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Mint Tin LED Light

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This project combines a 9v battery, 8x white 5mm LEDs, 4x 1/4 watt 150 Ohm resistors, switch and mint tin into a novelty mint tin LED light. I enjoy building DIY projects and turning items with character into amusing but functional gadgets. Building an LED light is reasonably simple, cheap and offers the reward of a functional and visually pleasing light.

Holes were measured and drilled for the LEDs and switch. I decided to go with an 8 LED light and tact switch. I've also made 6 and 10 LED lights that perform well.
LEDs are installed and each pair is soldered in series by bending the LED legs over, clipping and soldering. leave a single leg vertical in each pair. All the negative connections are soldered around the perimeter of the tins lid leaving a single vertical negative leg.
Resistors are soldered to the positive connections which are then bent horizontal and soldered into a single positive connection. The whole LED assembly is hot glued into place once you've confirmed it's working.
The battery and switch are soldered to the LED light. The light now functions. Hot glue the switch into the previously drilled hole and slide the battery into the tin.

Detailed tutorial and image gallery available at

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