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Jesus drives a helicopter!

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I found this in one of my old drawing books (a cheap notebook that I wasn't using for homework, which would be all of my notebooks) I drew this my freshman year, I didn't know what it ment then, and I still have no idea, because I am athiest, or nilistic, I can't decide. How about, I don't beleive that there is a higher power.

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Posted by esther 7 years ago ( 02-Apr-2008 17:16:07 )

maybe you were saying the mind only goes to God when it feels theres no other way out?

i dont know, thats just my two analytical cents.

iether way, i like that helicopter.

Posted by jesse 7 years ago ( 15-May-2008 13:10:59 )

Why are you an Atheist?

Posted by versii 7 years ago ( 02-Jun-2008 18:45:08 )

I added it to the description, Jesse. Do you believe?

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