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Face-mounted Lucid Dreaming Mask

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For the uninitiated, lucid dreaming is a phenomenon whereby a person who is asleep and dreaming realizes that he (or she) is dreaming, and continues to control the dream, acting out fantasies or gaining special powers all within the dream.

I find it a wonderful concept - every night you enter a fake reality (your dreams) and have the opportunity to break out of it (just like Neo in The Matrix).

Great news! - I have gotten a lot of requests to make the Lucid Dreaming Mask available as a kit. So now you can buy one! For $30 I will send you all the parts necessary to build the kit - a preprogrammed PIC, all the components, all you'll need is a soldering iron, solder, and wire cutters. I can also customize the program on it for you, to a degree. You can also buy fully assembled masks from me. To buy, head to the purchasing page. You can also view the assembly manual to see if you're up to the task.


When I first started reading about lucid dreaming, I found that some companies had created expensive pieces of technology aimed at increasing your likelihood of having a lucid dream when you wear it to sleep. I wanted one, but at the price of $200 they did not look so promising.

Thus, I decided to go in search of how to make my own lucid dreaming mask.

Almost immediately, I happened upon the Kvasar, a do-it-yourself clone of the NovaDreamer which tracks eye movement via infrared to determine the state of REM sleep.

I never built the Kvasar, because I believed optical eye tracking would not work so easily. It would require a light-blocking mask (terrible for keeping your biological clock running smoothly) and a potentially uncomfortable means of securing it to your face.

I was determined to find an easier solution. I thought that maybe measuring skin resistance (Galvanic Skin Response), an indicator of stress levels, I would be able to isolate the REM state. It was upon this basis that I built the first iteration of my Lucid Dreaming mask:

Notice the brass electrodes going above and below each eye. This version had a speaker as well as two LEDs pointed directly into my eyes.

Unfortunately it was ultimately a failed experiment. Ends up the skin dries out during sleep, completely cutting off a GSR reading. Add to that the fact that sleep movement will alter the GSR reading slightly, and there is no hope of using GSR on such a small do-it-yourself device to measure sleep state.

There was also the issue of the accidental mind-controlling virus I put in there.

The first lucid dreaming mask didn't work. Shattered, I shelved the idea for a long time.

Until I had an idea.

The Concept

A few weeks ago the idea hit me. Why bother detecting the sleep state at all? If I'm not dreaming, I'm not conscious enough to see flashy lights (so long as they're dim enough). So why not just wait until I'm asleep, and then flash lights at some predefined interval?

It was, of course, pure genius. With no inputs but the passage of time, the device could not fail. I would only 'see' the lights if I was awake or if I was dreaming. A simple reality test would tell the two apart!

The Invention
Enter the current incarnation of the Mask. It's dead simple - a battery pile, a power switch, a button (which currently does nothing), a PIC microcontroller (16LF628), and two lights aimed right into the eyes.
Add to that a piece of foam (available at Wal-mart in 0.6 cubic-foot bags) which has been expertly sculpted to fit the bridge of the nose and a portion of the forehead.

Note also that I used white LEDs off of eBay here. You can use any color (red gets through eyelids the best), but be mindful of what the color means to you. You don't want to be giving yourself the wrong idea - imagine a dream filling up with blood just because you used the wrong color!
A bit of elastic attached to the circuit board goes around the back of the head - it should be adjusted to fit very loosely, such that a vigorous shaking of the head will dislodge it. This is for comfort reasons.
Here's the schematic, sans useless button. Could it be any simpler? PIC source available here.


The first night I tried it, I had the lights set too bright, and it woke me out of deep sleep. I was groggy and I had to take it off.

Next night, I had the lights dimmer, but not dim enough. The mask woke me up only out of dreams - excellent! This was a very promising result. The timer was set to wait one hour before flashing, and to flash every 15 minutes thereafter.

After that, I let my friend Jesse try out the mask. He was stoked - while he didn't get any lucid dreams, he suggested that the mask have a different timing - wait 5 hours, and then blink every five minutes. That made sense - the time during sleep that lucid dreams happen most often is toward the end of the sleep cycle.

It took me a couple days to make another mask for myself (I had run out of spare parts!). When I had cobbled another together, I set it up for Jesse's suggested timing and went to sleep.

That night I had about four false awakenings (when I dream that I woke up - I think I'm awake but I'm still actually dreaming). Very disappointing when I woke up for real, and realized how many times I missed the lucid dreaming boat.

The next night was the night before I published this creation - and I had no less than three lucid dreams that night! Talk about successful. The whole story was that around 3 AM (after about 4 hours of sleep) the lights woke me up very softly (this was due to a calculation error in the 5-hour wait code; it was actually waiting something like 2 hours). I went to the bathroom and tried to go back to sleep with the lights teasing my eyes every five minutes - doing a reality test every time, because I was not sure whether I was still really awake.

