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Magic Fountain

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This creation is originally inspired by Nate's True "Time Fountain" (thank you Nate!)
The "Magic Fountain" is based on the principle of the Stroboscope.
With strobe light we get the illusion of freezing the drops of water in midair, slowed or reversed!
I made this fountain using a little submersible water pump inside a decorated jar, fluorescent water (with highlighter's ink) and UV LEDs, to obtain strobe light, using a simple strobe circuit based on a pair of ne555 (with a low duty cycle).
With this circuit we obtain a strobe light with duty cycle and frequency both adjustable via two potentiometers.
The transistor (2N1711) can handle a maximum current of 500 mA.
I used 18 LEDs UV.

The "Magic Fountain" in action:

How it Works
Behind the fountain we can see the pipe to dripper(this dripper: from infusion medical kit) and a little black tap, to reduce the waterflow.
Particular of the dripper
Electronic circuit to obtain strobe light with frequency and duty cycle adjustable. The transistor can handle max 500 mA.

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