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Visual Cacophony: A collaborative watercolor painting

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Emma held an art night at her place with Jesse, Brenda, Nate, Ben Blood, Patrick Toney, and Melissa. We decided we wanted to do a large painting.

The rules were that we had to choose one color and brush per person, and we had to stick with that combination. Obviously the rules were broken eventually but it was a great painting game, and the results turned out quite well:

Here's the whole painting. It's pretty cluttered when you look at it from afar, but each little section is a masterpiece in itself.
Crazy eyes
Lines and sails
Plant whorls

It was a lot of fun painting - I personally don't get to do enough of it. I'm definitely coming to the next one!

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Posted by sykora 6 years ago ( 13-Feb-2009 16:19:15 )

Now this is sweet. Are you going to sell it for charity, or will it take an honored place in one of your homes? =D

Posted by natetrue 6 years ago ( 14-Feb-2009 10:38:43 )

Selling it for charity would be cool, but I get to keep it for now, starting today!

Posted by jesse 6 years ago ( 15-Feb-2009 18:14:04 )

Then maybe I will get to borrow it for a while.

Posted by aliya 6 years ago ( 02-Apr-2009 15:26:48 )

this looks so fun! My favorite part is what you call "blown".

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