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Babayfall (waterfall desk)

Created by craiguf 7 years ago

"My old roomate and I both go to the University of Florida for Landscape Architecture. We originally built the frame around the landscaping tub in our old apartment so we could have some fish and a small waterfall, but then I took it to my next house and built the bridge and decided to put my..."

Pillowcases: Now for BABIES!

Created by peanut 7 years ago

"This project is a set of 2 baby pillows for my sister's new baby. I hope she doesn't frequent creationsnet, because I'd like this to be a surprise when I give it to her in a week or so. For the background, I used various cotton fabrics and the bunnies are felt. I was pretty pleased with how they..."

Scaly CD Door

Created by denhaz 7 years ago

"This is a spare time project that can be achived slowly over time or faster depending how light fingered you are and your definition of "Take one". Over time spare CD's, from magazines I'm never going to read again and games that are never going to be played or sold due to lazyness, have been..."

Glowing Google Pens

Created by natetrue 7 years ago

"Inspired by my friend Sparky's recent LightStik purchase, I decided the idea would be simple to replicate with pens in a pen stand (and as a bonus, they would also be pens). So taking a 5-pack of Google pens that I got from..."

Cat Sprayer

Created by nathanh 8 years ago

"How to keep you feline from scratching your valuables. This purpose of this device is to deter your cat. When the cat crosses the path of the light from the diode to the photo transistor, the pump is activated and sprays whatever is in its path with water . I built this cat sprayer to keep my..."

Not-So-Free Fountain Table

Created by mpv 8 years ago

"The creation of this fountain table came about because I had simply acquired a free fountain pump while working for a lawn and landscape company. The fountain was created last summer. I physically hauled the rocks up from Lake Michigan where my wife helped me pick them out. The smaller rocks..."

Toybox and shelf/desk for kids

Created by kleucht 8 years ago

"After not finding any kid furniture that my wife and I were completely happy with, I decided to design and build my own large rolling toybox and plastic-bin holding shelf. The shelf is designed to turn into a desk for when the kids are older. It's all made from heavy (3/4 inch?) plywood and..."

ceiling-mounted childrens furniture

Created by fbohmann 8 years ago

"when i moved into a nice old flat with a ceiling at roughly 3.5 meters height, i decided to put something stupid to the ceiling. strolling through ikea, i found those childrens furniture pieces made from plastic, and bought them straight away. i also bought a simple lamp to put on the table. the..."

funky gravity room

Created by brenda 8 years ago

"Jesse and I wanted to make a sideways room for a music video. So, we attached a chair and a basket to the real wall, hung stuff on the adjoining wall sideways, and layed foam core and paper on the floor to look like a wall. The chair in the corner is just resting on the ground. We lit the room..."

Creatively painted custom christmas ornaments

Created by jesse 8 years ago

"One year we painted all of these balls and put them into gift boxes. Then we sat them in public places and watched people find them and get all excited when they read the note "this is for whoever finds it (you)" or somehting to that..."

Blue chair

Created by jesse 8 years ago

"We bought this blueish chair from goodwill for $1.oo it was poorly colored (worn) so we painted it BLUE and added highlights and shadows with the drybrushing technique. THis picture is of it when we first began to paint the dark..."

Hanging plant watering system with level sensor

Created by codiy 9 years ago

"OK, so this isn't exactly landscaping, but I figure it's close enough (and the prospect of being the first to publish in the category was neat!) My wife and I enjoy hanging out on our covered patio for meals, or just on nice days to read, etc. One of the things that makes the space nice (and,..."

Psychedelic Table

Created by jesse 9 years ago

"My Wife Brenda, my sister Erin, her boyfriend Ruwan, my Friend Alex, my mom, and I all took turns painting this table. Its painted on the bottom aswell See the picture right above this text for the bottom view! (thanks mom for sending me this..."

A secret illustrated floor story

Created by jesse 9 years ago

"Brenda (my wife) our friend Christine and I snuck upstairs. The carpet was gone (to be replaced with new carpet the next day) we had markers and paint. We illustrated a bizarre narraritive involving aliens, cheerio innertubes, shark pits, ranch dressing,and Dr...."

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