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Tap Tap Revolution: the fast-tapping iPhone music game

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Two days' work and my game is finally releasable. Download songs from my online collection (contact me to get your own music on there) and tap to the beat when the lights hit the bottom line.

TTR has an online update feature (under "New Tracks") where new tracks will be added (by indie artists). You can download and play them over your Wi-fi connection (downloading not recommended over EDGE but it will work).

Check out the video:

Download source video
If you like TTR, and want to donate money to help with its development, here's a button that you may find helpful:

To install Tap Tap Revolution, just find it inside or iBrickr.

You can now create tap files with your iTunes music! Just click Create in the main menu and choose a track. Tap out your phat beats (no visual feedback provided in this version), and when the song is done, your beats will be stored online and shared with everyone who has the same track in their library!

For a listing of all iTunes tracks (with accompanying iTunes search links), go here: Listing of all TTR iTunes tracks

TTR is open-source too, just point your SVN client at

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Posted by sykora 8 years ago ( 11-Sep-2007 15:02:26 )

Ha! I love how it says "YOU SUCK" lol! That really looks like fun!

Posted by davrizio 8 years ago ( 11-Sep-2007 17:30:43 )

This rocks! Brilliant idea! I saw this come up on and knew you were behind it :)
keep up the awesome work! Between and this, there will never be a dull moment :)

Posted by nineninenine 8 years ago ( 11-Sep-2007 18:15:30 ), comment hidden (show)

Hey Nate, I made some custom TTR graphics.

Send me a message if you'd like them.

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Posted by sgabert 8 years ago ( 12-Sep-2007 17:17:37 )

How do you get to your online collection? could you plz post a link?

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 12-Sep-2007 17:23:25 )

The online feature is implemented in-game. When you go to New Tracks or iTunes Library under Play, the web repository is accessed.

Posted by peedy 8 years ago ( 12-Sep-2007 18:58:28 )

there are no songs comming up on my list when going to new tracks or itunes when clicking on those links...Im also connected to wifi...My songs come up when going to itunes and says create but nothing happens

Posted by peedy 8 years ago ( 12-Sep-2007 18:59:36 )

When going to new songs it says Sorry, no new songs yet

Posted by dirfrops 8 years ago ( 12-Sep-2007 20:27:19 )

WOW. I was gonna go out and buy Guitar Hero II but now I don't have to. Even cooler that you are implementing the CREATE your own. I tried it out but it doesn't seem to save anything yet. I am assuming that either I am doing something wrong or you are still in the process of implementing it and it's serving as a "teaser" because we see that we can do it and can almost go through the process but when tapping it doesn't do anything. Anyhow, this is the COOLEST game ever. My boss wants an iPhone now just so he can play this game, LOL. Thanks Nate, you ROCK!

Posted by dbowman 8 years ago ( 14-Sep-2007 08:16:45 )

Hey Nate, hope all is well. Do you know if exist an application to search/find data inside the iPhone ?(Contacts in special). I mean to locate a contact typing your address, or the telephone, or the name ... something basic in a PDA... Did you have this need on the iPhone ? is very strange, I don't see lot of posts regarding this lack, not only here, and I guess it's a must. What do you think ? Thanks man and congratz for your creations !

Posted by nineninenine 8 years ago ( 16-Sep-2007 19:22:03 )

Hi Nate, I've modified my install of TTR with different graphics. If you like what you see, you are more than welcome to use them. I have made color coded text messages, clearer sparks, and matching icons for your springboard. You can see the modifications in the attached image, or in the video below:

Attached image:

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Posted by burniksapwet 8 years ago ( 21-Sep-2007 12:47:41 )

I can't leave a comment on the TTR page and I dont know what Im doing wrong. I have a problem that I hope you can help me out with. I want to delete the .tap file that I have created in my itunes library but I count not locate where its stored. The only thing that I found on var/root/media/ttr are the ones Ive downloaded. I dont know where my created songs from itunes are stored. Can you please help me out? Thanks.

Posted by burniksapwet 8 years ago ( 21-Sep-2007 12:47:53 )

Posted by magnum 8 years ago ( 21-Sep-2007 20:53:11 )

great game!!! but now one question remains! do i get my own songs on there?...

