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Ever since I met my friend jesse, I've known the value of creativity as a benefit to individuals as well as to humanity as a whole. Jesse has been creating things for as long as I've known him, and I began to create things too, and publish them on the Internet at my website, .

Recently Jesse had been expressing lament that he did not have the skill to create websites for his creations. After thinking for a while, I started wondering how many other people were in his same boat.

From this line of thought birthed - a simple, elegant website that took the hassle out of publishing image-heavy content, automatically resizing images and categorizing the pages into an easily accessible format.

For those who can resize images and write HTML in their sleep, may not give you all the publishing freedom that you may desire. Feel free to just post a stub on with a few photos and a short description, and have a link to your own fancy website.

The point of is to make it so darned easy to publish creations that you should never have to think twice about whether something you made is worth publishing. Just take some pictures with your digital camera, hop on over to the Publish page, and upload them. Add some choice words describing the project, and you're done! Instant fame and fortune are yours on Actual fame and fortune may vary in degree and level of immediacy.

Features of is designed to be as simple to use as possible, yet provide some advanced features. You'll notice that images on use a special DHTML image-zooming script that I wrote myself (actually, I wrote the entire CMS myself as well). I find it a nifty solution to the issue of being able to view full-sized images on a page without the hassle and interruption of new windows or back buttons.

Another fun feature is the "Who linked here?" frame you'll find at the bottom of any creation. I wrote a somewhat unique script that automatically triggers when someone comes to your creation from an external web site. The site is scanned for links to your creation and a text blurb is automatically created from the link. There are also anti-fraud measures in place (but they're super-secret!) to keep spammers from blasting your creation with fake referrals.

Numerous RSS feeds are also available so you can keep track of your favorite categories, and find out when people comment on your creations. Just look for the XML or RSS logo in a specific listing page or at the bottom of any other page.

Here's a reference of formatting codes you can enter more or less anywhere in As a shortcut, you can close all currently open tags with the empty brackets ([]) or brackets with a slash in them ([/]), for example you can make BOLD with the code "[b]BOLD[]".

Formatting codes reference
- [b]text[/b] - make text bold
- [i]text[/i] - make text italic
- [u]text[/u] - make text underlined
- [creator]natetrue[/creator] - make text into a creator link: natetrue
- [a] Link Text[/a] - make a link with alternate text (http:// links only)

Advanced formatting codes
- Searches:

- [ebay]text[/ebay] - make an ebay search
- [buy]text[/buy] - make a search
- [google]text[/google] - make a google search
- [amazon]text[/amazon] - make an amazon search
Searches are affiliate links that support I like to use them when specifying source materials that can be had at the above places.

- Block formatting:

- [quote]text[/quote] indent text
- [code]text[/code] make a scrollable box (and don't parse tags inside)

- Videos:

- [flv]http://path/to/flv[/flv] - embed a flash video (flv) file (320x240, 500kbit bitrate recommended)
- [youtube][/youtube] - embed a Youtube video (use page URL of the form )
- [bliptv][/bliptv] - embed a video (FLV format only)
- [blipwide][/bliptv] - same as above but with 16:9 aspect ratio

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Posted by wizzard 9 years ago ( 09-Aug-2006 15:04:32 )

Hi there,
You need to add a link so creators can contact you (or move it someplace findable).

I just registered as 'wizzard' and have added a project, but it won't seem to take the 5th (last) image (after the main images)and comment. I've tried twice.

Could it be that the TOTAL size of the images must be less than 2Meg? (I DId upload fairly large images.)

Also, I notice in some articles that they have been able to add more than 5 supporting images. Is there a trick to doing this?

Posted by natetrue 9 years ago ( 09-Aug-2006 17:10:51 )

Hi wizzard,

I had forgotten I wanted to raise the image limit for everyone - now there can be up to 20 detail images. Plus I've added an e-mail address at the bottom.

Posted by jesse 9 years ago ( 09-Aug-2006 17:24:36 )

He fixed that now, try again.

Posted by leetheagent 8 years ago ( 09-Jul-2007 00:04:16 )

Wow, I'm blown away by this site... to think I found out about it by just randomly watching videos on YouTube. This is one of the most intellectually exciting things I've seen since I started reading various skeptic magazines. But I lack most of the skills needed to do a lot of things like the ones exhibited... I noticed on your Time Fountain kit page theres a link to a nice tutorial on soldering... I was wondering if perhaps you or one of the other people on the site might be willing to write up various tutorials or tips on various skills used, with a link from the main page? I think that would be a great way to have the many people here share their "toolkits," and pool their knowledge.

Posted by captainronmc 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 13:32:52 )

I used ibrickr to upload ringtones, uploaded 10 songs on the "fake phone" but cant find them on my real can i make sure my phone is unlocked?? cause even when I downloaded an application (games) with ibrickr, it did do a soft restart, but cant find those either on my phone, I have a t-mobil "unlocked" iphone

Posted by carloscalderon 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 06:29:33 )

hey people nate could u help me with this?? i bought my iphone in november with the 1.1.1 version and i had a problem so i had to restore it and the only way to do it was if i updated to 1.1.3. so now my phone is blocked. Is there anyway i can unblock it? i read that you guys are waiting for apple to release something, could you tell me of whats about? thanks!

Posted by carloscalderon 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 06:30:01 )

hey people nate could u help me with this?? i bought my iphone in november with the 1.1.1 version and i had a problem so i had to restore it and the only way to do it was if i updated to 1.1.3. so now my phone is blocked. Is there anyway i can unblock it? i read that you guys are waiting for apple to release something, could you tell me of whats about? thanks!

Posted by jessea 7 years ago ( 29-Jan-2008 17:47:03 )

I just bought my first iphone.... how can I break 1.1.3 without going back to any other version.

Posted by cathymkane 7 years ago ( 03-Feb-2008 04:39:56 )

Posted by giba 7 years ago ( 08-Feb-2008 11:22:52 )



I have been truying for already 2 days even in another PC.

Thanks for your help


Posted by javaj 7 years ago ( 07-Mar-2008 08:56:15 )

i tried downloadin the brickr program and all i get is small letters, goin up n down like the matrix....any help anyone what should i do know?

Posted by acropolis 7 years ago ( 09-Mar-2008 19:16:55 )

Hi Nate, I have been using your Ibrickr program. I have had the blue screen, the white screen, red screen and even the green screen. But then when i went to restore it the last time now all i get is it just does a rolling loop of starting up with the apple logo and then all this text keeps scrolling for about half a minute. then it resets itself and does the same thing again.

Your program just says no iphone connected.
I can't get it to reconnect to restore it.

Posted by yathiquang 6 years ago ( 25-Apr-2009 06:30:17 )

Posted by allogarage 4 years ago ( 18-Mar-2011 04:27:13 )

Thanks for your site! I put one of my creation on it, but recently it is spammed, (ex by )
Could you add an option to remove selected comment on your creations? In order to moderate it?


Posted by natetrue 4 years ago ( 18-Mar-2011 10:12:22 )

Sorry about that, he has been banned and all comments deleted.

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