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Sphere reflection photos

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I love the simple beauty of spheres - especially reflective ones. Gazing balls and Christmas ornaments alike, I just love looking into them.

I wanted to take photos of the simplicity but without me in them. So I tried to use the flash to obscure myself.

It still looked kind of contrived, though it did establish the emptiness of humanity that I wanted.

So I took some more pictures.
Three photos and one Photoshop session later, I came up with this one. I love how lonely it looks, and how natural it seems. It takes a second to notice that the camera and cameraperson who took the picture are nowhere to be found in the reflection.
This next one is a self-portrait using the same technique. Much reconstruction of my right arm was necessary in Photoshop but it was worth it.
This one's more recent - just done today.

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Posted by jesse 8 years ago ( 15-Dec-2006 21:39:21 )

Looks good Nate! Hey you just walked in! Hello!

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 16-Dec-2006 11:49:16 )

Hi Jesse!

Posted by sirsmelly 8 years ago ( 21-Dec-2006 00:12:17 )

Wooo hoo... the three dots really let you know how excited I am!

Posted by sykora 8 years ago ( 05-Sep-2007 11:19:45 )

How *did* you obscure yourself in the main one?
Edit: Ahh, I didn't read on. Very nicely done.

This comment was edited at 2007-09-05 11:22:18

Posted by redfoxdude 7 years ago ( 14-May-2008 16:44:54 )

Looks fun!
Hey Nate, can you point me to the tutorial you used? I'm having difficulty finding one.

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