The test I used was trying to get up and fly out of my window without using my legs. Kind of an advanced test but it left no doubt in my mind whether I was dreaming.

After about 30 minutes of trying to fall asleep with the lights flashing, I decided to reset the device so it would not flash at me as I went back to sleep.

Next thing I knew it was flashing at me, and I flew right out of my bedroom window. I was having a lucid dream! It happened a couple more times that night.


I realize a single night of lucid dreams might not be the most reliable way to make conclusions, but seeing as I have not had any other lucid dreams in something like six months, I would say it's a positive result. There are some other things to consider, though.

The Placebo Effect
Seeing as lucid dreaming happens entirely in your mind, the impact of the Placebo Effect can be huge. Strapping any device to your head and believing it will give you lucid dreams will itself increase the likelihood of lucid dreaming. Someone could stick a cell phone booster to their forehead and claim it gives them lucid dreams. And if they believed it, they'd be right. Of course, that doesn't mean it's not a scam.

Exercises for the reader

What might you do to:

- Add a reality test assister to the mask?
- Make the timings and flashes customizable?
- Implement a "defer" function for when you wake up in the middle of the night, as I did?
- Add sound cues?
- Improve battery life?


I do believe my device works as a method of calling your attention to your current mental state within a dream. With minimal training anyone should be able to use it.

I think lucid dreaming in general has been hijacked by the new-age people who try to tack it onto nonsense like astral projection, out-of-body experiences, telepathy, precognition, and so on. That sort of thing hurts the credibility of lucid dreaming as a practice and art form.

The truth is that lucid dreaming is a fun way to spend the night. It can also be quite therapeutic, too. Just this last night I had the chance to fly over the most beautiful landscapes I've ever not literally seen, and it left me with a sort of euphoric glow that lasted the whole following day.

If you make one of these for yourself, please let me know how well it works for you, and any improvements you made, using the comment system below.

Keep dreaming!

Again, if you'd like to buy one, head to the purchasing page. If you want more details, you can view the assembly guide too.

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Posted by jesse 8 years ago ( 27-Nov-2006 17:57:35 )

I think you should include recountations of when you actually became lucid besides just the first one. Oh and by the way I need to give you back this one so you can reprogram it! And one more thing SWEEEEET!!!

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 27-Nov-2006 21:09:42 )

I really should have included a better telling of my lucid experiences last night, but I'll be honest with you - I was so excited that the device worked at all, that I only could recall the major parts of the dreams. After that my mind kept wandering to mentally composing this article!

I promise, I will recall my lucid dreams better, just for you.

Posted by edwardspitz 8 years ago ( 28-Nov-2006 01:57:39 )

I only had one lucid dream in my life, and I want more! In my dream I was running around outside and I could control everything in my environment. I could build thing up an tear them down with mind-power :) It was like I was the ultimate 3D game experience, except that felt completly real...

I want to build your device. I'm new to PIC programming, but have some experience with electronics. What PIC-programmer/burner are you using?

This comment was edited at 2006-11-28 01:58:08

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 28-Nov-2006 07:48:07 )

This is the closest match to the PIC programmer I've been using. It supports both USB and Serial ports so it's sure to work for you (if you run Windows...)

Qkits doesn't sell the one I bought as a kit anymore (QK150) but you can find it preassembled there ($75).

Posted by gsus 8 years ago ( 28-Nov-2006 13:37:27 )

If you put in a second timer that flashed the leds at a much higher interval but much lower light level you would effectively have a reality test since if you're not dreaming and have your eyes open you see it flashing alot, but if you are lucid then you only see the every 5 minute light...

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 28-Nov-2006 13:58:22 )

gsus, that's an excellent idea - I will try it!

Also, I decided that I'm going to sell kits for you to build your own. Check out the top of the article for buying info.

Posted by edwardspitz 8 years ago ( 28-Nov-2006 15:27:54 )

Thanks for the link

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 29-Nov-2006 08:23:44 )

Added a "Just buy the programmed PIC chip" link for $10. Also, if you want me to just build you one, contact me (my e-mail is at the bottom of this page).

Posted by riuliano 8 years ago ( 29-Nov-2006 21:56:33 )

Once could just be a coincidence. Have any patterns come from using this?

Posted by diten 8 years ago ( 30-Nov-2006 04:32:15 )

Very intresting, i would like to build one of this in the future, but, do you have more 'teorical' info about this kind of device ?
i.e. what happends if you cicle colors ? (I'm thinking in those multicolor leds), what happends if you do not blink the led both at the same time. I don't know, any additional info. Anyway your project is very intresting. If i do any experiment about it, I'll send you my comments. (and source code if you want). and one more thing, my apologies because I'm not a good english writer.

