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iBrickr: Easy iPhone ringtone / app management for Windows

Created by natetrue 8 years ago

"Classically it has been hard for Windows users to modify their iPhones. Mac users get all the cool applications like iFuntastic and such. No more of that! iBrickr is the Windows application that makes it dead simple to modify your iPhone, add and manage custom ringtones, and install..."

Tap Tap Revolution: the fast-tapping iPhone music game

Created by natetrue 7 years ago

"Two days' work and my game is finally releasable. Download songs from my online collection (contact me to get your own music on there) and tap to the beat when the lights hit the bottom line. TTR has an online update feature (under "New Tracks") where new tracks will be added (by indie..."

The Time Fountain

Created by natetrue 9 years ago

"Time fountains are now for sale! You can buy a fully assembled fountain ($200), a kit ($100), or the chip alone ($30). The pre-sale is over, sorry if you missed it! Interested? Buy now! ... You can also buy the parts yourself and..."

Dock: iPhone mod to enable quick app switching

Created by natetrue 8 years ago

"Just a little app I whipped up these last couple of mornings. It runs on top of all of the apps (in the lower-right corner) and lets you switch apps quickly and easily. Dock 2.0 is completely redone. Now it lives in the bottom-right corner of your screen (disguised as a little sunburst) and..."

Dock 3.0: Quick app switching for jailbroken iPhone 2.0 phones

Created by natetrue 7 years ago

"Back in the old iPhone 1.x firmwares, I made an app called Dock that would allow you to switch between apps quickly, without needing to go back to the home screen. Then iPhone firmware 2.0 came out and turned everything on its head! I had to completely..."

WebVNC - Remote Desktop / VNC on your iPhone

Created by natetrue 8 years ago

"The idea seems simple enough. I want to be able to use my PC from the comfort and safety of my iPhone. I got to thinking about it, and it seemed that modifying VNC was the best option. It already has the remote framebuffer thing down pat and I just had to write a web interface for it so the..."

Face-mounted Lucid Dreaming Mask

Created by natetrue 8 years ago

"For the uninitiated, lucid dreaming is a phenomenon whereby a person who is asleep and dreaming realizes that he (or she) is dreaming, and continues to control the dream, acting out fantasies or gaining special powers all within the dream. I find it a wonderful concept - every night you enter a..."

Binary/POV custom wristwatch

Created by natetrue 7 years ago

"Kits and preassembled watches are available here. Recently my good friend Andru Edwards and I got into a heated discussion about watches. My old Fossil Abacus PalmOS watch was getting pretty worn, and I was..."

A Tiny Wireless Motion Sensor

Created by natetrue 8 years ago

"NEW! - see me present the Wireless Motion Sensor in action on Gear Live's Bleeding Edge episode 006! Prologue You pause just before turning the corner into the dark hallway. You've evaded the guards thus far, but your adventure is not yet half over. Hearing a noise, you duck into the..."

Created by natetrue 9 years ago

"Ever since I met my friend jesse, I've known the value of creativity as a benefit to individuals as well as to humanity as a whole. Jesse has been creating things for as long as I've known him, and I began to create things too, and publish them on the Internet at my website,..."

How to downgrade and jailbreak a 1.1.3 iphone for mac

Created by elhacker 7 years ago

"~#READ ME#~ Ok, so say you upgraded to 1.1.3 and now regret doing so and miss your third party apps and the only way to jailbreak a 1.1.3 is to start with a 1.1.2 jailbroken iphone but how do you get back to 1.1.2? It is possible to downgrade and upgrade again and still have the phone capabilities..."

Black and Gold iPhone

Created by superbad 7 years ago

"iPhone redo. Black anodized back cover and Gold Plated Bezel/Apple Logo Steps: 1. Disassemble iPhone 2. Remove wiring flex cable from inside back cover. 3. Remove inner parts and apple logo 4. Strip existing ANO 5. Type 2 Anodize back cover and sim tray 6. Dye anodized parts (dye is..."

The Dragonfly

Created by kristian 8 years ago

"The Dragonfly It took me about 60 hrs to build and is mainly made out of scrap aluminium. It flaps it's wings for about 5 sec every 10 minutes in bright sunligt ( it is solarpowered ) The controling device is a standart BEAM 1381 solar..."

Jacket cuff lights: Convenient Illumination

Created by natetrue 8 years ago

"The next generation of cuff lights is here! Check out Printable Jacket Cuff Lights - now easier to make and install, plus they're much more reliable - no wires to break! We've all been there. Fumbling around in a dark parking lot,..."

Long Exposure Pictures

Created by brenda 8 years ago

"Jesse and I took long exposure photographs with our friend Sparky a few weeks ago. To do this, you need a pretty nice digital or regular SLR camera. Then you slap it on a tripod, manually set the shutter to be open for about 30 seconds, grab a couple of flashlights and go at..."

Assembling your face-mounted lucid dreaming mask

Created by natetrue 8 years ago

"This guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to build a Face-Mounted Lucid Dreaming Mask. You can buy the mask as a fully assembled, working mask (via Paypal, $60), as a kit ($30), or the programmed PIC chip ($10) alone, or just scrounge up the parts from your miscellaneous parts bin! ..."

T-shirt designs created with stencils and bleach.

Created by jesse 8 years ago

"All you do is go to Target or wherever there are plain colored shirts for sale. Then you get a stencil. You can cut out text printed out from your computer, or lay odd shaped objects on the shirt like a doily (as in the first picture) or an Abalone board (as in the second) then spray a 50/50..."

Spiral-clasp idea journal

Created by natetrue 8 years ago

"The spiral-clasp idea journal is a simple creation that elicits a 'wow' from people seeing me casually taking it out and writing in it. Using brass rod, a few springs, and a screw/nut combo, four arms reach out and hold the corners of the book tightly. A fifth arm grabs the pen and opens the..."

A secret illustrated floor story

Created by jesse 9 years ago

"Brenda (my wife) our friend Christine and I snuck upstairs. The carpet was gone (to be replaced with new carpet the next day) we had markers and paint. We illustrated a bizarre narraritive involving aliens, cheerio innertubes, shark pits, ranch dressing,and Dr...."

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