Posted by rapmaster 8 years ago ( 22-Sep-2007 01:32:51 )

Ok.. so I downloaded this 2 days ago... coolest game available for the iphone! I downloaded a ton of .tap files that worked with my music library.

But earlier today, when I click on the "iTunes library" option, I simply get a message that reads "sorry, nothing matches your library"

I have no idea why it would suddenly stop working.. I've reinstalled many times but it still wont work. I thought it might have been a server issue but I'm not sure.

Please help, I want to get back to playing this great game!

Posted by tomtohollywood 8 years ago ( 23-Sep-2007 01:20:46 )

Hi. I need help on how to put this on my iphone. I have a mac and dont know how and it looks like the BEST game avalible for the iphone so please respond. Thanks.

Posted by rapmaster 8 years ago ( 23-Sep-2007 10:01:08 )

It's back up. Thanks!!!

Posted by magnum 8 years ago ( 23-Sep-2007 13:40:38 ) do i get my own songs on here?

Posted by defone 8 years ago ( 24-Sep-2007 15:28:23 )

I wanted to know if you will come out with a version of Tap Tap Revolution where it actually saves your scores? It doesnt even show you the score you got at the end of the song, you have to look at the top of the screen real fast before it exits. Also, a High Scores board for each song, so you can try to beat your best scores?

Posted by iphonemonkey 8 years ago ( 24-Sep-2007 19:31:46 )

hey nate! i got the ttr app and when i finally get to a song, it plays but the game doesnt really start. its frozen with the lights lit up, also pretty slow moving altogether. help!!

Posted by iphonemonkey 8 years ago ( 24-Sep-2007 19:33:38 )

I have a problem trying to get the ringtones on my iphone. it just says "transcoding" and sticks there. What am I doing wrong? I realize this is the ttr blog, but i was here anyway!

Posted by dandragon 8 years ago ( 25-Sep-2007 15:34:56 )

I have down loaded the package and i love it ... all the games seem to work but ttr. my songs are there but dont seem to play right .. the list from itunes are there, it plays but it doesnt do anything else ... can someone pls let me know what i need to do .. it driving me nuts !

Posted by pritegirl 7 years ago ( 14-Oct-2007 15:09:13 )

Luv this game!!! Please help with creating my own beats!!!

Posted by bilalrashid 7 years ago ( 29-Oct-2007 12:15:58 )

Love the game .. just one suggestion .. i might not have wifi whereever i go .. incase i dont it should save Tap files locally and match them to my itunes library instead of downloading it every single time .. does`nt make sense to do that only adds more load on your servers too

This comment was edited at 2007-10-29 12:23:33

Posted by applegirl 7 years ago ( 11-Nov-2007 11:11:41 )

did you ever get it to access your itunes library?!?!?!
mine is having the same problem i had all the songs on there like an hour ago
but now it says nothing matches even tho i havent even updated(changed) my music whatsoever

please help me!!!!!

also does anyone get how to get the create your beats to your itunes library as a choice to play on the game???? ive made plenty of them but i have no idea where they go

Posted by darkprophet 7 years ago ( 17-Nov-2007 22:14:31 )

is there any way to get this app without downloading ibrickr or

Posted by darkprophet 7 years ago ( 20-Nov-2007 15:35:46 )

improved ttr icon from
Attached image:

Posted by bitzaros 7 years ago ( 01-Dec-2007 11:17:37 )

could some please tell me where I can find a few music files for Tap Tap Revolution? I don't have WiFi so the only way for me to upload them to iphone is using iBrickr.... Thank you ....

Posted by mevvem 7 years ago ( 09-Dec-2007 15:13:58 )

Stupid question, how do i download??

Posted by hansning 7 years ago ( 11-Dec-2007 00:55:07 )

is it me or is every single game on "insane" and is freakn insane???

Posted by dxider 7 years ago ( 14-Dec-2007 01:46:16 )

Ok, I've made some mods to the TTR.

<object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""> </param> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> </embed> </object>

Posted by garrettgjb 7 years ago ( 18-Dec-2007 13:12:55 )

This program is awesome but I've just got one problem.