Posted by phoenixdowne 8 years ago ( 30-Nov-2006 06:34:15 )

Now that you are selling DIY kits, have you considered putting your invention into mass production? What would it take for you to develop this as a full on product? I just recently started up a small business and it really isn't that hard. You seem to have generated some real interest in your product. You should capitalize on it while you can and avoid missing the boat on what could be your big idea. If you want some advise on this matter hit me up at

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 09-Dec-2006 12:40:19 ), comment hidden (show)

NOTICE: I am currently out of White LEDs so the kits will be delayed while I wait for more to come in. I expect I will be able to ship by the end of December (sorry, not likely to be in time for Christmas). If you ordered before December 5th, your kit has already been sent out.

(comment hidden because it no longer applies)

This comment was edited at 2006-12-30 09:43:31

Posted by tylerws 8 years ago ( 15-Dec-2006 12:49:49 )

Has any1 tried this and had it work besides nate? BEcause i am thinking of buying one and i wanted to make sure it worked. also if it does work how often does it work?

Posted by arkan 8 years ago ( 30-Dec-2006 09:10:55 )

Hi Natetrue, really interesting your device.
I would like to know if you are still using your Lucid Dreaming Mask. are your getting more lucid dreams?
On the other hand, when will you get more White LEDs?. I am interested in buying your kit.

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 30-Dec-2006 09:42:49 )

Hi, sorry for not updating earlier. I have all the parts I need again and kit fulfillment is back on schedule.

I am still using the mask (though I take breaks from it every few days), and my dream recall and incidence of lucid dreams has increased dramatically (from almost never to about two per week). I have been busying my mind with other things, though, lately - so I'm sure that if I committed my mind more strongly to lucid dreaming that I could have one every other night or possibly more frequently than that.

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 30-Dec-2006 14:16:53 )

Yes. Postage to all countries is the same ($4.05 US). But it will take longer to get there (obviously).

Posted by xchanius 8 years ago ( 02-Jan-2007 18:42:09 )

I've been using the Sleeptracker for the last couple of weeks and it works suprisingly well for such a simple idea.

If you could get your device to synch up with the data coming from the sleeptracker, then you might be able to hit the theta sleep periods with a much higher degree of accuracy.

Posted by jeffneal 8 years ago ( 18-Jan-2007 08:14:52 )

Great stuff here! I've been LDing for a while and one of the other methods is the nap induced LD. Is there anyway to program the PIC to have a couple of settings? One for a nap which would start in a half hour and the other for a normal sleep night?

I just ordered the kit and am looking forward to testing it out. I'll let you know.

Posted by ultimist 8 years ago ( 19-Jan-2007 06:39:29 )

natetrue, are you still offering this? How much would you charge to prebuild one? I'd definitely like one of these, so let me know. Thanks.

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 19-Jan-2007 07:25:14 )

Hi ultimist,

Yes, I am still offering the kits. However, due to time constraints I am not offering fully assembled kits yet. In the comments for the Assembly Manual, novastar has offered to build them. I would suggest contacting him if you think you'd have trouble making one yourself.

Posted by jeffneal 8 years ago ( 19-Jan-2007 19:13:26 )

natetrue, I'm thinking of affixing my kit inside a sleep mask. This might be a stupid question but do the LEDs or anything else get hot enough to melt/burn the material if it's touching? Thanks.

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 19-Jan-2007 21:50:10 )

The kit does not generate any appreciable heat. You'll also notice that they have excellent battery life too!

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 22-Feb-2007 08:25:27 )

I've been wearing the mask on and off since I first made it, and I have learned a few things:

- You need to go to sleep before you're dead tired. If you're that tired you will just sleep through the night.
- You need to go to sleep with a mindset that you are about to enjoy what you see while sleeping.
- The mask improves dream recall for me dramatically. To remember my dreams I just try to remember when I squinted in my dreams. It's a natural reaction to the light and the only thing that goes 'untranslated' in the dream world. The lights can turn into anything. Last night it was a TV displaying static. Some other times it was a friend dancing in front of a light (obscuring the light and making it flash) and lightning in a big storm.

I still have to get the hang of recognizing the sign though. I seem to just notice the sign and go along my dreamy business without becoming lucid, usually.

Posted by tylerws 8 years ago ( 21-Mar-2007 17:07:38 )

How much would it cost for you to pre-build one and sell it to me?

Posted by jeffneal 8 years ago ( 21-Mar-2007 18:36:21 )

If he doesn't have time, I could make it for you.

