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    Orange Sesame Tofu Recipe

    Created by natetrue 7 years ago

    "A while ago I started playing with tofu and cooking it in various ways. I fell in love with this delicious Ginger Sesame sauce and tried preparing tofu in it. It was delicious, but the main ingredient in that sauce was high fructose corn syrup, and we know how unhealthy that is. So I set out to..."

    Meatball GIFs

    Created by julian 7 years ago

    "Last summer my family was in Sweden for a family reunion. During part of the trip we took a ferry to Gotland (an island in the middle of the Baltic). It's a four hour ferry ride, so needless to say, I got..."

    Froot Cake

    Created by tsmaster 7 years ago

    "When I was a kid, they had small type interposed into the name of the cereal, so the full name of this project might more correctly be "FROOT flavored CAKE". I'm not sure why they had to double up on making sure you knew that the cereal contained no real fruit - perhaps the quantity of froot wasn't..."

    PlayStation 2 Controller in Jell-o

    Created by tsmaster 8 years ago

    "Inspired by "The Office", a buddy and I decided to embed things from our boss' desk in Jell-o. I put a gamepad in orange Jell-O. My buddy was going to try a chess set, but that turned out..."

    Extravagantly decorated cookie scene.

    Created by jesse 8 years ago

    "When you have all the necessary elements together for decorating cookies, I suggest you go above and beyond. This cookie has houses with Christmas lights on them, Christmas trees with berries, a river with a dock, and its own street. The chimneys even have holes for smoke to come from (though no..."

    Great Christmas Food Ideas

    Created by sirsmelly 8 years ago

    "When it comes to Christmas dinners, breakfast, brunches, diabetic emergency's, angry pregnate mom's to be, pet cows chewing cud, lice, and ofcourse the ever famous midnight snack. I have only one sugestion this year as to what you can do in these..."

    Mad Hatter wedding cake with fondant icing and custom toppers!

    Created by jesse 8 years ago

    "Mad Hatter cakes (like what we wanted for our wedding) were around $3000, custom toppers were around $800, and a rotating display platter is $50. We only had $5000 dollars for the whole wedding. So we decided we should MAKE our CAKE and eat it too. This is approximatly how to do it if you want to...."

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