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my guide to life

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i wrote this a few years ago. i thought it was pretty good. anyway, without further ado:

___'s Guide To Life (name withheld...for no real reason. but rest assured that it was my name and my writing.)

90% of what people tell you is crap.

Remember your roots. Just like a tree, you will fall without them.

Money wont solve all your problems. It will solve about 9 out of 10 though.

Your mind is your most valuable possession. Without it you are nothing. With it, you are only nothing if you chose to be.

Always buy used.

Always get enough sleep.

Love is an important human need. Never take it for granted, but dont make too much of it either.

Dont make a habit of making promises. They work just like checks. If you make a bad one, it will come back to haunt you.

Plan for tomorrow, live for today.

Remember that sunlight is essential to the production of many chemicals in your body.

Gas prices change quickly.

Trust is a gift handed out too often, and often with too little thought.

Fear and doubt can be your greatest enemies. For whom else would you change your plans if they only whispered?

A one hit wonder is still more successful than most of the population.

Always give rides to strangers who need it.

Carry a gun.

You can never be who you want to be until you figure out whom exactly that is.

When people disagree with you it doesnt mean youre wrong.

When people disagree with you it doesnt mean youre right.

You cannot be responsible for the happiness of others.

Making up your bed is a waste of time. But you should still change the sheets once in a while.

Take lots of pictures.

Write. Letters, thank you notes, poems, stories, songs.

Run for office.

Watch the news.


Never let anyone tell you youre wrong unless they can prove it. And if they do, take it like a man.

Stay out of debt.

Always own at least one nice suit, a navy blazer, a pair of black shoes, a pair of brown shoes, and a good pair of mud boots.

Whether you judge or not, you will still be judged.

Know whom you need to impress, dont worry about the others.

Your mirror is not the only thing that is a reflection of you.

Marksmanship is a valuable skill.

Everyone has ulterior motives.

Start, and constantly contribute to, an IRA.

Tomorrow is never as far away as you think; yesterday is never as near as you wish.

Every man worth his salt should be equally able to rebuild a carburetor and a computer.

Balance your checkbook.

Keep your lawnmower blades sharp. Dont wait until its time to mow again. (Thats not a damn metaphor, sharpen your lawnmower blades)

Learn to weld.

Make, and live by, two budgets: one for time, one for money.

Never be afraid to kill, if necessary.

Never be afraid to run, if necessary.

Go to city council meetings.

Dont get married if you cant afford it.

Try not to watch too much television; it will eat your time quicker than you think.

Truth can be as damaging as lies.

No matter where you move to, you still have to live with yourself; your past doesn't disappear like your last mailing address

Good fashion, like a good joke, must have one thing exaggerated or juxtaposed.

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