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Real name: Aliya
Self description:
I am typically called, by anyone without personal relationship with me, anything but "al-e-yah".

I'm the most un-creative person in my immediate family. This surprises many many people.

My brother uploaded my "self-portrait" without my knowledge until i logged in here. That's okay. Yey for my family. :)

aliya's creations

Pomegranate Fizz

Created by aliya 8 years ago

"Some tasty bubbly pomegranate fizz inspired me at a restaurant. (Same picture, edited two ways. I like them both. Just play with the levels in..."

Niagra Falls

Created by aliya 8 years ago

"I had the oportunity to stop at Niagra Falls on the way back from a wedding we attended. It was beautifully powerful. Like God. Really this is God's creation. I just captured a small bit of it. (ps. prints are for sale. Leave me a comment if you want more..."

Mr. & Mrs. Bleached shirts.

Created by aliya 8 years ago

"A while ago I added some pictures of the Hippo shirt I had bleached out. Here is the rest of that inspiration. I've finally finished two "matching" shirts. One for Mr. and one for Mrs. (as you can see in the pictures). I had tried to use a pink shirt for the Mrs. shirt however, pink doesn't..."

Advertisment Photo for Royal Golf Balls

Created by aliya 8 years ago

"Isn't it great to get paid to do what one loves? Too bad this ISN'T an advertisment. It's really just a snapshot from day-after-christmas golfing. Here are a couple..."


Created by aliya 8 years ago

"As a photographer you my see a few random photo-ma-graphs here. This shot was not set up, but was one of those candid, "do not even think about moving!" shots of a couple-friend. I also like..."

Bleach Shirts

Created by aliya 8 years ago

"We took our inspiration from jesse. We bleached these shirts with the patterns animals using our own stencil creations. (we took them out while still quite damp. Therefore the darker..."

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