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Body mod - Turn your pee blue!

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We've all dreamed of it - who wouldn't want to have bright blue urine? Alright, I admit some people might be appalled at this strange activity, but many will find it interesting.

No, you don't have to contract Syphilis to get blue urine. The method presented here is quite harmless.

WARNING: This guide contains instructions to eat things which are not sold for human consumption. Make sure you know the risks and read all relevant MSDS sheets before trying this on yourself! Some people may be allergic to Methylene Blue dye.

My interest in this subject began from hearing a rumor that there was a chemical you could add to food that would make someone's urine turn blue, as a prank. The person I heard it from had no idea what chemical it was but insisted that it existed.

I, of course, being of the Google generation, searched immediately for turn urine blue and lo and behold, the second result was a Wikipedia entry for a chemical called Methylene Blue. I knew I had to have it.

So, turning to my old buddy eBay, I searched for methylene blue. There are a lot of results for it, many being a treatment for fish rot or something like that. I bit the bullet and went for a nice 100g bottle of it as a powder.

(image note: The above picture is not of actual urine, though it closely resembles the effect the dye will have)

It arrived promptly, and needless to say I was quite excited. Having read the MSDS for the specific form of Methylene Blue I'd received, I was fairly confident that it wouldn't kill me.

But there was a problem. I tasted it, and it was very bitter. So much for prank potential. I knew I had to ingest some large-ish amount of it, so I turned to my cherished personal friend, a loaf of sliced white bread.
Using one (1) slice of white bread, remove the crust and tear away a piece of bread approximately 1.5 inches across.
Then press your finger in the middle, to create an indentation in the bread.
Using a cotton swab or similar disposable scoopy thingy, place the powder into the indentation in the bread. Be careful not to spill any - this stuff stains like crazy!
Shown here is way too much powder. Use about half as much as that.
Fold the edges up to fully enclose the powder. Compress it as much as you can.
You're done! Swallow this gargantuan bread wad and await results in two hours. I suggest drinking a lot of water with it to avoid possible upset stomach issues.

That's all you need to do! The dye should last anywhere from one to two days and will slowly filter completely out of your system.

For more information on what can change the color of your urine, check out Wrong diagnosis.

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Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 24-Nov-2006 23:38:49 )

There seems to be some evidence of the existence of a preparation of Methylene Blue which is safe to ingest but is completely colorless - see this news story about an art exhibition that supposedly did it. Further googling reveals no hint of a formula that's safe, and no evidence of this "Blue" exhibition.

Any chemists want to chime in on this?

Posted by cheftony 8 years ago ( 25-Nov-2006 00:31:18 )

I was taught bartending a long time ago, and the teacher told me about this. He used a liquid and would slip it in someones soda (coke, pepsi) because of the color. Doesn't harm anyone , but boy, does someone freak!!!

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Posted by chet 8 years ago ( 25-Nov-2006 08:41:31 )

Methylene ( METH-i-leen) blue is used to treat a condition called methemoglobinemia. This condition occurs when the blood cannot deliver oxygen where it is needed in the body. Methylene blue is also used as a dye to stain certain parts of the body before or during surgery.

Side effects: Greenish blue to blue discoloration of urine and stools.

Posted by spamicles 8 years ago ( 25-Nov-2006 09:50:29 )

WARNING: TAKE METHYLENE BLUE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The prank is fairly harmless if small amounts of methylene blue are used, although allergies are possible and it is advisable to use pharmaceutical-grade stain which has been carefully protected from contamination. The presence of other medical problems may affect the use of methylene blue. Be aware if you have any other medical problems, especially:

* Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiencyMethylene blue may cause anemia or make methemoglobinemia worse

* Kidney diseaseIn patients with kidney disease methylene blue may accumulate in the body; smaller doses of this medicine may be needed

* Methemoglobinemia to treat cyanide toxicityMethylene blue may make cyanide toxicity worse by increasing the amount of cyanide in the blood

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Posted by sfllaw 8 years ago ( 26-Nov-2006 23:09:34 )

Methylene blue can be mixed with glucose, which is a reducing agent. That should make it go clear. And also counteract some of the bitterness.

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 27-Nov-2006 10:44:29 )

Thanks sfllaw! Do you know if groceries carry glucose?

I tried sucrose (cane sugar) but that sure doesn't work :)

Posted by jesse 8 years ago ( 27-Nov-2006 12:00:09 )

I was the one who suggested this substance to Nate, after he bought some I gave to a try, I definatly ate WAY too much. My urine came out the color of cobalt glass and there was a ever so slight "warming" sensation when it was expelled...yeah, anyway if you DO try this do so with small amounts first.

