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4-channel automatic stereo audio switcher

Created by natetrue 2 years ago

"It sounds like a product you should be able to buy for a few bucks from any decent home theater store. But when I looked, I couldn't find one. So naturally, I ended up making my own. When I sought to replace my old speakers with a pair of Sylvania MusicLites screw-in can light speakers, I was..."

Mint Tin LED Light

Created by jiggy 4 years ago

"This project combines a 9v battery, 8x white 5mm LEDs, 4x 1/4 watt 150 Ohm resistors, switch and mint tin into a novelty mint tin LED light. I enjoy building DIY projects and turning items with character into amusing but functional gadgets. Building an LED light is reasonably simple, cheap and..."


Created by allogarage 4 years ago

"Mobigarages is a free iPhone app that can be used to find a motor mechanics near you, sorted by popularity and note. It's a french app for now, but may be released for other countries soon. It is based on Allogarage ( ) database, the first website that allows visitors to..."

Wooden iPhone 4 case

Created by natetrue 5 years ago

"Having recently gotten a huge box of wood veneer, and an iPhone 4, I decided I wanted to make a wooden case for it. At first I just wanted a wooden backing to go into the official iPhone 4 bumper case, so I put some wood on some sticker paper and shined it up all..."

Smart Tweezers DMM Hack

Created by openschemes 6 years ago

"We got a DMM Smart Tweezer free when we ordered a more expensive DMM. Originally, it could only measure R, C, and diode but upon opening it up we found it had a full-featured DMM chip inside. By cutting and jumpering some traces it was possible to enable the voltage-measurement mode to enhance..."

Ridiculously bright keychain rechargeable flashlight / flash drive

Created by natetrue 6 years ago

"Being a lover of putting super-bright lights in things, I wanted to make a compact keychain flashlight that was rechargeable. Obviously USB is the standard for powering small devices now so a USB connector was an easy choice. I happened to have..."

iPhone tethering easy and safe

Created by marcoxyz 7 years ago

" provides the easiest and safest way to use your iPhone as a modem to connect you to the internet. Despite the the unsafe connection bewteen your Mac and your iPhone your data are safe because all communication between both devices are encrypted by SSH. Everybody who does not want..."

My own POV toy for fun!

Created by seemanta 7 years ago

"This POV toy was inspired by the Binary/POV clock by Natetrue which fascinated me very much. For this project, I have used an ATMEL AT89S52 microcontroller which is based upon the 8052 core. I have used a column of 8 LEDs for creating the POV effect. The code for this is quite simple and so I ..."

Dock 3.0: Quick app switching for jailbroken iPhone 2.0 phones

Created by natetrue 7 years ago

"Back in the old iPhone 1.x firmwares, I made an app called Dock that would allow you to switch between apps quickly, without needing to go back to the home screen. Then iPhone firmware 2.0 came out and turned everything on its head! I had to completely..."

Interfacing an LCD with an Arduino Board!

Created by seemanta 7 years ago

"I used my recently purchased Arduino board to interface a Hitachi HD44780 compatible LCD. With Arduino, as usual the code was quite simple. In fact, I spent more time building the circuit than in writing the code. The only disadvantage I found in the Arduino board was that the PORTD and PORTB..."

Laptops. To paint, or......well, to paint.

Created by versii 7 years ago

"I bought this laptop in September, so that I could have something to use at school. It is a Fujitsu Lifebook P1120. An 800MHz Transmetta Crusoe processor, 256Mb of ram directly soldered to the board, and ATi Radeon Moble. It was barely powerful enough to play a decent quality movie, but it could..."

Chromium iPhone

Created by xtremecc 7 years ago

"Chromium iPhone is a completely customized package of images that replaces nearly all of the default artwork on the iPhone. It's much more than just a basic .artwork file modification. This gives your entire iPhone a metallic makeover. For use with iPhone and iPod Touch 1.1.3/1.1.4 This mod..."

Online FTP-client

Created by fanatiphone 7 years ago

" is a free online FTP client. The only one on the internet. You don't have to install any software on your pc, just go to and use it. Great to use in combination with the iPhone. You can access you iPhone anywhere and therefore use it as a portable..."

iPhoneShop - .artwork utility for Windows

Created by xtremecc 7 years ago

"I have been working on a Windows wrapper for the iPhoneShop java program used to modify .artwork files found on the iPhone. I feel that it's ready for a public release. Essentially, it provides a GUI for the .jar file. Those of you that already use the .jar file will find this as a great shortcut..."

Visual 1.0

Created by xtremecc 7 years ago

"Visual 1.0 is the first ever Summerboard theme designed to give you an enhanced visual experience with vWallpaper, the popular new video wallpaper application used to display movie files as your wallpaper. This theme is packed with more than 400 icons ... When using this theme make sure you..."

BlackLight 1.0 - a SummerBoard Theme

Created by xtremecc 7 years ago

"An all original theme with 7 different UV blacklight reactive wallpapers and over 400 icons! This theme comes with a .psd icon template so you can easily add new icons yourself. Get this theme from the repository: The extra..."

Psycho iPhone mod nr1

Created by croiman 7 years ago

"This is myn iphone mod, polished back, apple that lights up at the same time as the screenlight, engraved on the back and the antenne cover a different color. He is Pwned on 1.1.4 with custom firmware and has a moving wallpaper on the springboard. Hope you enjoy my work. You can read the full..."

Fading Apple Loader Icons

Created by xtremecc 7 years ago

"Replace the spinning loader icons on your phone with these cool new fading apple icons! DOWNLOAD The icons are located in several places on the phone. See the screenshots for examples.. Easily install this mod from the Planet-iPhones..."

The Dew Battery

Created by xtremecc 7 years ago

"Mountain Dew Battery Icon Set by Allen.. Install this battery from the Planet-iPhones Repository! - Get the matching slider icons..."

The March Moon Eclipse

Created by esegre 7 years ago

"This is a series of pictures I took of the moon eclipse on March 23 These were taken with a NIKON D70 directly attached to a Celestron Nextar 5 if you want the original pictures email me and I will send..."

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