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A Winter's Tale Act III (Sophomore Video Project)

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For my sophomore (high school, obviously) Language Arts class, we had to film an act from a Shakespeare play (A Winter's Tale for our year) we were analyzing next to the Oedipus Cycle. I had an awesome group and we picked the best act. It has a bear attack and three (count them, 1...2...3) deaths. The first half is bad since it's high school kids trying to look sad and act. The second half was more fun, since Sarah and I got to be nomads.
We filmed the first half at Zymogenetics. Sarah's mom works there. The second half was just in my neighborhood. I live there.

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We filmed the whole thing in a day for each half. We were at Zymo' from about 1-9:30pm and filmed the car scene on the drive home. By the end we were all pretty crabby.
Oh! That sweet chain jacket, and basically everything else, are from Goodwill. Except my costume, I owned all that already :/.
Anyway, I hope you liked it.

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Posted by jesse 7 years ago ( 31-Jan-2008 01:34:00 )

Ahh...I remember Shakespeare videos for English class...

My favorite shot is the one looking down the stair well of the people in black walking under it.

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