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T-shirt designs created with stencils and bleach.

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All you do is go to Target or wherever there are plain colored shirts for sale. Then you get a stencil. You can cut out text printed out from your computer, or lay odd shaped objects on the shirt like a doily (as in the first picture) or an Abalone board (as in the second) then spray a 50/50 bleach/water solution on it and watch as it changes color. When it gets bright enough you throw the shirts into the wash alone with just a tiny bit of soap.

Here we come up wirth design ideas.
Here is my sister Erin getting ready to spray the bleach over her design.
Brenda's design made by dropping pennies all over it.
Erin's shirt was made by laying a piece of paper over the shirt then drawing a design with marker, then we cut that out.
On this one she layed a wooden drawing model on the shirt. The little guy was all alone on her back.
There was an inverted gear pattern on back.
Ruwan's shirt looked like stone to me, he made it by folding it like an accordion then putting bleach on the exposed parts.
Erin's junk shirt (can you spot the banana peel?)
Erin used a large screen and a cutout of a flower brendas was just a cityscapelike cutout from a paper bag.
This took forever to cut out. But its a motto in our improv troop (they loved it).
Brendas flowery design also cut from one large piece of paper.
Strips of paper laid haphazardly.
circles, pretty obvious I guess.
My mechanical shirt (my favorite) I just used a BUNCH or machanical stuff (chains gears levers wrenches etc.) make sure that if you use tools that you wrinse them off later because bleach can cause rust.
A doily from walmart.
Tina's shirt took a long time to make, she cut out a LOT of details all from one piece of paper.

Thats all for now, when I get more pictures of our shirts I will add more!
Just recently, Brenda and her cousin, Kate, made some more bleached clothing.
Here they are making a hooded sweatshirt with doilies.
Here is Kate wearing the finished product. She had to go back home before it was done drying, but we made her wear it for the picture anyway.
Another shirt she made with pennies and different sized circles. It was also still wet. We didn't make her put that one on.
I drew this for design Brenda's hoodie on paper and cut it into a stencil.
updates!! Just recently our friend Tommy enlisted our help in making him a shirt. The shirt he used was a year old, so it didn't bleach very brightly, but it still turned out awesome! He has a set of piano keys going up his right side. Then he has some actual keys on his left shoulder. On his back he as the Florida Keys, his favorite key signature (A minor), and a keystone for an arch. You can guess the theme...
This inspired my wife to make this shirt. I will always recommend newer shirts because they have not faded over time yet. This was a new shirt, and she used the same bleach mixture on this one that she did on Tommy's shirt. You can see the difference. She covered up the sleeves and neckline with paper and tape to shield it from the bleach, so it would stay blue.
Brenda and I made this shirt for our friend, Nick. He's the worship pastor at our church, so we thought Psalm 98:4 would be appropriate. ("Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music.") Note the guitar and saxophone in the design.

(Sorry the picture is sideways. Cre.ations won't let me turn it at the moment...?)

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Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 20-Feb-2007 08:18:15 )

These things are awesome! I made one:
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Posted by illuminator 8 years ago ( 28-Mar-2007 04:51:16 )

good idea...thanks for the info...If you used clear flourescent
spray you could have an image or phrase that would only be visible
under u.v. (blacklight)

This comment was edited at 2007-03-31 23:54:12

Posted by graymalkn 8 years ago ( 16-Apr-2007 16:08:40 )

I made this for my wife, in response to ThinkGeek's "digital angel" shirt.
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Posted by aliya 8 years ago ( 16-Apr-2007 17:34:39 )

We made them too! I'm going to make two more for my husband and myself. :)

I put more pictures on my little site.
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Posted by aliya 8 years ago ( 16-Apr-2007 17:42:59 ), comment hidden (show)

We made them too! I'm going to make two more for my husband and myself. :)

I put more pictures on my little site.
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Posted by freewheel 8 years ago ( 03-May-2007 07:46:00 )

Great shirts! You've inspired me.

Posted by harrisonburke 8 years ago ( 11-Jun-2007 11:53:30 )

This is one that I made. I would have never have thought of this bleach the shirt thing. Very nice
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This comment was edited at 2007-06-11 11:54:20

Posted by rvngstn 8 years ago ( 31-Jul-2007 13:31:47 )

Thanks for the Neat-0 Idea. I spent a ton of time on my stncil, but I think it turned out pretty detailed. Cheers!
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Posted by natetrue 7 years ago ( 02-Jan-2008 01:29:19 )

A variation on the theme - with blue ink instead (made from my favorite Methylene Blue dye). The image is from the game Portal though it has appeal even with people who have never heard of it.
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