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Psychadelashirt: The Psychedelic Shirt

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My wife Brenda and I created this shirt over only one summer when we said the comment "Im Bored." So this is what happens when you do something other than chips and TV!

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Posted by silviacasonce 9 years ago ( 09-Aug-2006 18:45:05 )

Its very cool, how do you print it ?

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 06-Nov-2006 20:50:14 )

It was painted - I've seen it. Unfortunately the paint makes it hard and you can't wear it.

Posted by xycno 7 years ago ( 25-Mar-2008 21:06:48 )

It is absolutely amazing! Now I wonder if there are inks you can use that will make it wearable. I have a friend who paints silk ties. I'll have to ask her.

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