I only made 2nd place this..."

A costume made for my daughter based on a final fantasy character Yuna

Created by wyzard 7 years ago

"I made this costume myself with no pattern but a print out of a single image of Yuna from the Final Fantasy game. I think it turned out well considering my weak sewing..."

Bleached Khaki Pants: Mandala

Created by sykora 8 years ago

"I made these for a friend, she mailed me her green khakis, and I used a mandala pattern that I drew several years ago, printed that out, cut it out of paper card stock, and sprayed Elmer's Spray Adhesive on the back of all the little pieces, and carefully affixed them to the pants. I sprayed with..."

Bleach shirt - WoW geekery

Created by sykora 8 years ago

". Edit 3/20/08 I'm now making /flex shirts for folks, @ /flex is one of my favorite WoW (World of Warcraft) emotes. Often, the programmers made this emote way over-the-top, and funny to watch. It's also rather instantly recognizable in silhouette, which made it a good..."

Bleached Hoodie

Created by carrieferguson 8 years ago

"I got this idea from my son, Jesse, and his wife, Brenda. I decided that I wanted a bleached hooded sweatshirt. I used Kinex toys and layed them out on the shirt and sprayed a 50/50 bleach-water solution over them. I also dipped some Kinex in the bleach and laid them on the shirt (in areas that..."

shirt with sewn-on design

Created by brenda 8 years ago

"I was at the mall the other day, and saw some pretty cool shirts. And, upon seeing the ridiculous price of $20 for a single T-shirt, I was inspired to make my own. Now, I have already made my own bleached shirts, but this time, I wanted to try something different. ..."

Mr. & Mrs. Bleached shirts.

Created by aliya 8 years ago

"A while ago I added some pictures of the Hippo shirt I had bleached out. Here is the rest of that inspiration. I've finally finished two "matching" shirts. One for Mr. and one for Mrs. (as you can see in the pictures). I had tried to use a pink shirt for the Mrs. shirt however, pink doesn't..."

The Rocktopus! Just a graphic that I designed to put on clothing and other stuff.

Created by truetj 8 years ago

"I've just started tinkering with this cool open source graphics program called Inkscape. It's great for those who are not so computechnical, like myself. Really easy to use. And I've always dreamed of owning a T-shirt printing machine, so I thought I'd start designing. This is what I came up..."

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