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4-channel automatic stereo audio switcher

Created by natetrue 2 years ago

"It sounds like a product you should be able to buy for a few bucks from any decent home theater store. But when I looked, I couldn't find one. So naturally, I ended up making my own. When I sought to replace my old speakers with a pair of Sylvania MusicLites screw-in can light speakers, I was..."

Mint Tin LED Light

Created by jiggy 4 years ago

"This project combines a 9v battery, 8x white 5mm LEDs, 4x 1/4 watt 150 Ohm resistors, switch and mint tin into a novelty mint tin LED light. I enjoy building DIY projects and turning items with character into amusing but functional gadgets. Building an LED light is reasonably simple, cheap and..."

Magic Fountain Ultimate Version (with more sources)

Created by davediamond 4 years ago

"This is an update and better version of my old creation: This version has more sources (five taps) set independently. 100 UV LEDs The circuit has an BD439 transistor (can handle 4 A max). And a water flow control in external tank. Here the..."

Magic Fountain

Created by davediamond 4 years ago

"This creation is originally inspired by Nate's True "Time Fountain" (thank you Nate!) The "Magic Fountain" is based on the principle of the Stroboscope. With strobe light we get the illusion of freezing the drops of water in midair, slowed or reversed! I..."

Big Dripper

Created by gileshall 4 years ago

"The Big Dripper is a concept based on Harold Edgerton's Piddler. Edgerton's Piddler, also known as a "Time Fountain", uses a stroboscopic light source to highlight individual drops of water in a constant stream of liquid. With the strobe off, the stream looks like a solid cylinder of falling water...."


Created by allogarage 4 years ago

"Mobigarages is a free iPhone app that can be used to find a motor mechanics near you, sorted by popularity and note. It's a french app for now, but may be released for other countries soon. It is based on Allogarage ( ) database, the first website that allows visitors to..."

Wooden iPhone 4 case

Created by natetrue 5 years ago

"Having recently gotten a huge box of wood veneer, and an iPhone 4, I decided I wanted to make a wooden case for it. At first I just wanted a wooden backing to go into the official iPhone 4 bumper case, so I put some wood on some sticker paper and shined it up all..."

Yellow LEGO Multitractor

Created by frohickey 5 years ago

"This was designed after I had received another pack of track plates and sprocker wheels. This way I could make vehicles with more and larger caterpillar units. When I add more basic bricks I'll be able to make even larger..."

Yellow LEGO Tank

Created by frohickey 5 years ago

"I've been collecting yellow Lego bricks for the last 2 years so I can make anything I want a not have to worry about running out of specific pieces. I chose yellow because I like it and it can be used for emergency vehicles, combat vehicles and rescue vehicles (tanks, trucks, spacecraft, submarines..."

Printable jacket cuff lights

Created by natetrue 5 years ago

"They're a new take on the Jacket Cuff Lights that I published back in 2007. These are less likely to break, easier to install, and the casing is printed on a Makerbot! Cuff light..."

PVC xylophone

Created by moby 5 years ago

"videos on YouTube: I have always wanted to make one of these, and in 2005, I finally built one. It is 2 full octaves - F to F. Obviously I got the idea after seeing Blue Man Group. This is not quite the same as the ones that they use, but it sounds very..."

Rainbowl is a paper mache and paper pulp bowl I cast from a glass bowl.

Created by humdinger 6 years ago

"I created Rainbowl as a piece to be entered in an art show which occurs annually where I work. This is the first piece I completed and the first piece I entered in an art show. I loved working on this project. I was thinking "rainbows" from the start with this project because my son and I both..."

Shower Hair Scorpions

Created by humdinger 6 years ago

"I have a lot of hair and when I grow it out, I tend to catch a few strands of it between my fingers when I wash it. When I shampooed my hair the other day, I pulled caught strands from my fingers and flung them on the wall. The group stuck to the wall in the formation in these images and I..."

Smart Tweezers DMM Hack

Created by openschemes 6 years ago

"We got a DMM Smart Tweezer free when we ordered a more expensive DMM. Originally, it could only measure R, C, and diode but upon opening it up we found it had a full-featured DMM chip inside. By cutting and jumpering some traces it was possible to enable the voltage-measurement mode to enhance..."

Ridiculously bright keychain rechargeable flashlight / flash drive

Created by natetrue 6 years ago

"Being a lover of putting super-bright lights in things, I wanted to make a compact keychain flashlight that was rechargeable. Obviously USB is the standard for powering small devices now so a USB connector was an easy choice. I happened to have..."

Again, a few more things from school

Created by pointlesspark 6 years ago

"Well, I finally got some more pictures together from school. While last semester I focused mainly on metal I thought this semester I'd broaden my horizons. I decided to dip into stone, glass, wood, wool, and pre-fab materials (am I using pre-fab right?) and just get a taste of a few different..."

Custom Illuminated RC Airplane....The Glowing Parkzone Vapor

Created by illuminator 6 years ago

"This Is A modified Parkzone Vapor RC Airplane...I soldered 2 UV led's onto the frame and sprayed the wings with flourescent spray..."

"Four Corners" Cardstock Puzzle

Created by tsmaster 6 years ago

"When I was a kid, I had a puzzle made of six plastic pieces that assembled into a symmetrical four-pronged shape. Years later, I discovered that this puzzle was originally designed by Stuart Coffin, and went by the name "Four Corners" (amongst many others). I've got a copy of Coffin's "Geometric..."

Visual Cacophony: A collaborative watercolor painting

Created by natetrue 6 years ago

"Emma held an art night at her place with Jesse, Brenda, Nate, Ben Blood, Patrick Toney, and Melissa. We decided we wanted to do a large..."

psychedelic wallpapr inspired by sacred geometry, hindu & buddhist philosophy, kabalah spirituality & shamanic experiene

Created by symbolika 6 years ago

"digital psychedelics for your computer. hope u enjoy. symbolika is the psychedelic expression of the designer fabian. visionary psychedelic symbols inspired by sacred geometry, hindu & buddhist philosophy, kabalah spirituality & shamanic..."

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