Posted by littlewilly 8 years ago ( 27-Nov-2006 21:30:49 )

Hey, if I take high doses of vitamins at the same time as the Methylene blue, can I get shades of green? Will a bladder infection turn it purple? Dude, this is so cool. Don't eat the blue snow!!!

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 27-Nov-2006 22:16:01 )

I would not recommend ODing on vitamins, nor getting a bladder infection just for the purpose of peeing funny colors.

Oh, and I tried mixing the dye with Wal-mart brand artificial sweetener (main ingredient "Dextrose with Maltodextrin") and it had no effect. It might just be the wrong chemical, but don't reducing agents also require oxidizing agents, by definition? I may be talking out of my ass here (it happens a lot), but I seem to remember that much from freshman chemistry.

Posted by fletch 8 years ago ( 28-Nov-2006 12:40:13 )

you can get glucose from drugstores. My local store doesnt carry it, but they did put in an order and I got it in a week.

Posted by pfix 8 years ago ( 29-Nov-2006 07:37:29 )

Does it make your sperm blue too? :)

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 02-Dec-2006 23:34:24 )

^^ Probably kills them

I am going to give blood in a couple days, and I had a thought - what if I had Methylene Blue in my system when I gave blood? The blood would still be red, but once they put it in someone, their pee would turn blue!

I'm not going to do it, but hey, it'd be such a weird prank if I did.

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Posted by jesse 8 years ago ( 26-Apr-2007 10:46:56 )

My sister did this! She mixed the dye into brownies and gave them out. She even handed one to a stranger! She says (listen to the recording)that it really dosn't take much dye to make someones pee blue or green (Yellow plus blue)

This comment was edited at 2007-04-27 17:49:00

Posted by waferthin 8 years ago ( 22-May-2007 19:12:40 )

I did this. I ordered 25g of "methylene blue polychrome" from ebay and when it arrived (despite the "harmful if swallowed" warning) ate a small amount using the aforementioned technique. It worked great! Starting about 2 hours after i ate it and ending after about 2 days, i peed various shades of blue, green, aqua, teal and turquoise. After having a bunch of friends doubt that i was peeing blue, i took a picture and posed it here. Dont worry, its fairly appropriate.

Anywho, he's not kidding when he says this stuff stains. Just a grain of the dye will turn a cup of water blue. Even if you do not flush quickly you can leave a blue stain in the toilet (everyone at work now knows which urinal i use). Also, I doubt this can be used as a prank. First of all, it really does smell. Secondly, when i added a little bit to some coke, the coke fizzed a lot, turned purple and became sludgy.

I have not tried it in brownies yet (waste of a brownie if it doesn't work, not willing to risk it). If you try to drink it added to coffee or some other dark drink, it will definitely turn your mouth blue. I don't know if it was just me worrying about it, but i also experienced a kind of warm sensation in my nether parts after peeing but all is good now.

Overall it was a unique experience, i mean, how many people have proof they've peed blue?! Fun stuff.

This comment was edited at 2007-05-23 10:51:59

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 23-May-2007 10:53:27 )

That's a beautiful picture if a little disgusting. Sounds like you might have eaten just a shade too much and/or not drunk enough water afterward. In lower doses there's no warming effect.

Posted by noah 6 years ago ( 24-Feb-2009 05:24:51 )

A friend of mine claimed that drinking the glowing fluid from a glow stick (cylume) caused his pee to glow. He said he did this on a dare or to win a bet or something ("The package said NON-TOXIC!"). I am still not sure I believe him, but many of his otherwise improbable stories turned out to be true. Wikipedia suggests that it should not be fatal, but certainly does not recommend ingesting it... I have personally poured one into a bath tub (while I was in it). The fluid did sting a bit. It would be unpleasant to drink, but I think I could manage it easily -- assuming I wanted to risk my liver and kidneys just to impress my friends.

Posted by natetrue 6 years ago ( 25-Feb-2009 11:14:12 )

I've had that stuff in my mouth by accident before and let me tell you, it's disgusting. Your friend would have to be superhuman to get that down.

Posted by iggydalrymple 6 years ago ( 01-Jul-2009 11:12:33 )

A new study conducted by researchers at Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland shows that a century-old drug, methylene blue, may be able to slow or even cure Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

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