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Custom Illuminated RC Airplane....The Glowing Parkzone Vapor

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This Is A modified Parkzone Vapor RC Airplane...I soldered 2
UV led's onto the frame and sprayed the wings with flourescent
spray paint.

Here is a pic of the wiring
A picture of the first version I made with clear neon spray paint
instead of flourescent spray paint
Glowing Vapor...UV led's
Underside of the Glow Vapor

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Posted by natetrue 6 years ago ( 03-May-2009 09:35:54 )

Very cool. I love putting UV lights on things.

Posted by julian 6 years ago ( 03-May-2009 11:56:34 )

Cool! I bet you could weird out some of the nightlife with it.

Posted by illuminator 6 years ago ( 03-May-2009 15:32:23 )

There are alot of stray cats in my neighborhood...When I fly at night their are usually about 5 cats hanging around watching me
PS...thanks nate for fixing the video

This comment was edited at 2009-05-03 15:33:56

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