Posted by tracker 8 years ago ( 02-Apr-2007 21:42:07 )

Very Cool and easy. I was hoping that a slight change (well not so slight) could be made. I wouldnt know how to do it though:

The determination of REM sleep could be done with a wrist motion sensor like this one:

Can anyone make something like this? I want to use its determination of rem to trigger some 12v lights, sound. THANKS>

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 02-Apr-2007 23:00:22 )

Hi tracker,

The whole innovation of my lucid dream mask project is to trivialize the detection of REM. Consider this point:

If the lights and sound are bright/loud enough to wake you out of deep sleep, won't they also wake you out of lighter REM sleep?

Building on that point, why not have your lights and sound trigger on a timer? If they're dim/soft enough they won't affect your deep sleep but may still affect your REM sleep.

So why do you need to detect REM at all?

Posted by tracker 8 years ago ( 03-Apr-2007 08:01:40 )

Thanks. Here's the deal: I was looking at the sleeptraker. A watch that wakes you within a certain time period, and when you are out of REM.

So if I can detect REM, and trigger lights and sounds after say 20 minutes out of REM after 8pm, I wake up all refreshed and ready to meet the day.

I am pretty deaf so the puny sounds of the sleeptracker wont work for me.

After I posted, I looked around the site and found the wireless motion detector. This is perfect. To get closer to the actual REM sleep: Put the sensor on your wrist, after 20 minutes of motionless sleep (the clock would reset if REM stops), and after say 6am, the sounds and lights go on.

I wouldnt know how to do the delays, and timers, and pretty much everything else. And I've really come to regret that I dont know even basic electronics.

Its all very cool.

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 03-Apr-2007 09:16:31 )

I wonder whether the Sleeptracker really detects REM. As you wake up, I'd figure that you start stirring a little bit, and that might be what the Sleeptracker tracks. In either case, you could probably use a motion sensor mounted to your bed instead of to your wrist, which would make it a lot simpler (no cord from your wrist) and cheaper (since you could make the sensor yourself, instead of an expensive accelerometer).

It would be interesting to install a motion sensor and see what comes out of it over the night. Maybe I will do that once I get moved in to my new place.

Posted by tracker 8 years ago ( 03-Apr-2007 13:15:47 )

I wonder if you really need the accelerometer or just a motion sensor relaying to a counting mechanism: No movements for periods of x, means REM. I am not sure about the bed thing. Wont really work if the user is married or otherwise accompanied. Subliminal recordings could also be used during the rem, so this might have broader usage.

If you look at that link or somewhere related to that site, there is a chart of REM cycles. It apparently occurs a lot a night. If you could play a recording at each cycle...

Posted by ryouko 8 years ago ( 09-Apr-2007 05:16:00 )

This comment was edited at 2007-12-13 21:47:19

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 09-Apr-2007 07:44:18 )

Hi ryouko,

Sorry about the delay - I had to move recently and didn't notice that I had run out of a few parts. They're on order (should be here by Wednesday or Thursday) and once they arrive I can send out your and every one else's kits.

Posted by ryouko 8 years ago ( 09-Apr-2007 19:13:14 )

sounds great, thanks for the response, it puts my nerves at ease.

Posted by irak 8 years ago ( 17-Apr-2007 11:35:24 )

Jeffneal, how can I contact you to discuss putting together my lucid dream mask?

This comment was edited at 2007-04-17 11:36:03

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 10-May-2007 13:39:25 )

Hi everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that I'm selling fully assembled masks now, for USD 60 each. The purchasing page is here.

Posted by landowner 8 years ago ( 16-May-2007 12:00:35 )

I'm going to order mine today. I will write back with results. 200$ dollars is a bit much for something that may or may not work. 60$ especially directly from the inventor is great.

Posted by sergio 8 years ago ( 30-May-2007 08:22:14 )

Hi Natetrue, do you think is possible that you can add a controller for increasing or reducing the brightness?

This comment was edited at 2007-05-30 08:23:24

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 30-May-2007 08:42:48 )

Of course it's possible - if you want something simple you can replace the 1K resistors with 4.7K variable resistors - then reduce their resistance to increase the brightness, or increase it do dim the LEDs.

A software controller is also possible. I suppose it might be beneficial to add a photoresistor component to adjust the brightness based on ambient light level - I may include that in a future version of the mask.

Posted by eyecanseeformiles 8 years ago ( 12-Jun-2007 21:08:44 )

Hello NateTrue. I'm interested in your face-mounted lucid dream mask. The other ones are way too expensive. Does yours work exactly like the others? Is there a soft cloth type mask that pads this like the other ones? It just looks like it might cut my face if I were to sleep on it wrong. Let me know, and I might buy one from you. Thanks!

