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Magnetic self-assembly in slow motion

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90 1/8" small magnets arranged in a 9x10 matrix with a larger magnet brought close. Beautiful self-assembly occurs.

Video shot at 600fps:

Download source video
Next video at 1200 fps since 600 wasn't fast enough:
Download source video
Then again with a different framing:
Download source video
And finally, one done a little different:
Download source video
The cascade assembly happens much slower. Beautiful!

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Posted by julian 6 years ago ( 17-Nov-2008 16:51:39 )

Oh man! That is fantastic. Magnets: Blam!

Posted by sykora 6 years ago ( 13-Feb-2009 16:22:41 )

What sort of camera did you use? (Hopefully I'm not missing the place on this website where you already explained that... )

Posted by natetrue 6 years ago ( 14-Feb-2009 10:35:56 )

It's here: - Also with a large amount of more slow motion videos!

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