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water photography

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Jesse wanted to take pictures of water as it flew through the air. So we gathered some cameras, some friends, and a bucket...and headed to Greenlake.

ah, Sparky...

It looks like the water's escaping.

This is my favorite picture.

It looks like the water is avoiding his arm.

Look out! Exploding bucket!

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Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 27-May-2007 15:51:04 )

Here's video from Brenda's phavorite foto:
Attached image:

Posted by jesse 8 years ago ( 27-May-2007 18:57:50 )

Sparky took some great photos of the same events look at his at flickr...then come back.

This comment was edited at 2007-05-29 15:03:15

Posted by natetrue 8 years ago ( 29-May-2007 15:02:35 )

Somehow this sparked Rocketboom's attention:

Posted by aliya 8 years ago ( 01-Jun-2007 08:26:00 )

I miss you guys and wish that I could go out and do this kind of thing with you guys. :) I like the same favorite that you do.

Posted by kam 8 years ago ( 03-Jun-2007 10:59:57 )

Thought you might like this!

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Posted by glenn 8 years ago ( 24-Nov-2007 09:59:23 )

I'd like to use some of your pictures of jesse's 'water juggling' on a page I'm working on for (as of Nov. 2007, the site isn't up yet so there's nothing to see there.). I am thinking of making a nice morphing animation. May I have your permission? Would you like a credit or a link from the page?

Posted by brenda 8 years ago ( 24-Nov-2007 14:44:05 )

sure! Post me a link to it. And, yes, a credit w/ a link back would be awesome!

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