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 13-Jun-2007 21:49:33 )

Hi Eyecanseeformiles,

This page contains details on both the form and operational mode of the Lucid Dreaming Mask. The mask, you will read, differs from the expensive sleep masks and according to the photos it does not come in a soft mask. It should be trivial to put into a soft mask - just cut small holes for the LEDs and that's it!

Posted by bslade 8 years ago ( 07-Jul-2007 13:36:01 ), comment hidden (show)

Hi Nate,

Great site - and amazing project idea! I'm just starting out with PIC programming and found your face mounted lucid dreaming mask, and thought, "wow! the perfect project!"

I've put together the circuit on breadboard for now, but I'm having a few problems - is the assembly source labelled "dreamtimer-release.asm" definitely the right file? It says "Wristmounted bioresistive feedback processor" right at the top and I can't get it to assemble properly, I get 10 error messages sayin "Register in operand not in bank 0. Ensure that bank bits are correct." plus a couple of others.

Anyway, I pressed on and put the code on a chip - I noticed in your instructions you say to use a PIC16LF628, but in the instructions I saw you were using a PIC16LF628 (no 'L' for low voltage), does this matter?

Finally, when I fire the thing up, I get 2 sets of 5 or 6 rapid flashes, which I assume is right from the operating instructions, but the button does nothing at all, no matter what I try. I'm guessing it's due to the messages I get at compile time.

So, in a word, HELP!

By the way, I've attached an image of my breadboard layout if you could be so kind to check my wiring (the chip dimple is uppermost, and each 6 hole column on the board is connected up horizontally), as I had a bit of a hard time working out the circuit layout from the assembly photos alone.

Thanks in advance - and nice work, I *really* love the site :-)
Attached image:

Posted by bslade 8 years ago ( 07-Jul-2007 13:43:13 )

whoops, I meant I saw in the *photos* you used a *PIC16F628* (no 'L' for low voltage) - I'm hoping it won't matter that I'm using a PIC16F628 with the 6V supply as I can't find a local source of the low voltage PICs anywhere :-(

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 07-Jul-2007 15:44:42 )

The public source code doesn't have button support. Looks like you built everything correctly.

Posted by bslade 8 years ago ( 07-Jul-2007 16:04:26 ), comment hidden (show)

Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up and for checking my photo for me. Without meaning to seem pushy would I be able to buy a one-off copy of the source that has the button support? I would understand if it meant under strict copyright control of course, I'm hoping you'll say yes as it's such a cool project plus I haven't had a lucid dream for about 5 years now :-(

Posted by tib 8 years ago ( 16-Jul-2007 04:38:24 )

Hello Nate,
I received the kit recently (thank you for that) and I tried to assemble it.
But I'm not very good at soldering and my solders are very dirty.
In fact, the circuit does not work.

I'd like to try again, but I don't know where I can buy a perfboard like the one you sent in the kit.

Do you know where I can find that kind of perfboard (That must be a trivial question but I'm a newbee in electronic)



Posted by marktaylorphd 8 years ago ( 28-Jul-2007 14:20:29 )

I really enjoyed reading that. I experienced the lucid dreaming years ago. I can sometimes plan a dream. Sometimes it works sometimes no. Interesting to hear someone else speak of it. I never have mentioned it.

Posted by marianave 8 years ago ( 04-Aug-2007 04:45:29 )

Hi everybody, I want to reduce the resistors to get brighter LEDS. How much Ohms I must try first?

Posted by goodhart 8 years ago ( 27-Aug-2007 06:38:06 )

I am looking forward to a future attempt at using this idea. In my own endeavors to dream lucidly, I have had mixed results, not all of them good.
One thing I would caution against, and that would be overuse. This would be different for each person (and yes, it appears that the ladies dream "lucidly" more often them men do). The reason for the caution, and it may not apply to anyone else as I have not heard anyone complain of this (who else is going to admit it ?), but I had dreamed lucidly several nights in a row, actually around 15-22 days (using techniques from a book on the subject) and found myself feeling a bit confused as to what was dreamt and what had been experienced for real. The ole "I woke from a dream about being a butterfly and did not know if I was a man dreaming about being a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming I was a man" (I forget who said that first, or something to that effect anyway).
It is cool to be able to "fly on demand" (or defeat Freddy ;-) ), though, one must continually make sure they don't let the dream take it's own course...they can get rather weird at times.
- - Mike

Posted by phaze 8 years ago ( 23-Sep-2007 11:26:07 )

i had about 2 or 3 lucid dreams in my lifetime that i can remember and i must say....its like a drug...once you have one you want more! (It's like the world is at your finger tips!) I am very interested in your mask Nate!

