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Magnetic self-assembly in slow motion

Created by natetrue 6 years ago

"90 1/8" small magnets arranged in a 9x10 matrix with a larger magnet brought close. Beautiful self-assembly occurs. Video shot at..."

Super slow motion videos

Created by natetrue 7 years ago

"Using my new super-awesome Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 digital camera, Jesse, Brenda, and myself took a bunch of sweet high-speed videos. Without further..."

The Blaum Fish

Created by julian 7 years ago

"My mom goes on a conference trip to Seaside, Oregon every year, and my brother Sam and I went with her in October '07. While we were there we visited the Seaside Aquarium, and I took this video of some Blaum fish performing their mating ritual. What an extraordinary experience! Many people go..."

A Winter's Tale Act III (Sophomore Video Project)

Created by julian 7 years ago

"For my sophomore (high school, obviously) Language Arts class, we had to film an act from a Shakespeare play (A Winter's Tale for our year) we were analyzing next to the Oedipus Cycle. I had an awesome group and we picked the best act. It has a bear attack and three (count them, 1...2...3)..."

a flower for you

Created by esther 7 years ago

"This is my first ever claymation, its not super good, but I didn't spend too much time on it. I made it while waiting for Julian to finish making a little copper frame for a sculpey version of himself, it's cute. I've been meaning to make a claymation for a really long time, but ever since my mom..."

"You Broke My Chalk, Which Killed Your Grandfather!"

Created by julian 7 years ago

"Jesse, Brenda, and I hung out one Saturday and this was the product of our (mostly their) creativity. Needless to say, they did everything, and I just added the teeny tiny bit at the end. Also, it's pretty quiet since I edited it with Windows Movie Maker, and you have to edit sound for the whole..."

Ravioli Time

Created by julian 7 years ago

"One dinner, my family and I were joking about a Snickers commercial we'd seen, and this came about. The original commercial can be found here:..."

Captain Scallywag

Created by julian 7 years ago

"On the tail-end of my fifth grade year, my friends and I went to a LEGO Studios summer camp. I made this short movie, and saved up $180 for the LEGO Studios movie making set. I've loved animation in general ever since, but haven't gotten much better at it. Heartbreakingly, the LEGO Studios as a..."

Make My Day on iPhone

Created by natetrue 7 years ago

"This new iPhone app is an iPhone version of the live-action choose-your-own-adventure DVD Make My Day, which my production company (Hidden Frame Productions) produced in 2005. It features DVD-like menu navigation and live streaming via the Web (thanks to for that). For..."

Outdoor Rube Goldberg Chain Reaction Machine II

Created by jesse 8 years ago

"Brenda, Bre Pettis (Make:), and myself ( ventured to "Earth sanctuary" again to see if we could one up the last forest chain reaction we all saw. Discovery Channel Canada followed us with their cameras, but never got the whole thing working on film. These..."

Experimenting with animation

Created by 8 years ago

"Earlyer this year I decided I wanted to make an animated film. I started by doing some small "experiment films, like the one of the baby coming out of a tree. This one was done by drawing each frame in a sketchbook. Then I taped the sketchbook to the wall, and set up a tripod to take a photo of..."

Frozen Sheet Thawing Timelapse

Created by jesse 8 years ago

"Global warming is going to suck in a few years. I thought I would come up with a few clever solutions to the blazing summer. So I wetted our bedsheet and put it in the freezer...the opposite of what we normally use blankets for. Anyhow it was frozen like a fabric stone when I pulled it out. We had..."

Scientist plus Cat

Created by jesse 8 years ago

"When a scientist meets a nice animal, he must ask himself..."What would happen if I blew a horn in its face. What if this little beast has an idiosyncrasy?" I attempt to answer these questions and one more. Just click the..."

Stingray City: Underwater video from the Cayman Islands

Created by natetrue 8 years ago

"I recently went on a cruise to the Caribbean, and one of the stops was in Grand Cayman, largest of the Cayman Islands. I went on a stingray snorkeling tour, and with my handy-dandy underwater camera enclosure, I captured some..."

Techno-organic Corn Starch Monster

Created by hfp 8 years ago

"It started out as a normal boring day browsing Youtube, but we came upon this video of someone vibrating cornstarch and water ('oobleck') and it making all sorts of weird and crazy shapes. Nate figured, hey, we have corn starch, some old speakers, an..."

Timelapse paintings

Created by boggers 8 years ago

" Images painted in Artrage. Undo/redo playback captured with ZDsoft screen recorder. Using the free versions of both of both programs. These lines are spaced out because otherwise the previews sometimes go underneath the videos. What videos? These videos! ..."

Revelation video

Created by brenda 8 years ago

"I can't stand it in movies when a person witnesses something "out of this world" and doesn't react enough. Like in the new "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise. When those giant robots shot out of the ground and started vaporizing people, yeah Tom was pretty scared...but if someone really saw..."

Timelapse of Broccoli Rotting with Decay and Mold

Created by jesse 8 years ago

"Here it is sealed in its glass Brandy Snifter. I realized I was not going to injest the broccoli (from Safeway) when I opened the plastic bag and smelled the nastyness of forgotten veg. It still looked pretty good though and Nate has just handed over his camera, recently published in"

Pollinate: Chain Reaction & Common Desk

Created by belief 8 years ago

"Pollinate: Videos about the creative process, tracking down new sources of inspiration and transforming your workspace. These are 2 video pieces I made about creativity. The first is called Pollinate: Chain Reaction, the second is called Pollinate: Common Desk. They are each long..."


Created by hfp 9 years ago

"Watch as one person transforms somewhat seamlessly to the..."

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