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Magic Fountain Ultimate Version (with more sources)

Created by davediamond 4 years ago

"This is an update and better version of my old creation: This version has more sources (five taps) set independently. 100 UV LEDs The circuit has an BD439 transistor (can handle 4 A max). And a water flow control in external tank. Here the..."

Custom Illuminated RC Airplane....The Glowing Parkzone Vapor

Created by illuminator 6 years ago

"This Is A modified Parkzone Vapor RC Airplane...I soldered 2 UV led's onto the frame and sprayed the wings with flourescent spray..."

"Four Corners" Cardstock Puzzle

Created by tsmaster 6 years ago

"When I was a kid, I had a puzzle made of six plastic pieces that assembled into a symmetrical four-pronged shape. Years later, I discovered that this puzzle was originally designed by Stuart Coffin, and went by the name "Four Corners" (amongst many others). I've got a copy of Coffin's "Geometric..."

Wooden Burr Puzzles

Created by francisshanahan 7 years ago

"For a full write up go here: I came across IBM's website on burr puzzles [] and decided to make one. "Burr puzzles are interlocking puzzles known in Europe and Asia since at least the 18th century." I..."

My Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV Gaming Characters

Created by urrl 7 years ago

"I got more involved with making faces than actually playing the game once I found the game has a Fagegen face creator you use whenever you begin a new game. But after seeing the limits of Oblivion Facegen my passion was not satisfied until I purchased Singular Inversions SI Facegen software and..."

How to build a fort *EDIT*

Created by versii 7 years ago

"At my last year of Boy Scout Camp, my friends and I decided to make a fort in the woods. We fould a nice spot, and comenced building. Using twine, and rope, as well as a screen door we just happened to find, we single handedly won the gateway..."

Bible Text memorization technique.

Created by jesse 7 years ago

"These are iPhone backgrounds. If you are familiar with Mark Finleys Book "Studying Together" and the Bible Chain Reference markings based on the verses referenced in that book, these fit in as as well. For one who plans to memorize all of the texts in any of those Bible-Studies these backgrounds..."


Created by nikita 7 years ago

"I created these immages for my vendors for Second Life vendors. Come there it's funny live a Second..."

a baby octopus!

Created by esther 7 years ago

"so, i dont know that this really counts, seeing as i didnt make it myself, that was God or no one or dragons or whatever you may happen to believe, but it was still really really cute, and i wasnt sure where else it would feel like it even remotely had a home besides on creations, and i wanted to..."

Playgos - Wooden Jungle Gym for Kids

Created by belief 7 years ago

"My son is now 16 months old and I wanted to build him something to play on. He always gets bored, so I wanted to build him something that could change over and over again. I came up with this modular playground equipment that is really easy to build and change. He absolutely loves it and so do..."

Wooden "Burr" Puzzle

Created by tsmaster 7 years ago

"A friend of mine had a birthday party recently with a "childhood" theme, including giving away gift bags to the guests, filled with candy and cheap toys. One of the toys in my bag was a plastic burr puzzle - the sort of puzzle where you pull out one piece, and all the other pieces fall apart in..."

Bong O Lantern

Created by belief 7 years ago

"Its a Bong and its a working Jack-O-Lantern. Made this for halloween this year thought you might like it. The how to build it video is on..."

scrap built Dymaxion

Created by bishopthirteen 8 years ago

"I've always loved building vehicles from found bits. I grew up at the top of a steep hill so engines were never a consideration until I moved to West Oakland (think a paved dry lake bed with stop signs)and started going to BurningMan (Think a Dry lake bed with no stop signs). This is my first..."

Flourescent bubble horizons

Created by jesse 8 years ago

"If you blow soap bubbles in the sink, then drop fluorescent dye twixt them. Under blacklight, it will suddenly explode in the intricate pattern which IS bubble intersections, thanks Nate for playing with bubbles that day with..."

backup copies of cd's

Created by aiouande 8 years ago

"The next time you make a backup copy of a cd, don't just write the name of the band/album title. Why not draw something on it? Personalize it? It will make you appreciate that cd so much more, and you won't throw it around just because it's a copy. Here, see some of my examples. Oh, and if you..."

Applique Rokkaku Kite

Created by robin 8 years ago

"At the 2007 Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference in Port Townsend, Washington, I learned how to sew an applique Rokkaku kite...."

Bubble rings

Created by hfp 9 years ago

"Always a fun activity when you're down by the pool. Get a large breath, and have someone hold you down on the bottom of the pool with their foot. Make a POWP sort of bubble from your mouth, and it will make a bubble ring! Watch jesse do it..."

Have a Balloon Day!

Created by hfp 9 years ago

"1 tank of helium, three hundred balloons, and a sunny day. Everyone loves Balloon..."

Big Smoke Rings

Created by hfp 9 years ago

"Using a lampshade, a grocery bag, some spare cardboard and a bunch of rubber bands, we made this very simple ring vortex launcher. For smoke we used a special effects fog..."

Colored fog rings

Created by natetrue 9 years ago

"No, it's not really colored fog. We used a projector to make these beautiful vibrant colors. It's really a sight to see, the fog gently moving and changing colors as it drifts through the light..."

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