Posted by dcyuri 7 years ago ( 22-Oct-2007 20:50:53 )

I just made one of these(not using the kit, sorry for not supporting the fund hah, had parts lying around and just nabbed the remaining tidbits elsewhere), and it works very well. I'm not getting LDs every night, but when I do, I can vividly recall everything. It's ungodly sick...

Basically last night I.. ill cut the story short, basically.. in addition to LD'ing i experienced REM Atonia(motor neurons not working), and I was able to(after the LD) look at the floor with my eyes open, seeing both my dream and partially the floor(im moving apartments so i slept on floor cuz theres no furniture). The scary thing, is I could see the floor, I knew I was dreaming, but I was completely unable to move... and it took what seemed like 5 minutes for me to regain control of my body. VERY VERY Wicked!

love your site, keep up tha good stuff nate.

Posted by dcyuri 7 years ago ( 22-Oct-2007 20:54:25 )

and oh yeah, im still not sure if i was Lucidly Dreaming that I was looking at the floor and unable to move, or if it was literally physical. But yea.... the dream was synonymous with the floor view, because there was a "ghost", whom i couldnt see in the dream, that had a firm hold of me... and it wasn't until he released me in my dream that I was able to regain motor control... All of a sudden, i gasped a big breath, and was awake. Anyone else get this kinda stuff? pretty f'ing wierd if you ask me lol.

Posted by dcyuri 7 years ago ( 22-Oct-2007 21:21:24 )

Eek! just looked at this:

I recall knowing I was dreaming, then realizing a ghost was going to attack me in the dream, and I attempted to force myself out of my dream in fear of this ghost whom I did not want to meet.
This is what caused it... My mind and body were disconnected during REM sleep(normal), and I attempted to exit when my mind was apparently not quite ready(not normal)....

It appears you can die from this too(in-ability to, or believing your unable to: breathe - and thus asphyxiating yourself), and only half the human population experience this in their life. Whoot, yea it was pretty sweet, but scary as hell at the same time. And it would seem I'm still alive too. Doesn't get any better than that.

So for all you others that are trying this thing out there.... Heed my warning! If you see a bright light, Walk TOWARDS it, dont try and get out of the dream.. its much much scarier on your way out! lol!

This comment was edited at 2007-10-22 21:23:55

Posted by bcolins 7 years ago ( 11-Nov-2007 05:34:54 )

Nate, I couldn't stand the suspense any more, just ordered your assembled LD mask. Noticed your part number on my Paypal order confirmation is "Assmask".

Is there something you're not telling us? I now have a rather disturbing picture stuck in my mind associated with my new purchase,.....Please tell me that the A-s-s-mask is an acronym for something highly technical so I can get a new picture in my mind...(:>)

BC in Austin

Posted by macguy 7 years ago ( 15-Nov-2007 17:49:54 )

I'm not 100% sure, but I think that "Assmask" stands for assembled mask, as opposed to a kit to make your own, or just a PIC chip.

Posted by kelusterk 7 years ago ( 15-Dec-2007 11:14:15 )

dcyuri, what you are describing is sleep paralysis. It is completely harmless and happens every night to our bodies so we cannot act out what is happening in our dreams.

Posted by taketheveil 7 years ago ( 23-Dec-2007 12:47:09 )

I was wondering how well the assembled mask fits others because you say when your making yours that it has been 'expertly sculpted' to fit your face or something.

Posted by bcolins 7 years ago ( 07-Jan-2008 14:50:19 )

I haven't tried mine yet, so can't say. I haven't tried it yet because it doesn't work............I think I might be a dead battery but not sure yet. I received the unit somewhat squashed in a rather mangled US Postal Service FLAT priority mail envelope........with no padding around it at all.........just thrown loose into a Priority mail envelope designed to mail flat 8.5" x 11.0" paper or brochure etc.

You know what they say about first imprssions........well mine was not that great,.........but.........I pressed on........removed the "mask and the foam was rather flattened,....but did eventually come back in shape,........and both of the LEDs were bent.........also no battery.........oh.........wait............there is something loose rattling around in the envelope.............yes its the battery..........installed it and still nothing happening.

Hmmmm, where are the instuctions...........hmmmm,.....dont see a manual,...wait there is a little strip of torn paper here......and a note on the it............"go to the internet for instruction".......hmmmmmm.

Still not,....everything back in the priority mail envelope, feeling fairly confident that the unit probably spent some time sitting on Nate's or someone elses face............screw it. Threw the whole thing in a drawer and that is where it has been since.

Not feeling like this was my best investment of $60 ever. Presentation is a very important part of manufacturing and selling a product.
Attached image:

Posted by bslade 7 years ago ( 07-Jan-2008 15:46:42 )

To all you poor deluded folk expecting a reply from the *%$! who runs this website - good luck!!!

