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Animal photos and video from the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida

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While visiting Florida, I had the opportunity to visit the Lowry Park Zoo. They've got a bunch of interesting animals there. I took some high-speed video too with my excellent Casio EX-F1 camera.

First up is the big aviary they have there (you may notice that I enjoy birds). Toucans have huge beaks, generally, and this one is no exception.
Here's a big creepy hornbill with a big horn on its bill.
And here's a closeup of the hornbill's tailfeathers.
The blue-throated macaws were especially puffy that day.
This is a blue bird the name of which I do not know.
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Here's it taking off in slow motion silhouetted, though.
The scarlet ibises were in full form.
Here's another nameless blue bird. It was pretty blue though so I included it.
There was an orangutan with a huge face hiding under a grocery bag. Cute!
The lorikeets were the stars of the zoo - so cute and playful:
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Two of the lorikeets were wrestling each other. The video is in hi-def, so make sure to watch full screen! Check about 1 minute in, they start dancing around each other.
Here's a vaguely bluejay-looking bird that is probably not related to the bluejay at all. It was in the lorikeet aviary.
Wood ducks are native to the Florida area, but this photo really stands out!
This kangaroo had another kangaroo sticking out of it.
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There was also a budgerigar exhibit where the budgies would fly around you. Here's one taking off of a perch.
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Here's a video from the point of view of one of the feeding sticks they sold us.
The penguins were great. They made excellent photo subjects and they would chase our shadows too...
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It was the cutest thing, and we wanted to do it for a very long time. So we did! They even jumped into the water and chased our shadows on the bottom of their pool.
Florida has so many lizards that it's cruel not to take a photo or two of them.
Mystery animal skin fold!
This is a yellow-masked lapwing, with weird jowly skin bits. Also notice the weird yellow thing sticking out of its wing. Is that a claw?
This meerkat smiled at me!
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And as always the meerkats were digging. A lot.
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There was also a giraffe feeding station. Giraffe tongues are gross! He would let you pet his nose for a second then would snootily lift his head. It was great.
Here's an excellent bald eagle shot.
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And we got to pet the sting rays!

That's all for now. Thanks for looking!

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