It's missing a lot of my music. For instance, Radiohead does not come up when I hit "iTunes Library" it doesn't come up but I went online and looked at the list and it's on there. I even made one myself but It's still not o my list. This happens for a few other bands too for me (Built to Spill, Cake) . Is there any fix for this issue?

Posted by ellabella 7 years ago ( 30-Dec-2007 23:26:55 )

I love this program. As always there has to be a problem with some program -_-
Before I had to reset my iPod, my TTR worked fine (Though occasionally it blacked out and closed out)

Now that I have it back on here, it doesn't go into my library. Instead in blacks out and goes back to my main page.

Posted by ziggy 7 years ago ( 05-Jan-2008 02:14:23 )

Hey, It's an awesome app. I love it.

However seeing how the graphics aren't really that great I've also made my own graphics for it and I really do think they look much, much, more better. If you'd like to use them officially for the TTR, I'd have no hesistation.

I've uploaded the whole .app here with my graphics,

Posted by johnsonsmithy 7 years ago ( 07-Jan-2008 18:07:03 )

Is there a way I could get more songs without having to sync it somehow from my computer?
Also, when I create a song using one from my library, it never works; then iTunes Library still says that there are no songs found.

Posted by iskone 7 years ago ( 28-Jan-2008 21:03:33 )

This app kicks butt but I've got some probs.
I've made a track or two and was able to upload and then re-download it but it's not in my downloaded tacks folder?
I've been experiencing crashes when I try to make songs now.

Any ideas or fixes I can try?

Posted by guerke 7 years ago ( 03-Feb-2008 18:39:57 ), comment hidden (show)

I found this great guide on how to download all your favourite movies and music even games to your iPhone it has one time payment and unlimited downloads for life. Details on how to find it is in my blog.

Posted by hardcoregamer 7 years ago ( 27-Feb-2008 22:27:36 )

I have a bunch of different artists in my itunes library. Tons of music. I found the song list on this site, and there's beats for all of them (or almost all) When i go to itunes library, i can't find them! PLEASE HELP!

Posted by tijke 7 years ago ( 09-Mar-2008 10:40:42 )

OK, I have 0 songs available to play... can you help?

Posted by katie 7 years ago ( 09-Mar-2008 17:49:39 )

Whenever I go to "iTunes Library" I get the ol' "Sorry, nothing matches your library" message. I'm guessing that it's some kind of server issue. Just wondering, but do you have any idea as to when it's going to get fixed? Thanks bunches!

This comment was edited at 2008-03-09 17:50:06

Posted by niiro 7 years ago ( 25-Mar-2008 09:59:39 )

Love this application...probably the only game that you'll need =).

I've tried this on a friend's iPhone and loved the concept =).

As for mine, I ported the thing over to my iPhone with the SDK (yay for build and go). Yeah, I don't condone jailbreaking, but it doesn't mean that it's not useful for some people =P. I've added support for for lines and for multi-touch. Will upload for you later =).

Keep on owning!

Posted by barry 7 years ago ( 01-Apr-2008 21:31:18 )

hi this app but dint really know how to save my song+beats in "Create New Beats" can you teach me pls.
thank you

Posted by limitededitioniphone 7 years ago ( 10-Apr-2008 19:56:29 )

Can you supply me with the latest source code so that I can create a native Guitar Hero 3 app?



Posted by fitzy 7 years ago ( 15-Apr-2008 08:36:39 )

This is a great app, I was playing it on a friends iphone the other day.

Unfortunatly I don't own an iphone myself, but I was wondering if you had any plans to port it to Windows Mobile/PocketPC?

I have searched all over the net for similar games for Windows Mobile but the only one I can find is nowhere near as good as this iphone version.


Posted by wisconsinguy 7 years ago ( 15-Apr-2008 18:32:47 )

I see this in the installer and everytime i try to download it the connection timesout and the strange thing is i can download everything else but ttr 1.4 or 1.3 what is going on

Posted by lakebodom 7 years ago ( 11-Sep-2008 21:17:17 )

i cant find this in installer? can anyone help? thanks

Posted by daynie 6 years ago ( 26-Apr-2009 10:20:07 )

please anyone reupload the source code...


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