Posted by bigdaddyo 7 years ago ( 24-Jan-2008 16:17:03 )

Nate-are you still selling the completed masks? I bought the kit a year ago, couldnt get it to go..but would be interested in it. The last two comments concern me though...

Posted by jeffneal 7 years ago ( 24-Jan-2008 22:40:05 )

Here's a change to Nate's mask to take a look at.

Posted by rocstar 7 years ago ( 02-Feb-2008 11:47:06 )

Has anyone tried to use the source code posted to create a PIC? I tried with a 16F628A and although I got a few "incorrect bank" errors, it seemed to work. When I assembed the mask on a breadboard, I get the 5 pause 5 flashes on the LEDs when I power up, but I can't get the button to do anything. The source code said something about not having a pull up resistor.
Hopefully I'll get Nate's PIC in the mail soon. It's been 3 weeks since I ordered, and I can't get a reply when I ask when he shipped it.

Posted by bslade 7 years ago ( 02-Feb-2008 12:00:12 )

Hi rocstar, yes I tried using the incredibly buggy source, total waste of time and effort.

On the 7th of July (see comments above) I was told there is no button support in the public source code. No idea why not, maybe it helps with profits when selling the kits.

I'm working independently on a far superior version to this project, including FULL source code for programming it, details soon... And good luck in getting a response, don't hold your breath waiting...

Posted by rocstar 7 years ago ( 02-Feb-2008 12:31:54 )

I would love to beta test your code. Can you send it to me at

Posted by rocstar 7 years ago ( 06-Feb-2008 19:38:59 ), comment hidden (show)

Any idea which variable in the source controls the "on" time for the flashing LED. I want each flash to stay on for 500ms.
Nevermind, I figured out how to modify the code to flash longer.

This comment was edited at 2008-02-06 22:50:05

Posted by bslade 7 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 13:23:42 )

lol, I was just about to tell you how to change it. Re my code, it's for a different circuit layout so it won't work with the timer circuit on, also it's partly in JAL2 rather than straight assembly, which I've found allows very rapid prototyping while still giving full control of the compiler output... I can e-mail you the circuit diagram how it is so far if you like, maybe you can help with testing it and finishing it?

Posted by rocstar 7 years ago ( 07-Feb-2008 16:04:50 )

I'd like to see the circuit design. I incorporated the current design into a sleep mask and tried it last night, but no success. I do not recall seeing them in my dream, or waking due to the flashing. The mask could have shifted, and prevent me from seeing them because the LEDs have a very narrow beam. I'm using a 3V battery because that way I could eliminate the LED resistors because they are not left on long enough to burn them out due to the slight over voltage. The default flash delay isn't very good because it doesn't allow the LED to come to its full brightness.

Posted by rocstar 7 years ago ( 08-Feb-2008 23:29:04 )

Can you tell me if I am right about the ASM code controls: I assume the 5 hour sleep delay is #define StartupWait 16. And MaxMeasures 239 is the 5 minute interval for flashing? I'd like to change the timing on the dream mask.

This comment was edited at 2008-02-13 23:16:08

Posted by aejaz 7 years ago ( 03-Mar-2008 17:43:59 )

Hi bslade,
Please email me your code, i would like to beta test it.
I mainly use 12F629, small chip and same features as this bulky one.

Posted by rocstar 7 years ago ( 03-Mar-2008 19:27:06 )

No luck with the lucid dreaming so far. I have the board attached to a sleep mask. I sometimes get woken up from the lights, but I've never noticed them during a dream. I even went with 2 - 3v batteries to brighten them. I ordered some super bright wide beam 3mm white leds to try next.

Posted by thebigguy 7 years ago ( 01-Jun-2008 01:16:55 )

Just wanted to find out if the kits are available still... And how long they might take to ship out... ill order tomorrow if you can let me know!!! Thanks, Eric

Posted by hemlock 7 years ago ( 31-Aug-2008 22:59:14 )

Hey, i was wondering if you still sold them cause its been like a long time. send me a message if you do. I'm gonna order it and assemble it in DC electronics a school. i might even buy a prebuilt one.

Posted by orof 7 years ago ( 30-Sep-2008 11:34:19 )

Hey natetrue.

i want to buy one of your Lucid Dreaming Mask.

i live in israel.

what is the price for me (there is tax also?)

does the mask work?

can you make the mask look like that?

do you still selling the mask?

Waiting for an asware,

Or Cohen

Posted by dreamer 6 years ago ( 16-Dec-2008 09:07:41 )

A beautiful and simple idea.

The same effect could be achieved by using sound cues and a timer.

