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Real name: Ben
Self description:
Like a little girl in church
Accepting her insignificance
In the eyes of the Big Guy,
I sit hallucinating, you might call them dreams,
Of future times, or past, when something was/is alright
these things entrance so easily, me,
and Im just another lost boy, though,
on most days.
blue corn chips and the smell of Ardens Sunflowers
the sight of clear cold lakes
and the feel of an old bus seat
such little things can create such lasting
burnt-in memories
And Im not afraid nearsomuch
Maybe Im a new person,
Or maybe Ive forgotten that Im pretending
Not to be frightened
It cant possibly matter
When perception becomes authenticity
And I wonder aloud
Should I be sad that anothers dreams
Havent come together either?
I answer myself with one moremaybeAnd I take another pill

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sweet dreams,


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my guide to life

Created by amateurvisionary 8 years ago

"i wrote this a few years ago. i thought it was pretty good. anyway, without further ado: ___'s Guide To Life (name withheld...for no real reason. but rest assured that it was my name and my writing.) 90% of what people tell you is crap. Remember your roots. Just like a tree, you will..."

low tide in a landlocked county

Created by amateurvisionary 8 years ago

"for your enjoyment, here is a photograph of my pond at an obviously unhealthy level of dehydration. this was taken with the same camera, and on the same film, as my other pics on here (olympus OM 1 that's older than I am, kodak bw..."

Mike: portrait of a dog

Created by amateurvisionary 8 years ago

"This is Mike. Mike is a dog. He has one eye. The other one popped out of his head when he got hit by a car...."

a mediocre photo of a beautiful woman

Created by amateurvisionary 8 years ago

"this is simply a photograph i took of a very good friend of mine. standard-processed b/w 35mm film was used (not tmax). the camera is thirtysomeodd-year-old olympus om 1. it's a lovely piece of equipment. the lens was a straight-forward, run of the mill ziess. no special processing, nor editing was..."

me and a pigeon

Created by amateurvisionary 8 years ago

"this is simply a drawing done by a very good friend. the drawing is based on a photographic self portrait i took while i was in baltimore to see if the doctors at johns hopkins could figure out what was wrong with my back. they didn't. but i thought this turned out..."

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