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PClapper! Clap Run Clap Surf!

All > Tech > Software > PClapper! Clap Run Clap Surf! by pcaponerit
A free program to add clap control to your PC! Download is at

You can set it up to do anything; clap once for slashdot, clap twice to open a command prompt, three times to shut down your computer from bed if you are lazy.

I made this cause I thought the clapper was hilarious, and had to do a usability project a ways back. I rewrote parts of it and added some stuff, now I wanted the world to be able to enjoy the slick disco feeling you get to just clap your hands and start your favorite 80s playlist.

Note: free SDK to make plugins that do whatever you want!

.Net, C#, works on Windows 98-xp (theoretically)

Let me know if you've got any issues? comments? suggestions for improvement?

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Posted by natetrue 7 years ago ( 31-Oct-2007 23:23:56 )

Cool idea. How do we get the software?

Posted by pcaponerit 7 years ago ( 01-Nov-2007 06:45:30 )

Wow, can't believe I forgot the most important part!

It's in the description now. The zip is at

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