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3D video rig

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Nate and I want 3D stuff. Video, Images etc. This is a homemade 3D rig made at only 2$! You need a piece of wood, two metal rods and four wallet mirrors. It can be used with most cameras to freeze motion. It is ideal to have "first surface" mirrors for the middle 90degree fixture but not necessary.

With your bit of wood, cut an "X" as seen in the photo (experiment) make sure the cuts are wide enough for the mirrors to slide down into.
putty the mirrors into place (or tape if experimenting) and drill holes for the rods or screws on the sides (make sure everything is symmetrical)
Then position the mirrors (poor example shown) until you see the appropriate images in the camera lens. if your having a hard time positioning use a laser and shine it through the cameras lens so that you see it coming from the eyepiece (it should be blinding, and hurt) NO, shine it through the eyepiece instead.

I will post pictures taken with the rig soon.
Here is a picture of the second iteration of the rig from this original rig.
This one uses two very adjustable mirrors and shoots straight from the right field and through a periscope type system on the left giving it the necessary parallax. The image must be adjusted after it is taken to be more similar for each eye.

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Posted by julian 7 years ago ( 20-Feb-2008 00:24:35 )

Nice! This wouldn't have occurred to me. I would've just been bummed I couldn't afford two cameras.
Great job.

Posted by johnsegg 6 years ago ( 26-Jan-2009 03:27:04 )

Great Infos! I love 3d Movies.

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