A mobile phone software to do this has already been made. Please check

Posted by daniell 5 years ago ( 04-Nov-2009 09:43:34 )

still selling the mask? last comment is year old and i want to buy one pls reply that its ok ok and i will buy:)..and i have one question you will program it to light after what time and how often? i am lucid dreamer already and i want that light as a stabile dreamsign..and anybody has experience of astral projection from lucid dreams created by mask? cuz thats what i do and need to know if technology wont block it somehow..thx;)

Posted by daniell 5 years ago ( 05-Nov-2009 05:17:55 )

is this really dead page?:(

Posted by ldreamer 5 years ago ( 06-Feb-2010 11:26:39 )

Hey Nate, are you still selling the mask? I am interested in buying, it looks like a great invention!!!

Posted by gabriellll 5 years ago ( 09-Mar-2010 21:59:43 )

Hey is this device still available? The $60 dollar already assembled one? If so you said you could customize the device to go off at certain times, I clciked on pay pal but couldn't find an option

Posted by gabriellll 5 years ago ( 13-Mar-2010 11:49:05 )


Posted by gabriellll 5 years ago ( 13-Mar-2010 12:02:21 )

Sry nate I'm going to beg to differ with you on this "I think lucid dreaming in general has been hijacked by the new-age people who try to tack it onto nonsense like astral projection, out-of-body experiences, telepathy, precognition, and so on. That sort of thing hurts the credibility of lucid dreaming as a practice and art form"

Contrary to your belief there is nothing " new-agey" about lucid dreaming. I don't know about astral projection, but in Stephen LaBerge's "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreamingwhen in Sleep Paraysis, which is a necessary stage before doing a WILD. He points out that at that time you can either have a OUBE or lucid dream.
When in a lucid dream you can perform telepathy you can perfrom anything, but with anything takes practice. The dream world is much like the waking world in that expectation determines things. The same applies for precongnition. I only critize you on the fact that you need to read into some PSYCHOLOGY ON THE MATTER OF LUCID DREAMING!!!!

Posted by natetrue 5 years ago ( 13-Mar-2010 20:00:02 )

Sorry, there really is no reason for me to believe that humans have the power of out-of-body experience, precognition, or telepathy in the real world. Sure in a lucid dream you can dream about doing these things, but they're still all happening inside your head.

Posted by gabriellll 5 years ago ( 14-Mar-2010 11:06:14 )

ok thats fair, but we do have some science on a form of telepathy, but not in the way you probably intended it.

Posted by bslade 5 years ago ( 14-Mar-2010 12:04:41 )

Poor naive Nate... OK time for me to 'fess up, I telepathically made him think there's no such thing as telepathy. Makes it so much easier to steal his thoughts when he's not wearing that damn tin foil hat!

Posted by moomoomeal 5 years ago ( 20-Jun-2010 23:42:23 )

One thing i have learned about lucid dreams are that if you have any doubt about what you are about to make yourself do, such as jump out a window but then think "what if i fall" you will aways fall. I have come to the conclusion that it is because dreams are just our visualization of thoughts that we have everyday, our eyes just arn't open so we cannot determine if what we are actually seeing what is in front of us or if it is a thought. Since the only way to have doubt is to think of doubt we will almost always be visualizing what might go wrong and therefor we fall out of the window.

Posted by xenith 5 years ago ( 02-Aug-2010 20:19:43 )

Edit: neverind, figured it out

This comment was edited at 2010-08-02 21:05:53

Posted by lucas 5 years ago ( 30-Aug-2010 04:58:33 )

Hey Nate, are the preprogrammed PICs for the mask still available for purchase?

Posted by jsclarkk 5 years ago ( 09-Sep-2010 13:25:01 )

Hey Nate,

Still looking to buy your lucid dream machine! Please tell me when they will be available again.

Thanks, Jeff

Posted by xenith 5 years ago ( 23-Sep-2010 10:15:28 ), comment hidden (show)

I don't think he is selling the PIC's anymore, but I have successfully programmed some and will sell at the same price ($10 shipped) if anyone is interested. Just send me an email at:

Posted by alan 4 years ago ( 17-Nov-2010 09:56:35 )

"I think lucid dreaming in general has been hijacked by the new-age people who try to tack it onto nonsense like astral projection, out-of-body experiences, telepathy, precognition, and so on. That sort of thing hurts the credibility of lucid dreaming as a practice and art form."

Then lucid dreaming is nothing more than a quick thrill for you...Y bother to create the device if that's what you think lucid dreaming is about. Just go down to your local computer game store and buy an's much easier and more 'meaningfull' for people who think like this in the long run. I also created a device for lucid dreaming that uses timing but I at least have room for the so called nonsense that you refer to.

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