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Black and Gold iPhone

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iPhone redo. Black anodized back cover and Gold Plated Bezel/Apple Logo

1. Disassemble iPhone
2. Remove wiring flex cable from inside back cover.
3. Remove inner parts and apple logo
4. Strip existing ANO
5. Type 2 Anodize back cover and sim tray
6. Dye anodized parts (dye is available in many colors, I chose black)
7. Remove bezel
8. Polish Bezel, and apple logo.
9. Degrease Parts
10. Gold Plate using hardened Gold plating solution
11. Clear Coat bezel, Apple logo with quality Lacquer or Two part automotive clear
12. re-assemble parts

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Posted by natetrue 7 years ago ( 07-Nov-2007 17:02:48 )

That's beautiful! Do you have any pictures of the process?

Posted by itsmejamez 7 years ago ( 28-Nov-2007 12:00:34 )

where did you buy the anodize

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